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SYMPHORCE tourreport - Cede Dupont telling about life on the road



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WEBCounter by GOWEB    


In support of their new album "Twice Second", SYMPHORCE toured together with Wizard and Grave Digger. The tour schedule led the band mainly through Germany, plus a date in Switzerland and Austria each. Read on to learn what guitarist CEDE DUPONT can tell about the life of a rockstar between farting men, public swimming pools and Vodka-Red-Bulls ;-)

Twice Second over Europe 2004
w/ Grave Digger and Wizard

tourposter January 6th - Osnabrück (Hydepark) - GERMANY
January 7th - Andernach (JUZ Live-Club) - GERMANY
January 8th - Pratteln (Z7) - SWITZERLAND
January 9th - Lichtenfels (Stadthalle) - GERMANY
January 10th - Vienna (Planet Music) - AUSTRIA
January 11th - Ludwigsburg (Rockfabrik) - GERMANY
January 12th - Bochum (Zeche) - GERMANY
January 13th - Hamburg (Markthalle) - GERMANY
January 14th - Berlin (Columbia Fritz) - GERMANY
January 15th - Hannover (Musik Zentrum) - GERMANY
January 16th - Langen (Stadthalle) - GERMANY
January 17th - Glauchau (Alte Spinnerei) - GERMANY
January 18th - Munich (New Backstage) - GERMANY

Touched And Infected
Two Seconds To Live
Nice Dreams
Cause Of Laughter
Slow Down

January 6th - Osnabrück

Dennis - a man, a bus, a tour © Symphorce Hell yes! After waiting so long for a tour finally the day has come! Today is our tourstart. But let's start slowly and easy, hehe. We met each other a few days before the tour started to rehearse our setlist. We were trying different songs and took the ones we thought that would work out best live. We also wanted to make sure that we would be able to include songs from all the four albums we had recorded so far but since we just have 40 minutes on stage, we decided to take one more brand new track instead of an old track of "Truth To Promises". The setlist is shown above.

After the rehearsals (that lasted from Dec. 26th until Dec. 30th) Sascha went home and I was resting at Markus' place, 'cause I thought it would be far too stressy to go back to Switzerland and come back a few days later, so I spent New Year's Eve together with my guitar-mate and a couple of friends. Me and Markus were very impatient about January 5th, the night our tourbus would arrive to pick us up to Osnabrück, where our tour with Grave Digger would kick off. morning maestro! © SymphorceAnd finally it was time to meet Andy, Dennis and Andreas Flache (our roadie and friend!), and our "little" baby, the bus, at 21 pm in front of our rehearsal room, where we loaded in our equipment, bags, bottles, shoes,...just whatever you need for being on the road for about two weeks. We had a couple of drinks and went sleeping in our lil' beds, which is always strange for the first night cause it's noisy and it shakes you around all the time.

We woke up in Osnabrück, after we have had to visit a garage for some technical bus-adjustements. That was when we got to meet the Wizard guys, the brothers we will share our bus with ;-) Everything seemed to be fine by listening to the already funny smalltalks. We entered the venue called "Hydepark" which was kind of a weird place. Also because it was raining a lot outside, this loooong day (Grave Digger were setting up, and did soundchecks) was soon called "Twilight Day". It was just kind of a weird day, hanging around, do smalltalks and get ready for the first show. First handshakes and shy "hellos" with Grave Digger were made, and we were ready to open the stage as first act of this tour. Wizard and us were changing our positions in the billing almost every night, which was a nice and fair thing for both. As it was the first show, we played fine, but it could have been better. It will take some more shows to be warmed up on stage, so this was a fine, but not a spectacular gig.
Also concerning the audience, it wasn't one of our best shows, although there were people in the audience who liked us a lot.
After the show we got drunk and were celebrating the first party night in the bus, heading off to Andernach.

January 7th - Andernach

some Swiss guy lost in a swimming pool in Andernach  © Symphorce I woke up at around 12 o'clock and immediately was looking for the catering room to have some breakfast as I was very hungry. We partied quite long today, and I didn't eat too much. The JUZ Live-Club in Andernach is a very nice venue, very clean, but with a horrible small stage, at least for the support acts, that's what I thought when I first saw the stage. I met the other Phorceguys at the catering and we decided to go swimming in the afternoon, some guy from the club told us that there's a small swimming hall just 10 minutes away by feet. So we packed our things and went swimming. And I tell ya: me, Markus, Andy, Dennis, Flache, and some Wizard Crew and their singer, WE LOOKED SEXY! Haha, it was a lot of fun, and it's very relaxing do some some chilin' in the water. That was a good afternoon! Better than the previous one indeed.

