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Great news from the Sun Caged camp: "Finally the biggest news since the personnel changes a while ago. Sun Caged is complete again! We found a new singer for the band, his name is Paul Adrian Villarreal. Paul is currently residing in the USA in San Diego (California) but he will be moving to Europe soon. He is a very talented singer and has a wide range of influences, amongst them are: Daniel Gildenlow, Neal Morse and Russell Allen but also older blues rock singers like Paul Rodgers and Tommy Shaw. Paul impressed us with an MP3 he sent us earlier by singing "Hollow" along with the CD, and when he came over to rehearse with us, he impressed even more by singing the complete album. We welcome Paul in the Sun Caged camp! New stuff is being written, and the band will now concentrate on the next album, which hopefully will be recorded within a year."
submitted 08.01.2005

Marcel: "I am invited for the second time to play this wonderful event, arranged by Ricky Garcia. Jemfest 2005 will be held in Germany, in Pulheim, close to Cologne and Koln. The place to be us youthcentre POGO. Visit for more information about this event and a map to this place (click on Jemfest Germany 2005 at the site for all the details).

Jemfest is an organization which benefits Make a Noise Foundation, a charity founded by Grammy Award-winning musician Steve Vai. Make a Noise Foundation provides musical instruments, musical education, and musical culture to young musicians who can not afford to do these things for themselves. All funds raised by Jemfest raffles are directly donated to Make a Noise Foundation.
None of the Jemfest organizers are paid. All of the people involved are volunteers and are not compensated for their travel, hotel, or other expenses. They rely on fundraisers and donations to assist in paying for expenses such as ballroom and equipment rentals.
None of the Jemfest performers are paid. They donate their personal time and talent to perform for the public in effort to raise money for charity.
I will also give away some items this night, so please come to see me play there !

I also again have a new endorsement, I agreed on endorsing Bo-El guitars! Bo-El guitars are known for their great sound and playability. Huub Boel (the man behind Bo-El) is making me my own 7-string model which will be done soon. I already saw the prototype, and I was floored! It will become a great guitar!"
submitted 08.01.2005

Johan Lindstrand of The Crown (RIP) and Valle Adzic of Impious have formed a new band called One Man Army And The Undead Quartet. The line-up is not complete yet, but the boys are ready to kick some serious ass! You can check out their website at: - don't forget to sign the guestbook.
submitted 08.01.2005

Bruce Hall (December, 2004): "The album is finished being written as of 12/18/04. We have some fine-tuning to do and I have to write keeper lyrics for a couple songs but, otherwise, it's finished. We'll be giving you 11 new songs this time and perhaps a cover of something cool from the 70's. If you guys have any suggestions please write and let us know. We were considering [the song] "Emerald" by Thin Lizzy, but Skyclad did it and Mastodon recently covered it so please let us know what you'd like to hear an Agent Steel version of. Anyway, the new songs are killers. Course, if you think we needed a direction change or you'd like us to tone it down you'll be disappointed. This is a pure metal record with all the venom you've come to expect from us. The titles for 10 of the songs are: "Fashioned From Dust", "Though The Heavens Fall", "Wicked Tongue", "Hail To The Chief", "Curse Reborn", "Patriot", "Wash The Planet Clean", "The Machine Will Be Served", "United Mind", and "Liberty Lying Bleeding". We are hoping to begin recording in February, 2005 to have it out to you this summer. See you Europeans in March and April and hopefully we'll be doing some U.S stuff this next year as well. We're all really psyched about the new album. It has what we think is our best work yet. It's all very promising and for those of you who know me as the pessimist I tend to be you'll understand that this is very exciting, indeed. Agent Steel fans rejoice. We've really kicked some huge ass this time."
submitted 08.01.2005

Anathema gitarist/songwriter Danny Canvanagh will be spending a weekend in the Benelux again. Those who saw him last year know what to expect. An acoustic show where Danny will perform impressive versions of his own band Anathema, completed by some covers. Of high standing and intens.

Friday January 7th - Atak, Enschede (NL) - 21.00 (+ Xystus + Autumn) -
Saturday January 8th - De Witte Non, Hasselt (B) - 20.00 -
Sunday January 9th - Negasonic, Aalst (B) - 18.00 -
submitted 03.01.2005

From the 25th of December 2004 to the 6th of January 2005 at the official Bejelit's site @ there will be a new promotional offer!!! You'll be able to buy "Hellgate" CD + Bejelit "Void" T-Shirt at the special price of 20€ shipping included!!! All you need is to write to our email address at writing "PROMOTION HELLGATE" in the object's form and of course your T-Shirt size: M, L, XL, XXL.
submitted 03.01.2005

InsideOut Music is happy and proud to announce the latest addition to the ever growing InsideOut family of artists: Shadow Gallery. Shadow Gallery - one of the pioneers of the progressive power metal genre - are currently recording the anticipated follow up to their last studio album "Legacy". The new album, going under the working title of "Room Five" is the fifth album from this well respected American six piece. All of their albums are considered to be classics amongst fans of this type of music and their new concept album, which will be a continuation of the "Tyranny" story, will no doubt be heralded as the welcome return of Shadow Gallery. The new album will be released in april 2005! A regular edition as well as a special edition including some nice bonus material will be available.
This is what guitarist Gary Wehrkamp says about signing to InsideOut and the upcoming album: "As we begin to approach the later stages of recording, we are finding ourselves excited about our upcoming release. We remained quite busy after our last record, but took some time to team up with InsideOut, noting how much respect they had for their bands and visa-versa. I believe they are a good vehicle for our upcoming disc and look forward to working with them. We are ready to put some new music back in the hands of progressive rock fans this spring."
"We are glad, to finally have the chance to work with these guys. I bought their first album when it came out and have been a fan of the band ever since!" says InsideOut managing director Thomas Waber.
submitted 03.01.2005

A message for our Dutch readers, about requesting the new Sepultura video on The Box, a Dutch tv music channel:

Je kunt in het TV programma Onthe Roxx op The Box ook de nieuwe clip "Mind War" van Sepultura aanvragen en bekijken! Voor de videoclip van Sepultura"Mind War" is de clipcode 254. Je kan de videoclip aanvragen tijdens Onthe Roxx, het programma dat elke woensdagavond van 21.00 – 02.00 uur te zien is op The Box.
Dit schreef Blabbermouth onlangs over de clip: “As previously reported, the "Mind War" video was filmed in a 30-story parking garage in downtown São Paulo, Brazil on April 18, 2004. The "Mind War" video was directed by Ricardo DellaRosa, who had previously worked with the group on the clip for their rendition of U2's "Bullet The Blue Sky". That video won the award for "Best Direction of Photography" at last year's "Brazilian Cinematography Association Awards" and the "MTV Brasil Video Music Awards".”

Hoe vraag je de videoclip van Sepultura aan?
1. Check de actuele playlist op BOXTextpagina 200 of op de BOXSite. Onthoud de drie-cijferige clipcode die bij jouw favoriete clip hoort. In dit geval 254.
2. Bel 0909-9798 (0,70 pm) en kies voor optie 1. Toets hier je twee-cijferige boxnummer in, deze vind je rechtsonder in beeld of op BOXText P200.
3. Daarna toets je je clipcode in en wacht je op de bevestiging van de computer. Sepultura"Mind War" verschijnt dan in no-time bij jou op TV!
Wil je je clip liever aanvragen via SMS? SMS dan de drie-cijferige clipcode naar 4269 (1,10 p.o.b.) en volg de instructies die je ontvangt per SMS! Voor meer info:
submitted 03.01.2005

Pain is back with a brand new single coming up in January/February 2005 "Same Old Song" (probably one of the band's most epic songs so far), taken from the forthcoming album "Dancing With The Dead", which will hit the stores in February/March 2005! And if there was ever an occasion where the word come back is accurate, this is the time. Pain mastermind Peter Tägtgren has, literally, come back from the dead. "I was standing in this bar and had downed two Rum & Cokes after having worked long hours in the studio", Peter remembers. "All of a sudden there was a humming sound in my head and I fell to the floor. After a while I regained consciousness and stood up. A couple of seconds later, I was gone again and there was no pulse. It lasted for quite a while, but my friends managed to bring me back". Do you know what happened? "No. But they had this theory that I had worked under a lot of stress for a very long time, and when I started to relax my body took it a bit too far, so to speak". There is even a song on the new Pain album titled "Not Afraid To Die". Whether stupid or brave, Peter could even be found in another bar the following night.... Peter agrees that Pain's melodies and riffs are stronger throughout the new album. "I have concentrated more on the actual songwriting - strong melodies, good riffs - as well as making sure the programming is less straight-ahead and grooves more". So expect a fucking killer album!!! Album Tracklist: "Don't Count Me Out", "Same Old Song", "Nothing", "The Table Has Turned", "Not Afraid To Die", "Dancing With The Dead", "Tear It Up", "Bye/Die", "My Misery", "Good Day To Die", "Stay Away", "Third Wave".

Pain is currently touring on the winter-tour with Tiamat, Theatre of Tragedy and Sirenia. The tour started on December 26th, the remaining dates are:
03.01 (CH) Pratteln Z7
04.01 (I) Milano Rainbow
05.01 (D) Karlsruhe Substage
06.01 (NL) Tilburg O 13
07.01 (D) Münster-Breitfeld Live Arena
08.01 (D) Berlin Columbia Fritz
09.01 (D) Hannover Faust
10.01 (PL) Wroclaw, WZ,
11.01 (CZ) Prague, Abaton,
12.01 (H) Budapest, A 38,
13.01 (PL) Krakow, Tv Studio, dvd recording
14.01 (PL) Warszawa, Proxima
submitted 03.01.2005

Ultimate Darkness German gothic metal pioneers Darkseed will release their sixth longplayer entitled "Ultimate Darkness" through Massacre Records on January 24th. The release of the album sees the return of original vocalist and founding member Stefan Hertrich.
On the band's website you can already listen to several samples of "Ultimate Darkness" to catch a glimpse of what Darkseed sounds like in 2004.
The album will feature 12 songs, including the title track of the PC-game "The Fall" (Silverstyle Entertainment/Koch Media).
submitted 20.12.2004

Metal Blade Records has officially inked a worldwide deal with the upstate New York metal band The Red Death! Having previously released a six-song EP with Crooked Halo Records, this will be the band's first full-length album due to hit stores in the spring/summer of 2005. The Red Death just finished up recording at Indie Audio in Syracuse/NY to record their Metal Blade debut with producer Jason "Jocko" Randall (Ed Gein).

Here's what the band had to say signing to Metal Blade Records Inc:
"We at The Red Death camp are proud to announce our signing with the almighty Metal Blade Records. This is exactly the label we wanted to work with, and it's an honor to be given this opportunity. It's still unreal that a band from Western New York has been given the chance to work with a label that bands such as The Red Chord, Amon Amarth, Unearth, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, The Crown, Vehemence, and many others call home. Look for us on the road starting in Feb."

For more info on the band check out
submitted 20.12.2004

Anke Wallrabenstein (a.k.a. SavaHexe) - 12.11.1960 - 28.11.2004

Anke with Jon Oliva Yesterday some really sad news reached us. Still in shock over what happened in Columbus, we found out that a girl we knew, Anke Wallrabenstein a.k.a. Savahexe, passed away on November 28th. Since she was known and loved by many people in the metalscene, we would like to remember her here and pass our deepest condolences on to her family and close friends. We will miss you at the concerts and online, hope you can rock on with Criss Oliva now, girl! You will live on in so many people's hearts, you will not be forgotten! put up a collage in her memory:

You can light a candle for her, and leave a message at this condolence site:
submitted 11.12.2004

Dimebag Darrell Dimebag Darrell was killed Wednesday night during a shooting in a club in Columbus where he was playing with Damageplan. A guy jumped on stage and went straight to Darrell to kill him. He then kept shooting and a police officer who got to the scene extremely quick probably saved many lives by taking down the shooter.

In total 5 people were killed: Darrell, the shooter (Nathan Gale), one guy in the audience (Nathan Bray), one guy who was working in the club (Erin Halk) and Jeff "Mayhem" Thompson, security for Damageplan.

Like the whole metal world we are shocked at what has happened and our thoughts are with the victims family and friends, we wish them strength in dealing with this horrible tragedy.

You can find all the details at NBC 4's continuing coverage at

submitted 09.12.2004 (last edit 10.12.2004)

Morgana Lefay are currently in the studio to record their new album entiled "Grand Materia".
The drums are already done for tracks such as the titletrack, "My Funeral Is Calling", "Only Endless Time Remain" and "Hollow" which Morgana Lefay already played live on a few occasions.
The album will deal with a concept around the alchemist Nicholas Flamel, unfortunately no more details are revealed as of yet.
submitted 09.12.2004

Amon Amarth Amon Amarth have finished shooting their first video clip for the new album "Fate Of Norns". The chosen song is "The Pursuit Of Vikings" and the clip turned out great!
Young directors Philipp Hirsch and Heiko Tippelt brought in some great ideas and did an awesome job in filming and editing the clip as well. "We recorded the video in an old abandoned railway house in Bischofswerda, close to Dresden, Germany", says singer Johan Hegg. "We got to work a lot with pyrotechnics, and using that indoors of course created a lot of soot, so we were blowing black snot out of our noses for about four days afterwards. The recording took all day, about ten hours all in all, and after that we were supposed to perform on stage for 90 minutes. Needless to say, we were all pretty damn tired after that day, but in the end it was all worth it. The video turned out great in my opinion, and the film team really managed to capture the mood of the song in the video."

The clip premiers this coming Sunday evening on the German Viva Plus show "Axt". Watch it on other TV stations worldwide during the following weeks! It will be available for download on pretty soon as well!
submitted 09.12.2004

Brainstorm have decided to postpone the release of their upcoming album "Liquid Monster". "We simply want to give the best possible album to our fans and due to some changes in the time-schedule of the recordings we got the chance to take some more time", comments guitar player Torsten Ihlenfeld. "Mark my words, it will be worth the wait!"
The single-CD "All Those Words" will be released the 7th of March, 2005. It will include new songs as well as unreleased tracks and video-clips and is meant as an appetizer for greater things to come. Talking about the full length album, the new Brainstorm longplayer "Liquid Monster" is due for release the 4th of April, 2005!
"This album will fullfill your high expectations", says Torsten. "We are simply overwhelmed by the new songs and the recording process which is running very smooth by now."

Because of the new release dates for single and album, the tour got pushed back a little bit. There's ALL NEW tourdates (see dates below). The support bands are confirmed by now. At Vance (Germany/Sweden) and Mercenary (Denmark) are the two bands to complete the package!
The second leg of the tour is in the booking-status right now. Brainstorm will then conquer other territories in Europe and overseas.Brainstorm Stay tuned!

