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Vocalist/guitarist TIM ROTH kept us posted while being on the road with Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus & Kataklysm - it took them through 21 states of America from February 14th until March 23rd 2003! The report starts with a few Canadian dates prior to the US tour. Read all about the travelling, the playing, the bands, the fans, the drummer-change, car-accidents, tattoos and the Legacy of the Cane...
San Diego, Florida + Atlanta crowd /mp/\.jpgm/ ©Tim Roth

Tim Roth @ The State, Regina ©Mark Patron CANADA

1/31/03 - Regina, Saskatchewan - The State
The Frightensteins, Divinity, Into Eternity

This show embarked our first gig with Cade Stewart filling in on the drums. Cade did an excellent job! He is a solid drummer with a great feel, lots of power and perfect timing. All he had was three weeks to learn the set and he did it. The show brought out 190 fans and they all seemed to have a good time singing along to the songs.

The only bad thing about the gig was that Divinity's truck was broken into behind the club! I felt bad for the guys, but nothing was stolen. it was just like what happened to us in Vancouver.

2/1/03 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - The Zoo
Railbox, Artic Circle, Divinity, Into Eternity

The Zoo is a legendary club. every act in existance seems to have played here. On the walls of the club are hundreds of black and white press photos of all the bands who have been here. Every band from Annihilator to even Sebastian Bach has gigged here.

The sound guy showed up at 10pm, so the show went way behind. We got on stage at 1:10am and we finished at 2:10am. I was blown away with the crowd. There was only 100 people, but they seemed to know every lyric. The guys in front of me would bow down evertime I played a guitar solo.

Last time we played in Winnipeg was 1999 and there was 10 people. We thanked everyone for coming out and then went into a chant with the crowd... 99' sucks! It was really funny.

Jeff Storry @ The State, Regina ©Sharee 2/7/03 - Calgary, Alberta - The Metro
Baked Bads, Divinity, Into Eternity

Soundcheck didn't happen, so we went upstairs to the restaurant above the club. There was an extremely gay man hosting karaoke in the lounge. He was belting out Bon Jovi and we were killing ourselves laughing.

A punk band opened the show called Baked Bads. Divinity went second and crushed to a hometown crowd. They play tight sounding thrash metal. I grew up on thrash, so I really dig them. The guys also covered "Holy Wars" by Megadeth. "Rust In Peace" is the metal album ever!!!

We were on fire in Calgary! Everyone played good and we had fun on stage. I think Cade felt more comfortable behind the kit. The crowd was really into our set. Some super hot, drunk girl kept getting on stage and dancing like she was auditioning at a stripclub!!!

2/8/03 - Edmonton, Alberta - Fox and Hounds
Divinity, Necronaut, Into Eternity

Chris Krall @ The State, Regina ©Mark Patron Edmonton rules!!!! Plain and simple. We love going there because the fans are really crazy. Brian is the club promoter and besides being a cool guy and treating us with respect, he is really doing a lot for the metal scene. The Fox and Hounds Club also features Wes Sontag from the legendary Canadian metal act.....DISCIPLES OF POWER!!!! Wes is the man!!

Divinity opened up and was tight and full of energy. We had a great 4 shows with these guys. They have a good future ahead of them.

Necronaut are old friends of ours. We've been coming to Edmonton for 3 years and they were the first band that we preformed with. They bash out a good mixture of thrash and death metal.

I can't wait to get back to Edmonton. It's almost like a hometown show when we play here. After the show we went back to the hotel and got jacked up with the Divinity guys. It was a cool 4 shows.


2/10/03, Monday - Day One, crossing US border

Regina is -30°C and snowing! We bailed out of town for the US around 5 pm. It's a complete blizzard and the visibility is down to 5 feet ahead of us. After 5 hours of insane driving, we crossed the US border with minimal hassles and met up with Cade and Into Eternity Yahoo group leader Heavy Metal Mark. We all got a hotel room in a small US town. Mark bought some beers and we hung out for a few hours before crashing.

Into Eternity's van ©Tim Roth 2/11/03, Tuesday - Day Two, Kansas City area

All of us said our goodbyes to Mark and we were on our way again through another brutal 7 hour blizzard. I'm really suprised that we made it out alive! After driving 18 hours straight we crashed in the van overnight for a few hours outside of Kansas City. Sleeping in the van is a bit of an uncomfortable experience to say the least.

2/12/03, Wednesday - Day Three, Graceland

After 4 hours of sleeping in the van, Jeff and I got up and started driving again. Today was the best day of the trip because we were finally out of the snow!! We got past St. Louis and we finished the day in Memphis. Elvis DOES live after all! We had to drive right to Graceland to check it out. It was a surreal experience. Chris put on a rubber Elvis mask and we took some photos of us in front of the Elvis mansion. I really hope that the photos turn out alright.

2/13/03, Thursday - Day Four, swampland

Today is another travelling day for 8 hours to New Orleans. The scenery is really bizarre. Everything is swampland and rather damp. Some people seem to be living in shacks right on individual swamp-like islands... very strange indeed. The highlight of this day off was finding a Popeye's Chicken restaurant!! We were like giddy school girls. Chris said..."Popeye's chicken is fucken' awesome! You just let it slide down your throat hole". It was just like the Adam Sadler movie... Little Nicky.

2/14/03, Friday - Day Five, New Orleans

Tim, Jean-François (Kataklysm), Jeff, Cade, Maurizio (Kataklysm, sitting) @ Cardi's, Houston ©Angela Longoria It's Valentine's Day today and also the big show day for us. Unfortunately Hate Eternal won't be appearing on the tour until Wednesday due to a family emergency. I was totally looking forward to seeing them live again.

Zeppelins is a really cool club just off a main drag in a suburb of New Orleans. Kataklysm was the first band that we met. They are all very cool and laid back guys. Plus they are Canadian as well! Dying Fetus pulled into the club a little while later and we got introduced. Excellent dudes as well and the bass player told me a funny story about eating while on tour in Japan. Dying Fetus had to headline the show now, but that also meant that we could all do full sets!

