After marriage, no one approached me with movies: Poornima Indrajith Interview | entertainment interview

Poornima Indrajith is back on screen after a break. This time her comeback film is Sachin Kulkarani’s ‘Cobalt Blue’ in which she plays Sister Mary. Streamed on Netflix, the film revolves around a brother and sister who fall in love with the same man. It becomes widely appreciated. Poornima talks to Manorama online about his second run.

After 20 years apart?

I made films for only 2 years, between 2000 and 2002 to be exact. That too barely 7 movies. And there were also 2 or 3 soap operas. After the wedding, no one approached me with roles. At the time, I had decided not to act after the wedding. So naturally I got busy with children and other responsibilities. But my relatives knew that I would return to the cinema. That’s how much I love movies. I believed that sooner or later I would be approached for roles that suited me. ‘Virus’ was given to me by Aashiq Abu and Rima Kallingal. It was my comeback movie after 18 years.

The first film in Bollywood

As I come from a family of filmmakers, expectations are naturally high. But luckily, I don’t have that pressure when I act in films in other languages. In addition to a new language, I was able to learn a lot of new things with this film. I consider myself a newcomer who is eager to learn from each film. The director will only look at you as an artist. I was able to appreciate and experience the changes that have taken place in cinema over the past 18 years. Filming took place in Fort Kochi and the film dealt with contemporary issues as well as love, family, friendship and secularism. And the film also captured the beauty of Fort Kochi in detail.

More films in other languages?

I listen to a lot of film stories in Malayalam and other languages. I want to be part of good projects. Also heard the story from a Tamil movie. Currently, I am shooting for a Hindi web series for Netflix.

About ‘Thuramukham’

He was a character that was extremely satisfying. I was able to do the younger (35) and older (65) versions of the character. For this, I had to lose and gain weight. ‘Thuramukham’ will be part of history. Director Rajeev Ravi is someone who works without compromise on his craft. I await its release and also, impatient to see if I have understood correctly.

You wear many hats (dancer, TV host, fashion designer, actor, model). Which is your favourite?

I want to be known as an artist. It’s acting that gives me a lot of joy and the aforementioned facets are also important in cinema.

Do you discuss Indrajith’s performance with him?

I’m a fan of Indrajith. The acting he started in his twenties stayed strong in his forties. It’s always a chance to be able to string together various roles as an actor and win over the public. Pius in “Classmates” is someone we all know. Indran was able to do so many such characters on screen. And audiences love to see it in such characters.

What was Indrajith’s opinion of ‘Cobalt Blue’?

He is very supportive and told me that the film had a South American touch. He said they were able to handle a sensitive subject beautifully. We obviously have a space of comfort since we come from the same profession.

Your parenting videos were extremely popular…

The world has become smaller. And children can now access everything at their fingertips. The important thing is to see if they use it wisely. Parenting can’t be done with a rule book. Child safety is the responsibility of parents. We are aware of this fact. We believe in friendly parents.