Amazing Circus Troupe Acro-Cats Visit Richmond: ‘You Can Train Cats’

RICHMOND, Va. — The Amazing Acro-Cats took over Dominion Energy Center over the weekend and wowed their home crowd with a variety of tricks and flips.

The feline circus troupe is made up of former rescue cats who shredded on skateboards, climbed through hoops and fiddled with musical instruments, including the cowbell.

Samantha Martin, the cat trainer, said the show was not just for entertainment, but to show people that training cats can be easy and fun.

“We spread the word about clicker training with cats because a lot of people don’t realize you can train cats. And not only can you train cats, you have to train your cat,” explained Martin. “A lot of behavioral problems stem from boredom. So if you give your cat a job, it will actually help alleviate that boredom and it will help you bond with your cat.”

FULL INTERVIEW: Samantha Martin with Amazing Acro-Cats Circus

FULL INTERVIEW: Samantha Martin with Amazing Acro-Cats

The show ended with a performance by the world’s only cat band, “Tuna and the Rock Cats”.

The troupe has been featured on “CBS Sunday Morning,” “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” the Netflix series “Cat People,” and Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl.”

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