About 300 kids showed up for the show, which pretty much sold out the club. Our set went perfectly despite not being able to move much. We had to set up our gear in front of the other bands equipment. There was a huge mosh pit during the heavier parts of our set. I was also really surprised by all of the fans singing along to the songs!! That totally blew me away. We met with alot of the fans after we got off stage and signed whatever we could for them. Everyone was cool, friendly and seemed to be happy that we were part of this tour. This has been a great experience for the band already and I'm happy to be a part of all of this. It was a kick ass start to the tour!!!

Scott @ Cardi's, Houston ©Angela Longoria 2/15/03, Saturday - Day Six, Houston

Today we drove to Houston, Texas for another day off. Jeff and I just bought 12 beer each for $6!! I can't believe how cheap the beer is here. Water is worth more and is way too expensive.

2/16/03, Sunday - Day Seven, Houston

Bad news for today as another gig got cancelled. Our San Antonio show is off and the Dallas show has been moved to Wednesday. This day will be spent finding internet access to check our emails. It seems like the locals here don't even know what the internet is!!!

2/17/03, Monday - Day Eight, Houston

Finally it's another gig day. We've had way too many days off. Now we should be on 15 days straight for shows. Houston is a huge city, it looks futuristic with all of the cement overpasses and 7 lane highways that are everywhere here. Houston also embarked Cade and mine's first date. We enjoyed a movie together in some rough theatre. I guess you could call him a cheap date because it was only a dollar to get in.

Tonight's show is in a neat club called "Cardi's". It was an old opera house back in the day. The sound was pretty good in there. A local guy opened up. He played guitar and sang with a drum machine backing him up. He played technical death metal and it was entertaining.

Tim, Angela, Chris @ Cardi's, Houston ©Angela Longoria The crowd was tough for us this gig, there wasn't any mosh pit or much response from the crowd. There was only 200 people here tonight. The one thing I noticed from the stage was a girl with an Evergrey shirt on madly flashing pictures of us. It turned out that it was "silent cries" from the Yahoo group (Angela). I had no idea that she was from Houston. It was really nice to have a familiar face in the crowd. The whole night i just hung out at the merch booth, sold discs and talked with "silent cries". I haven't met too many girls that know more about metal than me, but she definitely did. I got put in my place!!! We played a full set for 40 minutes and it will be one of our last on this tour.

I couldn't believe how many fans came up to us after the show. I assumed that they didn't dig us. The one fan mentioned that most of them were just really attentive and didn't want to miss what we were doing instrumentally. I guess that's why there wasn't any moshing.

2/18/03, Tuesday - Day Nine, Wichita Falls

Chris @ Cardi's, Houston ©Angela Longoria Jeff and I woke up at 9am after a rough sleep in the van. I love sleeping with a seatbelt jabbing in my back! LOL... anyway, we played Houston the night before. It's a seven hour drive to Wichita Falls. Halfway we stopped for something to eat. I'm starting to wonder how many days in a row I can eat french fries with every meal!??!

The show tonight is in the back of a record store! It was something totally different for the tour. I was a bit sceptical until I walked in and met Tim the promoter. Not only does he have a great name, but he is easily hands down the nicest promoter that I have ever met! Tim had a backstage area set out for us with couches and chairs to chill out on. He also had a fridge in the corner stocked with lots of water and Pepsi. Water is priceless on the road, so I was overjoyed.

The gig was a complete success. We met a lot of cool people. There weren't a lot of fans because Wichita is a small town, but it crushed just the same. The crowd was WAY more energetic and receptive compared to Houston... (except for Angela). I think that says a lot about the people in Wichita Falls because Houston has millions of people living there. This was the most fun I've had at a show so far down here. Fans were moshing hard and they seemed to dig our set. We got to play for 45 minutes tonight again and that was cool. I felt really at home here mainly beacuse of the kindness of Tim and his staff. He went over the call of duty to make sure all of the bands had everything that they needed. I hope that we can come back some day again. Tim is a class act promoter.

After we loaded out we took some photos with Tim and a really cute local girl. She had a huge set of......... wings tattooed on her back! She also had a huge set of... nevermind. Oh yeah... it reminded me of Europe because she was dressed Goth in all leather... yikes!!!

2/19/03, Wednesday - Day Ten, Austin

Plans have changed again for the 10th time. I'm sure Marlies will be pulling her hair out because I keep changing the gigs on her. Tonight will be our first gig with headliners Hate Eternal on the bill. I'm really excited to see them. We are all big Morbid Angel fans, so it will be cool to see Erik Rutan rip it up on the guitar. We were supposed to drive to Edinburg, Texas to play tonight, but we found out last night that it was cancelled so Austin here we come. Austin is much closer anyway, so that means less driving for us.

Hate Eternal van ©Tim Roth Tonight it's a club called the Back Room. This is another cool club that every big metal band has played. It is a really huge place and the stage is giant. Erik Rutan greeted us when we loaded in. He gave us our tour all access passes. What an unbelievable nice guy. It was funny because Erik and us are driving the exact same type of van, a Chev 2.0. Erik said that we must have a lot of class!!! The Hate Eternal van is modified though, they have a TV/VCR and a Playstation 2 that keeps them busy while travelling. I'm really impressed by how much class and respect all of the bands have for each other. It's really like a big family.

Our set is only down to 30 minutes for the duration of the entire tour. That was really good news to hear. It works out that we go on from 8pm to 8:30 during the week. Kataklysm gets 8:45 to 9:15. Dying Fetus gets a 45 minute set. Hate Eternal plays for an hour every show.

It turns out that Hate Eternal's bass player Jared won't be doing any of these upcoming gigs. The guys had 5 days to work him in!! Maurizio from Kataklysm said that we should name the tour "The Handicap Tour 2003"!!!!

The club had only 60 people when we played, but we did really good. It works out that we get to play 7 songs a set. Kataklysm were on tonight and the crowd loved them. They called us their Canadian brothers during their set. Dying Fetus also mentioned us during their set, as well as Hate Eternal. All of the bands crushed. Hate Eternal were just completely brutal!!! I haven't seen many bands with that much intensity. We are blessed to be among all of these talented musicians.