We got back to the club before we had soundcheck. When we came back Grave Digger was doing soundcheck, so we had some coffee and cigarettes before we were up to go on stage to check how the stage is looking and how our equipment is working. The show went down pretty good, the venue was packed, and the crowd was really into us, we had a great time on stage, joking around a lot, and I blew up the end of Slow Down, but what the fuck, that's rock n' roll. Hehe.

After our show we went to the merchandise to speak to the fans and we had a great laugh (like all the time on that tour by the way). Jörg, the ultimate merchandise guy, gave me a tattoo on my arm which looked very great with his black pen. Haha. Sascha got one as well later on.

Before we went to the bus to get ready for some night movies, we were standing outside, smoked some weeeeeeeee and spoke to three hungry fans...that was fun, I had a big heart and gave them some sandwiches, and they seemed to be happy about that. ;-)

January 8th - Pratteln

all a Swiss man needs for a show :-) © Symphorce Oh yeah, off to my homecountry. It's been a while since I left Switzerland for the rehearsals after x-mas, so it was a good thing to know to meet some friends and my family again. I didn't spend the afternoon in the club, I preferred going home for a couple of hours and get a bath and watch some TV without hearing men-farts all the time. When I got back to the venue (which is called Z7, and it's one the best clubs around nowadays!), we started to do soundcheck pretty quickly, and I did some interviews after that. Andy left out soundcheck, cause he didn't feel well about his voice in the afternoon, so he was drinking tea and read some chapters in his Harry Potter book.

The show itself was just one incredible experience I rarely had when playing here. That day I played the 11th time at the Z7, but we never had such a strong audience so far with Symphorce before coming back again with Grave Digger. It was cool to see people get crazy and moshing around so much, we freaked out on stage, and set one bomb after another, haha. It was very nice to hang around with my friends and mom/dad after the show, and we also had a couple of beers with Jens, Manni and Stefan from Grave Digger. They are very funny guys and it seemed that we will have a lot of fun together on that tour.
Snoppy (Wizard), chief roadie Flache and Cede partying in the bus © Symphorce At 2 am we had to get back to the bus to continue our journey in Germany. I tell you, third night in the bus and the heaviest party we had on the whole tour! We put in some good old Guns n' Roses music, and got wasted a lot, haha. Sören, Wizard's drummer, showed us some kind of striptease, and Sascha was like forced by him to strip as well, hahaha. We couldn't stop laughing. Thank God we didn't have problems by passing the German customs, we were singing "Paradise City" like hell, the only guy that wasn't really enjoying the music was our little godbobby from hell, our Guns n' Roses hater number 1: Dennis the menace, hehe. He was laughing his ass off while we had the best Guns n' Roses show ever in that tourbus!
It's been an awesome night and day! Thanks Switzerlaaaaaaaand!

January 9th - Lichtenfels

venue in Lichtenfels © Symphorce Lichtenfels is a nice, quiet little city as I was getting on some discovery with our chiefroadie of hell, Flache. We had some coffee in the afternoon. The rest wasn't very spectacular that day.

The venue is very big. And the stage is huge as well. That's a very cool fact, 'cause we love to run on stage, and move as much as possible. Today and yesterday we played as second act, and it was another great show in Lichtenfels as well, although I thought the audience was more listening than moving in the beginning of the set. They weren't as strong as in Switzerland, but they rocked as well! The sound on stage was horrible, the mixing guy for the monitor sound on stage was a complete fuck-up looserCede preparing for the show in Lichtenfels © Symphorce who didn't really know what he was doing, so I was fucking pissed about that after we finished our show. But you just have to make the best out of it. And in the end it wasn't a very good show for my part, but fuck it. I had fun anyway.

Two of my Freedom Callers, Daniel and Ilker, came to see the show today, and we had a great time together. It was funny thing meeting both of them after we hadn't met in a while, and we really enjoyed our drinks, hehe.

I went sleeping right after we left the venue at 2 am cause I wanted to be relaxed the next day, and not walk around with a big hangover. We're going to play in Vienna, so I wanted to be good the next day, and do some sightseeing if possible.

January 10th - Vienna

Vienna: fucking pissed weather, ice cold, black coloured snow! Anything else than a comfortable tourday. Well whatever, woke up at around 2 pm and went into the venue to have some coffee. Markus came along, and we decided to go to town to look what Vienna has to offer. A guy from the club drove us to the heart of the city, and we went to do some shopping and ate something at a shopping center's restaurant. Nice city, nice girls!!! Me and Markus were staring all the time, hahaha.

