The Aug. 2 proposal aims to expedite ambulance arrival times and provide advanced life support services in Springfield Township.

The Aug. 2 proposal aims to expedite ambulance arrival times and provide advanced life support services in Springfield Township.

(Crystal A. Proxmire, July 10, 2022)

Springfield Township, MI – Until recently, if someone had a medical emergency in Springfield Township, they had to wait for a private ambulance company to make the trip – often coming from Pontiac to answer the call. Long wait times were more than just an inconvenience when it came to health and safety, and sometimes life and death. That’s why Township Supervisor Laura Moreau and Fire Chief David Feichtner worked to bring the ambulance, including Advanced Life Support (ALS) in-house.

The township instituted a trial program that began in 2021. And now they are reaching out to voters in hopes that they will fund the program in the future.

“Prior to the start of an ALS trial program in November 2021, Springfield relied on a private ambulance company to provide advanced life support and transportation services, with relief assistance from the surrounding departments. Over the past few years, private ambulances have been dispatched further and further, often having to race to Springfield from Pontiac,” Moreau said in a mileage press release.

“Springfield Township Council and the Fire Department have continuously monitored response times, call volume and other factors that may trigger an adjustment in the types or levels of services provided by our department. With response times from the private ambulance company averaging over 17 minutes since 2019, it was a clear signal that it was time for change.

“Last August, Fire Chief Dave Feichtner and the Township Council approved a plan to begin an ALS trial program beginning Nov. 1, 2021. The trial allowed the fire department to begin improving the service and response time without significantly changing our coverage model and provided several months to monitor transportation spend and revenue potential.

“Based on the results of the ALS trial program, responding to medical calls from our Springfield Township Fire Department reduced average response times to less than 7.5 minutes. This is a great improvement in service for our citizens; however, the current fire department funding and staff supporting the ALS trial program is not sufficient to support the new services.

“At the April 2022 city council meeting, Chief Feichtner and council members conducted an in-depth analysis of the ALS trial program. After exploring the personnel costs of various coverage models, reviewing response and mutual aid data, researching salaries and benefits offered by regional departments, and monitoring transportation revenue, the Council determined that a mile dedicated 0.75 million will be needed to support advanced life support services. long term. The additional funding would allow the township to hire additional full-time paramedics and emergency medical technicians, improve station coverage, and maintain two fully equipped Advanced Life Support ambulances based at our fire stations.

The proposed mileage appears on the August 2 primary election ballot. The 0.75 mile rate would cost 75 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, or about $94 per year for the average homeowner in Springfield Township. For more information, citizens can consult this FACT SHEET for answers to common questions, or visit Advanced Life Support Mileage Information Web Page for informational videos and to see sample ballots.

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