2/20/03, Thursday - Day Eleven, Dallas

The Canyon Club here in Dallas is even bigger than The Back Room. It has a HUGE stage and the ceiling must be 50 feet up. It probably holds about 900 people easily. It's actually in the same building as a bowling alley/arcade deal, which I thought was funny.

John (DF) ©Tim Roth
We showed up in time for Hate Eternal's soundcheck. It was nice to watch what they are doing close up and personal without all of the moshing distractions. The bonus of this show was the catering, the food was incredible. I don't eat this good at home and I overheard the other bands saying the same thing. Pork and marinated chicken was the main course with all the trimmings... wow!! It was gourmet eating at its finest. One more good reason to be on a tour of this size.
There is an opening band in front of us tonight called Tearbyte. They are locals from Dallas. Doors are at 7pm and this is the line-up and times:
Tearbyte : 7:30 - 8:00pm
Into Eternity : 8:15 - 8:45pm
Kataklysm : 9:00 - 9:30pm
Dying Fetus : 9:45 - 10:30 pm
Hate Eternal : 11:00 - 12:00am

Our show went good, but there weren't many people there in the club. The set was tight and we had good sound, so that was okay. Kataklysm didn't play to many more fans either. I thought for such a giant city that there would be way more metal fans. I guess it was the $20 to get in and a weekday show probably didn't help either. Kataklysm had some technical problems at the end of their show. The kick drum trigger died, so they had to cut the set short. The highlight of the night was Dying Fetus. The fans ate them up and there was a killer pit that didn't stop until they were off the stage. Not only are they great guys, but they sure know how to put on a energetic show. I spend a lot of time talking with Sean (bass). He always has good stories Tim + Sean drunk @ The Stone Pony ©Tim Roth to tell and he is a real pleasant guy, but they all are. It seems like there is always time to kill on tour. Lately we have been driving a lot, so it eats up more time than usual.

Hate Eternal had a small crowd tonight, which makes no sense to me at all. They are one of the tightest and brutalest bands that I have ever seen. Regardless they played hard again tonight. Erik, Derek and Randy also happen to be great guys who are really humble. It's hard to believe it somedays. Now on to an 11 hour drive to El Paso, Texas. Just what I wanted... more driving... LOL.

2/21/03, Friday - Day Twelve, El Paso

We arrived in El Paso after driving for what seemed like forever. On the plus side the scenery has turned a complete 360°! Everything is desert out here and it looks wild. There are plenty of cacti and weird exotic plants all over. We had to drive through some mini mountain range that was chaotic. The first thing I noticed about El Paso was all of the palm trees! You don't see that in Canada. All of the business signs are in English and Spanish. tourmanager Bozz ©Tim Roth
The whole city is directly connected to the México border, so between the two cities there are a lot of people here. In downtown El Paso we found our club E-9. Too bad that we weren't told that the show had been moved to the other side of town. The new place looked like AL'S from Happy Days! It was called "Nagy's Stadium". The stage was too small for all the bands so we had to share gear. Hate Eternal let us use their backline, which was cool of them. I think Cade was happy because Derek (Hate Eternal) has a beautiful Sonar drum kit. Jeff and I used Dying Fetus' guitar cabinets.

Hate Eternal was bashing out Metallica covers at sound check and telling jokes over the P.A. It was totally funny stuff. They all have a good sense of humor. Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) pulled us outside before the show started and gave us two cases of beer. Half of it was his. What a cool guy. The last show we didn't get any, so he wanted us to have theirs. I don't think too many headliner bands would do that for the opening act. Hate Eternal are so down to earth and really great guys.

Chris @ The Brass Mug, Tampa ©Matt/Royal Anguish Tonight seemed to be full of practical jokes.Stephane (Kataklysm) is the main joker of the bunch, but I found out that everyone on this tour has their moments. Maurizio (Kataklysm) gave me a message from Loana, our publicist. Only before he gave it to me he said that she called to "drop us from Century Media"! Of course he waited a minute before telling me he was joking. Erik Rutan got me as well. He wanted me to check out his new three flame lighter. I went to spark it up and I got an insane shock that sent me to the floor! We all had a good laugh at my expense!

This show was excellent. It was jam packed in the club. We had people drive from México just to see us. They were really happy that we were on tour. The crowd seemed to know all of our songs and were yelling out the song titles. It was a surreal experience since we were in El Paso a million miles away from home and everyone knew who we were. It was probably one of the best shows for us yet. Too bad it was our last Texas show. I don't want to leave!

The only way I can sum up Texas is... Christian Billboard Advertising... Every highway has these giant billboards promoting God and his teachings. The usual ones were "Jesus is Lord", but the best one was... "I don't question YOUR existence - GOD".

2/22/03, Saturday - Day Thirteen, Albuquerque

At the restpoint in New Mexico ©Tim Roth Last night we slept at a rest point somewhere in New Mexico. We were cleaning up in the morning and a trucker came up in the morning and we were chit chatting. He asked what band we were in and what not. By the end of the conversation he bought two shirts and we gave him a couple posters for his sons. That was a good way to start the day. The scenery again is breathtaking. All desert, but with neat valleys and canyons everywhere. There is lots of neat vegetation growing out of the red sand as well. Totally different from Canada for sure.

Tonight's show is at the huge Sunshine Theatre. Doors were $20. This place was a giant, old theatre that held 1200 people. It was like an old church's ceiling 100 feet up. The whole place had a ton of character. Before sound check I did an interview with a college radio that has been playing our stuff. There was a huge crowd for us. I'm glad everyone showed up early. People seemed to know the material again tonight because they were all singing along. Now we've done 2 good shows in a row. Maurizio (Kataklysm) said that he was really surprised that we are doing so well on this tour because it is our first in the USA.

2/23/03, Sunday - Day Fourteen, Phoenix

Jeff's chinstrap ©Tim Roth We had a nice hotel close to the venue last night, so we were all rested for the 8 hour drive to Phoenix. The down side of the hotel was that Chris secretly shaved off his facial hair behind our backs. We all made a pact in the band not to shave while we were on the road. Chris just broke our trust today :( On a brighter note Jeff's facial chinstrap is coming in quite nicely! The Mason Jar is a very well known club. They had a poster with Rob Halford's signature on the wall. Megadeth lives here as well - I hope they come to the show tonight. So far Phoenix has been the nicest looking city. The areas we were in were clean and palm trees are literally everywhere. The Mason only holds about 250 jam packed. It was a Sunday so I was surprised to see so many kids showed up.

