Radical changes in technology in the organization of the online examination process with Ginger Webs

May 24: Ginger Webs is a leading online assessment company that has been in the assessment industry for a decade. It is a technology-driven company for developing world-class online assessments that can leverage the foundation of completing a large volume of assessments with ease. The company has assessed more than 1 million ratings per month and also he can handle high concurrent reviews with 1 lakh reviews in one location. Ginger Webs aims to provide a wide range of online assessment and exam solutions. Also, it promises to deliver as expected and meet customer challenges. Its testing engine can sync data across desktop, web, and mobile. Ginger Webs has over 3500 customers worldwide. Additionally, it plays an important role in organizing review systems in the world of disruptive technological changes.

Innovation is the slogan of the 21st century and technology is instrumental in promoting new age education and examination in a new light as disruptive education alters the established examination pattern to revamp the exciting model in order to meet the need for digital. age. Conducting reviews and assessments is a time-consuming and expensive process. Therefore, coaching, schools, universities, and corporations are looking for an automated tool to perform reviews and generate reports while maintaining the authenticity and accuracy of reviews. Although there are many tools in the market to make the review process smooth and transparent. Ginger webs takes a step forward by offering its customers a unique and futuristic application for conducting exams. It consists of two verticals namely Think Exam and OMR Home. It has set a benchmark in the testing and assessment industry. Ginger Webs is helpful in streamlining the exam and adapting technology in the teaching and learning process and ensuring the free flow of information with a secure and accurate online exam platform. Therefore, many institutes depend on the conventional method.

OMR-based reviews are also revolutionizing. This is the proper form of conducting examinations and assessments. The organization had to use bulky scanners and printers to print and scan the sheets. Also, it was very time consuming and they had to hire extra manpower for this activity. With OMR Home, it becomes so easy to design, print and scan OMR sheets. It can read any type of OMR sheet. OMR Home facilitates data collection, offers accurate results and reports based on captured information.

In recent years, the examination system has been digitized and so have the objectives.
According to research, the current examination system is incapable of assessing the skills required to excel in the future. It is necessary to adopt an approach to take the examination to another level.

Hence, Ginger Webs plays a vital role in providing an amazing solution to assess candidate’s skills and performance to excel in the future and take the exams to the next level.

An Emerging Trend in Online Exam Software
Exams are an important step in a student’s training. It is stressful for examination authorities to conduct examinations as it requires a lot of planning and manpower to conduct the examinations. In the age of technology, online exams are gaining more acceptance in the coming years and are an amazing alternative to traditional exams. Think Exam makes the exam management process easy. This is a quick process and subject matter experts can design question papers by subject and topic.

In addition, it facilitates the evaluation process. It consists of various features such as easy test creation, question bank, learning management solution, and remote monitoring solution. Think Exam is the best solution for all exam needs. It is an exceptional platform for saving data, encrypted information and rapid generation of results. There are many misconceptions among students as well as educators about the online exam, for example, students can cheat during the exam and it is difficult to define each individual performance. Think Exam conducts a remotely proctored exam which makes the exam authentic and completely secure. Verify examinee identity with face and detect suspicious activity during exam. The remote monitoring software automatically raises the flag and ensures that the candidate has to focus on the screen. Its AI-based anti-cheat features ensure a safe exam. It generates a detailed report after the completion of the assessment as this would help in further analysis of the exam. It offers an intuitive dashboard to watch sessions in real time. Also helps to convey information effortlessly. Educators can easily generate results and share feedback with students based on their performance.

Think Exam also bridges the gap between education and employment
Going from higher education to employment is alarming. Therefore, this online exam platform plays a vital role in bridging this gap. Think Exam online assessment solution streamlines the entire process of conducting exams and assessing candidate skills during the recruitment process. Also, it offers an end-to-end campus recruitment solution to hire the best-suited candidate based on field, skills, personality, and abilities. Think Exam is a trusted assessment partner for on-campus hiring featuring a powerful combination of test design, proper test format, and 36-degree analysis. It is important for a superior candidate experience, personalized report and planning test according to client requirements.

In online assessment software, there is a complete hiring process that starts from managing different solutions which are as follows:
1. Skill Test – This is a key step in hiring to determine the job performance skills of the ideal candidate.
2. Aptitude Test- The body responds on this form of test to assess logical reasoning skills.
3. Behavioral test: This form of testing assesses the candidate’s behavioral skills to analyze the candidate’s emotional stability.
4. Coding test – For technical hiring, it is an appropriate form of test to determine technical skills.

Many organizations still rely on the traditional hiring process where both the recruiter and the HR team face challenges. Larger organizations can take around a week to hire candidates. Moreover, the analysis is difficult in the manual process. The hiring process requires various ideas to complete it. Automated hiring tools are materializing in the HR industry. These are important in performing hiring tasks, for example, from screening resumes to analyzing and generating reports. Think Exam online assessment platform offers scientifically designed assessments, exam and certification platform, campus recruitment solution and more. Moreover, to maintain the authenticity of the exam, it provides remote proctoring solution along with Coding & Hackathon offers. The live video interview helps to simplify the interview process and keep the information flowing as well as reduce the communication problem. The Think Exam online assessment platform offers psychometric assessment, cognitive assessment, job-specific assessment, and aptitude tests. Every organization wants to have a skilled workforce that can play an important role in the development of the business. The Think Exam Online assessment platform is instrumental in screening out the best candidate for business growth.

Technology is revolutionizing the field of examination. In the digital age, where everything is digitized, there was a need to accelerate the speed of improving candidates’ skills and knowledge with online exam software. Also, to reduce the overhead of exam management and hiring. Disruptive technological change is improving the quality of education and making it systematic for better results.