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77 Days to Kansas Football: Quarterbacks Preview – Blue Wings Rising
Each week, we’ll dive into one of the top 10 job groups, highlighting the major players to watch and giving you an idea of ​​what to expect from the job this year. Up first is the position which paradoxically probably has the most certainty but also the most depth.

Kansas baseball coach Dan Fitzgerald’s 6-year contract includes one-year extension incentive to reach NCAA Tournament | Mobile
In addition to the potential extension, Fitzgerald’s contract includes bonuses for the following:

• Two weeks extra pay for finishing in the top 5 of the Big 12 rankings

• An extra month’s salary for a regular season Big 12 championship

• An additional month’s salary for a Big 12 tournament championship

• One additional month’s salary for participation in the NCAA Tournament (separate from the seventh year incentive)

• One month extra pay for attending NCAA Super Regionals

• An additional month’s salary for a World Series appearance

• Two months of additional salary for an NCAA championship

Former coaches of Kansas new guard Wyvette Mayberry: ‘You can count on her’ | Mobile
Mayberry was a senior in high school when Leyva, her coach, assigned her to defend the point guard. This player, whom he wouldn’t name but now plays at a Division I middle school, grew increasingly frustrated with Mayberry’s relentless all-court defense until she finally cracked.

Parents of Texas teenager who left Dallas Mavericks game speak out on human trafficking case
Police found the girl walking on the side of a road in Oklahoma City 10 days after her stepfather Morris reported her missing to the American Airlines Center in Dallas. She had been taken to a hotel in Oklahoma City, where she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted, starved and banned from bathing, according to her parents and their lawyer.

Rory McIlroy saves double bogey and stays in the mix at US Open
BROOKLINE, Mass. – After pushing his approach shot to the right of the green on the third hole of the 122nd US Open on Friday, Rory McIlroy’s ball was buried in thick heather as high as his knees. He swung his corner hard, but the ball only moved about a yard.

Naomi Osaka pulls out of Wimbledon with Achilles injury, had expressed doubts about playing
Osaka’s name was included on the retirement list on Saturday, with a leg injury the reason for his retirement. Osaka had suffered a left Achilles injury and taped his foot in a first-round defeat at Roland Garros last month.

Colbert Show staff members detained by Capitol Police in a Congressional building
“Their interviews on Capitol Hill were cleared and pre-arranged by Congressional aides to the members interviewed,” Luczak said in an email. “After leaving the members’ office during their final interview of the day, the production crew stayed to film stand-ups and other final comedy elements in the hallways when detained by police. of the Capitol.”

Two Uvalde officers had chance to shoot gunman, says sheriff’s deputy | Shooting at a Texas school | The Guardian
Two Uvalde town police officers passed up a fleeting chance to shoot a gunman outside Robb Elementary School before he killed 21 people inside the school, said a senior sheriff’s deputy at the New York Times.

Free school lunches for all are about to end, creating a ‘perfect storm’ amid high inflation
A federal waiver that made school breakfasts and lunches free for students, regardless of family income, will expire on June 30, eliminating a benefit that helped millions of school children at a time when they need it. needed more than ever, say hunger advocates.

Noel Gallagher says ‘wacky’ Royal Family ‘diminishes like religion’
Gallagher – who doesn’t ‘hate’ the monarchy but admitted he is not a royalist – said he was surprised to hear his staff were taking time off because ‘the music industry shouldn’t stop for the monarchy.

“Some of the people that work for me, I was like, ‘See you tomorrow.’ Fucking royalists in the music industry?’ I don’t have a day off, you don’t have a day off”. Anyway, they all had the day off.

Do you get the Homer Simpson carrying a towel joke?
A more interesting question is why so many people seem disappointed that there is an explanation for Homer’s line. In part, this is simply nostalgia: as seen in reviews of later seasons of The Simpsons, people are attached to their earlier understanding of The Simpsons, a show many watched as children, and can fondly remember. of the gag as an example of the absurdity of the series. humor at its best. This joke may also not resonate as well with modern audiences who don’t talk as much on the phone.

How Louis Theroux Became a “Jiggle Jiggle” Sensation at 52
Decades into his career, the British-American journalist has an unlikely hit on TikTok that could be the song of the summer. “I’m not trying to make it as a rapper,” he says.

Flathead Valley homeowners still dealing with flooding
“It’s kind of interesting watching the geese and ducks land on what’s supposed to be your lawn,” said Marty Watkins, a flood-hit Kalispell homeowner in Flathead County.

Mortgages: Why it might be worth postponing buying a home for now
Last week, total mortgage lending volume fell to half of what it was a year ago, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. And while that includes demand for refinancing, demand for purchase mortgages was 21% lower than it was a year earlier.

Jury in Bill Cosby’s civil trial must restart deliberations : NPR
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — After two days of deliberations in which they reached verdicts on nearly every question put to them, jurors in a civil trial deciding sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby will have to start from zero on Monday.

First case of human monkeypox reported in Maryland
“Although human monkeypox is a rare infection in the United States, this case from Maryland and other cases in the region and the country remind us that we must be prepared and take steps to prevent infection and its spread.” , said the deputy secretary of the MDH for public health. Dr Jinlene Chan. “MDH will continue to work with local and federal public health authorities and communicate responsibly with Maryland residents as we learn more.”

Why a negative covid test might seem to cure your symptoms – The Washington Post
“We learned that social, emotional and behavioral factors influence health,” said one expert. “This mind-body connection should not be underestimated. It’s real and it’s very powerful.”