Man Creates Fake Dating Resume In Hilarious Hinge Swap

The internet has applauded a man who created a hilarious fake dating resume in an effort to impress a woman he met on Hinge.

Posting on TikTok last week under the username Blonde Broke & Bougie, the man’s date shared a screenshot of his “resume”, along with screenshots of the rest of their exchange , writing, “The moral of the story is always committed to the end.” The video has amassed over 2.8 million views and thousands of comments from charmed viewers.

“So I have a prompt on my profile that says I have a boat,” the woman explained at the start of her now-viral clip. “[he responded] to this saying, ‘What do I have to do to get on this boat?'”

The woman told the man to “present [his] qualifications,” so he asked for the woman’s email address, telling her that he would “pass [his] resume along” later that night. The next day, the woman checked her emails and was “surprised” to find that the man had “totally committed” by sending in a resume.

The internet has been raving about a man who created a hilarious fake resume in an effort to impress a woman he met on Hinge.

According to the man’s mission statement, he is “a highly driven individual looking for the ultimate companion/dance partner/dinner/weekend getaway partner”.

He went on to say that he had a “great sense of humor”, was a “great conversationalist”, and was “great” at scheduling dates. The woman, impressed with his “qualifications”, decided to continue and emailed the man a response.

“At this point, I’m like, oh okay, we’re fully committed,” the woman said, “So I sent a long email back and invited him to his first-round interview. “

The man replied by email, and once the two men agreed on a date, time and place for their “talk”, the woman sent an invitation to Google calendar, carrying out their plans.

“It’s SO LOVELY,” Ged commented. “I like when people go all out.”


“We love it,” Hannah Stella said.

“SEND HIM THE OFFER!!!” Caite added.

When it comes to online dating, psychologists have said that honesty and authenticity are two traits that can increase an individual’s chances of finding love.

“Once you’re clear about what you want and what your expectations are, and are brave enough to communicate them, you’ll have a much better chance of finding a partner,” said clinical psychologist Adele D’Ari. The Washington Post.

Jelena Kecmanovic, also a clinical psychologist, added that “highlighting rare or unusual interests leads to greater online dating success.”

“So ask your friends and family to describe your qualities and quirks, combine them with a candid self-assessment and create an authentic profile,” Kecmanovic advised.

From the information Blonde Broke & Bougie have shared with viewers, it appears that she and her date have been open about their expectations and conducted their conversations with their unique sense of humor. So, the commentators wanted to know: was the date a success?

“He met the criteria for a second-round interview,” the woman joked in a follow-up video, adding that several more interviews were needed before she could be made an offer.

Newsweek has contacted Blonde Broke & Bougie for comment.

Unfortunately, not all online viral dating stories are as cute as Blonde Broke & Bougie’s. For example, a woman went viral on TikTok last month for sharing a post from a Hinge Match that read, “Every tattoo on a woman is a bad tattoo.”

Other dating horror stories include a woman who was called ‘easy to fuck’ by a Bumble match and a man who was lifted by a woman, who said he was ‘too big’ .