Letters to the Editor – January 6 Committee, Liz Cheney, Governor Greg Abbott


Good for Liz Cheney

Re: “Committee prepares to go public – Findings will be revealed; hearings expected soon, ”made the news on Monday.

This article calls the January 6 riots “the worst attack on the Capitol in two centuries”, and it was. If you haven’t witnessed this criminal event on live or recorded TV, you must have been in a hole somewhere. The findings of the US House committee will be further explored, including, I hope, identifying those who are planning this insurgency.

Representative Liz Cheney, vice-chair of the committee, essentially reported in a television interview that based on testimony she heard, former President Donald Trump should never be part of our federal government again. I fully agree and include his supporters.

Jack Steele Sanders, Dallas

A republican to listen to

As a longtime Democrat, I’ve always ignored most Republicans, especially those on the hard right, including Rep. Liz Cheney. But his courageous stand against members of his own party, including Donald Trump, made me think. I doubt she can change her mind about any of my center-left positions, but when she does speak I will listen to her.

Don Martin, Cedar Hill

Show Trump the way out

Former President Donald Trump, we applauded you. We immediately boarded your Make America Great Again ship. You promised! You delivered! Congratulations, your credibility was at its highest.

Then came the Charlottesville violence in 2017. The “ship” suffered a severe “blow”. Your words, said and unsaid, have allowed your enemies to seriously damage your credibility. But you survived

But now could you please step off the stage? The MAGA ship has been safely ordered by you for the last few days of 2020 and then arrived on January 6th. We applauded you for this patriotic gathering. But then, so sadly, “things” took a direction that no one intended.

The violence from the Capitol was the fatal “blow” to the MAGA ship. Mr. President, you were the “skipper”, and your presence was necessary. The crowd should have seen you preventing the illegal entry and heard your voice say, “You will enter over my corpse.” “

By preventing this illegal action, your credibility would have “skyrocketed”, restoring public confidence in your leadership. Unfortunately, you have lost your credibility with too many American citizens.

We pray to God for you; our country still needs you. You and your family are loved. But, unfortunately, now we have to respectfully implore you to kindly quit this step.

David D. Hartsfield, Alba

Centro de Mi Salud can help you

Re: “Focusing on the Mental Health of Latinos – Dallas Nonprofit Aims to End Shame and Stigma in an Under-Served Community,” Monday Metro article.

I enjoyed this story on mental health resources for Latinos. It would have been good to mention the Centro de Mi Salud founded by Norma Westurne, CEO, in Dallas in 1999. They provide mental and behavioral health services in multiple languages. The North Texas Behavioral Health Authority has a hotline for mental health issues related to COVID-19: 1-833-986-1919.

Gerald Casenave, Arlington

Now Abbott is asking for help

Re: “Abbott asks for more test sites,” Saturday report.

Does anyone other than me see the irony in Governor Greg Abbott asking the federal government for help in adding COVID-19 testing sites in Texas? Or, for that matter, for the federal disaster declarations on the winter weather crisis of last February and for the October 2020 tornado in the Dallas area? This is the man who boasted in 2013 that his typical workday was “I go to the office, sue the federal government and go home.” Hopefully, a person of principle will be elected to replace him.

Ann Ward Purcell, Dallas / Lake Highlands

If only conditions were attached

I am so in disbelief, but sadly not surprised, that Governor Greg Abbott is hypocritically asking the federal government and President Joe Biden for COVID-19 help. This is the same person who defies the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations on masks and vaccines.

It will not allow municipalities, local governments and school districts to do what is best for their communities. I know we will get the help, but I really wish there were conditions, such as warrants authorized and the power grid secured and integrated with the rest of the United States. A girl can dream!

Irma Myers Donihoo, Plano

“Help me, Biden! “

It wasn’t to be, Governor Greg Abbott. If you had mandated the masks statewide instead of suing the federal government for vaccine mandates, Texas wouldn’t need federally-backed testing sites, medical staff, and increased drug allowances. monoclonal antibodies. “Help me, Biden! And President Joe Biden will do it because he’s an honest man who tries to protect people.

Jo Anne Barnes, Fairview

Congratulations, Kingsbury Coach

Is it ironic that Texas Tech sacked Kliff Kingsbury as head football coach three years ago, but Kingsbury returned to Texas on Sunday as National Football League head coach to lead his Arizona Cardinals to win over Dallas Cowboys? Good for him! Some of us here in Texas still wish he was a Texas Tech head coach.

Tom Hopkins, Garland

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