CMA’s Industry Readiness Program, CMA EDU, Selects Membership Class of 2022-2023

The CMA EDU Leadership Program, the Country Music Association’s industry development pipeline, has selected its 2022-2023 class of members. Established in 2011, the program was created to develop and support the next generation of music industry leaders and is offered to a select group of students from across the country who demonstrate a drive to succeed in the music industry. the music. With programming tailored to each member, students will participate in opportunities for professional development and industry exposure throughout their one-year CMA EDU experience. See the video below to meet this year’s class.

CMA EDU CLASS OF 2022-2023

Through educational resources, Q&As with professionals, informative interviews and more, students will be exposed to all aspects of the industry. Programming topics will include resume writing, interview techniques, general business and industry best practices, and networking skills. Students will be matched with a mentor from the CMA EDU alumni base to help them navigate the program and advise them on what to expect after graduation.

CMA will also host the entire CMA EDU class this summer for the annual CMA EDU Leadership Summit. The multi-day virtual conference will feature two to three days of in-depth professional development training, engaging industry education, and strong networking opportunities.

“My biggest congratulations to our CMA EDU class of 2022-2023!” said Sarah Trahern, President and CEO of CMA. “CMA EDU has always aimed to bridge the gap between our industry and the next generation of leaders by providing students with access and opportunities to experience our industry first-hand. With an impressive class this year, I am delighted to inaugurate such a complete and ambitious group of young leaders.

“As an industry pipeline, CMA EDU exists to empower, equip and encourage students to enter their careers with confidence,” says Tiffany Kern, CMA Vice President, Industry Relations and Philanthropy. “We focus on the transition to university and preparation for employment, because it is a fundamental barrier to accessing employment opportunities. Because we don’t assume that all students have an inherent understanding of career paths in the music industry, we are committed to providing CMA EDU members with real-world opportunities and the support of mentors and industry experts. industry. By fostering meaningful connections and cultivating leadership qualities that can be used in the music industry and beyond, we have positioned CMA EDU so that all students from all backgrounds can thrive within the program. We are thrilled to welcome this new class of talented and motivated students to our CMA EDU family and can’t wait to get started!

Additionally, CMA is delighted to congratulate 24 senior graduates from the CMA EDU class of 2021-2022. Keep an eye out for CMA EDUs instagram for a spotlight on each of these incredible seniors!

Students interested in applying for the upcoming CMA EDU course can learn more at