Brad Pitt Reveals Why He Accepted Deadpool 2 Cameo

One of the funniest parts of Deadpool 2 was the big surprise cameo when all of the X-Force missed their grand parachute entry. Among them was Vanishing Man, who, as the name suggests, has never been seen. That’s until he got tangled in electrical wires and fried to death.

The writers behind the funny gag went even further and brought a big celebrity cameo on board: none other than Brad Pitt himself. Audiences never expected to see an actor of this caliber appear in the film for a few seconds.

Big celebrity cameos seem like a thing for Ryan Reynolds movies. His recent blockbuster, free guyeven popped up Chris Evans for a quick joke.

But when it comes to Pitt, how did that happen? Why did the actor accept in the first place? Well, on his press tour for High-speed trainthe actor revealed a simple reason for saying yes.

Brad Pitt’s Surprisingly Simple Reasoning


In an interview with Ali Plumb for BBC Radio 1, Brad Pitt spoke about his brief stint on Deadpool 2 as a short-lived member of X-Force, the Vanisher.

Pitt noted that shooting for Deadpool 2 was basically the “the easiest thing [he’s] never done:”

“What was filming like? Pretty much the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Dave is an old friend of mine and he was… he was my stunt man starting with Fight Club and going all the way up to about 2004. And then he left and became a very good director, which is rare. Rare.”

So why did the iconic actor join the Marvel movie in the first place? Well, quite simply, “Ryan called and I like it, why not?”

Screenwriter Paul Wernick notes that in their original script, he and co-writers Rhett Reese and Reynolds did not engineer this moment, including a celebrity cameo.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the release of Deadpool 2the film’s screenwriter, Paul Wernick, revealed that the writers thought the concept of the Vanisher would be the perfect outlet “for a celebrity cameo.”

“We never saw Vanisher in the original script. He was always a mystery…when he got tangled up…we just thought, ‘Oh my god, what a perfect idea for a celebrity cameo.’ And then we were like, ‘Who is the hardest to get in Hollywood? Let’s call him.’

Thanks to Brad Pitt’s kids who love the first one dead Pool movie, when Ryan Reynolds reached out to see if the actor was up for it, “He immediately said yes.

Director David Leitch admitted that “there was never any pressure…once [they] got the yes:”

“It was a very small window, but once we got the yes, there was never any pressure – we had a whole release window to do it,” says Leitch. “We shot the plates for it and really needed to put it on green screen for a short time.”

In a 2018 interview with Entertainment Online, Ryan Reynolds spoke about Vanisher’s unseen cameo, with the actor admitting that Brad Pitt did it all for free, which was “the most beautiful thing you could do”.

“Kind of embellished… I was told all he wanted was a cup of coffee and I said, ‘Like a franchise or just an individual cup of coffee? And I was told a single cup of coffee, which was really his way of saying, “I’m doing this for nothing. And that was a solid total and the nicest thing anyone could do.

What cameos could be waiting for

With Reynolds having been able to tag Brad Pitt, even if only for a second, one has to wonder: what could he possibly pull off with all of Marvel Studios’ tools? Dead Pool 3 is right around the corner, so those conversations are probably happening right now.

There’s an endless amount that creatives behind the wheel could take advantage of – enough to make fans giddy when they start thinking about it. But, will the upcoming third movie still be in the Fox universe, or will it be set entirely in the MCU?

A common thought process is that the Merc with the Mouth will still begin in the Fox universe, and by the end of the film will have moved to Earth-616. Maybe they’ll try to adapt a version of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

Dead Pool 3 is set to hit theaters sometime in 2024 or 2025.