19.04.05 DK Copenhagen@The Rock
20.04.05 D Hamburg@Markthalle
21.04.05 D Essen@Zeche Carl
22.04.05 B Vosselaar@Biebob
23.04.05 D Andernach@JUZ
24.04.05 NL Helmond@Plato
26.04.05 F Paris@La Locomotive
27.04.05 D Ludwigsburg@Rockfabrik
28.04.05 I Milan@Transylvania
29.04.05 SLO Ljubljana@Metalkova
30.04.05 H Budapest@Petöfi Hall (t.b.c.)
01.05.05 A Wien@Prater Open Air
03.05.05 D München@Backstage
04.05.05 CH Pratteln@Z7
05.05.05 D Nürnberg@Hirsch
06.05.05 D Langen@Stadthalle

submitted 27.11.2004

Irish dark metal masters Primordial have finished recordings for their upcoming longplayer! "The Gathering Wilderness" is Primordial's fifth full length album and their first for Metal Blade Records.
States singer Nemtheanga: "With this album we wanted to challenge ourselves a little more, its very easy to slip into doing what is the easiest or the most uncomfortable and the previous 4 album had been done with Mags of Academy studios fame (My Dying Bride, Anathema, P.Lost etc...) but for Gathering we wanted to shake things up and try something different. So we got over to Ireland famed engineer Billy Anderson (Melvins, sleep, Neurosis, High on Fire, Brutal Truth among many) and changed the studio we had become used to using in Ireland. Basically in search of something different."

Tracklist for "The Gathering Wilderness":

Primoridal 1. The Golden Spiral
2. The Gathering Wilderness
3. Song Of The Tomb
4. End Of All Times
5. The Coffin Ships
6. Tragedys Birth (The Martyrs Fire)
7. Cities Carved In Stone

The limited first edition of "The Gathering Wilderness" will be released in a luxury version with special packaging and will also include a bonus-DVD! It is due for release the 7th of February, 2005!
submitted 27.11.2004

Here's an update from the keyboard of Chris Barnes: "Just want to fill you all in...this new CD is fully mixed and mastered and after an all night session at the Hit Factory, finishing the mix and then a drive back to Tampa yesterday from Miami at 4am, only to start a photo session with Joe Giron starting yesterday at 11am and finishing up last nite at 9pm, I am sitting here right now cranking the fucking shit out of this motherfucker. It's full on brutal death metal guys - I mean heavy as fuck! The title track is on right now - this is the first CD I've done in a long time - probably since max violence - that I'm just freaking out on. I don't know how we put this together, but we did and it's really, really incredible. Just had to share that with you this new CD will rip your fucking heads off. That's a promise! Later, Barnes"

The title of the album is "13" and here are some of the track titles: "Decomposition Of The Human Race", "Somewhere In The Darkness" and "The Poison Hand".
"13" will be released in March, 2005!

In other news Six Feet Under have finished a video clip for the song "Dead And Buried" (which is the bonustrack on the "Live With Full Force" DVD). Go view it online at
submitted 27.11.2004

The tracklist of Dark Tranquillity's new album entitled "Character" has been revealed. These are the new new songs:

Character coverart 1. The New Build
2. Through Smudged Lenses
3. Out Of Nothing
4. The Endless Feed
5. Lost To Apathy
6. Mind Matters
7. One Thought
8. Dry Run
9. Am I 1?
10. Senses Tied
11. My Negation
submitted 19.11.2004

The Cataract video clip for the song "Nothing's Left" is finished and has already been broadcasted on several TV stations worldwide! For those of you not owning a TV the clip is now online! Check it out at and click on the left button where it says VIDEO – the clip is available in different formats.

For lots of tourdates please check the band's website at
submitted 19.11.2004

Karl Willetts Bolt Thrower have found a replacement for the recently departed Dave Ingram. The band is very happy to announce that original vocalist Karl Willetts has re-joined them as a full-time member.

Karl said, "It's fantastic to be a part of the mighty Bolt Thrower again. It feels great to be back with the guys, I can't wait to get my teeth into the new songs and get back on the road again. I've got some unfinished business to attend to...!"
The now complete line-up of Bolt Thrower - Karl Willetts, Gavin Ward, Barry Thomson, Jo Bench & Martin Kearns will spend the next few weeks finishing off the new material and plan to go into the studio in the new year.
submitted 19.11.2004

Neaera have started recording their debut album "The Rising Tide Of Oblivion" for Metal Blade Records!
"Two of us have already hit the studio and started recording "The Rising Tide of Oblivion". As you can imagine, we are really curious about the result, the rest of us can´t wait to enter the studio as well to contribute to the record", comments singer Benny.
Recordings take place at Stage One Studio, Germany with producer Andy Classen at the desk!

Neaera have also confirmed a few more liveshows:
Austria - Mini Tour w/ Devil Ate My Son
1-5-2005 Vienna/Wien (AUT ) @ Arena w/ Dams
1-6-2005 Klagenfurt (AUT) @ Galeriecafé w/ Dams & Paid For Reality
1-7-2005 Gleisdorf ( AUT ) @ Kulturkeller w/ Dams, Scarlet Waters & Ars Moriendi
1-8-2005 Innsbruck ( AUT ) @ PMK w/ Dams & Memories of Apocalypse
1-15-2005 Berlin (GER) @ Tommy Weißbecker Haus "handnumbered party" w/ Six Reasons to Kill + huge after show party
1-29-2005 Hagen (GER) @ Kultopia w/ Settle the Score
submitted 19.11.2004

Metal Blade is happy to announce some great news for God Dethroned. Their new album “The Lair Of The White Worm” has won the soundcheck of Rock Hard (Germany) magazine – to be published in the December issue! The album also ended up on 3 in the Legacy-soundcheck and on 6 in the Metal Hammer soundcheck. Congratulation, guys! The website has been completely renewed, go check it out!
submitted 14.11.2004

Update from Marko of The Crown: "Hi dudes!!! Marko here. I just wanted to inform you that I am working on a "new thing". I have completed material for a full-length album. If The Crown’s music was more about high energy, speed and aggression this album is more about heaviness, fat riffing, and melodies with a touch of melancholy. Somewhere in the sounds of "Bow To None", "Dead Man’s Song", "World Below", "Death By My Side", "Black Lightning", "In Memoriam"... I guess you know where I’m going with this... The big difference is though, no death metal vocals. I got a very cool thing going on here...well, more details later... In a near future I will present everything through a new website, the new link will be posted on Ok, ’til then, All the best!! /Marko Tervonen"
submitted 14.11.2004

"So far, so good here in Europe. The shows are huge; seeing the different lands is a rad experience and touring with Sick of It All is unreal. We want to thank everyone who has come out to support Unearth on the first week of the tour. If you live in Europe make sure you check out the tour dates to see when the East Pak Resistance Tour is coming to your town. Big tour announcement for us for January... We are doing a week in Canada with Slipknot and Killswitch Engage. The dates will be January 7 through 15 with Slipknot and we will be doing a handful of headlining dates on the way home. All exact dates will be posted soon on our shows page. Another big tour announcement will be coming soon.... a full US tour in February/March. Details soon!"
submitted 14.11.2004

Duke: "We are finally in the studio recording our Metal Blade debut, "The Fall of Rome". Andreas Magnusson of Scarlet is producing the album, and he has us sounding better than ever. We really cannot wait to hit the road in January, and get this record out. We would also like to announce that guitar player Roger Turner has left the band. He is getting married and will be a grown-up soon. We will definitely miss Roger, but we still have his identical twin JT playing guitar. Roger is being replaced by Caleb Goins, formerly of the amazing Everything Falls Together from Lynchburg, VA. Those guys are awesome friends and we really appreciate them letting us have Caleb."
submitted 14.11.2004

Barnes of SFU speaking!: "It’s time for a Six Feet Under update...well, well…just wanted to check in and let you all know how and what we've been doing lately. First off we just returned last night from 2 shows in the Caribbean with Hatebreed. The first show in Puerto Rico was pure mayhem, about 2500 people, it definitely was a spectacle, thanx to all that made that show happen and special thanx to Ankla, you fuckin rule! Also thanx to Hatebreed, you guys are our bros… we had a killer time in Trinidad tearin’ it up. Those motherfuckers sure know how to party - even though you can be arrested for using foul language on stage and wearing camouflage, it was definitely challenging. I tried my hardest not to curse during the set -snuck a few motherfuckers in between songs, not on purpose. I blame the Trinidadian shwag! Anyway it was a killer show despite the rules and regulations all of the death metal fans are cool as hell there and 3000 proved their devotion to SFU and to Hatebreed-so thank you so much everyone.
Backtracking a bit to the end of September - I want to thank Internal Bleeding for a killer US tour that month. I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t have time to thank all the US fans for a killer run of dates. thanx. After the US tour in September we immediately went into Morrisound here in Tampa to write and record our new CD. Not gonna release the name just yet but I will tell you it is a concept album based around the theory, myth, reality, of the Grim Reaper. That’s all I will divulge at this time. This CD is definitely pissed off and aggressive and as all previous SFU CD’s entirely different from the last thing we put out. Expect the unexpected - SFU haters, expect the usual, closing your mind and continuing to live in the dark - where you belong… dead. later-barnes"
submitted 14.11.2004

Swedish melodic death metal masters Scar Symmetry have finished recording their debut album "Symmetric In Design"! "Symmetric In Design" can most closely be described as a mix between Edge Of Sanity and Soilwork. Singer Christian is without a doubt one of the top five clean metal voices in Sweden. Aggressive twin guitar leads combined with heavy riffing and varied drum playing is accompanied with keyboards to highlight the melodic aspects. This will make you bang your head like a windmill out of control! The album was recorded at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden with producer Jonas Kjellgren (Ex-Carnal Forge, Centinex). The album comes in a luxury digipack with artwork designed by Pär Johansson. "Symmetric In Design" will be released on the 31st of January, 2005 through Cold/Metal Blade Records! Scar Symmetry feature in their ranks musicians of highly acclaimed bands such as Theory In Practice, Incapacity, and Centinex.
submitted 14.11.2004

new member Sam Anetzberger of Fragments Of Unbecoming Here's some news from the Fragments Of Unbecoming camp: "As many of you already noticed, Sam Anetzberger from our brothers Legacy joined us to become the fifth fragment in the band. Together with Stefan he will do the vocal job in the future! To explain this step in short: For a long time we thought of using a separate singer / frontman only doing the vocals in order to be more variable on the stage and to have a mixture of two different lung soundings. More details about Sam can be exlpored in the "Characters"-section on our homepage!
We feel sorry to announce that the gig in Hannover on November 19th is postponed to sometime in spring 2005. We will keep you informed about the new date."
For more info, also on new merchandise and updated galleries, check out
submitted 14.11.2004

Phantom-X (featuring vocalist Kevin Goocher of Omen) goes into the studio this month to start recording the new CD with producer Sterling Winfield (known for his works with King Diamond & Pantera among others). The new album is said to have guest vocal appearances by Robert Lowe (Solitude Aeturnus) and Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys, WatchTower, & Broken Teeth). Phantom-X recently finished dates with Dio and the first leg of the Texas Invasion Tour, receiving rave reviews on their performances. For more information on Phantom-X, visit
submitted 14.11.2004

The promotional demo of Thornafire, recorded this year, "Sin and Flesh Devotion", got the attention of some labels... but Incantation's leader John McEntee's Ibex Moon Records is the one that picked up these brutal Chileans. The debut album "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" is expected to be recorded in December for being released early next year.
submitted 14.11.2004

The Uruguayan band Requiem Aeternam that now is relocated in New York City is just waiting for the release of their long time awaited second album "Philosopher", which will come out on December 1st through ICorp in the US and Canada, and then on the 15th by Rawforce Productions in South America, except in Argentina where it will be issued via Orion Entertainment. Requiem Aeternam's "Philosopher" features Alex Hernández (Immolation) as new drummer, and was recorded and mixed at New Jersey's Big Blue Meenie studios and then mastered at Bionic Mastering... places that had been used for well known artist like Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters and Overkill among others.
submitted 14.11.2004

Pandemia © Update from Czech death metal band Pandemia: "The new album will be released through Hybrid Music in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, the contract is about to be signed in the next days. The recording sesssion for "Riven" starts at the end of November. All songs are close to be completed, they sound just perfect to our ears, can't wait to hit the road and spread the message about the new material. Hurling Metal Records from Argentina are going to release "Riven" in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Album licences for other South American countries as well as the rest of the world are in negotiations.
Another South American tour is being planned for the beginning of 2005. Again two months on the road this time in practically all countries of South America. Again promoted by Death Row Productions the tour will follow the release of "Riven". Album licenses are being dealt, get back soon for updates. Pandemia is now searching for a record label to release their third full-length album. Two new songs ( and "Us and Them") have just been posted to this website to show the bands current sound. Check them out, looking forward to hear your feedback."
submitted 14.11.2004

Pain Of Salvation are playing their first gigs in Greece after the release of their controversially discussed album “Be“. In February the DVD/CD release of the same title is going to be in out in the shops. There you’ll find the theatrical stage version of the thematic work, as it was brought to the stage in their home town Eskilstuna in Sweden last summer.
submitted 14.11.2004

Spock’s Beard have finished the work on their new album “Octane“. It will very probably be released at the end of January. However, keyboardist Ryo Okumoto won’t sit at home till January. Already in December he tours in Germany with additional dates planned in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. And his band features also Beard guitar player Alan Morse.; www.
submitted 14.11.2004

More than 15 years ago the Texan power trio King’s X took off. Now they are presenting their first official live recording. The CD double album “Live All Over The Place“ shows guitarist Ty Tabor, bassist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill across all periods of their band history and in top form. And there was no swindle by the groove rockers when they put this album together because later overdubs were not allowed!
submitted 14.11.2004

Arjen Anthony Lucassen makes no secret of it: of all Ayreon albums released prior to his new crackerjack “The Human Equation“, “Actual Fantasy“ received the smallest number of interested buyers to date. This may change with the re-issue edition on InsideOut of this album originally released in 1996 because for that edition the Dutch really worked flat out: “Actual Fantasy: Revisited“ is out on December 6th on CD/DVD double package. On the CD you’ll find the newly recorded album with drummer Ed Warby, which means the drum computer from the past is passé. On the DVD you’ll find the complete original version for a direct comparison, the new “Actual Fantasy“ version in 5.1 mix, plus the video clip videoclip “The Stranger From Within“ in stereo and in 5.1 mix, and an additional video documentary telling you about the creation of “Actual Fantasy: Revisited“.
submitted 14.11.2004

Asia release the single “Long Way From Home“ from their new album “Silent Nation“. It will be in the shops on January 10th and contains the radio edits “Long Way From Home“ and “What About Love“ as well as previously unreleased acoustic versions of “Silent Nation“ and “Long Way From Home“; the first edition is released as a very nicely made digipak. At the end of January the German tour of the melodic rockers will start, also on the road with Asia: Barclay James Harvest (feat. Les Holroyd).
submitted 14.11.2004

For the first time since 1990 Marillion have recorded shows in the London Astoria for a new DVD called "Marbles On The Road". Extra features are backstage recordings on the "Marbles" Tour as well as promo videos of the hit singles "You're Gone" and "Don't Hurt Yourself". The Astoria gigs were recorded esp. for this DVD and mixed in 5.1 Surround and 2 Channel Stereo by Michael Hunter.
submitted 14.11.2004

