Padmini Panigrahi – Advocating for the social cause

Dr. Padmani Panigrahi was born and raised in Rourkela, Odisha. She was always eager to learn new things and understood them well from an early age. This is why she started receiving lessons in classical Hindustani and Odissi vocal styles from renowned personalities in the performing arts at the age of six. Dr. Padmini Panigrahi was a notable prodigy as a student as she preferred to multi-task, working her way through grinding one skill and moving on to another skill once the first one was mastered.

After completing her studies, she pursued her passion for the performing arts; she pursued Visharad in Hindustani Classical Singing from Gandharva University, Mumbai and her Masters in Performing Arts from Sambalpur University, Odisha and became an AIR and TV singer. In addition to this, an MSc from Sambalpur University; an MBA in HR and Marketing from Xavier’s Institute of Management Bhubaneswar. She then obtained a doctorate. in Arts and Culture and is currently pursuing her 2nd PhD in Marketing at IIM Sambalpur.

His list of academic achievements does not end there. Dr. Padmini believes in sharing his knowledge with others and has worked as a guest lecturer in several prestigious institutions and universities such as NIT Rourkela, Rourkela Institute of Management Studies RIMS, KIIT Bhubaneswar, IIPM Rourkela, Times Institute Rourkela and several others.

Dr. Padmini Panigrahi started his business career in 2000 with Sanjog mobiles. She worked there for six years, expanding her knowledge and expertise. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2006 when she became a director of Koshala Hyundai. She excelled in her position and is still its director today. She is currently an active director of six Indian companies, including the Koshala Group.

She is a multilingual woman who appreciates the beauty of the various languages ​​coexisting in India. She is fluent in three languages: Hindi, Oriya and English. This nationally and internationally renowned Odissi dancer won the Elite Dealer award in the East Zone in 2008, followed by the title of best dealer partner in CATI H2 in 2013. She even won the title of best overall performer in KPI in 2014. and a host of other honours, including the Sarat Samman in 2017, Power woman in 2020 in Bhubaneswar and the Juhar Sammaan in the same year in Varodra.

This philanthropist has had her fair share of failures and successes as a woman, which is why she collaborates with many groups to promote women’s empowerment. This multi-talented beauty queen was honored in 2017 for her unwavering dedication to the issue of female empowerment in the steel town of Rourkela. She was also honored at the 2nd Annual Sammanita Organization Celebration in Cuttack. The Commissioner of Police organized the International Women’s Day ceremony. She also contributed by playing Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav in 2015 and 2018, where she was later honored throughout the show.

Being a businesswoman in today’s society, especially if you are a woman, requires a lot of confidence if you want to rise to the top and establish your brand. Padmini’s success is like a tight slap in the face to our supposedly modern, but stereotypical society, filled with taboos like “women are only related to cooking” and “women can’t handle the pressure and burden of work like men. Dr. Padmini is a renowned classical folk dancer, singer, social activist, businesswoman, philanthropist and yoga therapist. after these exploits, does he have anything else to prove?

Dr. Padmini Panigrahi was again invited for the second time as a speaker at the TED event at TEDxIIM Sambalpur held on 20th August this year, where she again motivated countless people with her ted talk on the idea that travels where she explained why traveling to a new destination is a rare experience and how it would translate into a life-changing experience for all of us. His message has motivated and inspired everyone to evaluate the places they travel and the personalities they meet.

The future is about equality without gender bias, and she recognizes that women are capable of taking a stand and carrying out any given duty with the same precision as any man. She aspires to be a role model for modern women who want to make a difference in their lives and stand out from the crowd. As a successful businesswoman, Dr. Padmini Panigrahi could have lived a luxurious and comfortable life, but she remained humble and pursued a simple lifestyle. According to her, a being who has not devoted his life to the well-being of others has not lived his life fully. Padmini Panigrahi is the clearest illustration of a person who has dedicated his life to improving society when one thinks of the best personality attributes in a responsible individual.

In one of the latest interviews, Dr. Padmini Panigrahi revealed that she donates much of her wealth to charity; she even sponsored physically handicapped and financially weak students, athletes and performing artists. During this short 10 minute interview, she also touched on the current situation of Odisha’s traditional folk culture and how it is rapidly fading. she is the first and currently the only one to do her best to preserve it without anyone’s support.

Apart from this, Dr. Padmini also has an NGO named Koshal Darpan to promote and preserve popular culture by teaching dance to children from underprivileged families. She is also the founder of the dream team foundation, the same famous organization that provides food to homeless and low income families who were starving during the 1st phase of the covid lockdown in April 2020; Dr. Padmini also mentioned that during this period, she took the risk of personally inspecting the whole process every day by visiting the slums to ensure that the food is distributed correctly. Their efforts were noticed by the Municipal Corporation of Rourkela, and they collaborated with the Dream Team Foundation under the “Purnanjali” project. During this interview, she also revealed that due to so much exposure, she even became covid positive in August 2020; despite all these obstacles, she never quit social service and is proudly pursuing it as you read this.

Despite being a role model who has inspired millions of women in India and a well-known personality in fields like entrepreneurship, philanthropy, classical folk dance, etc. Padmini Panigrahi is a normal human being like everyone else, very passionate, to be more specific, but what makes her so unique and different from others is something that our current society ignores the most who works hard to achieve her goals, to be humble , not giving up in difficult situations and pushing your limits. This separates her from others and makes her who she is today.