Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan received a savage ultimatum to complete the 1883 Prequel series

According to comments from “1883” creator Taylor Sheridan at this special preview event, he wasn’t always convinced the Paramount + show would air in 2021. Deadline’s report included new details about the show. ultimatum that executives gave Sheridan to air the show after submitting the pilot script, which the studio read on April 12. In early May, Sheridan was preparing to work on “Mayor of Kingstown” for Paramount + when he finally heard about the “Yellowstone” prequel script. ViacomCBS director Keyes Hill-Edgar told him they wanted to kick off the streaming service with “1883,” which meant they needed the series written, filmed and edited in 2021.

“I said, ‘Keyes, it’s not possible, I can start production in February, maybe,'” Sheridan reminded Deadline. “He said, ‘No Taylor, we need it to air this year.'” When the creator of “1883” insisted the production schedule was not possible, Hill-Edgar asked him. colorful way to find out. Sheridan recalled the executive’s words while editing his language to be more audience-friendly: “Look, we’re betting home on this, and we’re trucked in if you don’t. a lot of money for trucking., so you truckers find it! “

“It was impossible to have something aired in seven months that hadn’t been cast, with no locations and other scripts,” Sheridan continued. He went on to demand that, if he were to be overwhelmed by such a short production window, he needed full access to whatever his heart desired to make the series a success. Sheridan told ViacomCBS director: “I need the toys, I need the cast, I need the team. […] And I haven’t heard the word no at all. “

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