"Kings Of Pain" is the debut album of Hannover (D) band The Ordeal. It was produced by Hermann Frank (ex-Accept) and mastered by Tommy Newton. These names alone stand for a good production. Musically The Ordeal are between 70's hardrock, bands like Dio and Victory and modern sounds. The Ordeal © They are going on tour with Rage and Dead Soul Tribe:
29.11. Pratteln (CH), Z7
30.11. Lyon (F), Transbordeur
02.12. Barcelona (E), Mephisto
03.12. Madrid (E), Caracol
04.12. Bergara (E), Jam
05.12. Paris (F), Elysée Montmartre
07.12. Saarbrücken, Garage
08.12. Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
10.12. Osnabrück, N8
11.12. Kaufbeuren, Zeppelinhalle
12.12. Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
14.12. Hamburg, Markthalle
submitted 14.11.2004

The first bands for next year's 2000 Decibel Festival in Bengtsfors/Sweden are confirmed:
Face Down, Grave, Loud'N Nasty, The Storyteller and Unleashed.
All in all, 15 Swedish bands are going to play on the two main stages plus 7 bands on a third stage. The festival will be a one-day event again and will take place on May, 25th 2005.
For more info on the festival please check!
submitted 02.11.2004

Sascha from Fragements Of Unbecoming submitted the following news:
"As many of you already noticed, Sam Anetzberger from our brothers Legacy joined us to become the fifth fragment in the band. Together with Stefan he will do the vocal job in the future! To explain this step in short: For a long time we thought of using a separate singer/frontman only doing the vocals in order to be more variable on the stage and to have a mixture of two different lung soundings."
For more info on Sam as well as new pics from the summer festival appearances visit!
submitted 01.11.2004

The recordings for Hubi Meisel's next concept album were recently completed and during the next few months Hubi will work on the mixdown in his studio in Munich.
Hubi Meisel - vocals
Vivien Lalu - keys (Shadrane)
Marcel Coenen - guitars (Sun Caged)
Jorge Salán - guitars (José Andrea, Mago de Oz)
Daniel Flores - drums (Mind's Eye)
Johan Niemann - bass (Therion)

In related news, Hubi recorded the lead vocals for the track "Eternity" off the latest Mistheria album entitled "Messenger Of The Gods".
More info on
submitted 01.11.2004

Recently Mennen discovered that there were live-recordings offered for sale on the internet. The recordings were made earlier this year during one of the shows of the "Unless Something Better's On TV" tour. Together with Mennen's record company, they decided to offer the recordings for free, downloadable via their website, to kill the commercial value and to make it available just for everybody. If you are interested, please go to the music section of their website and click on the link to the download site. You'll have to enter your email address to get to the download, but then you'll get about 45 minutes of music, containing exclusive live recordings of some "Freakazoid" songs and some older stuff. Also the artwork parts, like booklet and inlay are available on the site, so you can create your complete live bootleg CD.
submitted 30.10.2004

Brazilian band Sagitta is having an excellent reponse both from the audience and media, as a result of its "Bad Signs" demo, besides the appearances at Brasil Metal Union 2004, gigs with other international acts and, mainly, a concert in Bolivia with Mago de Oz from Spain in front of 25.000 fans. Now the band is recording its debut album at Creative Sound Studios with an excellent production. The album will be called "OHM", and it symbolizes the three main levels of conscience according to hindu religion. "OHM" is considered the most important among all the mantras (words or sounds that contains magical or spiritual power). Its value is carried in its idea and phonectic and in its vibrational power. For more information, visit the official site of the band:
submitted 30.10.2004

Long and impatiently awaited Strommoussheld "Halfdecadance" will officially be released on the 25th of October (Metal Mind Productions). Digipack release of "Halfdecadance" is a kind of passage between "Behind the Curtain" and the forthcoming full-length, whose premiere is scheduled for 2005. A must for all fans of Samael, Pink Floyd and Aphex Twin! Promoting "Halfdecadance" the band will play on the first five shows of Samael's "Reign of Light Tour". Website:
submitted 30.10.2004

Mark Edwards in the studio © Karl Hiller / At last!! The mighty return of a U.S. metal legend like Overlorde is reality! Their long awaited debut full-length CD "Return of the Snow Giant", will be out on the 17th of December by Sonic Age records. They were initially signed by Cult Metal Classics, but as of August 31st, CMC has become part of Sonic Age! The final song order is this:

01. And the Battle Begins... , 02. Snow Giant, 03. Hell Hath No Fury, 04. Starcastle, 05. When he Comes, 06. Metallic Madness, 07. Blackness, 08. Ogre Wizard, 09. Mark of the Wolf, 10. My Disease, 11. Trapped by Magic, 12. Colossus (Island of the Cyclops), 13. Overlorde
submitted 30.10.2004

Sonic Age Records is in the final stage of signing an one album deal with the Polish band Hellfire. The band has released in the past a self-financed CD entitled "Recoffination". The style of Hellfire will cause shock to all King Diamond / Annihilator fans that really miss the first albums of these acts.

The title of the album will be "Requiem for my Bride" and it will contain the following songs: 01. Fallen Mary, 02. Road To Hell, 03. The House, 04. Needle Dance, 05. Twist Of Knife, 06. Wired Tale / Deadly Lullaby, 07. Insidious Treat, 08. Defection, 09. ...The Answer

The line up of Hellfire is : Tomasz Twardowski - vocals, Grzegorz Olejnik - drums, Jakub Olejnik - lead guitar, Artur Grabowski - lead guitar, Tomasz Weglewski - bass guitar.
submitted 30.10.2004

Relapse Records recording artists Mastodon have just started their second tour of 2004 in support of their forthcoming new album "Leviathan". Mastodon will team up with the mighty Slayer as part of the 2004 Jagermeister Music Tour. The previously-announced Killswitch Engage will also appear. The 2004 Jagermeister Music Tour just kicked off on October 29th!!
submitted 30.10.2004

Metal Heaven, sub-division of AOR Heaven, are happy to announce the signing of Swedish melodic metal act Cloudscape who already have gained a massive fan base in the underground during last couple of years! "Cloudscape", the self-titled debut album of the band, will hit the stores on 31/01/2005 and be definitely something to look after for any fan of high versatile but catchy Swedish metal. Cloudscape themselves perfectly describe their sound as "melodic, semi-progressive, symphonic heavy metal". The album was produced by Anders "Theo" Theander (Pain Of Salvation, Last Tribe, Pathos etc) and Pontus Lindmark at RoastingHouse Studios, Sweden.

Cloudscape are: Micael Andersson (vocals), Björn Eliasson (guitars), Patrik Svärd (Second Heat; guitars), Hans Persson (bass) and Roger Landin (Second Heat; drums)

Track list: 1. As The Light Leads The Way, 2. Under Fire, 3. Aqua 275, 4. Witching Hour, 5. In These Walls, 6. Out Of The Shadows, 7. Everyday is Up To You, 8. Dawn f Fury, 9. Slave, 10. The Presence Of Spirits, 11. Scream, 12. Losing Faith
submitted 30.10.2004

NY Hardcore legends Agnostic Front have signed a recording deal with Nuclear Blast worldwide! The official release date for the very much anticipated "Another Voice" is set for November 22nd in Europe and January 5th for the United States! With Matt Henderson (Madball/AF) on guitars! and production by Zeuss and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), AF is offering their meanest, nastiest and sheer brutal NYHC anthems! The enhanced CD will include a ripping band performance and a guest appearance by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) captured by acclaimed director Dale "Rage" Resteghini (Fear Factory, Hatebreed, God Forbid, Shadows Fall, Candiria...) Other special guest vocal appearances on "Another Voice" will include Scott Vogel (Terror) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis)"
submitted 30.10.2004

Burialmound from Finland recorded their 2nd album at Watercastle Studio (used by Funeris Nocturnum, Alghazanth) and it will be mastered at Megawimp Studios (used by Seth, Blood Red Throne, Disinter). Jerry Sandefur did the cover artwork, he has done a book cover for Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew". Some song names are: "At Golgotha I Masturbate", "Calliphoridae", "Sisters Of Sodomy", and "Primevil Disciple". Band webpage:
submitted 30.10.2004

The Swedes of Vicious have done a video for "Boots of Led” from "Vile, Vicious & Victorious", it is available on their homepage. The band is already sticking to entitle the next album “Blood Arena” and the music will be more technical, rough and fast death metal with the vocals being more of a clean hardcore-style, of course, with growls and screams as well.
submitted 30.10.2004

Unchained cover by Mattias Norén Swedish melodic metallers Unchained took 6 months in studio to obtain the best result in every detail on the recording and songwritting. The “Unchained” album is rich in melodies, arrangements and ideas.

It features Mattias Osbäck (Locomotive breath's singer) on the bass and back-vocals and they played with him, for the first time live, in their hometown Karlskrona with Mercenary and Evergrey. Release date of the self-titled album is scheduled to October 27 and the cover is one of Mattias Norén's fines creations!

Visit the new website at and listen to short-samples (hi-fi) on:
submitted 30.10.2004

Chain Collector Sound Riot Records is very proud to announce the signing of Chain Collector. The men behind Chain Collector are the singer Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation & Trail Of Tears), drummer Anders Kobro (Green Carnation, Carpathian Forest & In The Woods), guitarist Gøran Bomann (Carpathian Forest), guitarist Kjell Jacobsen and the additional musician Endre Kirkesola on bass/keyboards who also played on Green Carnation previously. The band will enter at Dub Studio (used by Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne) in September to record the still untitled album; it will feature 10 or 11 songs. The debut is scheduled for a worldwide release in early 2005. This album has a lot to offer: a strong feeling for melodies combined with perfect musicality of high profile artists whose experience is quite wide, that is one thing the band take advantage of and put it into their music. Band webpage:
submitted 30.10.2004

Update from the Belgian melodic death/black metallers Ocean Of Sadness: "Watch out for Saturday 27th of November, the big "Send In The Clowns" Cd release party. The band will play the entire new album for the first time, combined with songs from the previous albums. Afterwards we'll make some more noise at the Hard & Heavy afterparty, where several metal dj's play their stuff, from dusk till dawn. This will also be your first chance to get your hands on the new album. We hope to see you all at The Eendracht, Dessel!!" The album was produced Tony De Block and mastered by the well known Attie Blauw.
submitted 30.10.2004

Darkane Darkane finally recently picked up work on their yet untitled new album in their hometown Helsingborg/Sweden. The band is posting studio updates on their website which has just been relaunched with a new design, so make sure to check back every once in a while to see what the guys are up to.

In related news, Darkane will play the Aalborg Metal Festival taking place on November, 5th and 6th in Aalborg/Denmark. This is also where Peter will hold an exclusive drum clinic.
submitted 28.10.2004

Deicide are forced to move a few dates of their upcoming tour to the end of the tour (the first 4 dates). Guitarist Brian Hofman will not be able to join the band on this tour and they have none less than Jack Owen (ex Cannible Corpse) to fill in. But to offer the fans a good show, they need a bit more time and want to start the tour a few days later.

De Patronaat in Haarlem (NL) lets us know that their show on Sunday 31st has been postponed to December 6th! Tickets stay valid and there are currently still some available, so go to for more info!!
submitted 28.10.2004

A newsupdate from deathmetalcore newcomers Neaera's singer Benny:

Hey folks!
Once more, as promised, some important news for you guys:
First of all, and most importantly, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all you guys who attended our recent shows! You guys ROCK! We are really thrilled and amazed by all the positive feedback that you keep giving us! Thanks also to all the bands that we had the privilege to play with, we had a great time with you all! That having been said, we wanna give you a quick update on what we have planned for the days ahead:
At the beginning of January, we are going to play a couple of dates in Austria, a small tour if you will, with none other than Burning Season Records metal formation Devil Ate My Son. At this point we wanna thank Pat from BSR for organising the whole thing. Dates for the tour will be posted on our website as soon as everything's fixed!
The artwork for our debut CD - due early 2005 - will be designed by art student Martin Grossmann from Steinfurt. We don't want to give away too much at this point, all we can tell by now is that the ideas and concepts we have seen so far look more than promising. The title of our debut album will be “The Rising Tide Of Oblivion”! Make sure you check out some new pics from our concert with Heaven Shall Burn in the "photos" section at See you guys soon. Peace!
submitted 28.10.2004

On Saturday, 4th of December a great metal event will be held in Arnhem, Holland! The show kicks off at 16:00 CET and there's metal on two stages all day until you drop! Pre-sale tickets: € 27.50 - Tickets at venue: € 35.00. Presales Germany / Austria /Switzerland: In the Musis Sacrum (in the centre of Arnhem) you will see Samael (CH), Entombed (S), Suffocation (USA), Unleashed (S), Impaled Nazarene (FIN), Desaster (D), 1349 (N), Inhume (NL), Heidevolk (NL) and the Metal Blade bands Primordial (IR), Gorerotted (UK) and God Dethroned (NL)!! You will find more information about the festival at:
submitted 28.10.2004

After headlining the "Night Of Power" Festival in Germany last week, which also marked the final date of their "Tempting The World" Tour in support of the critically acclaimed 2003 "Soul Temptation" album, Brainstorm are about to enter House Of Music Studios together with long-time producer Achim Köhler on November 1st to start the recording sessions for their upcoming album entitled "Liquid Monster" which will be released February 28th, 2005 through Metal Blade Records.

Andy B. Franck A special CD single, containing brand new tracks and lots of cool additional stuff, will be released in advance of the full length album on January 31st, 2005. A new video clip will be shot in December as well.

"We have been on the road constantly all over this year", says guitarist Todde "and it definitely felt very, very good. A big thank you to all our fans that joined us on our ride. You f#*king rule! But now it is time for some new Brainstorm tunes. I am so excited to record the new songs, they sound absolutely amazing and I can't wait to let you hear. I really think we included all those great experiences, all the power, adrenaline and emotions from the road in the new songs. Besides that, I also have seen some sketches of the new album design Andy is working on right now with a new cover designer and I can say that this one will simply blow you away! Really monstrous in the truest sense of the word!"

Furthermore, most of the European leg of the "Inside The Monster" World Tour 2005/2006 is booked already and everything looks like an awesome package will be hitting the road in spring 2005. FOr tourdates please visit!
submitted 27.10.2004

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of YOB.
Hailing from the ever-grey skies of Eugene/Oregon comes YOB, a band destined to make their mark in the doom metal scene worldwide. Formed in 1996 by founding member Mike Scheidt YOB started creating and destroying ideas that would become the foundation for one of doom metal's most shining hopefuls. YOB is prepared to release their new record "The Illusion Of Motion" through Metal Blade Records on November, 29th 2004. The Illusion Of Motion"The Illusion Of Motion" has YOB's shortest tune ever clocking in a just over six minutes and the longest tune clocking in at over 26 minutes. "It is by far our best record yet in songwriting as well as production and we are very happy to release it with Metal Blade Records", says Mike Scheidt.

