The new documentary series American Adventure will be screened this summer

A production company said it plans to put together a documentary series about the American Adventure theme park. Although the rides have long been dismantled and shipped around the world, the American Adventure near Shipley in Derbyshire still holds a special place in people’s hearts.

A company called OnTrack Productions says it is developing a six-part documentary series about the theme park and wants to tell people about their memories of the attraction which opened in 1987. Houses are currently being built on the former American Adventure site, near Ilkeston, with a show house now open to visitors.

The documentary will cover the development of the park from the ruins of Britannia Park, a failed British attraction which closed after just a few months. The American Adventure proved far more successful, with rides such as The Missile, the Black Hole and Nightmare Niagara having the highest drop of any water ride in the UK while in operation.

Zach Moore, Creative Director of OnTrack Productions, said, “OnTrack Productions is proud to announce that we are currently developing a six-part documentary series based on the story of the American Adventure theme park. We are looking for people to interview for their memories, stories and information.

“We are also looking for people involved in fact-checking, to make this series as accurate as possible. If you would like to contribute to this exciting project, please contact us.

“Ever since we acquired the name of the park, we knew we wanted to do this series. The American Adventure brand is the one that is close to my heart, because it has millions of people around the world. Without the American Adventure, there would be no OnTrack Productions, and we want to pay homage to its past and its place in all of our hearts.”

The company says the first episode, titled The Best Of British, will be available in the summer and will be streamed for free on YouTube and Facebook.