Tom Hanks on Finding Comedy in Finch’s Dark World

Tom Hanks’ latest film Bullfinch releases on Apple TV + on Friday, November 5. While this is a dark film set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, there are also moments of comedy between Hanks’ main character, his loyal dog, and the robot he built to take care of his canine companion after his death.

ComingSoon asked Hanks to bring an element of travel with friends to the film, and Hanks credits his versatility to his first acting job, which was a member of a rotating repertory theater.

“My first job as an actor was in rotating repertory theater, which in my opinion is the greatest job an actor can have because there is such variety that is required of you,” said Hanks told ComingSoon. “You don’t really have to make a choice. Years ago, in 1977, at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, we would play six plays a year and there was a comedy, and there was a story, and a tragedy, and something contemporary, and something invented. The actor’s job was therefore to live up to the texts, the expectations of each individual piece.

“When you get into film and television, these are unique decisions you make. Work is work. The text is the text and it was never a circumstance where I was like, “Oh, it’s time to do a comedy”, “Oh, it’s time to be serious” or “It’s time to do something. something historic. Is it always about what the story examines through the theme it talks about? And how do you get there? It’s just fun.

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Hanks thinks all of his movies mix comedy and serious moments, because that’s real life.

“I would say if I was going to be bold, and more like for you to comment on that than for me, but I think in every comedy I’ve done there have been some serious moments. And every serious moment in a movie that I’ve made, there have been comedic moments. This is how life is. The great fun is that you start over as soon as you say yes to a movie and nothing you did before it matters outside of what type of face you wear in the movie. the first place.

“The film is a film and in [Finch], yeah, it’s dark in the extreme. And yet, man, there are scenes with this dog and there are scenes with [the robot] Jeff that, what can you say? They are, they’re pretty cool to watch and I think they’re nice because it’s like, they’re recognizable human and otherwise you’re just saying play the same drag beat over and over and over and over. “

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