Four tracks in over 55 minutes - here's the tracklist:
1. Ball Of Molten Lead (11:07)
2. Exorcism Of The Host (12:56)
3. Doom # 2 (06:09)
4. The Illusion Of Motion (26:10)

For more info check out
submitted 27.10.2004

In Battle are working on some new material for the next album hope to be released in late 2005. The In Battle website has been updated with some video clips during the summer festivals. The band has now a new session guitarist Tomas Elofsson (God Among Insects) who will be joining the band on the "Sworn Allegiance tour 2004" with Swedish death metal kings Unleashed (25 nov-3 dec). In Battle are also working on a videoclip of the song "Soul Metamorphosis" and when it's ready it will be out for downloading on the website
submitted 27.10.2004

Confessor has just released their new EP "Blueprint Soul", the first Confessor recordings in 12 years. The EP can be found on the Confessor website,
Confessor are currently shipping the songs to labels and are being managed by Dick Hodgin, ex-manager for Corrosion Of Conformity.
submitted 27.10.2004

Swedish Melodic Death metallers The Duskfall have entered the Nuclear Blast realms! In April 2005, the band will start recording their third album at the Dug-Out Studios in Uppsala, Sweden, with producer Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Darkane, Soilwork). The longplayer is expected to get in stores in late 2005. "Source" and "Frailty", the previous albums of The Duskfall, established the band as a strong and remarkable new act within the melodic death genre, ready to compete with bands like Soilwork or In Flames. So stay tuned!
submitted 17.10.2004

Melodic Power metallers Mystic Prophecy have just finished shooting a video clip for the track "Burning Bridges", taken from their upcoming new album "Never-Ending". As director, the band engaged Ioannis Nikolaidis who already produced videos for e.g. Tori Amos - so expect a high quality clip! Recordings for "Never-Ending" have been finished now - the new album will get in stores on October 25th. A release for Japan is planned as well, featuring an exclusive bonus track.
submitted 17.10.2004

Kataklysm Canadian hyper blasters Kataklysm are going to shoot a new video for their "Serenity In Fire" track "The Resurrected". The filming is supposed to take place in Los Angeles on November 6th together with director Joe Lynch. In other news, the guys continue working on their upcoming DVD "The Test Of Time" which shall be released in ate 2005: The DVD will include live and behind the scenes footage of the "No More Serenity" tour as well as all of the band's video clips, interviews and a "making of" of their next studio album. The "No More Serenity" European tour has kicked off in the Netherlands on October 1st, an US tour will follow.
submitted 17.10.2004

Guitar player Oscar Dronjak just gave us some news about the forthcoming Hammerfall album: This time, the Swedish crusaders have chosen a quiet place in the middle of Denmark for the recordings. Together with star producer Charlie Bauerfeind, they will settle down there in whole September and October. The release of their follow-up work to their successful and in Sweden gilded "Crimson Thunder" album is planned for the 7th of March 2005. All in all, the CD will contain ten songs, the titles are as follows (in no particular order):
01. Born to Rule
02. Hammer of Justice
03. The Templar Flame
04. Take the Black
05. Fury of the Wild
06. Secrets
07. Never, Ever
08. Blood Bound
09. Imperial
10. Knights of the 21st Century
At first, in January there will be a single. For more information please visit
submitted 17.10.2004

NY Hardcore legends Agnostic Front have signed a recording deal with Nuclear Blast worldwide! The official release date for the very much anticipated "Another Voice" is set for November 22nd in Europe and January 5th for the United States! With Matt Henderson (Madball/AF) on guitars! and production by Zeuss and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), AF is offering their meanest, nastiest and sheer brutal NYHC Anthems! The enhanced CD will including a ripping band performance and a guest appearance by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) captured by acclaimed director Dale "Rage" Resteghini (Fear Factory, Hatebreed, God Forbid, Shadows Fall, Candiria...) Other special guest vocal appearances on "Another Voice" will include Scott Vogel (Terror) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis)"
submitted 17.10.2004

Zero Hour Troy Tipton: "Effective immediately, Zero Hour has parted ways with vocalist, Erik Rosvold. The other members of Zero Hour have not seen or directly talked to Erik since we got back from our European tour in April 2003. Since that time our only method of communication with Erik has been by email (with little response from him). Jasun, Mike and I felt we'd lost control of Zero Hour and even thought about discontinuing Zero Hour. Erik would make sporadic ventures into the studio to work on the new album but progress was slow and has ground to a halt for months now. Frankly we were all concerned and at the same time a bit unsure of how to proceed. We loved what Erik's vocals brought to the band and always felt that he was an integral part of the band, but we also knew that if the band was going to continue he would have to be replaced. Finding a replacement for Erik would not be easy.
We are pleased to announce that Fred Marshall is the new vocalist in Zero Hour! Jasun and I have been fans of Fred's vocals ever since we heard his prior band's demo, "Reigning Thoughts" by Destiny's Void. Through the assistance of Doug Ott of Enchant we were able to get in contact with Fred. We called Fred and sent him "Towers of Avarice" and now we are working together on the next disc!
Fred will start tracking in November and all vocals will be tracked in December. Zero Hour will have our next CD released in early 2005! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans for their patience, without you we are nothing. Zero Hour will always give you our best and one thanks is never enough. We know the wait has been long but we will not let you down. We would also like to thank Ken Golden/Sensory Records for their constant support."
Read Fred's personal message on!
submitted 11.10.2004

Ghost Machinery Ghost Machinery is the best gift of the vocalist/guitarist Pete Ahonen, best known as the frontman for the Finnish Metal outfit Burning Point from Limb Records. "Ghost Machinery specializes, with a top-notch performance, in a majestic and melodic Euro-Power Metal from nowadays. "Haunting Remains" (Sound Riot Records, release October 11th) has great songs, pleasantly well-executed vocals, excellent playing, technically demanding guitar solos, and lush production. The songwriting is powerful and it is consistent from the first note to the last. You can find some slower tracks, a ballad and everything else is fast. There isn´t a bad, or even mediocre, track to be found on this album. Special mention must be given to "World of Unbelievers" and "Temples Of Gold" which are truly glorious and inspiring tracks. The Ahonen's compositional skills are also at their peak, the lyrics contribute the most to the overall feel of the music. This album is destined to be as nothing less than a classic in the genre of Neo-classical Metal." Special guest: Sentenced's Ville singing in "Out In The Fields", a Gary Moore cover. And you'll know when you visit the site..... the artwork is done by Mattias Norén! Sound-clips available at
submitted 11.10.2004

The release of "Inertia" has been postponed by Mausoleum for another week and is now set to November 22nd. "That will be one day after the release party in Frankfurt (Batschkapp), so if you like it live, you can go get the CD the next day! The show starts at 20.30 with No-X-Cuse and Courageous follows at 21.30. Let's Get The Party Started!" The band will also play the Night Of Power, more details on that festival scroll down a few messages;) More on Courageous at
submitted 11.10.2004

Amon Amarth © Nico Wobben ...and started with two extremely successful shows! Johan Hegg: “Two shows are in the bag, and the only way to describe the tour so far is success! First show in Hamburg, Markthalle with maximum capacity of 1.200, attracted over 1.100 people. The show went great, and the audience was fantastic! Even though the place was a virtual sauna the fans was going at it like crazy. The day after we struck Osnabrück at the N8 club. Over 700 people showed up for this show, and again a fantastic show. Even though the venue was not quite as hot as the night before, the intensity of the crowd was unbelievable. Keep an eye on the site ( for further tourreports!"
submitted 11.10.2004

This Friday Disillusion will hit the road for their first expanded tour. The band will support Amon Amarth together with Impious. All preparations are finished and things look really good. For this tour, the Dark Suns’ bass player Chris Bormann will join Disillusion. There will also be a special show on October 21 in Halle (Germany) where the band will perform as an eight-piece in large line-up. A camera team will film this show! "What exactly we will do with the film material, we will see after the tour. We are really looking forward to the tour and all the new experiences. Hope to see you all!" For more info on the Large Line-Up click this.
submitted 11.10.2004

“We just finished our 1st video ever! It’s for the song "Nothing’s Left" from our latest record "With Triumph Comes Loss"! It came out brilliant. Awesome job by Michael and his crew! Expect some crazy stuff. We also want to thank all Cataractians again who made our record release show so amazing and the video even better! Some of those crazy people are found on that video... watch out for that soon on air all over!
Last weekend we played Konstanz and Berlin. We first want to thank Fidji, the whole Mad crew and Maroon for making both shows an amazing experience. Konstanz was a Late-Night-Show. Even though it was great. The Mad Hellfire Fest at SO 36 was completely sold out and the kids went crazy for every band! Crazy, eight times bringing down the mosh is nearly worth going to "Wetten Dass..." If you missed it... well, sorry for you. Thanks again to everybody involved. Hardcore lives. We play our first show in Ludwigshafen this coming weekend. If you are in the area make sure you come along!”
submitted 11.10.2004

Starwood has just confirmed a show with British rock gods UFO on Monday November 15th at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA. More Starwood shows are in the works, check out or for dates as they are confirmed!! Be sure to check out the video clip from Joey Scott’s birthday bash!!
submitted 11.10.2004

“Two tracks from our up-coming Metal Blade release have been posted on the web. "Unsuspecting Mind" and "From the Ashes of Infancy" are available via the Media page. We encourage all of you to give them a listen and share them with your friends. Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know your thoughts and opinions. We would greatly appreciate it! As far as the CD itself is concerned, we are currently focusing all of our efforts on the layout and overall packaging. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time that we have invested in the layout, we no longer will be able to make the January 25th release date. The release date has now been tentatively pushed back to February 14th, 2005 in Europe! Trust us; we want this album out ASAP!” The album is yet untitled. Website:
submitted 11.10.2004

Tampa Florida death-metalers Six Feet Under headed into Morrisound studios Friday, October 1st to start laying down tracks to their next full length follow-up to "Bringer of Blood". Right now the band is recording all the music and then Chris Barnes will head over to the Hit Factory to lay down the vocals. Once again Chris Barnes will be the producer and Chris Carroll will be handling engineering and mixing. As far as what this CD’s subject matter will be about, Chris Barnes says, “the material is dark and demented, and is not uplifting”. More information on the new album and studio updates from Chris Barnes will be made available in the coming weeks. In other news SFU will be playing Puerto Rico on 10/29 and Trinidad and Tobago on 10/30, both shows with Hatebreed -
submitted 11.10.2004

Ancient will perform live on the Tattoo the Mind Festival in Amneville, France 31/10 opening for the comeback gig of Dissection.
Furthermore, the band has been scheduled for a tour in Russia and the surrounding areas, taking place in November. The band plan on touring Europe/ USA/ South America and Japan in 2005. Supreme Chaos Records (Germany) will in March next year release a CD containing the original "Eerily Howling Winds" demotapes from '93 together with other unreleased demotapes from the beginning of the band's career. The release will be entitled "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes". More info on the band's website
submitted 11.10.2004

Sustain New Dutch melodic rockband Sustain
will soon (end of November/beginning
of December) release their debut CD
"This IsNow" through Rock Inc./
Bertus (NL).

After a CD presentation around that
time, they will promote the album live!

More info soon at

submitted 11.10.2004

Just a reminder: the crew of will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the online-metal-mag with a huge party: the Night Of Power, taking place in the Live-Factory in Adelsheim (Germany) next Saturday, October 16th. The confirmed bands will rock in the following order:

23:30 - 01:00 h: BRAINSTORM
21:45 - 23:00 h: EKTOMORF
20:15 - 21:15 h: COURAGEOUS
19:05 - 19:55 h: STORMWARRIOR
18:00 - 18:45 h: JUSTICE
16:55 - 17:40 h: PSYCHOPUNCH
15:55 - 16:35 h: DESTINATION'S CALLING
14:55 - 15:35 h: CRUSHEAD
13:55 - 14:35 h: DEBAUCHERY
13:00 - 13:35 h: IVORYNIGHT
12:00 - 12:50 h: TILL BURGWÄCHTER

Adelsheim is near the A81 between Heilbronn and Wuerzburg at the exit Osterburken. Tickets are available for sale for 15,- EUR + presales fee. Just send an email to or order via telephone +49 30 / 44 35 24 80. Further information and booking offices can be found at the Night Of Power homepage at
submitted 11.10.2004

Brainstorm Germany's Brainstorm have set "Liquid Monster" as the tentative title for the successor of their highly acclaimed 2003 "Soul Temptation" album.
As guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld comments: "We are right before finishing the main songwriting and pre-production process and I must say that the new material simply sounds amazing!" and vocalist Andy B. Franck adds: "Yes,...I think now we have created a REAL Monster!"

The album release date is set for the 28th of February. An advance single, feat. new album tracks as well as some non-album tracks and a new enhanced video-clip in support of the new album will be released on January 31st.
submitted 30.09.2004

Falconer After auditioning several guitarists, Falconer have now found a new lead player to complete their line-up. His name is Jimmy Hedlund, and he totally outshone the rest of the applicants. He nailed every note in each of the three songs that were tested, and possesses some amazing solo skills as well!
Falconer will start recording their new album in late December for an early May release. The title of the fourth album will be "Grime Vs. Grandeur". More detailed news can be found on the official homepage.
submitted 25.09.2004

On November 22nd the new Darkwell album "Metat[r]on" will see the light of the world.

Metat[r]on The tracklist of "Metat[r]on" reads like this:
1. Fate Prisoner
2. Strange
3. Metatron
4. Crown of Thorn
5. The Machine
6. Hope Unborn
7. Nothingness
8. Far Cry
9. Last Glance

Within the limited first issue (digipack) also a coverversion of the Simple Mind classic "Don't You Forget About Me" will be included. For tourdates see the band's website.
submitted 25.09.2004

The Absurd Beauty Of Being Alone After years of being heralded as one of Germany's premiere underground acts, Monster Mosh Metallers Koroded have joined forces with Silverdust records! Koroded's last EP "The Absurd Beauty Of Being Alone" not only took their hardcore fans by storm but convinced the press as well, that Koroded could possibly be one of the frontrunners in putting German metal back on the map. The boys have been constantly gigging and cementing their path over the years with not only national acts, but touring with the likes of Crowbar, Ektomorf, Downset and E-Town Concrete, and an abundance of support shows with heavies like Machine Head, Entombed and Pro-Pain. Koroded have followed their own path musically and are best described as a hybrid of Machine Head meets Deftones meets Atreyu - but always retaining their own identity.
Get ready for the official release of "The Absurd Beauty Of Being Alone" + 6 bonus tracks to be released on November 15th, 2004!
submitted 18.09.2004

Morgana Lefay © Marie Larrson Here's the latest statement from the band:
"Anyone who's been following the band over the years knows that Lefay is, and always has been Morgana Lefay. The name change was necessary in order to continue the band due to unfortunate business complications. Therefore we are pleased to announce that we have signed a new deal with our old label, Black Mark. In doing so, we have regained the right to our full name and shall from now on once again be named Morgana Lefay. We will begin recording our new album entitled "Grand Materia" in the near future.
Charles, Tony, Peter, Robin & Fredrik/Morgana Lefay"

submitted 12.09.2004

God Dethroned have finished recordings for their new album "The Lair Of The White Worm"! The album was recorded at Berno Studio in Malmö/Sweden by Henrik Larsson and mastered at Franky's Recording Kitchen by Berthus Westerhuis. The cover artwork was created by Jacek Wisniewski (Vader, etc.).
"The Lair Of The White Worm" will be released in a regular jewelcase version, but also as a limited first edition! This double-digipack will include a free bonus-DVD with the following content: · The making of "The Lair of the White Worm"
· In depth studio report with all band members and producer Henrik Larsson
· Interviews with the band members telling about the past and present, how they got involved, their instruments and the passion of playing.