JF (Kataklysm) and I were working the merch table and the pit kept on knocking over everything. There were 2 local bands opening up, so the show started getting behind schedule. The good thing for us was everyone was there when we went on stage. Everyone seemed to dig our set. We play seven songs a night, but lately we have been changing them around. Tonight we played "Selling God", "Point Of Uncertainty", "Elysium Dream", "Splintered Visions", "Beginning Of The End" and "Identify". Too bad we have to leave tonight because I thought Phoenix was a really beautiful city.

2/24/03, Monday - Day Fifteen, Vegas

Tim + Chris @ the Hoover Dam ©Tim Roth What can I say about Vegas? I was here in 2001 on a family vacation. We were an unknown band back then (much like now lol...) and I remember telling my parents that I'll be back here again, but it will be on a tour with my band. I think everyone laughed at me and a year and a half later I'm here. I made a point of calling my dad for revenge.

After the Phoenix show Jeff and I got whacked out on Red Bull (an energy drink) so we could drive 6 hours through the night to Vegas. On our way through we got to check out the Hoover Dam. I wanted to ask a worker there "Excuse me sir... is this a God damn?" We took a bunch of pictures and moved on. We got into Vegas early, so we hit the strip. I think everyone was blown away by the different theme hotels. Scott and Chris did the roller coaster at the top of New York/ New York. Chris seemed sick after that one. The best thing about Vegas is walking around with a beer in your hand down the strip. Jeff and Cade really liked that part.

Tim + Sean (DF) ©Tim Roth
The gig tonight was in another 900 person theater. All the big metal bands have played here from Slayer to White Zombie. The Hate Eternal/Dying Fetus dressing room even had a washer/dryer to do laundry with! We shared a dressing room with Kataklysm and some stupid local band trashed it after they played. Crematorium played second. They were from L.A.. I've read some articles on them before so I was excited to meet them. It turns out that their singer Dan works at Century Media. He was a really super guy. I worked the merch booth next to him and he had me pissing my pants. Dan has a great sense of humour. They put on a great show - with lots of energy. Hopefully we will get to play with them again. The crowd seemed to really like us tonight, I was blown away. This was our third good show in a row. There was even a pit that was started early in our set. I noticed everyone in the front row singing along to every lyric. We met some fans that drove for 6 hours to see us - that's pretty insane!

2/25/03, Tuesday - Day Sixteen, Los Angeles

I have always wanted to see LA and now we get to play here and look around. This city is the biggest that we have seen on this tour. It spans out about 70 miles from one end to the other. That includes all of the suburbs surrounding LA itself. It seems like you'll never make it through. At points there were 14 lanes of traffic split apart by a railtrack. Very intense driving to deal with. Making it out alive will be tough. We basically stayed in the carpool lane and prayed for our lives!

Steve Joh, Marco Barbieri @ Century Media, L.A. ©Tim Roth The first thing we did was visit our labels office Century Media. I can't believe how nice everybody was. Steve Joh (our A&R rep) introduced us to the label owner Marco. That was a bit intimidating. He holds all the power and is a big force in metal. He said some goods things about our band and he seemed to have a lot of faith in us. I felt better after meeting him. There are 25 or more people working in the office I think, so names are a bit fuzzy to me. It was cool running into Dan, George and of course Loana! Loana is our publicist and there is no way to even describe her on paper. She has one of those firecracker personalities and you feel instantly good after only a second of talking with her. She literally fills the room with positive vibes! Everyone here deserves mentions, but I would be writing this piece forever. They all know they're doing a great job.

Steve Joh took us down to the Key Club where the show is tonight. What a great place. Easily the most classy place on the tour. It has a giant jumbotron outside the club and above the stage where we are playing.. Even the bathrooms are nice. Too nice actually. They have a bathroom attendant to help you and to hand out towels. Wow! That was very weird to experience. One of the bathrooms in Texas just had a trench in the floor for you to go in, but in LA it's high class all the way!

The show tonight had a local band, so we were second. The LA crowd was the toughest that we have played to yet. There was literally no responce to our music. Everyone stood with their arms crossed and stared at us. Loana warned us about it before the show, so we were Dino (Fear Factory) + Jeff @ Rainbow Bar, L.A. ©Tim Roth ready. After the show we also got to meet the local video metal show called... LA Metal. They were all cool guys. I watched their show ( over the computer for months before the tour so it was nice to meet them.

After the show we went down the block to the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill!!! I'm sure everyone knows this place. Every celebrity in existence has been here and photographed here. Every inch of the walls are covered in 8x10s and photos, guitars etc... Axl Rose, Slash, David Lee Roth, Kid Rock, James Hetfield, Dio etc, etc... I walked over to the bar and the first thing I saw was Papa Roach hanging out! We talked and took photos with them. Dino from Fear Factory came by next and then Tony Campus from Static X, GG Kataklysm's driver Costa ©Tim Roth Garth the producer (Kittie,Spineshank) and the Spineshank guys. It was a crazy night and too much to go into. Basically we all had too much to drink. It was the best day yet on tour. I was pretty much star-struck, but the locals don't seem to care because there are celebrities all over in LA. I could go on forever about LA, from the palmtrees in Beverly Hills to the Hustler super store, but I won't. We slept at Steve Joh's house for the night, which saved us on a hotel. Steve is a great guy and we all hate to see him go. None of us will ever forget LA. What a place. Too bad the gig sucked for us!

2/26/03, Wednesday - Day Seventeen, San Diego

San Diego ©Tim Roth Steve Joh took us to the Century Media office again on our way out of town. Loana gave us all Century Media jackets as a gift. We were all blown away by that, we said our goodbyes to everyone and Loana christened our van with a water bottle for good luck. It is an old Mexican tradition. It's supposed to bring safe travels.

San Diego was only 2 hours away. It is another beautiful place right on the ocean. You could actually see the ocean from the highway as you drive into the city.

