Data I/O Announces Fireside Chat Hosted by Technology Investment Veteran Avi Fisher of Long Cast Advisors

REDMOND, Washington.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the world’s leading provider of advanced data security and deployment solutions for microcontrollers, security ICs, and memory devices, today announced the availability of its latest opus in a series of interviews with its Chairman and CEO, Anthony Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose was interviewed by guest host Avi Fisher of Long Cast Advisors, the discussion focusing on his new platform for deploying semiconductor and microcontroller firmware security.

The interview is being streamed for public viewing on the Internet and can be accessed via the Webcasts and Presentations section of the Data I/O Corporation website at and on all Company social media feeds. The websites and online platforms of each of the Fireside Chat Series event organizers are able to stream the interviews as of the respective posting date. The fireside chat series will culminate in the celebration of the 50e Anniversary.

During the interview made available today, Mr. Ambrose speaks to:

  • The development and origins of Data I/O’s SentriX security deployment platform is a natural extension of its award-winning PSV family of data programming appliances
  • The company’s technology roadmap that transitioned into programming for the automotive electronics and IoT industries
  • Partnerships with leading global programming centers and silicon engineering solution providers
  • Security-as-a-service deployment, licensing and other recurring revenue opportunities associated with SentriX machines, including operating over 400 PSV machines worldwide
  • Next-generation technologies for product lifecycle protection, counterfeit defense and supply chain security
  • Differentiation with SentriX from standard hardware security modules (HSM)
  • Cloud-based and downstream management to access/schedule security
  • Several use cases are beginning to evolve, including use for telemetry (electricity and water), smart locks, and electric vehicle charging networks

Guest: Avi Fisher, portfolio manager and analyst at Long Cast Advisors

Avram (“Avi”) Fisher is the Portfolio Manager and Director of Long Cast Advisers, LLC, an investment advisory firm that makes concentrated investments in well-researched small-cap stocks. With Mr. Fisher known as the company’s “Chief Curiosity Officer”, they seek to buy big companies while they are small and hold onto them for long periods of time. Long Cast Advisers offer concentrated investment strategies for smaller companies, while avoiding exposure to the hydrocarbon, aerospace and defense sectors. At its core, Long Cast Advisers seek to invest in and become co-owners of carefully selected and well-researched small, micro and nano cap stocks. The company applies the same level of due diligence and institutional research for over 10 years on the sell-side to undercover and overlooked areas of the market, focusing on misunderstood, research-driven opportunities. Mr. Fisher is a former journalist, private investigator and institutional equity analyst who digs deep to find undervalued and undiscovered niche stocks. Prior to founding Long Cast Advisers, he worked as an institutional research analyst covering multi-industry markets, business services, and engineering and construction in public equity markets (CSFB and BMO Capital) and consumer goods. and telecommunications in private equity (Cisneros group). Before institutional finance, he worked as a private investigator (BackTrack Reports); a writer, journalist and fact checker (New York Observer, Gannet, Meredith); in corporate governance analysis (GMI); and as a restaurateur (Bowery Bar) among others. It applies the same lessons learned from past experiences (a journalist’s due diligence, creativity, moxie and commitment to integrity) to investing. Mr. Fisher enjoys “rehearsals” analyzing companies large and small; speak with managers, customers and competitors; attend conventions; and assess the probabilities around the long-term valuation. “I know I’m no smarter than the market, but I see patience, fundamental research and a sense of reason and imagination as the keys to a market-independent outcome,” he said. declared. In addition to investment management services through Long Cast Advisors, Fisher shares his research through social media posts and on his company’s blog, The Patient Investors.

Disclosure: As of the date of the Fireside Chat recording, Long Cast Advisors owned shares of Data I/O Corp.

Fireside I/O Data Talk Series Schedule:

The series will include interviews on a monthly basis over the next six months. Data I/O is pleased to have guest hosts who are well-known and highly respected investment community professionals and financial newsletter writers and influencers. The conversations are intended to focus on important and timely topics related to the company, its platform technologies, and the global business environment. Interviews will be made available by Data I/O and the respective session host as listed below:

June 15, 2022 – The Data I/O Opportunity

Guest host: Tim Weintraut of Alpha Wolf Trading

July 13, 2022 – The Future of Semiconductors for Automotive and Electronics OEMs

Guest host: Suji Desilva of Roth Capital

August 17, 2022 – Managing a Resilient Supply Chain

Guest host: Gene Inger of Inger Newsletter

September 14, 2022 – The Future of Security – SentriX® SSecurity Deployment Platform

Guest host: Avi Fisher of Long Cast Advisors

October 19, 2022 – Industry 4.0 and why everything must be connected

Guest host: Vishal Mishra of Bard Associates, Inc.

November 14, 2022 – 50 data I/Ose Anniversary – The next 50 years

Guest: Maj Soueidan of GeoInvesting

About Data I/O Corporation

Since 1972, Data I/O has developed innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive, Internet of Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls and other electronic devices. Today, our customers use Data I/O’s data programming solutions and security deployment platform to secure the global electronics supply chain and protect the intellectual property of IoT devices from inception to deployment. in the field. OEMs of any size can safely program and deliver devices from early samples through high-volume production before shipping semiconductor devices to a manufacturing line. Data I/O enables customers to bring innovative new products to life reliably, securely and cost-effectively. These solutions are backed by a portfolio of patents and a global network of data I/O support and service professionals, ensuring our customers’ success.

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