Here's the final tracklistsing for "The Lair Of The White Worm":
The Lair Of The White Worm 1. Nihilism
2. Arch Enemy Spain
3. Sigma Enigma
4. The Lair of the White Worm
5. Rusty Nails
6. Loyal to the Crown of God Dethroned
7. Last Zip of Spit
8. The Grey Race
9. Salt in your Wounds

"The Lair Of The White Worm" will be released on November 15th through Metal Blade.
submitted 10.09.2004

On October 18th 2004 Six Feet Under will do what no other metal band has done before... cover an album in its entirety! "Graveyard Classics 2" is none other than the AC/DC's infamous 20 times platinum release "Back In Black"! Six Feet Under recorded "Graveyard Classics 2" at Morrisound Recording in Tampa/Florida with Chris Carroll mixing and Chris Barnes producing. For those of you who don't know the track listing, and shame on you for that, here it is:

Graveyard Classics 2 1. Hells Bells
2. Shoot To Thrill
3. What Do You Do For Money Honey
4. Givin The Dog A Bone
5. Let Me Put My Love Into You
6. Back In Black
7. You Shook Me All Night Long
8. Have A Drink On Me
9. Shake A Leg
10. Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

The track "Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" can be downloaded here.
submitted 03.09.2004

Bolt Thrower are sad to announce the departure of vocalist Dave Ingram.
In a statement, the band said: "Dave has been suffering with health and personal problems for a while now and he has decided that it would be best if he left the band to concentrate on his recovery. We would like to thank him for the 6 years he dedicated to the band and we wish him all the very best for the future."

Bolt Thrower were due to go into the studio to record their 8th album, (the follow up to "Honour, Valour, Pride" from 2001 - the only Bolt Thrower release featuring Ingram on vocals), but the recording will now be delayed until a replacement is found.
submitted 03.09.2004

ebwrock For all the bikers who are going to the European Biker Week in Austria, here's an update in German:

Die V8 Wankers spielen zusammen mit anderen Acts auf der European Bike Week in Östereich!

Die European Bike Week ist das größte Harley- und Biker-Treffen Europas und eine einzige tagelange Party. In den USA spielen bei derartigen Anlässen Bands wie Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Manowar oder Molly Hatchet ­ hier zu Lande feiern alle Biker am liebsten mit Country- Schlager- oder Coverbands oder gleich mit Konservenmusik. Könnte man jedenfalls annehmen... ....Nein? Nicht ALLE? Das sehen wir eigentlich genauso. Damit nun endlich auch mal internationale Rockgrößen in diesem Rahmen auftreten, haben wir unter dem Motto "ebwrock" ein Musikprogramm der Superlative zusammengestellt.

Im ebwrock-Zelt auf der Location American Bike Village in Drobollach (, (3 km vom "Harley-Village", 1200m vom Camping Arneitz, wird vom Shuttle-Bus angefahren) spielen jeden Abend zwei Spitzen-Rockbands und mindestens eine davon ist eine lebende Legende! Aber ebwrock ist damit nicht etwa kalter Kaffee, nein, wir haben nur Stars verpflichtet, die heiß darauf sind, die Hütte anzuzünden und Euch mindestens so fett einzuheizen wie zu ihren Glanzzeiten vor 20 oder 30 Jahren: Slade, The Animals, Saxon, Doc Holliday (only show in Europe), Girlschool, Birth Control. Hinzu kommen Top-Acts, die einfach begeistern und statt eines großen Namens eine große Zukunft haben, wie z.B. Ohrenfeindt aus Hamburg, die V8Wankers aus Offenbach oder W.I.N.D. aus Udine (Italien).

Also unbedingt merken: ebwrock im American Bike Village ­ HIER spielt die Musik!

submitted 23.08.2004

A message from Inside Knowledge Magazine :
"Dear all,
yes, that's right. After cancelations, delays, much talking, biting finger nails and swallowing gallons of coffee we got a confirmation today that Most Precious Blood will be playing at the Effenaar in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) on September 5th. Would be awesome if you could help us out with promoting this date through your sites, mailinglists, msn contacts or even nerdy chess clubs :). As it all is on really short notice any help is welcomed.

September 5th 2004
De Effenaar - Eindhoven (NL)
Most Precious Blood

During the afternoon (12h / 17h) there will be an international hardcore / punk record fair with all the cool distros in the Netherlands and the countries surrounding us. Funtime, Genet, Hard Life, Reflections, Hectic, Century Media, Dp or Not Dp, The Noizz / GSR, of course Inside Knowledge an a few others. The visitors of the market will receive a GSR label sampler.Check for more info -
submitted 24.08.2004

Soulslide The recordings of Soulslide's demoalbum are nearly done and can be heard on the page soon. Beside the fantastic voice of Sandra Schleret, Soulslide could get Jorg Michael, an experienced and great drummer, for the recording of the CD. The first pictures of the recording in the "House of Music" are now available at Soulslide made their first musicvideo to the song "Into Despair". The pictures of the shoot will be online in the upcoming week. The video will be online in the middle of October. For further informations visit Soulslides officials website
submitted 24.08.2004

After the two Queensryche shows they supported, German melodic rockers Pump have started writing songs for the new album. They hope to go in the studio on December or January. According to singer Marcus Jürgens it looks like the new album will be much heavier than the debut. "Still the same style, but rougher and tougher, similar to Skid Row's change between the first two albums... Some songtitles (working titles!) are:

1. "Blood On The Blade" (very heavy, very fast, very British, somehow between Skid Row's "Slave To The Grind" and something fast of Priest)
2. "Save Me I'm Falling" (Dokken meets Aerosmith-like... good hookline, funky middle part flowing into a great solo)
3. "Higher" (Saxon's "Solid Ball Of Rock" meets Winger... Killer hookline and we already played it with Queensryche, the audience as well as the Queenryche guys loved it! Seems to be good ;))
4. "I Can't Deny" (very bluesy, a bit like Whitesnake and Lynch Mob)
5. "Headstrong" (has a Rainbow meets Queensryche touch)
6. "Shadowkids" (very bluesy and sleazy, really cool dirty rocksong, but with a dark chorus...)
7. "Ride The Bullet" (old Saxon meets Krokus, uptempo song with pretty cool guitarriff IMO, very straightforward)
8. "Mistreated" (slightly poppy melodic rocker, somewhat between Tyketto and Dokken)"

Marcus is very enthusiastic about the new material. "I think we've found our own style and we still have tons of cool riffs that we haven't used yet. I hope we can make some more good songs. Depending on their quality, it could happen that one of the abovementioned songs will end up in the trashcan. We want 12 songs for the new album, so let's wait and see..."
Pump will record the new album with Tommy Newton again, but they don't have a label at the moment. Some are interested, so I'm sure something good will come up. More info on Pump on
submitted 24.08.2004

Wendigo - this is the name of the new Hungarian modern-power-prog band that was formed by the ex- Stonehenge singer, BZ and guys from the late prog bands Da Capo and Behinia. The music is a bit more powerful and modern, one more guitar (it equals two) and one less synth (so it's zero), crushing rhythms, great solos and singing that varies from screaming through whispers to melodic multi-channel vocals. Now the band is ready with its promo EP called "Reconnecting...", containing three songs, which ones can be downloaded freely from the official site ( This EP will be sent soon to international labels, so hopefully the band can release its first album very soon. For more info, downloadable songs and videos and other goodies, visit the bilingual website and enjoy the music!
submitted 23.08.2004

Vader On September, 20th "The Beast" will rise. Right, we are talking about the new album from almighty Vader! "The Beast“ was recorded at Radio Gdansk Studio with producer Piotr Lukaszewski ("Reign Forever World", "Revelations", "Blood") and was mixed while the band were away on the first part of their European tour. Jacek Wisniewski was responsible for the album artwork and other graphics. The mastering session took place on July 1. Here's the tracklisting:
    The Beast
  1. Intro
  2. Out Of The Deep
  3. Dark Transmission
  4. Firebringer
  5. The Sea Came In At Last
  6. I Shall Prevail
  7. The Zone
  8. Insomnia
  9. Apopheniac
  10. Choices
There will be a limited first edition of the album! It will contain a bonus-DVD including a report from the studio, a video clip recorded during the session, and some fragments of one of the most important gigs in 2003! Be prepared!
submitted 24.08.2004

Fates Warning strike back and release their new album “FWX” on October, 18 through Metal Blade Records in Europe! The follow-up to 2000's "Disconnected" was recorded at Carriage House studios in Stamford, Connecticut. “We went into this record being as creative as possible, and we worked really hard”, comments singer Ray Alder. “We were facing some big changes that made the writing and recording a long, arduous process. The result is a record that is a lot heavier than past records. It’s also more technical than any other record we’ve done.”The tracklisting is:
1. Left Here
2. Simple Human
3. River Wide Ocean Deep
4. Another Perfect Day
5. Heal Me
6. Sequence # 7
7. Crawl
8. A Handful Of Doubt
9. Stranger (With A Familiar Face)
10. Wish
submitted 24.08.2004

Relapse Records recording artists High On Fire will be joined by bassist Joe Preston (Thrones / ex-Melvins) for their forthcoming U.S. tour. Preston replaces long time High On Fire bassist George Rice, joining the power trio alongside guitarist / vocalist Matt Pike (ex-Sleep) and drummer Des Kensel. Preston will make his live debut with High On Fire when the band kicks off a two week U.S. tour beginning August 4th in San Diego, CA. The band will round out the 14 city trek on August 18th in Chicago, IL. Support on the tour will come from a host of up-and-coming acts including Totimoshi, BOngzilla and Hammers Of Misfortune. At the conclusion of the tour, High On Fire will enter Electrical Audio Studios with engineer Steve Albini (Neurosis, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Nirvana) to record the follow up to 2002's heralded "Surrounded by Thieves". The forthcoming High On Fire album, tentatively titled, "Blessed Black Wings" is slated for a February, 2005 release date via Relapse. Updated High On Fire news and tour information will be made available via the Relapse Records website: and the High On Fire website:
submitted 23.08.2004

Katagory V has nearly completed the process for their pre-production demo, which features the 10 tracks that will appear on the new album, tentatively titled "The Rising Anger". The complete list of songs to appear on the album are "Enemy", "Fading In...", "The Rising Anger", "Risk & Sacrifice", "Leave Us Behind", "Hostile Takeover", "Will You Remember","Liberated Minds", "Drained" and "The Elitist". Bassist, Dustin Mitchell, has made mention that new album will have a thicker, heavier sound and be a bit more dynamics, and that many of the songs will be more "straight-ahead with an emphasis on melodies & hooks", He has also stated that the new album shows a return to their roots in early Bay Area/European thrash. The band is now moving into rehearsal/pre-production, and is scheduled to start recording the album at Streamline studios at the end of September. Also, Katagory V has enlisted the very talented German artist, and friend, Rainer Kalwitz once again (Millenuim, Mark Boals, Shadow Gallery, Emerald Rain, Tad Morose) for the task of creating the artwork for the new album. A preview of the completed artwork will be posted on-line in the next few months.

As many have noticed, the bands website has not been updated for a very long time. Webmaster Deron Blevins (MetalAges Media/Records, Ultimate is stepping down to concentrate on his many projects, and for a short time, the website will still be accessible before being closed for renovation. The band wants to thank Deron for his hard work, support, amazing creativity and patience for the past three years. The band will still have their website hosted through MetalAges Media as well as their forum being hosted at Stepping in to takeover the website for Deron will be Mr. Jens Pohl. Jens is currently the webmaster/designer for German metal legends, Running Wild, as well as the upcoming, a German-based promotional site for underground metal. Jens will be creating and supervising a new website for Katagory V and will be implementing some new features. Again, the original website will still be accessible for a short time before Jens starts the long phase of building a new site themed to the new album. Katagory V is very proud and excited to have Jens aboard working with them with his talents; be sure to drop by the bands forum and welcome him to the rebellion!
submitted 23.08.2004

Swedish metallers Viperine, whose debut CD "The Predator Awakens" was released on Monday, July 26th, 2004 now have several MP3 clips available. Metal Rules Records has posted clips for “Like A Viper”, “Obsession”, “Heart Blood”, and “Pure Evil” to
submitted 23.08.2004

Last month, a new section of the Domain-history has been written. They signed a new worldwide record-deal at the established German LMP-label. LMP, guided by metal-expert Limb Schnoor, has responsibility for the success of such musical heavyweights like for example Rhapsody. The new Domain-album "Last Days Of Utopia", which will be released in February 2005, will be the Domain-debut at the company from Hamburg. After 8 months of hard work, the regular recordings have been finished, only the recordings of two exclusive bonustracks made the boys get back into the Meadow Studios to do some further tracks. At the same time Domain is working on their new Video "Endless Rain", which will be released at the same time together with the record.
Domain will also be represented at two tribute samplers, which will be released by the record company Lion Music. Lion Music will release a Ritchie-Blackmore and a Gary-Moore-Tribute-Sampler in the next time. Domain will contribute the Deep Purple classical "Stormbringer" and the Gary Moore Hit "Over The Hills And Far Away". Particularly the last title will be a great pleasure for the band to perform, because lots of fans associate this song with the typical Domain-style, which has guided to the classical Domain-sound. If you don't know this band yet, you can get an impression on Have fun!
submitted 23.08.2004

The Uruguayan melodic black/death metal outfit relocated to New York City has completed the recording of the band's sophomore effort entitled "Philosopher". The band features José Romero (Inner Sanctum) on guitars and vocals, Maciej Kupiszewski on bass, and Alex Hernández (Immolation) behind the drums. The album was recorded and mixed at the reputable Big Blue Meenie studios in Jersey City (NJ, USA) by Joe Pedulla and Arun Venkatesh, and mastered at Bionic Mastering in New York City by Tom Hutten. "Philosopher" is a testament to just how far the band has moved on since the time of "Eternally Dying". The musical performance achieved is stellar, as exemplified by Alex's work behind the drumkit. This, together with the sound registered at Big Blue Meenie is only overshadowed by the identity and dialectic style of musical composition. A song from the album has been posted on the website's "download" section. At the current time, Requiem Aeternam is also looking for help in designing of a new logo. Interested parties, please contact the band through the website at
submitted 23.08.2004

Swedish death/thrash maniacs Impious have finished recordings for their upcoming neckbreaker "Hellucinate". Produced by Valle Adzic and mixed by Chris Silver and Valle Adzic at Studio Mega, Impious managed to get a hell of a sound! Their furious death/thrash attacks have never sounded that powerful, tight and to the point as on this album!

