Interview with Shohreh Aghdashloo: Run honey, run

Halloween is on, and Blumhouse can be counted on to drop a good scare in time for everyone’s festivities. This year, Run darling, run did that trick, with the film now available to stream on Amazon Prime. The film is directed by Ella Baskin, and Emmy winner Shohreh Agdashloo also contributes to the film’s thrilling story.

In Run darling, run, Cherie (Baskin) is invited on a date with the seemingly charming Ethan (Pilou Asbæk), but the evening quickly turns into a disaster when Cherie finds herself on the run for her life from Ethan, who has turned her into a hunting object. As Cherie tries to escape her murderous pursuer, she encounters the “First Lady” (Aghdashloo), who had her own history with this kind of terrifying situation.


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We talk to Shohreh Aghdashloo on the set of Run darling, runher role in the film as First Lady and some of the big themes in the film’s story.

Shohreh Aghdashloo on Run Sweetheart Run

Screen Rant: How did you become involved with Run darling, run?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: Well, I was offered the role and I also loved the story and the role. She’s quite a sophisticated, quite wise, brave woman, and I immediately said yes, because I wanted this film to be made and I wanted to get this message across, and I would like this film to be seen by all generations, especially young people.

Without giving too much away, the movie kind of takes place in a compressed time frame, and of course, you also had to deal with the effects of the pandemic while making it. How did all of this impact the storytelling of Run honey, run?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: Yes, I love the storytelling style of this film. While the genre is fairly familiar to everyone, each of these types of movies has its own flair, which was what I loved about the story, but was hard to do in the days of the coronavirus. We filmed a bit, then had to stop when the whole world stopped, then we started again, but finally we managed to finish it a few months ago.

Without going into spoilers, what can you reveal about your character the First Lady, and her role in Run darling, runand how was it different from other roles you’ve played?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: Well, I wouldn’t say much different, because I represent a powerful woman who is trying to end this violence that is rampant in our society. The way I would describe her is that this woman truly believes that solidarity between victims can stop predators, and that meant a lot to me when I first read it, because I’ve always believed that a attack on one woman is an attack on all women. So when a woman is attacked, we should all come together and stop the predator and the violence. She believes in it deeply, and she is also a powerful and courageous woman who is not afraid to put an end to this monster that is hunting them.

Related to that, what were some of your favorite scenes or moments from the making of Run darling, run and the role of the First Lady in history?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: I have a few. One is when she [Cherie] comes to me and she’s quite confused about whether to trust me or not. The reason I love this scene so much is that this movie is really about the issue of trust? Are we supposed to trust a stranger just because he’s a friend of a friend, or he’s rich, or he’s in a key position? No, we shouldn’t. It is about caution that we have to be careful no matter what.

These monsters live among us, therefore, we have to think twice about every meeting we go to, and we have to ask ourselves, “Who is this person?” “What if they ask me to go for a second drink after business is over or the blind date is over?” “What if that? “And if that?” as I drive to dinner with them, so it’s kind of a layered movie trying to bring us the reality of this problem that exists with the monsters that live there. That’s why I loved this project so much and wanted to be part of it.

You mentioned Run darling, run went through a COVID shutdown. What was the timeline of this and how much did it push back the end of the movie?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: We had to close for a few months. But, to tell you the truth, it’s interesting. Whenever your heart is in a project and you have to stop for whatever reason, when you come back to it, no matter how many months or years later – and this happened to me with The Expanse too – it’s like you just pick up where you left off as if there was no lapse of time in between. It was interesting, we all got together and it was like ‘Okay, we were here yesterday, let’s get this over with today.’

What was the experience of working with Ella Baskin playing such a central role in her role as Cherie, who is in a very difficult situation in the film?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: She is a charming young woman and a very good actress. In fact, I have more fun doing dramas and horror films than comedies, because in a comedy, we save our energy and everything we have available for the film. With drama and horror, we try to have fun, tell jokes and make it fun so we can be serious enough when we’re in front of the camera. So we had a lot of fun and she’s a lovely young lady.

With themes that Run darling, run deals with predatory behavior, what is the most important thing you hope people take away from this film?

Shohreh Aghdashloo: I would like them to take the heart out of the idea, be careful, don’t trust anyone until you know them. It’s about that second drink you have after a business meeting or a blind date, be careful. Some people are too positive or dreamy, like the whole thing is a nice place for women and everyone is nice, but that’s not true.

There are monsters living among us, and we have to be careful, and it’s a very entertaining movie, off the set. I was one of them, but when I went to watch it with my daughter, every time I gasped on the edge of my chair, my daughter was like, ‘You made the movie! You’re one of them, and you’re still scared?”, and I said, “I’m scared, because I think, ‘What if this happens to you?’, and I’m happy to learn my lessons by watching this film.

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Run darling, run is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.