Cede lost in Vienna © Symphorce Back to the club we did some soundcheck and met High Heeler, opening band today from Vienna. Crazy sound they did with a crazy stripper on stage. That's what I call a rock n' roll show, haha! Anyway, this band allowed us doing jokes all the time...our show went pretty well, people were fuckin' loud and we really enjoyed that concert, although we didn't have a lot of space on stage, but still our show rocked! Hopefully we can come back soon again.

We went to see the Grave Digger show, and especially me and Markus were enjoying a lot, 'cause we haven't been too sober anymore, the others came to the merchandise as well, and we had some nice talks with fans. After Grave Digger had finished we continued our drinking session with Manni, Stefan and Jens...until we had to go back to the bus again. Tomorrow it's gonna ne Ludgwigsbuuuurg!

January 11th - Ludwigsburg

Andy, Dennis and Flache went home or to some friend's home, to have a better shower or bath. Especially Andy and Dennis were looking forward to see their kids again, so it was a quiet afternoon at the Rockfabrik in Ludwigsburg. You didn't hear Andy's farts, and didn't get in touch with Dennis' caugh, which was kind of relaxing, haha.

Symphorce - 'two are not speaking Swabian dialect' tour 2004. Wizard: 'six are not speaking Swabian dialect' - tour 2004 © Symphorce The Rockfabrik in Ludgwigsburg is a nice venue (although there wasn't a real backstage area or dressing room for us). The club is like a dungeon where the stage and public area is at the end of the club, and in front of that you have some coffee shop, lil' pizzeria and stuff, also you have two separated metal discos upstairs. Should be a good aftershow party then, hehe. But lets start with the show: it was a very energetic show we had. The sound on stage was so so la la, but still it worked out fine. The audience was pretty good, and they were damn loud! Markus and Cede © Symphorce That was cool, 'cause that's at least something you get when getting sweaty on stage, and bang your goddamn head off. It's great to have those great responses at the shows, 'cause we weren't really sure what to expect, cause we thought that Grave Digger's audience might be too "traditional" for us,...but this night in Ludwigsburg proved us wrong once more.

It was a nice aftershow time, we met a lot of old friends, and had nice talks (you know who you are J) and did some pretty rough drinking as well. Thanks to my "Vodka-Red-Bull" drinking partner, Flache, everything looked pretty good after a while, hahahahaha. It was a lot of fun today, definitely.

January 12th - Bochum

chief roadie from hell Hinki © Symphorce Me and Markus went to a huge guitarshop in the afternoon to buy some spare stuff, my guitar was kinda broken, that's why I needed some new switch (I said SWITCH!! Not bitch, hahahaha)! Andy and Sascha went swimming and got lost with a taxi, cause the taxi-driver has never heard about Bochum - Zeche. That's what Sascha told me. Luckily both got back more or less in time to do soundcheck. Today Sascha's parents will come to see the show, and a couple of Sascha's friends are on the line as well. Hinki, Sascha's best friend, and chief roadie from Symphorce is on the bill today as well, which allows me to have a more relaxed load in and load out from the stage. He and Flache are really two fucking great dudes who do an awesome job for Symphorce. THANX MATES!!

For the show, it surely wasn't one of our best ones. The stage was fucking small, I had technical problems with my guitar and Sascha was fighting around with his drumkit as well. But okay, people seemed to have fun. So that's okay in the end. "Cause Of Laughter" rocked a lot that night!!! We love to play that song live, actually we love playing each song in our setlist,a part of the interview gathering © Nico Wobben but this song gives an extra energy.

After the show we met Nico, Marlies and Cora from Morrigan's Pit, to do a very funny interview. Besides, they are good friends from the band as well. So that interview was a lot of fun, and you'll be able to read that stuff soon on their website. Anyway, final word about the club. I personally didn't like it so much, it's very fucked up, but everybody says that this club is cult, and that it rocks to play there. Well, maybe it works out better next time, hehe.

January 13th - Hamburg

Markus and Andy having fish in Hamburg © Symphorce Hamburg, afternoon, rain, cold wind, fish in the air. That's about it, haha. The whole band got to check out the huuuuuuge Saturn record store to check if "Twice Second" is already available as it was released yesterday!! It felt great to see the Symphorce "Twice Second" record in that store. Hopefully someone's gonna buy it, hehe.
Me and Andy really felt like eating some fish-sandwiches, so we forced the others to come with us, and it was deliciousssssss. Went to do some shopping afterwards.