Hellucinate Here's the tracklisting for "Hellucinate":
1. Inject
2. Wicked Saints
3. Infernique
4. Hellucinations
5. Show Me Your God!
6. Death_Wish_Scar
7. Toxic Paranoia
8. Needles Nervosa
9. Bloodspill Revelation
10. Suicide Park

"Hellucinate" will be released in Europe on October 4th via Metal Blade.
submitted 13.08.2004

Metal Blade Records is very happy to announce that we have just signed the Virginia based metalcore act Winter Solstice. Starting in 2001 Winter Solstice has secured an underground following by playing with bands such as Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me, Living Sacrifice, Silverstein, and Bury Your Dead just to name a few. The bands most recent EP was recorded at Cloud City Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, Walls of Jericho) by Mike Hasty of Wall of Jericho in January 2004. The band will head back to Cloud City Studios in Detroit, MI in October to start recording their debut full-length release that will be out on Metal Blade Records in the winter of 2005.
For info about the band visit
submitted 13.08.2004

Gorerotted have parted ways with Mr Gore. They will continue as a five piece until a sutible replacement is found. Remaining vocalist Goreskin and bass player Wilson will handle the high vocals between them for all upcoming festival shows and club gigs. Gorerotted recently performed at the Kaltenbach Open Air in Austria as a five piece when Mr Gore was forced to stay in the UK because of family problems. Anyone who witnessed this show will tell you Gorerotted still fucking destroy as a live band!!!

Vocalist Goreskin has this to say: "It's like the end of an era losing Mr Gore, he's been in Gorerotted rom the start and was the utter cunt that roped me into singing with him in the first place. Still, he needs to go, it's time to move on and look to the future. Anyway there's still a bunch of ladies in London he hasn't done yet, so at least he'll be able to put his full energy into banging broads again. It's quite nice really, just like releasing a caged animal back into the wild."
submitted 13.08.2004

Union County, NJ – Finally, the long, tense wait is over. An exhaustive search to find the perfect replacement for original drummer Chris Kaminsky, that reached as far as the Western U.S., Canada and Europe, has at last come to an exciting conclusion. Delian League are proud to officially announce Joseph Dooling of Suffern, NY as the new drummer of Delian League!
"Joe is a natural fit," states guitarist Rich Broadhead. "He has very similar influences to the rest of us, and his accuracy is amazing. Not to mention he's got a great attitude. We can't wait to start recording and playing shows with Joe…we've never sounded better!"
Dooling, age 25, has been playing drums since he was 9, and prior to Delian League was in a Tool tribute band, Catstop. Anyone familiar with Tool would know the skill level required of a drummer to play the complex rhythms of those songs. Joe says, "I write a lot of tribal and mood-setting beats, so I'm looking forward to adding to Delian League's already impressive range." He adds, "My drumming is probably best described as 'aggressive' and I get into it during rehearsals, but in front of a crowd I turn up the intensity and feed off the energy of the crowd and the rest of the band." Joe is ecstatic to be a member of Delian League, and the band is now ready to re-launch its full-scale campaign towards world domination.

During the time of the drummer search, Jude, Shane, Dave and Rich remained hard at work. Delian League has been reviewing a record contract offer, writing new material, continuing promotional efforts, and settling into a new rehearsal space in Jersey City, NJ. The late summer and early fall promise the band entering the studio to begin work on its full-length debut CD, as well as participation in a tribute album and a highly anticipated return to the stage.
submitted 10.08.2004

Münster/Germany-based metalcore act Neaera will enter Stage One Studios in Bühne/Germany in November with producer Andy Classen to record their debut album, tentatively due in early 2005 through Metal Blade Records.
A demo track, entitled "Broken Spine", can currently be downloaded from the group's web site at this location.
submitted 10.08.2004

German doomsters Wytchcraft are currently in the studio to record their first album which will probably be released in November. The eight songs are partially much slower, but also more aggressive than the previous material on the "Grenzgänger" mini-CD. For the first time in the band's history, German lyrics were used in two of the songs, namely "Winterland" and "Lass Mich Gehen". Up-to-date information on the album can be found at
submitted 04.08.2004

Darkane Darkane, who for several months have had to put band activities on ice due to their drummer Peter Wildoer suffering from an inflammation in his wrist is now ready to pick up rehearsals again.
The band recently played a gig at the Tullakroksfestival in Ängelholm/Sweden and it turned out that Peter had no trouble playing anymore.
"It actually went very well! We enjoyed playing and it was like the eigth months without playing together never existed. Peter sounded great and I think all of us did a good performance. I don´t know how many people saw us but I think it was close to 1000. Peter is in a very good mood now, and next week we will start rehearsing for the new album, which I think will be very good", said guitarist Christofer Malmström.
The yet untitled album is planned to be recorded later this year.
submitted 02.08.2004

The darkrockers End Of Green are currently working hard on their follow-up to their fourth album "Last Night On Earth". In October the band will lock themselves up to record "Dead End Dreaming", so the working title of their fourthcoming effort.
With further information about songs like "Weakness", "Drink Myself To Sleep", "Sickone" or "Speed My Drug" the band remains restrained.
"Available Only On Prescription" was the only comment they were willing to make. Same with their choice of a producer. "Dead End Dreaming" will be released in early 2005 on Silverdust Records.
submitted 02.08.2004

Drummer Jim Austin: "Hello everyone, this message is just to let everyone know that Chris and I are out of the band due to financial reasons. We simply have no money and need to work. Into Eternity needs to tour and we cannot afford to go right now. I have had an excellent 7 years with the band and wish them all the best and hope to see this band have huge success and the recognition it deserves. I would like to personally thank you all for the support you have given this band - it has been truly appreciated!"
We at MP are very sorry to hear this, but we wish Jim and Chris all the best for the future! Guitarist Rob Doherty has assured the fans on their forum that live obligations will be met "head on with a full steam metal assault!":
"The band will be just fine!! We havent worked this hard to just quit.. things are going well, Chris and Jim will be missed by all of us, but the reality is we have to tour!! To pass up a trip to Europe and tour so many cool countries with some great bands is something we can't afford not to do.... Tim has taken over the vox like before,and it sounds killer!! This fuckin guy can sing!! We are working hard on the follow up to Buried as we speak, and it's coming along really good. All our obligations and touring plans will be met head on with a full steam metal assault!!! Thx alot stay tuned!!"
submitted 22.07.2004

After the recent announcement of the formation of Metal Rules Records, the label is today pleased to reveal that they have signed the Swedish heavy metal band Viperine for an international deal. Viperine, founded in 2002 features ex-members of Lion Music recording artists Winterlong. The Viperine line-up consists of Hussni Mörsare (vocals), Payre Kankanranta (guitar), Erik Tornberg (bass), and Matt Buffalo (drums). Their debut CD of classic, bone crushing heavy power metal is entitled "The Predator Awakens". Album cover art was done by the renowned Kris Verwimp (Thyrfing, Absu, Old Man's Child etc). You can view the cover artwork at

Viperine The 11 track CD, produced and recorded in Sweden, will be available for world wide sale and distribution next week. The track listing for the CD is as follows:
1. Like a Viper
2. Obsession
3. No Longer Kinsmen
4. Heartblood
5. Fire, Wind and Rain
6. Pure Evil
7. Principles
8. Payback
9. Reptiles
10. Hunter's Prelude
11. I am the Hunter

Viperine guitar shredder, Payre, had the following to say regarding hooking up with Metal Rules Records. "It's fucking badass to get this shit together with Metal-Rules. No corporate fuckers involved, only true metal fanatics doin' it the hard way. The METAL way! No bullshit, no fuck ups, just loyalty to our mutual cause...Spreading kickass music!"

Metal Rules Records founder, EvilG, is excited to be working with Viperine. “After compiling the bands for our VOLUME I release, Viperine was one of my favorites on there. When Viperine guitarist Payre spoke to me about having Metal Rules release their debut album, we thought this would make for an excellent launch pad for Metal Rules Records. Viperine sum up just about everything I like about heavy metal – aggression, melody, and memorable songs. I’d be surprised if fans of heavy/power metal didn’t love this band as they are not another faceless clone but already have their own sound.”

The international release date for Viperine’s "The Predator Awakens" will be Monday, July 27th, 2004. To pre-order visit This limited pressing is sure to become a metal favorite.

Contact info:
Metal Rules Records
submitted 22.07.2004

screenshot from the Gorerotted video Gorerotted have finished shooting a video clip for the title track of their genuine second album "Only Tools And Corpses“ (released in November 2003)! Says singer Goreskin: “We hooked up with director Adam Powel because we were really impressed with his other work, in particular his Milk Productions skateboard stunt video "Ill-Nation". We shot the whole "Only Tools And Corpses" video, including the fucking creepy zombies entirely on location in Adam's disused farm buildings. Basically it´s a homage to classic horror films like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Evil Dead". In fact this video's everything a Gorerotted video should be - zombies coming out of freezers, chainsaws, apathetic looking undead freaks brandishing hammers and 6 total cocks rocking out in an asbestos hanger. If that ain't metal as fuck, I don't know what is!”
submitted 22.07.2004

Check out for new MP3s of UNEARTH (“The Great Dividers”), THE HEAVILS (“Get Behind”) and THE CROWN (“World Below”).
submitted 22.07.2004

The guys of Perzonal War raised with their new album “Faces” place #10 of the German MRC30 Charts. The video clip of the album song "My Secret“ is air playing on Hit24 (Premiere). In addition the CD reached highest soundcheck positions (a.o. 10x Dynamite in Rock Hard).Mindview Magazine announced “Faces” as CD OF THE MONTH in Belgium.
submitted 22.07.2004

Pure Inc. stands for impressive rock in different spirits - partly rude, partly melancholic, but always melodic and powerful. Currently they are in the studio to finish their debut work which will be released in late August 2004. The band from Switzerland has found their own niche in the Rock-Jungle - authentic, original and glowing. Great melodies underline current social comments and deep narrations of life and love in 21st century. Be curious about it……..
submitted 22.07.2004

After 8 month of songwriting Masterplan is ready to record the second album. "We are really happy and proud of the new material!" The new CD will contain about 11 songs. This time all bandmembers appeared as songwriters. Songwriting took place in Hamburg, Aachen, Los Angeles, Slovakia and Norway. Roy Z. was helping as a good friend and for a couple of songs he was an "inspirator / arranger". Once again Andy Sneap and Masterplan are producing the new album together in the "Crazy Cat" Studio in Hamburg. The mixing will be done at "Finnvox Studios" in Helsinki by Mikko Karmila. Mastering by Mika Jussila. The album is scheduled to be released in the end of January 2005 through AFM Records. To while away the time it will be available an EP to a low single price in October 2004.
submitted 22.07.2004

After Doro has finished the promotion tour for her EP "Let Love Rain On Me“ (release 09.08.04) and for the studio album "Classic Diamonds“ (release 20.09.04) she just ended the last work for her new orchestra-album in the “Klaus Heuser Studios” in Cologne. “Classic Diamonds” will present hymns from 20 years Doro & Warlock in a new robe. Additionally, the CD will also include multiple new songs which are especially composed for this project. First impressions:
Furthermore, Doro, Warlock and orchestra will perform live on the following dates:
- Warlock + Metal Classic Night Orchester:
06.08.2004 (D) Wacken / Wacken Open Air
07.08.2004 (D) Dreisbach / Biker Party
- Doro + Metal Classic Night Orchester:
15.10.2004 (D) Balve / Hoehlenrock
16.10.2004 (CH) Pratteln / Z7
17.10.2004 (I) Milano / TBA
18.10.2004 (D) Berlin / Passionskirche
19.10.2004 (D) Cologne/ E-Werk
21.10.2004 (D) Offenbach / Capitol
22.10.2004 (D) Stuttgart / Philharmonie
23.10.2004 (D) München / Tonhalle
24.10.2004 (D) Hamburg/ Große Freiheit 36
submitted 22.07.2004

Zak Stevens & co. have completed the pre-production for Circle II Circle's much anticipated second release on AFM Records at "Cabin Fever Studios" Brooksville Florida. Circle II Circle were on tour together with Blaze and Perzonal War in June and July in European clubs and festivals. Now they re-entered the studio to continue the work for the album. Zak: "We soon found out that this is really a great place to write songs. It puts you in a twisted frame of mind and creates new possibilities for lyrics. It's a pretty scary place at night and makes you write songs that reflect that kind of's really very cool... The band, and I have been working extra hard to make sure this next record really kicks serious ass! Cabin Fever Studios is the best way to get away from all the daily distractions and every day problems. Here we can concentrate and get things done". The new EP of Circle II Circle for a low single price will be released in late summer. The studio album of the crew around ex-Savatage vocalist is scheduled for Oct./Nov. 2004.
submitted 22.07.2004

Courageous from Frankfurt, Germany, have signed a deal with Belgian label Mausoleum Records. The third album "Inertia" will see the light of day at the end of November. More info on their website at submitted 22.07.2004

German band Abaddon is looking for dancers to enhance their live show. If your interested check this (German) message and check them out at
"Wenn Du lust hast dich auf der Bühne zuzeigen (keine Strip oder Pornoeinlagen) dich zu bewegen und die Leute mit deinen Körper in den Bann der Musik zu ziehen, bis du hier genau richtig. Wenn du lust auf eine Show mit Feuer hast melde dich bei uns. Wenn du Spaß daran hast in Deutschland und Europe herum zu kommen und neue Leute und Orte kennen zu lernen bis du bei uns richtig ! Wir wollen gemeinsam die Show planen und würden uns freuen wenn du dich mit Ideen einbringst.
Was Wir bieten:
Verschiedene Konzerte ( größere und kleinere ), ein nettes Team, viel Freiraum für eigene Ideen und jede Menge Spaß.
Du solltest:
Über 18 sein, Lange Haare haben, Lust haben deinen Körper zu zeigen, Dich zu Musik bewegen können ( Vorerfahrungen mit Tanz währen super aber nicht zwingend )
Hast du jetzt vielleicht Interesse, dann melde dich doch einfach mal bei"

submitted 22.07.2004

NEBELMOND METAL PARTY, 03 +04.09.2004, B-Halle, Wertherbruch (NRW - Germany)
The billing is complete: Arcturus (Feat. Hellhammer & Sverd, only gig in Germany), The Vision Bleak, Secrets Of The Moon, Disillusion, Nebular Moon, Abaddon, Burden Of Grief, Urkraft, Prejudice (B), Helrunar, Sacrasphemy, Guerrilla, Dark Suns, The Shitheadz, Laid In Ashes, Dekadenz, Grabnebelfürsten, Path Of Golconda, Warchild X, Fall Of Serenity.
For info on tickets (13 euro) and a lottery check their website (German only) at
submitted 22.07.2004

Crater Fission, the new project formed by Benny Hägglund (live session drummer for Vintersorg) and Andreas Hedlund, will release their debut album entitled "Crater" on August 23rd via Napalm Records. It is said that both musicians have been working dilligently to concoct a unique mix of aggressive riffs and catchy, yet complex, melody lines. "Crater" abounds with uncompromising compositions, Vintersorg's unmistakable voice, and a powerful sound.
A sample is now available for download at this location.
submitted 10.07.2004

Here's some news from the God Dethroned camp! The band has decided to change the position of the second guitar player as well. Jens van der Valk is not in the band anymore. The new guitar player is called Isaac De La Haye. The new bass player is Henk "Henke" Zinger, who used to play in a band called Grindminded before joining God Dethroned!

