Herschel Walker skips the debate for a baffling reason

Georgia GOP senatorial candidate and former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker has a history of verbal gaffes, nonsense language, factual inaccuracies and a blatant disregard for the truth. And Walker was back with a combination of it all on Saturday.

Walker recently declined an invitation to participate in an Oct. 13 debate in Macon against Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock. The reason for his refusal is puzzling to say the least.

“I won’t answer anything because you know it’s not a debate, and you know that,” Walker said. 13WMAZ. “You have people contributing to his campaign and that’s where only two people go to see him on a Sunday night, I think. NFL Football, I’m giving you the opportunity to be on the scale of the State for everyone to see what it is, to see the contrast between the two of us I don’t know how you can ask for better.

Confusing language aside, the problem with Walker’s rationale is that the debate he’s denying isn’t actually Sunday, as he seems to think. It’s a Thursday night.

As for Walker’s claims that “only two people” will see it, the debate will have a live audience and will be broadcast by 11Alive, Georgia Public Broadcasting, The Telegraph and Mercer’s Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University.

Although Walker declined the Oct. 13 debate, he apparently wants Warnock to accept a different debate in Savannah, scheduled for Oct. 14.

“It’s like ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ Everybody’s lucky to see him and me go,” Walker said in Wrightsville on Friday. “This little country boy who’s not too smart, and I’m trying to overthrow a senator who’s destroying things. I’ll call him Wreck-It Ralph. He is expected to travel to Savannah, Georgia to face Herschel Walker.

In the same interview where he declines a debate invitation for false factual reasons, Walker then asks Warnock to “stand behind his words” and “show up for the debate.”

“It’s time for people to see the difference. So on October 14, I want Senator Warnock ready because I’ve accepted a debate,” Walker said during the appearance. “Now he can stop talking and show people he’s going to stand up for his words and show up for debate.”

Walker’s invitation for the Oct. 13 debate remains open.