Hotseat Recruiter – Max Hurd, Senior Recruiter at People Can Fly – Business News

Max Hurd explains how you can get a job at People Can Fly, an independent game developer that has been entertaining audiences around the world with action games for 20+ years.

What makes your studio different from other developers?

We have a rather special history. This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary in the industry and during this time we have seen many changes – from a pioneer developer in the Polish market, through a period under a large global company (Epic Games), to a global independent studio with a huge Unreal Expertise engine.

I think all of that vast experience informs how we approach the game development process, with that kind of old-school feel. Not too corporate, very open to individual developers and their creativity, input, and ability to really influence the project they’re working on. Combining that with our global growth over the past few years and a diverse pipeline of upcoming projects, I’d say this is a pretty unique studio.

How many employees do you currently plan to hire?

We have not set out a pre-defined recruitment objective, in part because some of our projects are in the pre-production phase, when needs can change quite quickly. The environment is generally very dynamic, as is our growth. But to give an idea, it is most often that we bring in several people per week. Also, the number of job openings we post sort of shows the breadth.

What should aspiring developers do with their resume to get an interview?

If you are a graduate, highlight the projects in which you have been involved. If it was a group project, clearly state what your role was and what exactly you contributed. If you were an intern or employed in a junior position, list your main duties and responsibilities, so that recruiters and hiring managers can clearly assess your experience.

When it comes to employment history, always list it from most recent to oldest. Your recent experience is likely to be the most relevant when assessed as a potential candidate. And if you’re going to add links to your website, portfolio, demos, etc., make sure the links work.

What advice would you give for a successful interview in your studio?

It may sound cliché, but be yourself. It is important to stay relaxed as much as possible. Personality and team fit are just as important as ability and experience. Remember that the people who will interview you were all in your place at one time. Our investigators are very friendly anyway. We don’t grill people, we approach them based on their individual qualities to see if they can fly with us here at People Can Fly.

If you have recruited internationally, how is the process going?

I can answer this from my own perspective, as I was recruited internationally as a UK-based person by our Warsaw headquarters. It was a process that impressed me enormously and I often talk about my experience in this field with the candidates I interview, because I think it is a reassuring example.

The way I was assimilated into the recruitment team and the company in general was smooth and friendly. I met different people and different departments in video calls to cover everything from HR, payroll, IT etc. I also received all the training and support I needed to be operational. In my book, it was flawless.

How has the pandemic affected recruitment at your studio?

More positively than you might think for such a difficult situation, which marked our daily work. I often say that the only positive thing to come from the pandemic has been the industry’s change in attitude towards remote work. It was a bit forced at first, of course, but companies that saw the potential to expand your talent pool and the benefits of giving your developers flexibility have taken advantage of this change in approach and make their strength.

In this way, candidates and employers benefited. People can now consider roles in companies that they previously couldn’t because it was geographically impossible for them. While companies have a literal global candidate base, which they can freely use to help them fill key roles and build the exact teams they need. We are able to benefit from this model and we offer a variety of remote and hybrid options.