God Dethroned This is the new line-up:
Henri Sattler - guitars, vocals.
Isaac De La Haye - guitars
Henk "Henke" Zinger - bass
Arien Van Weesenbeek - drums

God Dethroned will start recording the new album next week together with Henrik Larsson at Berno Studios, Malmö/Sweden! The album title will be "The Lair Of The White Worm". Here's the songs the band will record:
· The Lair of The White Worm
· Nihilism
· Salt In Your Wounds
· The Last Zip Of Spit
· Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
· Rusty Nails
· Sigma Enigma
· Arch Enemy Spain
· + 1 yet untitled song.

The album will be very diverse and the band will also shoot a video clip of the title track and film a studio report. "The Lair Of The White Worm" will be released in November 2004!
submitted 07.07.2004

Here's an update from the band:
"Well Kiddies Phil & Gonzo have re-formed their Rock, Blues Band called "Yo Diddley" along with current members of "Life After Death", Ray "Geezer" Burke & that illustrious Vocalist Jack "Lo" Emrick. They will be playing some blues standards (Red House, Cross Roads, Couldn't Stand The Weather) along with some old Derringer & Some Classic Danny Johnson tunes from his great band called "Axis" from the record Circus World, and even a rock, blues rendition of the classic "I'm coming home", from Marvin Gaye. So If you are in the area They will be performing on July 3rd, 2004 In Beautiful Burbank, CA at the club called River Line, across from the Warner Brother is the info.... come on out & Support It will be a blast ...$5.00 Cover...the address is: 4201 West Olive Avenue @ Pass Avenue, again it is across from the Warner Brother Studios...9:00 Slot.... So Get there early & have some Dinner before the show. See ya there!

Armored Saint Phil Sandoval is now offering Guitar Lessons at the Performing Arts Center, The Annex, in Alhambra, CA. Hourly Rates Available, call for Details. Call or come by: 216 E. Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801, Tel: 626.578.8789

Gonzo & Phil Will just attended Jazzcamp West at the YMCA Camp Jones Gulch near San Jose. It was a beautiful location in the Red Woods...7 Days of Nothing But Music Education & Performance & FUN.

Life After Death is slowly completing the writing to the 2nd record for this band...lots of surprises in store. We know this seems like Axel Rose's writing time period ...but hang in there, you will be pleasantly shocked!

Finally, Gonzo & Phil have formed a Racing Team, along with brother-in-law Eddie Smith. "Team Armored Saint" has been born. They Are Racing RC Xtm Mammoth 4-Wheel Drive Tucks, (soon to be racing 1/10th scale gas trucks; 1/8 buggies (KYOSHO) & mini T's). Watch out for new merchandise for Team Armored Saint. Become apart of the Team. FUN in The Sun for all!!!!!!

New Armored Saint record now pushed to some time in 2005. John & the Anthraxians have been very busy, more power to them. Hopefully soon the gears will shift.

All the best & keep supporting music!

That is it for now from the Brothers Sandoval ...

The Saint"
submitted 07.07.2004

Red Aim are busy with the songwriting for the follow up to last year´s "Niagara". Dr. Rogers and gang have spent the last few months exploring the darkside of Red Aim! The upcoming album will become a concept album about none less than the one who inspired them most in these strange times: the classical, charming, seductive and sinister devil. Musically the new material is said to be a frightening dark, mystically catchy, satanic rocking metal monster.

The album will be recorded at World famous Studio Fredman in Gothenburg/Sweden, starting in the middle of September when the days start getting shorter, the sunlight fades and the demons embrace us all...

Some early song titles are: "Black Mass Hysteria", "Mr. Sinister", "The Evil Made Me Do It" and "Lucifer In Starlight".
submitted 07.07.2004

Metal Blade Europe will release on August, 9th the 3-disc-setof the Six Feet Under DVD "Live With Full Force". It includes the brandnew DVD "Live With Full Force", filmed on the 2003 edition of the festival. The second DVD is the "Maximum Video", until now only released on VHS in Europe. The third disc is a live CD that also includes a brand new studiotrack!

"Live With Full Force"(PAL/RC0)
Silent Violence
The Day The Dead Walked
Hacked To Pieces
Human Target
Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
Torture Killer
No Warning Shot
Bringer Of Blood
Amerika The Brutal
Victim Of The Paranoid

Live With Full Force "Maximum Video" (NTSC/RC0)
Hacked To Pieces Backstage Version
Feasting on the blood of the Insane
Human Target
War Is Coming
No Warning Shot
Revenge Of The Zombie
Torture Killer
Beneath A Black Sky
Shortcut To Hell
Victim Of The Paranoid
Hacked To Pieces
Mass Murder Rampage
Victim Of The paranoid – Video
Victim Of The paranoid – (Wacken 99)
Still Alive
This Graveyard Earth
Bonus Footage

Bonus CD
Silent Violence
Human Target
Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
Victim Of The Paranoid
Dead And Buried (Living Life In The Grave) – new studio track!

submitted 06.07.2004

Silent Edge On the 9th of June the Dutch progressive metal band Silent Edge played the finals of the 16th edition of the European metal contest "Villa de Bilbao" in Bilbao/Spain.
Besides Silent Edge two more bands were playing the finals: The German melodic hard rock band Eat The Gun which plays catchy guitar rock like Motörhead and Guns'n' Roses and the Spanish band Second Silence which plays metal like Sepultura.
This time Germany beat the Dutch in an overcrowded "Villa de Bilbao" which was build in 1663: Eat The Gun was chosen as the best band.
Silent Edge became the honor full runner up before Second Silence. 1250 bands attended the metal contest. And it is therefore that Silent Edge is very proud to be the runner up of "Villa de Bilbao Metal Contest".
submitted 27.06.2004

The limited first edition of the new Cataract album "With Triumph Comes Loss" will include a bonus DVD! Read one for further details. All comments by guitar player Simon! The bonus-DVD contains four different chapters:

1. Live "Dance of Days Festival 04" - 26 min.
A choice of seven songs recorded live at Remise/Wil (Switzerland) 26/04/03.

"It's a variety of songs of our most important releases so far ("Golem", "Great Days of Vengeance" and "Martyrs Melodies"). It also includes two brand new tracks from the "With Triumph Comes Loss" CD! Everything is filmed with three cameras and recorded with a 24-track portable desk. This is the hard and raw side of a CATARACT live appearance. It shows everybody what to expect when we play live. This will bring the intensity of our music closer to all non believers."

2. studio report – 10 min.
"Well, if you ever wanted to know the secrets behind recording you will get it all in here. Road movie style."

3. The Collective 01-04 – 13 min.
"This is a variety of live songs recorded on more or less acceptable quality from shows between 01 and 04. In your face and honest."

4. Photo Gallery – 1:30 min
"Approximately 35 pics that were taken all over the globe over the past three years. Stylish."

"All in all, we have approx. 50 minutes of Cataract in its purest form. Everybody that doesn't know us yet gets a good introduction to the Cataract-collective. For everybody else: Stay true and enjoy! With this DVD we want to introduce ourselves to the world. Live, raw and no fake bullshit. It's all real, its all us. Love it or leave it. It's our hearts and our love."

"With Triumph Comes Loss" was produced by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios in Denmark and will be released through Metal Blade Europe on September 6th. Here's the tracklisting of the album:
With Triumph Comes Loss 1. Killing Tool
2. Nothing´s Left
3. Vanished In The Dark
4. Skies Grow Black
5. As We Speak
6. Godevil
7. Fuel
8. Reborn From Fire
9. Saving Shelter
10. Hallow Horns
11. With Triumph Comes Loss

submitted 22.06.2004

On the 23rd of August, the second Unearth album "The Oncoming Storm" – produced by Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage - will surface in Europe. The metalcore sensation from Boston/MA already has a huge following from their EPs "Above The Fall Of Men" and "Endless" and their first album "The Stings Of Conscience". Plus they have played hundreds of shows in North America and Europe (they toured here two years ago with Heaven Shall Burn).

The Oncoming Storm Here's the tracklist for "The Oncoming Storm":
1. The Great Dividers
2. Failure
3. This Lying World
4. Black Hearts Now Reign
5. Zombie Autopilot
6. Bloodlust of the Human Condition
7. Lie to Purify
8. Endless
9. Aries
10. Predetermined Sky
11. False Idols

As a bonus the video-clip of "Black Hearts Now Reign" will be included in the CD-ROM-part! The limited first edition will include the bonus-DVD "Live In Long Island" including interview footage, backstage antics and live-clips of the songs "My Heart Bleeds No Longer", "The Great Dividers" and "Black Hearts Now Reign". This past weekend the band played the "Barfly" in London. The show was sold-out and the crowd went nuts! What a great show! Journalists from all over Europe joined the event and were all impressed by the aggressive and tight stage-acting of the boys. Unearth will most probably be coming back to Europe in November – more details and dates will be released soon! For online streaming of the album and news on the band click on
submitted 24.06.2004

Dutch death metallers God Dethroned will enter Berno Studios in Malmö/Sweden on July 14th to begin recording the follow-up to 2003's "Into the Lungs of Hell". Nine new songs are ready to be laid down for the as-yet-untitled effort, which is tentatively due in late 2004/early 2005.

In other news God Dethroned, who recently replaced bassist Beef with a musician named Henk, have been confirmed for the Occult Fest 2004, a two-day event set to take place September 3-4 in Hoogeveen/The Netherlands. Other bands scheduled to appear at the festival include Pleurisy, Mortuary Iod, Katafalk, Makiladoras, As It Burns and Morning. For more info visit
submitted 22.06.2004

Susperia, the Norwegian based extreme melodic metal band have announced details of forthcoming festival appearances.The band have been confirmed to appear at the Slottsfjell Festival in Tonsberg/Norway on Saturday 17th July and they will also headline the Elveblest Festival at Arnes, Norway on Saturday 21st August.
Further festival appearances are currently being lined up. In the meantime Susperia are expected to announce details of an extensive European tour shortly.

In other news Susperia's "Unlimited" album, which was released in Europe recently through the Tabu label, is set for a US release on 29th June through Candlelight. Recorded at Subsonic Society Studios in Oslo/Norway and Studio Fredman (At The Gates, Soilwork) in Gothenburg/Sweden the album has already gathered substantial critical acclaim throughout Europe. The band recently filmed a video for album track "Chemistry". The band are looking to break US ground in early 2005.
submitted 22.06.2004

Here's some more info about the "Crowned Unholy" release by The Crown – to hit the market on August 9th!
As you know by now, "Crowned Unholy" is a remake of the bands fifth album "Crowned In Terror" with re-recorded vocal tracks by Johan, re-recorded bass tracks by Magnus, a new version of the intro (originally written by Marko, now programmed by Janne), drum sound digitally enhanced by Janne, and cool synthesizer-spiced parts here and there, all programmed by Janne.

"Crowned Unholy" will be released with a free bonus DVD entitled "The Crown invades Karlsruhe". The bonus DVD is a full live show filmed professionally on their last tour when The Crown played Karlsruhe/Germany on the 24th of November, 2003. Here you have the tracklist of that particular show:
1. No Tomorrow
2. Face Of Destruction/Deep Hit Of Death
Crowned In Terror 3. Deathexplosion
4. World Below
5. Deliverance
6. Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
7. Cold Is The Grave
8. Zombiefied
9. Dream Bloody Hell/Kill 'Em All
10. Under The Whip
11. Bow To None
12. Total Satan
13. House Of Hades/Crowned In Terror
14. 1999-Revolution 666

"Crowned Unholy" will be released the 9th of August, 2004 via Metal Blade Europe.
submitted 22.06.2004

Swedish death metal band In Battle have finished the recordings for their third album "Welcome To The Battlefield", their first for Cold Records/Metal Blade. The album is set for a September, 20th release.
If you are a fan of US death metal with a touch of the Swedish flavour, you will surely bang your head to this! This album was recorded at the band's own studio in Sweden; the mix and mastering was done at Mana Recording Studios in the US by producer Erik Rutan. "Welcome To The Battlefield" contains 11 songs of true aggression and boiling adrenaline... and the production delivered by the well-known ex-Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal guitarist came out excellent and totally fits the music. As Rutan said: "Hey guys, do you know how good this sounds? This is a fucking killer man, I'm proud to be a part of this album".
submitted 22.06.2004
Polish Pyorrhoea has officially signed a three record deal with Empire Records. Their debut album "Desire For Torment" is going to be released in Poland with the 4th issue of Thrash'em All Magazine. The album contains 14 ultra fast songs.
Pyorrhoea is one of the most brutal bands of the Polish scene, mixing grind core and death metal influences. The album was recorded at Hertz Studio, mastered by Bartosz Trojanowski and contains incredibly crashing mix of heaviness and brutality. Napalm Death and Terrorizer fans should be satisfied as well as all maniacs of total carnage.
For more info visit
submitted 20.06.2004

Darzamat's musicians enter the studio to begin recording their fourth album entitled "Semidevilish". "We have prepared ten songs. Most of them are mixture of black and death metal with symphonic and dark atmosphere. As usual for Darzamat, this record will be very hard to classify, but I am sure, that it will be the most powerful and the best album in the history of the band", explains Flauros, Darzamat's vocalist.
The musicians will spend the time in "Mular Studio" in Swietochlowice, in a new studio of Maciej Mularczyk, who produced the last Frontiside band record. "Mular guaranteed that we will sound like we want. We work with a professional who knows what to do. We are looking forward to the end of this session and we are sure that sound will surprise everybody", emphasizes Daamr, guitarist and now also bass guitarist.

For further details such as tracklist visit
submitted 20.06.2004

Metal Blade are very proud to announce the signing of one of the hottest newcomers they have heard in a long time! Neaera were created to break barriers and to shatter boundaries! Their heavy blend of metalcore and Swedish death metal is unique and full of energy. These young lads from Münster/Germany know how to crush an audience!

Neaera Here's what the band had to say about the deal: "It is still a little hard to grasp for us, but from today on we are actually in a contract with Metal Blade Records! Being offered a contract by Metal Blade was way beyond anything we would have dared to hope for when we started out! It is really great to see that a professional record label such as Metal Blade is offering such a huge chance to a relatively new band such as us. As much more are we overwhelmed by the fact that we now have the honour to speak of bands like Bolt Thrower, Amon Amarth, As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse and Unearth and call them our colleagues! Without the musical influences of all these great bands, we probably would not exist as a band. We are greatly looking forward to the future cooperation and want to thank all the people at Metal Blade for their confidence!"