Tonight is the Brick by Brick club. I saw a George Lynch flyer outside the club when I walked in. I guess he is playing a lot of the same clubs as us but at different times. It would be killer to see one of his gigs down here. The crowd was good for us tonight. I guess any crowd is more responsive than L.A. The merch sales were good and we met a lot of cool people.

Erik lost his voice, so Hate Eternal did an instrumental set. The show must go on and Erik didn't want to cancel his band's set.

@ the Galaxy Theatre ©Tim Roth 2/27/03, Thursday - Day Eighteen, Santa Ana

This is a sad day because it is our second last show in California. I'm not looking forward to being back in the cold weather. Today we are playing an ultra classy place called The Galaxy Theatre. Even big country music superstars like Marty Stewart and Dwight Yokam play here. My dad was happy to hear that. He's a big country music fan. Today is his birthday, so I called him from the Theatre. I feel bad that I can't be home with him today but we gotta tour.

The best thing about this threatre besides the huge chandeliers hanging from the roof, was we all got separate dressing rooms! That was a big first for us. I set up my little practice amp in the room and started working on guitar licks. Before I knew it Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) was playing on my guitar, then Maurizio (Kataklysm), Mike (Dying Fetus) and Stephane (Kataklysm) etc, etc. It was a mini guitar corner. All the bands were in our little 5x5 dressing room trading off guitar riffs. It was too funny. probably one of the best memories I have of them.

It was another good night for selling merch. The Carvin guitar rep came out to the show. He was a really cool guy. If I had more time I would have gone down to his store to check out the goods.

Loana came down to the show and she introduced us to Jes who works for Metal Blade Records, she seemed like a cool person. I wanted Loana to introduce me to Jim from Dark Angel, but I guess he wasn't here tonight. damn!

2/28/03, Friday - Day Nineteen, San Francisco

Tim @ Randy Rhoads' grave, L.A. ©Tim Roth We had a 9 hour drive to San Francisco, but we had a detour before we could leave L.A. Loana gave us directions to Randy Rhoad's grave-site. Outside of L.A. in San Bernadino. It meant an almost 2 extra hours onto the driving but it was worth it. Randy was a huge influence on everybody in the band, so I thought we should show our respects. Randy's resting spot was a white tomb about 7 feet high and 5 feet wide. The inscription on it said "RANDY RHOADS An Inspiration For All Young People". It was a great experience. We left an offering of guitar picks and took some photos. I'm really glad we made it to see him. Jay (Zero Hour) + Tim ©Tim Roth

The show here in San Francisco is at The Pound. There is one local band opening up. The gig looks totally sold out. Everyone is packed in and there is no room to move. I went through the crowd and was blown away to see Jay from Zero Hour. We played some shows in Europe with them in 2001. I was so happy to see him. Zero Hour are an incredible progressive metal band. Jay and I hung out backstage for most of the night. I also got to meet DJ Bear from Seismic Radio, he has been a big supporter of our band since we were a bunch of nobodies. I also met Alina who is into our band as well, she promised me that she would give Rob from Death Angel one of our discs. She rules!!!
IE w/Jay (Zero Hour), DJ Bear, Vinnie (DF), Alina, Mike (DF) @ The Pound, S.F. ©Tim + Bear

3/1/03, Saturday - Day Twenty, Portland

Midgets Tim + Stephane (K) @ McDonalds playground ©Tim Roth It was a really long drive to Oregon. Luckily Jeff took some Red Bull and we drove through the night. Who needs a hotel when you have a van and five guys?? Yikes! We were 5 hours away when we happened to run into Kataklysm at a gas station in the middle of nowhere! We stopped at a local McDonalds together and we followed them to Portland. Stephane (bass) and I took a funny photo in the playland!

Hate Eternal had to cancel tonight's show, so it's us three again with a local band opening. The club is basically a warehouse space with a limited P.A. system and one vocal monitor!!? It also has 3 flights of stairs to get up to the space, so moving gear is a royal pain. Our set went well tonight despite the sound. We had lots of fans show up and support us and we sold lots of merch. Even though it was a strange club the show ended up going over well for us.

3/2/03, Sunday - Day Twenty-One, Seattle

Tim @ Meow Meow, Portland ©Ian Okay here we go, Seattle, home of my favourite band Nevermore. I assumed that we would do okay tonight because the city should be used to our type of metal and I was right. The Graceland was packed when we went on and the crowd was very into us. The fans that were there were singing their hearts out tonight, which made me want to play harder. A couple of fans came from Vancouver Canada just to see us. I talked with them over a few beers after we played, they were really happy that we finally got to make it to Seattle.

The only two disappointments tonight were that Nevermore didn't come to the show and Hate Eternal had to cancel again. Erik was really sick and they had to take him to a Seattle hospital. Their fans seemed to be really mad but it was out of their hands.

I can't wait to get back to Seattle. Tonight I had a few too many beers so I'm sure that I made an ass out of myself at some point.

3/3/03, Monday - Day Twenty-Two, day off

Chris @ Meow Meow, Portland ©Ian Now we have the pleasure of a 28 hour drive across the country to Denver. The next two gigs are extremely spread apart, so that means lots of quality van time with the rest of the band!!

3/4/03, Tuesday - Day Twenty-Three, Denver

Around 4pm we made it to the club and checked into a hotel near by. Showers are of top priority at this point in the day. The venue tonight is the Blue-Bird Theatre. This is another classy place to play. We are on first, so we got a nice long sound check that had me singing every Skid Row song I could think of! The other bands seemed to get a kick out of that.

Hate Eternal had to cancel again because Erik had to recover. They promised to meet up with the tour in St. Paul. Our show was okay, to a point, but there were 5 hecklers at the top in the balcony. Everytime a song stopped they yelled at us. "You Suck!!". It was pretty crazy. The highlight of the night was a hang out with Cephalic Carnage singer Lenzig. He was a killer guy!!

3/5/03, Wednesday - Day Twenty-Four, day off

Another crazy 17 hour drive to go through. Last night's hotel helped out, so at least we are full of energy. There is some crazy snow storm that we hit around 12:00am, so we stopped for the night and crashed in the van. Sliding off the road into a ditch wouldn't be a good idea I'm thinking.

