JR Smith shares the hilarious story of Michael Jordan trash talk

It’s probably fair to say that former NBA guard JR Smith is one of the best and most accomplished athletes on the planet, winning multiple NBA championships during his 17-year career before starting a college golf career upon his retirement from the league. But it turns out that Michael Jordan is better at both sports, and he was sure to let Smith know.

In an interview with complex sports, Smith recalled a friendly golf match between himself and Jordan. As you can imagine, Jordan’s trash talk was anything but friendly. In fact, it was absolutely wild.

“He smoked me… [He talked s—] all the time,” Smith said. “So we were betting, right? I doubled down on one of my bets, and I was like 5 forward, 5 back, and 5 overall. Then I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, $500 not $5,000.’ He said, ‘No, no, I know what you meant.’ Then he threw this shot at me, discreetly, he said: ‘You had a good career. It wasn’t a big one, but you got a good one.

It’s absolutely brutal dirty talk in what was supposed to be a friendly environment, but it’s also exactly what we expect from Jordan.