Back at the Markthalle in Hamburg we prepared for the show (as every day). Doing soundcheck, put new strings to the guitars, smoke, drink, eat, warm up the fingers, and then hit the lights and stage. The stage tonight is kinda cool, we have more space to walk and move around and the sound is rocking! This gig was also a blast, we had a lot of fun, and so did the audience have.

Henjo from Gamma Ray came along, and we had a couple of drinks (Jägermeister, ouzos, beers, whatever, hehe), it was a lot of fun! But then I was kinda tired and went sleeping quite early after that show, that weed we smoked backstage was kinda strong, haha. So I had to lay down for a while, LOL.

January 14th - Berlin

Berlin, Berlin! Here we are! Still we are on tour, still we have this shity weather, but still it's fucking fun!! No, you stupid weather-god, you won't make us sad. You can simply fuck off, we still have a lot of fun indeed, hahahaha.

Cede and Dennis in the cold © Symphorce Me and Dennis wanted to have little walk, so we went to see what's near the venue, ColumbiaFritz. After a couple of minutes we found some shops and a nice little bar where we decided to have a little pre-soundcheck warm-up drink. It was nice to get a little bit away from the daily tour-thing. We had some nice little conversation and went back after a while. The venue looked really nice, and also the backstage area was a lot better than the last couple of days. So we felt really comfortable to play the show. In Berlin we started the whole thing and entered the stage as first band. Same as in Bochum, Vienna, Andernach and Osnabrück so far. I think it's a very cool thing to change the billing position with Wizard. Both bands play 40 minutes anyway, but it's better to play as second act obviously, but we didn't care, as it was fun anyway. People in Berlin needed some time when we started the show. Seems they were a lil' bit shy in the beginning, but we got them after the second song. At least a couple of them freaked out completely which is great to look at from the stage. Ya know, we give more than 100% every night, so it's very cool to get something back (we would play also for sex, drugs or free chewing gums hahahaha).
Therefore chew it up babe! :-)

Sascha is ready to strip :-) © Symphorce PS: Me, Sascha, Dennis, Markus, and some Grave Wizards went to a special organized Grave Digger party. Which was a cool thing, if you just forget about the fact that we were more or less the only persons existing in that club. The taxiride through the night of Berlin was also very nice. Sascha's stupid questions topped everything again, he was asking the taxidriver: "Do you know what kind of people do live in the area of that club?" taxidriver: "Well, you have a lot of students and young people in that district." Sascha: "oh great, do the girls say yes when it comes to sex?" hahahhhahaha. I don't remember the exact words, as we weren't too sober at that point, but in the end, that's what our dear Saschale wanted to know. After returning from that party at about 5.30 am (bus would leave one hour later), me, Markus, Dennis and Sven from Wizard went to get some food, before we finally went to bed. ALONE by the way :-)))))))

January 15th - Hannover

backstage in Hannover © Symphorce Spent more or less the whole day sitting around in the catering. Jörg, the merchandiser, had the perfect idea to bring his laptop and a Judas Priest dvd...we've all been watching, singing and laughing to death about their 80's look. Judas Priest nevertheless rocked the house, and it was great to watch that thingy.

The stage seems to be very small again, but we're used to it, and that can't disturb us anymore. We weren't really sure what to expect from Hannover as a lot of people have told me that playing in that area would suck as people are very calm at concerts. Hahaha, something must be wrong, 'cause Hannover had one of the loudest and craziest crowds of the whole tour so far! It was unbelievable seeing so many phorcebangers and phorcemoshers, it was a total blast! Really, we were damn surprised and probably people had seen that in our faces, too. So a fucking big big thanx for your loudness! You guys made us feel unbelievably great! Be sure we're coming back someday!

January 16th - Langen

...another swimming pool afternoon!!!! Just right next to the venue, there's a swimming hall, and almost everybody from the tour decided to have a swim there. Actually it feels great to swim and mess around in the water, as it is something relaxing during the tour.

'we love you guys' © Symphorce "Stadthalle" in Langen is quite a big venue, with one of the largest stages on this tour. It feels great to see at the soundcheck that we will have plenty of space to move around on stage. All in all I think we played a good show show that night, it was fun running around on stage, and joking with the other guys. Ya know, sometimes when we play and stand together, someone's throwing a loud "hiiiyyaaaa" and that's what makes it funny also every night. I think all in all Symphorce is a very spontaneous band. And the spirit we have playing live is incredible on stage. So it was that night. We had a lot of fun also after the show, talking to a lot of nice boys and girls, and me, Markus and Manni (Grave Ditscher) were posing for some photos, ya can see those in our pictures section.