3/6/03, Thursday - Day Twenty-Five, St. Paul

Erik (HE), John (DF), Sean (DF) ©Tim Roth Tonight is our gig at a club called The Lab. There was quite a bit of tension regarding the band at this show, so I won't go into it. This was our last show with Cade, our touring drummer. His family and girlfriend came down to the show. So he is travelling back to Canada with them tonight! Everyone tries to get him to reconsider including all the other bands, but Cade has his mind made up.

The performance tonight was killer. We played great and it felt tight. The audience was our worst since L.A. They gave us little of a response, so I decided to get really drunk for the rest of the night!!!!!

3/7/03, Friday - Day Twenty-Six, Aurora (cancelled)

The show tonight for us is cancelled. That is one of the worst feelings ever. I know the fans who were there for us will be disappointed.

On the bright side Jim Austin our drummer is flying in from Canada and will do the rest of the tour. I guess missing one show out of the whole tour isn't bad considering the circumstance.

3/8/03, Saturday - Day Twenty-Seven, La Crosse

Jim @ the Warehouse, La Crosse ©Tim Roth This morning we picked up Jim from the airport. It's a complete blizzard here and driving is getting insane! The airport is huge, but we manage to rescue Jim from the evil customs agents that are giving him a hard time.

Moral in the band is at an all time high on the tour. Everyone is happy to see Jim and we bombard him with road stories.

Tonight's gig at the Warehouse starts off with extreme drama. Kataklysm is the only band we see when we arrive. It turns out that Hate Eternal and Dying Fetus were both in car accidents!!! I cannot believe my ears. We just spent $1300 on flying Jim down and the tour is in serious trouble. Randy (bass) was driving and lost control of their van. The trailer jackknifed and Erik was injured pretty bad. Tandy got stitches in his forehead and the van is totaled. Dying Fetus rear-ended somebody and were okay, but the roads were too bad to Kataklysm + crew @ the Warehouse, La Crosse ©Tim Roth drive in, so they got a hotel for the night. The problem is that we are all sharing Dying Fetus' drums, so that means Kataklysm and us can't perform. The club owner at 7pm frantically locates a local guy with a drum kit. The show must go on. We decided to just let the kids in for free and us and Kataklysm will each perform a set.

We played for 50 minutes and had a great response. This was our best show in a week!! The fans gave us a warm welcome and we sold lots of shirts, discs and posters. For such a bad day it actually turned out really well. Kataklysm also had a great set, so all in all everything worked out.

3/9/03, Sunday - Day Twenty-Eight, Columbus

Blazing licks of Stephane (K) set Mike (DF) on fire!! ©Tim Roth A small problem occurred today. Hate Eternal is off the entire tour! We are completely shocked to hear this. They were an incredible band to tour with and they treated us better than we could have ever hoped. It was an honour playing with them. Another thing was, every band was late to get to the venue. It ended up taking 14 hours to get to Columbus so we got there at 6:30pm, every band was late due to the long drive.

Tonight's venue is HUGE!!! One of the biggest easily on the tour. Anthrax, Joe Satriani, Ted Nugent and even comedian Billy Crystal has played here. It seems almost like the size of an arena. Every band had played this place.....again! Haha.

There was an opening band and then we went on. We had a great show tonight. Jim was really on and the other bands even commented that we sounded better with Jim. Tonight we busted out a new song called "Isolation". I couldn't have asked for a better show tonight. It was killer!!

3/10/03, Monday - Day Twenty-Nine, Cleveland

Tim w/Goatwhore ©Tim Roth It's a very short drive to Cleveland, so we are happy. Tonight is the first of five shows with Goatwhore on the bill. They are a bunch of totally cool guys that are funny as hell. The line-up for the next five shows is:
Into Eternity
Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus will now headline for the remainder of the tour and we have moved into the second slot. The Aghora Ballroom is another place where famous bands like Symphony X, Blind Guardian, In Flames and Iced Earth have played. It's an honour to be playing the same clubs as those bands. Goatwhore played first and won the crown over. People seem to know them here. Our show was killer again. Now we are onto three good shows in a row. Tonight we took photos and signed lots of autographs from the fans we met. Everyone was super nice to us. We also met two cool girls, Shannon and Lisa, who work for a local fanzine called Witchwolf. They are going to feature us in their next issue.

3/11/03, Tuesday - Day Thirty, Buffalo

Rob Kachluba showing his IE tattoo ©Tim Roth New York is a state that I have always wanted to play. It seems strange that we are on the East Coast already. We were just on the West Coast eight days ago!!

Tonight's gig is in a rough area of town, but in a really old theatre. The upstairs has a huge band room in it and you can watch the show from a private enclosed balcony.

The surprise for us this show was meeting Rob Kachluba from Toronto. Him and a friend drove down to see us. Rob is a big supporter of our band and it was Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, SOD, Anthrax), Tim, Pat (Goatwhore) @ Buffalo ©Tim Roth cool to hang out with him. Our show was a bit weak tonight. Chris got really sick before the show, but he got through it. The crowd was polite except for about 10 guys who mobbed me after I got off stage. They really enjoyed the technical guitar parts.

Another cool thing was meeting Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Anthrax). I got a photo with him and he seemed cool. Also Rob K. showed us the Into Eternity Icon tattoo that he got!! I was totally blow away by that. Now that is dedication!!! Rob K. Rules!!!

3/12/03, Wednesday - Day Thirty-One, Manchester

Jeff @ Bomb Shelter, Manchester ©Rev Aaron The gig tonight was actually cancelled, but Sean (Dying Fetus, bass) got it rebooked at a club called the Bomb Shelter. The funny thing about the club was that it actually looked like a bomb shelter. There were sand bags all over and mesh netting hanging. It was pretty bizarre, but the club owner was cool. He was big on all of the bands eating his homemade pizza. We also had all the beer we could drink! Yikes.. that was cool. I was already full because we ate at the Hooter's restaurant that was connected to our hotel. I had always wanted to experience a Hooters meal.

