[Herald Interview] ‘My Name’ gave me a chance to improve myself as an actor: Han So-hee


Han So-hee (Netflix)

For 26-year-old Han So-hee, playing a role in the Netflix series “My Name” has advanced him as an actor with a wide range.

“I thought audiences, including my fans, wanted to see the sides of Han So-hee that are already very familiar to them from previous dramas like ‘Bride and Groom’ and ‘Nevertheless’. But I wanted to find and show different sides of Han So-hee, ”the actor said in an online interview with a group of reporters Wednesday.

“Playing in genres that I have already experienced seems to limit my chances of becoming a better actor. That was the main reason I decided to appear in the action-noir series, ”Han added.

After her small screen debut as a supporting actress in the SBS drama “Reunited Worlds” (2017), Han enjoyed unprecedented popularity with JTBC’s melodrama “The World of the Married” (2020).

“Yoon Ji-woo, who wore colorful outfits and beautiful makeup, was definitely different from my previous characters. When I saw the filmed scenes, I thought I should have put on more lip balm,” she joked.

Actor Han So-hee in

Actor Han So-hee in “Nevertheless” (from top), “Bride and Groom” and “My Name” (Netflix)

“I focused on how the audience would accept this character. I don’t think viewers could sympathize with Ji-woo’s story and feelings if I had worn fancy makeup, ”Han said.

Netflix’s mystery crime drama “My Name” revolves around a woman who joins the nation’s biggest drug cartel to find her father’s killer.

At first, Han asked why Ji-woo would lose his life looking for evidence related to his father’s death. But she understood the character’s situation, when no one in the world could help. The actor said she shares a similarity with Ji-woo in taking all possible steps to achieve a goal.

When asked if she was happy with her action scenes, the actor replied that she could have acted better.

Actor Han So-hee stars as vengeful woman Yoon Ji-woo in

Actor Han So-hee stars as vengeful woman Yoon Ji-woo in “My Name” (Netflix)

“I still continue to take kickboxing lessons. Now I can see that I should have been more active and physical in some scenes, ”Han said.

She also felt that the show made her realize that sincerity always pays off.

“I had never exercised before shooting ‘My Name’. I had to start from scratch. But suddenly I found myself enjoying the thrilling action scenes. Because I participated wholeheartedly in the series, I became more confident to show my work to others as well, ”added the actor.

Although she doesn’t know anything about “My Name Season 2,” she has promised to return with better moves, action, and a stronger body.

Towards the end of the interview, Han also shared his thoughts on his future plans.

“Nothing is decided for my next project. I read many scripts to show the many sides of Han So-hee to keep the fans entertained. It might sound weird, but I want to play a serial killer, ”the actor said.

“After studying a lot of black films and shooting some fierce action scenes in ‘My Name’, I think I’ve become somewhat indifferent to films with a lot of bloodshed. It can be a good opportunity to play more unique roles like a serial killer, ”Han added.

The eight-episode series placed third in Netflix’s global rankings on Wednesday, according to FlixPatrol.

By Lee Si-jin (sj_lee@heraldcorp.com)