Because our bus will just leave at around 5.30 am or so, we are a couple of guys standing in front of the bus, outside in the cold, drinking, smoking and laughing our asses off. Special greetings go out to Pedda Hablick for the amazing stuff ;- ) We had a great laugh, hehehe.

January 17th - Glauchau

sounds great huh Sascha? © Symphorce Off to the east of Germany. It was a very grey and depressive day once again, but still some of us decided to go for a walk and see what's happening in Glauchau city. Nothing really happens, we were having some coffee and just looked around what's around here. Some of the buildings and streets still look fucked up, and there's kind of a special atmosphere in the air. Everybody thought that, and we were messing around with our videocamera once again, to have some memories from Glauchau as well as from the other cities we'd played in.

The club itself is kind of a small place, but still very nice. The crowd was kind of separated during our gig, which felt a little bit strange for me. On the left side (probably because there was the bar with the drinks), people got craaaaaazy. Cede knows how to win © SymphorceOn the right side they seemed to sleep. It surely wasn't one of our best shows, but still it made fun to play there, although I didn't feel to comfortable on my guitar during our set.

Good reason to get my vodka-red-bull-drinking-partner Flache once again, and let the spirit go for it, hahaha. Can't remember how much of those drinks I had, but I felt dizzy very quickly and it turned into heavy-feeling-great stuff, hahaha. After a lot of talking we went to the bus to watch some movie again, before heading off to Munich, where unfortunately our last show was going to happen.

January 18th - Munich

Cede and Dennis - the apple lovers © Symphorce Munich, Bavariaaaaaaaa! Here we are: last day of the tour and some kind of boring afternoon which we spent by watching one movie after another. The catering is fabulous, so spent half of our day there as well, just eating like hell, and get as much as possible. Big thanks to the crew of the "New Backstage". Awesome!

In the last couple of days, me and Manni from Grave Digger were talking a lot about Jimi Hendrix and we decided to make some "Hey Joe" jam session once during the soundcheck. We put Markus on the guitar as well and asked Pedda and Django (drum-tech on other tours) to join the ultimate Jimi Hendrix Experience. The line-up was as follows:
Cede: lead-shredding, Manni: lead-shredding 2; Markus: rhythm- and other different-weird-sounding shredding, Pedda Hablick: bass; Django: drums; Henry Klaere (Tourmanager): fan. LOL! It felt great to play good old Jimi's "Hey Joe" and we were posing like hell.

The show went down amazing! The crowd was loud like hell, and they wanted more and more! As it was the last show of us and Wizard on this tour, we were allowed to play one more song. We threw "Until The Last" as encore to the crowd.

Markus and Andy backstage in Munich © Symphorce During the Grave Digger show, we and the Wizard boys decided to get up on their set during "Heavy Metal Breakdown", their last song, and do some headbanging and jumping shit. Really, Grave Digger is a great band with great dudes in it, and we were spending the last hours and minutes drinking some last tour-drinks. Damn the tour is over, we could have played some more shows. But well, time to say goodbye! We're back to Stuttgart, to load out our equipment at our rehearsal room. Sascha rested in the bus to drive back to northern Germany together with the Wizard boys, as they live quite next to each other. Me, Andy, Dennis, Markus and Flache were up to talk a bit, but went home a couple of minutes later as it was 6 am. I was sleeping a couple of hours at Markus' place, before I went back to Switzerland.

January 24th - home, 18.59 pm

Well that was it!!! Hopefully another tour is coming sooner or later, we just can't wait to kick ass again, at it was an unbelievable rocking experience! We enjoyed a lot playing for you German, Austrian and Swiss guys. And hopefully we will make it to other countries as soon as possible also to celebrate another big PHORCEPARTY!
Thanks, cheers and FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!


Ralf (birthdayman, and driver), Dennis and Cede © Symphore THANKS AND CHEERS TO:

-Grave Digger for absolute cool attitude and fun
-Andreas Flache and Hinki, our two chiefroadies from hell!! You've been awesome!!!
-Wizard for celebrating our busdrivers birthday everyday! You guys rock!
-Henry Klaere (tourmanager)
-Pedda and Ulsch for entertainment and support
-Michel Kögler (sound)
-Jürgen Schmitz (lights)
-Jörg Seidel, merchandiser of doom :-)
-Ralf - the mighty warrior driving us, by the way: happy birthday! Haha


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submitted by Cede January 2004









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