Jim @ Bomb Shelter, Manchester ©Rev Aaron Tonight I got sick and Chris was sick. We were really in trouble. I bought some throat spray to ease my pain and it worked. Maurize (Kataklysm) saw me spraying my throat and took me into the bathroom. He told me to start gargling water because the throat spray numbs the vocal cords!! I'm a complete idiot, so now I can barely sing. He said that I owe him another one. Tonight I couldn't do any clear vocals and I could barely talk. What a nightmare. The fans were into it though, so I'm glad they still enjoyed it. They were throwing each other around in the pit all night.
Tim, Scott, Chris @ Bomb Shelter, Manchester ©Rev Aaron

3/13/03, Thursday - Day Thirty-Two, New London

Maurizio + Tim ©Tim Roth We got to the club at 6pm, Chris and I are still totally sick. I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get better. I am working the merch table and really surprised by the amount of fans coming to buy stuff before the show even started. There was one fan named Jamie who drove 3 hours to come see us. It was blizzarding and only one of his windshield wipers was working so he had to drive with his hand out the window the whole time to get there, we couldn't believe it. He told me that his mouth was dry so I gave him a couple of tic tacs and he totally freaked out, he couldn't believe that I gave him tic tacs. He was totally hard core and really cool.

Goatwhore had an awesome set and dedicated a song to us. It was a great night. My throat was shot so I could only sing death vocals again, when I apologized to the crowd they were still into it and understood that I wasn't at my best night.

After meeting the fans after the show I went into the van and slept for the rest of the night because I was so sick.

3/14/03, Friday - Day Thirty-Three, Poughkeepsie

Tim, Jeff, Dean (Within Another), Mike (DF), Sean (DF) @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie ©Tim Roth This was a totally wicked night. The show was in a giant theatre called The Chance!!! There were three clubs in one and we got to play in the huge theatre. There were crazy balconies everywhere and really ornate painting of ladies on the walls, we were all totally blown away.

I was really excited to meet up with my buddies from Within Another who were opening up. Dean and I were chatting before sound check and I set him up with a shirt. He gave me one of their demo CD's. Cool. Within Another are a killer progressive band from Poughkeepsie, they played a great set, Dean has a wicked voice and is a great guitar player. We got to take a few photos after the show.

This will be the saddest day of our tour. It will be our last show with Goatwhore. We really got a chance to bond with these guys and want to tour with them Into Eternity @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie ©Mike Poplees again in the future. They all had a great sense of humour and they had us in tears by the end of the night. Ben (Goatwhore) the singer was in an accident months ago and walks with a cane. Some of our tears that night weren't from laughter though, they were probably from the fact Ben had really taken to whacking us all in the groin with his cane. He found it quite funny, and I guess we saw the humour through the tears too. No groin from any band was safe from the wrath of the cane.
Beware the cane.

3/15/03, Saturday - Day Thirty-Four, Cohoes (cancelled)

The promoters cancelled the show due to Hate Eternal dropping from the tour. We all took a day to ice our groins and remember wincingly Ben from Goatwhore. We called it Beware of the Cane Recovery Day. We spent the day limping our way through sightseeing in New York, it was a totally cool place to have a day off. We saw all the local sights like the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, etc. etc. etc.

That evening we stayed at the Sore Groin Inn.

Remember Beware the Cane

3/16/03, Sunday - Day Thirty-Five, Asbury Park

The Stone Pony, Asbury ©Tim Roth Today we are in the state that spawned Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Sebastian Bach. I can't wait to play The Stone Pony. This is another club that has lots of history to it. There are photos in the club of all the famous performers that have played here. The cool thing about the gig is that it is 300 feet from the ocean. How cool is that?! Before the show Tim @ the beach in NJ ©Tim Roth we hung out on the beach even though it wasn't exactly beach weather.

Today we had to take Chris to the hospital. He was just getting too sick. The doctor gave him a couple of shots in the ass. Chris then hit on a couple of nurses and he was on his way.

This was our best night for selling merch. We had a really great set. It was an all ages show, so there were lots of kids there. Even a local family came out.. Mom, Dad, Son and two Daughters!! I couldn't believe it. I was talking with one girl and she said her mom likes our band!! I said, "Who's your mom?" The girl said the woman with all the tattoos!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Family + DF/K/IE groupshot @ The Stone Pony, Asbury ©Tim Roth

3/17/03, Monday - Day Thirty-Six, day off

Today was a much needed off day. We are all still recovering from our sicknesses and still trying to get over Goatwhore. The Legacy of the Cane will live on forever..

3/18/03, Tuesday - Day Thirty-Seven, West Springfield

Tim + tour stage tech Pete ©Tim Roth We spent the afternoon sightseeing in Washington. It was 30 hours before the war, so it was really hectic near the white house. We took photos at the local historic buildings, but couldn't get that close. There were helicopters flying overhead and the security was really tight.

Tonight we are at a kick ass club called Jaxx, there isn't an inch of space on the wall because of all the 8x10's of the famous bands that have played here. We seem to be really lucky to be playing all of these cool places on this tour.

It is Dying Fetus' hometown, so all of their friends are here. I spent the night upstairs watching the show and drinking way too many free beer!!!

3/19/03, Wednesday - Day Thirty-Eight, Virginia Beach (cancelled)

I was excited to play in Virginia Beach. It's right on the coast and the scenery is amazing with the beaches and whatnot. Too bad the gig is cancelled. We pulled up to the club and the owner said the show wasn't happening. It was the whole Hate Eternal cancellation deal again. He ended up giving us gas money and feeding all of the bands, so it wasn't a total loss for us.

3/20/03, Thursday - Day Thirty-Nine, Atlanta

Masquerade's billboard, Atlanta ©Tim Roth It was really cool to arrive at the show and see our name on the billboard. We got a big kick out of that and took some snap shots. Atlanta was a really great gig for us. This was in the top three for being the best show on the tour for us. The fans were crazy tonight. The club was absolutely massive and it was ¾ full, which probably is 500 people. The first two rows must have known every song that we did. It was a kick ass show with lots of energy. The only disappointment was not meeting Shawn from Eidolon. He lives in Atlanta and I was hoping to hang with him. Oh well. he better be there next show!!

