The inauguration of the new Imperial pharmacy is a victory for mental health | Health

IMPERIAL – The sounds of cascading water from a large fountain could not overshadow the enthusiastic conversations of healthcare providers who attended the grand opening of the Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11.

Located across the driveway from the Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center office at the intersection of Aten Road and Highway 86, the pharmacy provides a variety of pharmacy services to the public, ranging from refill and shipping prescriptions to customers.

The Desert Review had the opportunity to interview Genoa Healthcare’s Director of Pharmacy Operations and Registered Pharmacist Robyn Howe about what led to the grand opening and the services the pharmacy will provide to the City of Imperial and the -of the.

“We are thrilled with our partnership and the difference we can make in the community,” said Howe. “Sun Valley Behavioral is our partner. They really take the lead and we are here to help them and their patients. Genoa is a grant from OptumRX which falls under the United Healthcare umbrella bill and we currently have approximately 670 pharmacies nationwide. This is our seventeenth in the state of California.

Howe explained that each pharmacy is unique to fit the needs of the communities in which it is located.

“We are a complete retail pharmacy, we can fill all drugs at all levels. Our focus is behavioral health, but we can do bubble wrap for free, we do courier and drug delivery for free, we can sync all drugs to fill at once, we offer free drug reviews,” a he declared. “We’re also going to do proactive outreach to monitor refills that are ready for refills, we’ll contact their provider to make sure they have refills and reach out to the patient and give them a reminder, and then we’ll do that a lot as well. follow-ups to check in with patients and see how they are doing and monitor for adverse reactions or side effects.”

The view inside the new Genoa Healthcare clinic during the inauguration on Tuesday, October 11.

Additionally, Howe mentioned that the Genoa Pharmacy helps reduce the burden of high prices on patients by providing financial services such as obtaining authorizations from insurance companies and setting up payment plans. .

“We accept all types of insurance. We are still waiting for our Medicaid contract in the state of California, which takes a little longer in California, but we accept all commercial insurance,” he said.

Howe also mentioned that Genoa is still looking for pharmacists and technicians.

Afterwards, everyone involved in making the pharmacy grand opening took group photos as the red ribbon was cut by a large pair of blue scissors.

Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy Ribbon Cutting

Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy ribbon cutting, located across from the Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center office in Imperial on Tuesday, October 11.

Howe gave a short speech thanking everyone.

“Thank you for coming to celebrate your partnership with us. It’s such an exciting time as we prepare to enter Imperial,” Howe told the crowd. “There’s so much to redevelop, develop and revitalize the area. I now see there are so many. We as Genoa are thrilled to partner with Sun Valley Research Center, Inc. to improve outcomes for all of our patients to provide them with a high level of service that truly respects the dignity and character of each of our patients and removes the stigma and barriers that people often face when coming to visit a pharmacy.”

Howe introduced the crowd to Dr. Bernardo Ng of the Sun Valley Research Center, a licensed psychiatrist.

“I want to say how privileged we are that Genoa is here and has decided to partner with us,” Ng said.

“We’ve been here for decades trying to make patients with psychiatric illnesses and mental health needs as much better as possible,” he said. “Thank you for being here. Just wanted to point out that Genoa is not just partnering with us, it’s a partnership with a great team of people at both Sun Valley Behavioral and Sun Valley Research Center that made this possible. I am very lucky and every day we will break down barriers for patients and fight stigma.”

After Dr. Ng’s speech, Howe declared the new pharmacy open and everyone present began to take a guided tour to see what patients would expect to see in the new facility.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, the Sun Valley Research Center was hosting a potluck of Italian dishes from Olive Garden courtesy of Genoa.

Director Howe described the camaraderie and team effort between Sun Valley Research Center and Genoa Healthcare to best serve their patients.

“It’s an amazing company to work with. We have great teams that really share a common vision to improve the lives of our patients and improve their outcomes,” he said.