Pari Hun star Ashnoor Kaur explains why she won’t play married woman on screen: Interview

Ashnoor Kaur may only be 17, but she’s already made a name for herself in the TV industry. And now the actress has made her digital debut with Pari Hun Main. While Ashnoor stars in the series, Delnaaz Irani and Jatin Lalwani play his parents. The web series is currently airing on WOW Originals. In an exclusive conversation with, Ashnoor opened up about his web debut, career, and trolls, among others.

Speaking about his digital debut with Pari Hun Main, Ashnoor Kaur said, “It was an amazing experience and very different from what I have done before. It was shot very realistically with specific locations. I felt like I was living in the moment and was captivated by it.

Commenting on the boom in the OTT industry in India, the actress said, “We see a lot of variety in the content being put on OTT platforms. Even from the filmmaker’s point of view, it gives them a kind of freedom because it’s their own project. It’s totally in their hands in how they want to shape it. It is also a great opportunity for people who want to explore themselves as artists. Actors can also play a variety of characters in a short period of time.

Ashnoor’s role in Pari Hun Main is very similar to his character Mini in Patiala Babes. The actress said, “The second phase of Pari after her transformation when she gained confidence is very similar to Mini. I relate to this second phase of Pari because of that similarity. She looks a lot like me in the real life too. Just like her, I stand up for what is wrong, voice my opinions and stay true to my morals. She also really appreciates what her parents think and takes their advice for everything she does. I do the same too.

Recalling some memorable anecdotes from when she was filming for Pari Hun Main, Ashnoor said, “The whole experience was memorable, but two experiences really stood out. The first was when we went to Mumbai as tourists. We shot in real places and there were people coming to us for photos, so they had to be stopped for the shooting. It was hilarious at the time. Everyone was coming towards me, but I couldn’t smile or react because I was in the game. I also remember the time we had a hit in the speedboat and my character was supposed to be scared. The character of Sana played by Arushi must have been of the bindaas type, fearless. But in real life, it was actually the opposite. We were all pulling his leg.

Ashnoor Kaur, who scored 94% on his class 12 exams, is currently studying the BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media Studies). Speaking about her interest in studying and her future aspirations, she said: “I think the possibility of studying or not should not be limited to the profession you choose or your fame. Education is that attribute that adds to your personality. It’s not just about getting a graduation diploma or certificate, it’s about enhancing your personality. From the very beginning, I turned to academics because my mother was a teacher. Ever since I started playing at a very young age, she has always made sure that I keep a balance between the two. Even my teachers praise the way I find a balance between my acting career, my studies and my extracurricular activities. It really motivates me. Also, there are a lot of people who admire me, so I don’t want to give the example that studying is not important after you become famous.

Ashnoor Kaur once said that she wouldn’t want to play a married woman. When asked if she was afraid of being labeled, the actress replied, “It’s not about the fear of being labeled. I think there’s a good moment for every character that you do. I’m still under 18 and that’s why I think it’s not a good time to play the part of a married woman. But, maybe that at future I will do it when the right role is offered to me.

Ashnoor Kaur is often trolled on social media. However, she is not affected by this. She said, “I have a simple mantra in my life. I’m too busy loving my lovers rather than hating my enemies. I still stick to that.

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