Rutgers expert warns Colin Powell’s death shouldn’t deter people from getting vaccinated


Reynold Panettieri, a pulmonologist and professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, is available to discuss the need for good communication when immunocompromised and fully vaccinated people succumb to COVID-19, following the death of the former secretary of US State, Colin Powell.

“There are people like the late Secretary Powell who are at high risk due to other underlying conditions and can experience breakthrough infections, despite the high effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines,” said Panettieri, who is also Vice-Chancellor for Translational Medicine and Scientific Director of the Rutgers Institute for Translational Medicine.

“Its untimely demise shouldn’t deter people from getting the vaccine, which is incredibly effective. The secretary’s age and chronic illnesses such as multiple myeloma, which compromised his immune system, put him in a high risk category, regardless of vaccination.

To interview Panettieri, contact Maud Alobawone at [email protected] or (848) 445-1913.

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