3/21/03, Friday - Day Forty, Spartanburg

The day started with the club owner not letting us into the club until 7pm. The problem was Dying Fetus got there at 2pm and we arrived at 4pm. We had lots of time to kill, so we had taken Vinnie (Dying Fetus singer) to go and buy a football. The remainder hours were 15 musicians playing catch football in the parking lot of the club.

The club was called Ground Zero. It is a two-part club with a large venue side and a small venue side. Too bad we had to play the small side tonight. The stage had one vocal monitor, so it was a nightmare. The good thing is that I'm not sick anymore, but I'm surprised that I didn't blow out my voice!!

3/22/03, Saturday - Day Forty-One, Tampa

blown tire in Tampa ©Tim Roth I have always wanted to see Florida. This has visually been the most incredible on this trip. I just can't believe how lush and green everything is. The temperature is already 90°F and it's winter here! The day started off with a bang... literally. We were driving when we heard a loud scream. It turns out that it was Scott! He said the fender of the trailer blew off and the tire exploded. Jeff managed to pull off onto a turnpike and we stopped. Too bad the area was a drug crack zone. Cars of very shady guys were driving by us slowly, wondering what the hell we were doing in "their" neighbourhood. How fast does it take five musicians to change a tire by a crack house?? Not long, I'll tell you that much! Jack (Cannibal Corpse) + Tim ©Tim Roth

Tonights show is at a small club called The Brass Mug. It was 120°F when we had to go on. It was the hottest show that we had in our career by far! There was literally no oxygen at all to breath in. Before we went on I noticed Jack and Pat from Cannibal Corpse! We are all big fans, so it was a real treat to talk with Jack and see him standing a few feet away from my side of the stage. Into Eternity w/Matt Knowles (Royal Anguish) ©Matt Knowles He was a very cool guy and had nice things to say about us. That was a highlight of the tour. The club had a live webcast going on while all of the bands were playing. That was also a cool part of the club. The fans were killer! We had a great show and I was totally pumped up for the whole thing. There were some hardcore fans there buying drinks for us before and after the show. I really felt at home here in Tampa. I can't wait to tour here again!

3/23/03, Sunday - Day Forty-Two, Ft. Lauderdale

Today is a sad day because it's our last day of the tour. It seems like we are in the groove now and I don't think we are ready to go home yet. The good thing is that we get to perform another show in Florida. We got a hotel near the venue and chilled out before the show. The weather is again 90°F and sunny! Back home in Canada it's -30°C and snow. Oh well, this is the life we choose... hahaha. Tim + Randy ©Tim Roth

The Culture Room is a killer club. The stage is 10 feet high and there is a side balcony for people to check out the bands. Randy from Hate Eternal lives here, so he came early to the show and we all hung out all night. Randy is such a great guy. He even offered for us to sleep at his house and hang out for a few days. I think next time we will! A cool power metal band opened up the show. It was kind of cool to hear actual clean singing again. Normally it's just death metal bands opening up. Our show went very well and we gave it our all. Randy was at the front of the stage the whole night. Chris, Metal Rob, Scott, Jim ©Metal Rob The best thing about this bar was the free alcohol! We could drink as much as we wanted. Needless to say I'm surprised they didn't have to carry me out. This tour was a great experience for the band. we met just tons of cool fans and other bands. Now we have connections in all these cool cities. The next tour will be even cooler now that we know people in the USA. I want to thank all the bands we played with and all of the fans that we met. I'll never forget this experience... ever. Keep it Metal!!!!!


1/31 THE STATE - REGINA, SK - w/Divinity, The Frightensteins
2/01 'METAL FEST 2003' THE ZOO - WINNIPEG, MB w/Divinity, Artic Circle, Railbox
2/07 THE METRO - CALGARY, AB - w/Divinity, Baked Bads
2/08 THE FOX & HOUND - EDMONTON, AB - w/Divinity, Necronaut

USA w/Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm
2/14 ZEPPELINS - NEW ORLEANS, LA (no Hate Eternal)
2/17 CARDI’S - HOUSTON, TX (no Hate Eternal)
2/18 THE MAC STACK - WICHITA FALLS, TX (no Hate Eternal)
3/01 MEOW MEOW - PORTLAND, OR (no Hate Eternal)
3/02 GRACELAND - SEATTLE, WA (no Hate Eternal)
3/04 BLUEBIRD THEATER - DENVER, CO (no Hate Eternal)
3/07 ROCKHOUSE USA - AURORA, IL (no Into Eternity) *
w/Dying Fetus, Kataklysm **
w/Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, Goatwhore
w/Dying Fetus, Kataklysm

photo's by:
Tim Roth, Mark Patron (The State, Regina), Sharee (The State, Regina), Angela Longoria (Cardi's, Houston), Ian (Meow Meow, Portland), Rev Aaron @ Return To The Pit (The Bomb Shelter, Manchester), Mike Poplees/Within Another (The Chance, Poughkeepsie), Bear @ Powershred (The Pound, San Francisco), Matt Knowles/Royal Anguish (The Brass Mug, Tampa), Metal Rob @ Metal Rob's Heavy Metal Index (The Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale)
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* at March 6th substitute drummer Cade left the tour, original drummer Jim quit his job after all and flew out to finish the job!

** from
"Hate Eternal were involved in a van accident on Saturday (03/08/03) afternoon in Wisconsin en route to a show on their headlining tour with Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, and Into Eternity. Hate Eternal's van slid on a patch of black ice on the highway and hit a tree, causing their trailer to swing around and impact the van. No other vehicles were involved in the accident, though there were other accidents on the same stretch of road that day. The accident totalled Hate Eternal's van. Frontman Erik Rutan sustained injuries, including whiplash and a cracked vertebrae. The other members of the band and the tour manager walked away without injuries. Rutan has been released from the hospital and will be returning home to Florida to recover. Rutan made this statement: "All the shows on this tour were great. We apologize to the fans and the promoters and we will be back as soon as possible to make up for this." Any messages for Erik and Hate Eternal can be emailed to"
(BOYS WE'RE SO SORRY! ERIK GET WELL SOON!!! - Morrigan's Pit crew)

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