Criminal Minds: Why Spencer Started Wearing Glasses

Criminal Minds’ Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) briefly started wearing glasses in Season 2, and here’s why behind the scenes.

Here’s Why Spencer Reid Started Wearing Glasses In The Second Season Of Criminal minds. CBS has form when it comes to creating blockbuster crime procedurals – as shown ITUC or NCIS – and Criminal minds became another major hit in 2005. The series focuses on the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), which tracks down serial killers. The series ended up running for 15 seasons and received a few spin-offs with Criminal Minds: Suspicious Behavior and Across borders. However, the latter two could not recreate the success of the main show and were quickly cancelled.

The series itself ended in 2020, although there is talk of a Criminal minds‘ The Paramount+ relaunch series is already on the cards. A big plus for the show is that it brought together a talented ensemble, including Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness and Mandy Patinkin – who came out suddenly after season 2. While some proceedings can be very formulaic and predictable, Criminal minds mix of interesting characters and disturbing crimes made it a smash hit with viewers.

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One of Criminal minds’ The most popular characters were Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler. Reid is the resident geek and genius of the BAU. He has an IQ of 187 and his eidetic memory has given him a vast store of knowledge to draw from. Fans of the character also tended to notice fashion changes, such as new haircuts, but one of the weirdest happened when Reid suddenly started wearing glasses in Season 2. Some viewers wondered. complained about this new look, but Gubler himself explained in a 2006 Pittsburgh Post Gazette interview which was due to a bad reaction to the contact lens solution he was using at the time.

matthew gray gubler criminal minds glasses

In real life, Matthew Gray Gubler wears glasses and after this reaction to the lens he was using, he just started wearing his real glasses. As the actor said in the interview above, Spencer Reid with glasses has been described as “a 60s accountant look“, and the character eventually stopped wearing them entirely.

That said, the Spencer Reid eyewear look also had its fans. Gubler stayed with Criminal minds throughout its run, appearing in most all-actor episodes and even directing many episodes, such as the horror-focused “Blood Relations,” which featured Seen stars Tobin Bell and Adrienne Barbeau. Despite this, the actor apparently won’t be returning for Paramount+’s revival, despite signing up several of his co-stars. Of course, a surprise appearance from Reid could also be considered.

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