Check out their homepage – there you'll find more info about the boys and a mp3 of the demo song "Broken Spine".
Check out Neaera in concert:
29.06.2004 – D-Bielefeld@Falkendom /with Walls Of Jericho and Soulgate's Dawn
29.07.2004 – D-Münster@Triptychon /with Narziss and Fall Of A Season

Neaera will enter the studio in the fall of 2004 for an early 2005 release!
submitted 15.06.2004

Criss Blackburn, singer for Swedish metal band Seven Gates, did a couple of shows singing as a frontman for Spanish metal band Sandalinas, substituting their original singer Apollo Papathanasio (Time Requiem, Meduza). Sandalinas recorded their first album in Los Angered Studios (Gothemburg/Sweden). The album has been named to originate the so-called new wave of melodic metal. Produced, mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque (guitarist for King Diamond), Sandalinas is a band to be payed attention to in the near future. For more info visit
submitted 12.06.2004

Two years after recording the debut album "Behind the Curtain" (Avantgarde Music, 2003) Strommoussheld is in the studio again. It's all because they've decided to celebrate their 5th anniversary with the "Halfdecadance" EP release (500 copies limited).
So far the drums, bass, synths, samples and eight guitar tracks are already recorded and Maels is now recording vocals. Mixing and mastering will take place in Marcin Prusiewicz Green Studio (Poland). "Halfdecadance" EP will be out on 22 Records. The release date is scheduled for 22/06/2004.

The new and final tracklist:
1. Larva And Butterfly
2. Enceladus
3. Deception
4. Era Depression
5. Mezzanine
More info as well as preorder and free mp3 on
submitted 12.06.2004

Symphorce bandmates Andy B. Franck (vocals) and Cede Dupont (guitars) have been invited to play on the forthcoming album by new Brazilian shooting stars Sagitta! Currently both musicians are in different studios recording their parts. Cede flew over to Brazil to record his parts in Sao Paulo, while Andy had to settle for doing his vocal tracks in a German studio due to timing conflicts, as he will be touring with Brainstorm around the same time (playing the USA, Sweden, etc.). Besides the usual English lyrics, Andy will be trying to sing in Portuguese for the very first time!

After completing their guest performances, Symphorce will hit the road again to continue promoting their highly successful last full length effort "Twice Second".
submitted 04.06.2004

Criminal Keyboardist Mark Royce has been fired from the band after failing to show up for the band's recent tour of Chile. Royce joined the band in 2002 along with Robin Eaglestone (bass) and Zac O’Neil (drums).

"He really didn't leave us much of a choice", comments frontman Anton Reisenegger. "Two days before leaving for Chile, he just disappeared. He wasn't answering our calls or text messages, nothing. Obviously, we went anyway, had a great fuckin' tour, came back, and still no word from him. So basically I sent him an e-mail telling him he was out of the band. He responded to that, saying he understood. You go figure...
That leaves Rod, Zac and me as Criminal at the moment, but we hope to find a permanent bassist soon, and we shall carry on as a four piece, like it was meant to be. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any keyboards on the next album, but I'm really against getting a full-time keyboard player, because they're always going to be like a "fringe member", like Mark himself once put it. I'd rather use a session player."

In other news, the whole sold-out Chilean tour was documented on video, with the footage currently being edited into a video clip for the song "Deconstruction", which comes off the band's latest album "No Gods No Masters". The clip, which is being directed by Roberto Fuentes, who had previously worked with the band on the video clip for "El Azote" and Criminal's as-yet-unreleased home video entitled "Video Azote", should be finished in June.
submitted 02.06.2004

Shawn from Eidolon sent in the following statement:

"This update is to inform that we have decided to part ways with our singer, Pat Mulock for reasons of both a musical and personal nature. I express no interest in giving any childish, gory details or go into any specific's as to why we have decided to take this path - it simply wasent working for us anymore on a musical level mostly, so in all fairness to the band, a change is nessesary at this point in time - we do wish Pat luck on his future musical endeavors.

So once again we are left with the arduous position of trying to find a new "family" member, as it were - A task ( and I think I speak for Glen and Adrian here as well ) that we are not fond of. At this juncture of the game finding the "right guy for the job" 1 who expresses the same musical goals as well as sharing the same outlook on this retarded business and NOT be dissillutional about it is not an easy thing - we certainly don't do this for money - if we did, we certainly are playing the wrong type of music!!!! We do this for completely selfish reasons, which to me, is the ONLY reason to play music - to express ouselves in a genuine fashion and not bow to any pathetic trends - in the end, we do this for ourselves 1st and hope to expand our fan base with each release.

As well, the "right" vocalist has to be great in all facet's - melodic, wide range of vocal style's, great frontman and 1 who can rip your face off in a live setting - in other words, a complete pro!!!!!! Unfortunately - this type of vocalist does not grow on tree's here in North America - Europe however, is a different story, so we decided to try a different approach in finding who we were looking for.......

It didn't take too long to figure out who we wanted to fill this position - Since late December, Glen and myself have been working on a record called "Dimension Infinite" which also features 3 members of a band called Pagans Mind, who, in my opinion, are a fantastic metal-progish style band from Norway (great guys as well, actually) their singer - Nils.K.Rue is lending his talents for this record, in which he, Ronni and Steinar (bass and keyboards, respectively) are currently working on as I write this. After seeing Pagans Mind last fall at ProgPower festival, I was blown away on how great of a live performer Nils was - something that now has played a part on us approaching him to become the new singer for Eidolon. In my opinion, Nils has all the elements of we want in a great singer, so after contacting him and offering him the "job", I am happy to say that Nils.K.Rue is now the new vocalist for Eidolon!!!

We are very excited about the future of the band, and we are very much looking forword to start recording the next Eidolon record, which will happen in early fall-2004!!!!

submitted 02.06.2004

Chrigel from Eluveitie sent in the following message:

"1. New line-up
As some may know, "Vên", our first release (self-financed), was merely recorded with a studio line-up. After a long time of searching for eligible musicians, we can finally look at a complete, fix band line-up now. We're happy that we could win awesome people over for our band - in musical as well as in personal terms.
Eluveitie © Eluveitie The new Eluveitie line-up is:
Sevi Binder - Vocals
Beni Häfeli - Drums
Rafi Kirder - Bass
Dani Fürer - Guitars
Ivo Henzi - Guitars
Meri Tadic - Fiddle
Linda Suter - Fiddle
Sevan Kirder - Irish Flute, Whistles
Dide Marfurt - Helvetic Bagpipe, Hurdygurdy, Bodhrán, Bouzouki
Chrigel Glanzmann - Tin & Low Whistles, Irish Bagpipe, Bombarde, Accoustic Guitars

2. "Vên" (released 15th of october 2003; limited to 500 pcs) is already sold out!!!
A couple of copies may still remain available so far in some webstores (see our website; "Discography" to find some)... for a little while! So: Those who want to grasp one of the very last copies - dash off!

3. Eluveitie signed to label!
We are happy to announce that we signed a deal with the dutch record label Fear Dark (! Fear Dark is a very dedicated label that focuses on Death, Black and Dark Metal. Working together with distribution-partners worldwide (such as Adipocere Records, France for example), Fear Dark makes up great chance for us. Beside of the fact, that during the last few months, we became good fellows to each other.
In the press Fear Dark is often compared to labels like Napalm Records, or their countryconfreres of Karmageddon Media (Ex-Hammerheart Records). Some other Fear Dark bands are for example the Black/Dark Metal savages Slechtvalk, the dutch Goth Metal band Morphia or the canadian Death Metal project Sympathy (with Tim Roth and Rob Doherty from Into Eternity). Fear Dark is also energetic in organising concerts (Serenade Of Darkness, Whispering Gallery, Natan and many others, beside the Fear Dark bands of course)

4. Re-Release
As first act, Fear Dark will release "Vên" again in a new edition! We've been in the studio again and partly re-recorded the songs on "Vên"! Furthermore the recordings will be re-mastered! The new edition of "Vên" will likely be released in autumn 2004; but there is not releasedate set so far."
submitted 02.06.2004

You have experience on the mic and you like bands as the likes of Crimson Glory, Warrior and Vicious Rumours or US Metal in general? Then you might be the right guy! Your nationality doesn't matter, a studio in Germany and songs are ready to feel the metal! So far the band consists of Stefan Köllner (Domain, ex-Symphorce; dr.), Mat Braun (Psychotron, guit.) und Frank Herold (Psychotron, bass). Contact for seriously interested shouters (no beginners!):
submitted 27.05.2004

News for all fans of recently deceased The Crown:
On the 9th of August, 2004 Metal Blade Records Europe will release "Crowned Unholy"! A bonus-DVD will be included as well!
"Crowned Unholy" is a remake of the bands fifth album "Crowned In Terror" with re-recorded vocal tracks by Johan, re-recorded basstracks by Magnus, a new version of the intro (originally written by Marko, now programmed by Janne), drum sound digitally enhanced by Janne, and cool synthesizer-spiced parts here and there, all programmed by Janne.
The whole remake and remix/mastering was made/performed at Bohus Sound Recording with Dragan Tanaskovic. The Crown has NEVER worked with such a cool dude. Dragan's attitude and experience combined with the visions of The Crown was harmony defined. Janne Saarenpää (drums) comments the release: "Finally "Crowned in Terror=Crowned Unholy" sounds just the way it's supposed to! After a long, LONG journey through different studios and mastering facilities we once again achieved the unique CROWN sound, this time at Bohus Sound Recording and nowhere else. When you hear Johan's voice in the BRUTAL new mix, you will once again realize that you've been struck by the magic of The Crown! A perfect ending for quite a ride that lasted for 14 years!"
submitted 27.05.2004

Once again Falconer is up for a line-up change. Second guitarist Anders Johansson and bass player Peder Johansson are out.

"A big discussion took place after the gig in Motala/Sweden as we started to talk about the future of Falconer. Two camps quickly formed about the issue. The talk started to get more and more aggressive until it took an ugly turn as Peder started to let his hands do the talking, but luckily Kristoffer stepped in and stopped it from getting really bad. Although our intoxicated state of mind probably made the arguement worse, it has left deep scars. After this incident the contacts has been very chilly with especially Peder but also Anders.
Karsten, Kristoffer and I believe that the tension will undermine the future atmosphere of the band if they were to stay. It's better to go our separate ways and let them follow their ideas with their other band Guineapigs. We don’t think nor hope that Peder and Anders have a different opinion about the decision we have taken.
Stefan, Kristoffer and Karsten."

If you are interested in the job, please contact the band through their website
submitted 27.05.2004

The Heavils Simple: The Heavils is another new American heavy metal band hailing from Rockford, Illinois!
Unique is not a strong enough word to describe The Heavils sound or The Heavils themselves. The band not only creates and builds their own distinctive guitars, known as Meanies, but also use them when recording and playing live. Says guitar player Mossy: "We have been together for about 3 years and our first album came out March of last year. Brian and me started writing songs together and a friend had a guitar on the wall with missing strings and it was fretless. I strung it up and played it. Brian hated it at first but it really sounded different. He came to practice the next day with the Toilet guitar. They really don't sound like any other guitar, they have 5 strings and sometimes sound like motorcycles or bees riding chainsaws… Brian has made about 20 since then and they all have different names."

The new album "Heavilution" which will be released through Metal Blade Records in Europe on August 23d, was produced by none other than the almighty Devin Townsend! "We got Devin Townsend to produce the new album. I have known him for a long time and knew he would get the sound we wanted. We went to Vancouver, B.C for a month and worked hard. Shaun Thingvold mixed and engineered, he is a god."

For more info check out
submitted 27.05.2004

Cannibal Corpse "Guitarist Jeremy Turner (ex-Origin) will be replacing Jack Owen (who quit earlier this month) on our upcoming tours. It is too early to say if he will wind up being the permanent replacement, but so far he is doing very well learning the songs. Jeremy is a dedicated guitarist and a dedicated death metaller, as fans of his previous work already know. Learning 18 songs in less than 3 weeks is a tough job, and we want to thank Jeremy for working hard to get the job done." -
submitted 24.05.2004

We're lucky to tell you, that from now on, all Domain-Songs, which have been released as regular albums so far, will be available as legal downloads as well! Domain are proud to get the two biggest German providers of legal download-portals, and, for a worldwide cooperation. More providers will follow in the next days. Finally, it´s possible to create your own Domain "Best-of" CD, with exactly these songs and tracklists you always wanted to listen to. Worldwide availiable, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guaranteed legal. -
submitted 23.05.2004
Alex @ Wacken 2000 © Nico Wobben Alex Nelson, guitarist for metal band Lizzy Borden, perished in a head-on collision the afternoon of May 17th, 2004. Alex Nelson joined Lizzy Borden, after replacing Tony Matuzak, on guitar before the recording of "The Murderess Metal Roadshow". Alex maintained his place in the band and went on to tour with Lizzy all over the world. He loved the music and loved the band, but most of all he loved life. Alex will be truly missed by all that had the gift of his friendship. He shall be missed dearly, as he was just starting his new life with his wife Angel Nelson. Recently moving to Palm Springs, the couple had purchased their new home and starting a rental business for the condo they had also purchased. They were living their dream life together only to end in a heartbreaking tragedy. This Sunday the band Starwood (all Lizzy Borden members, including Lizzy) will be performing at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip. They will be performing a few Lizzy Borden songs in tribute to their lost brother.

Angel & AlexAlex Nelson our brother and band mate passed away last night. We loved him and we will miss him very very much. Please send all condolences to and we will pass them on to his family.” - Lizzy Borden -

To send your condolences and support please mail to: V.Q. Promotions, C/O Angel Nelson, 4415 W. Verdugo Ave., Ste B, Burbank, CA 91505.

Our sincere condolences to Angel, the band and his family & friends!
submitted 22.05.2004
As you probably know, metal queen Doro signed a long term deal with AFM Records. At this time she’s working together with the “Metal Classic Night Orchestra” to finish her first album for AFM. This release will present hymns from 20 years Doro & Warlock in a new robe. Additionally, the CD will also include 3 new songs which are especially composed for this project. The release is scheduled for September 2004. To while away the time, there will be a new EP available on August 9th 2004 which also includes songs with the orchestra.
submitted 22.05.2004
AFM also lets us know that Jorn Lande's solo album “Out To Every Nation” is available in stores since April 26th. With this album he already hit the Norwegian Charts on #64 for the first time and Swedish Charts on #84. After the recordings of the video clip “Living With Wolves” which was recorded in Vemork in an electrochemical plant of the early 19th century, the Masterplan singer now completed the last recordings for his second video clip “Out To Every Nation”. It was recorded in the Norwegian highlands. Further information soon…..
submitted 22.05.2004
Finally a new EP of Circle II Circle will be available in summer 2004 for a low single price. The studio album of the crew around ex-Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens is scheduled for October 2004. To while away the time, Circle II Circle will Perzonal War present 1-2 new songs on tour with Blaze and Perzonal War in June/July (see the tourdates section on our forum for dates!) And talking about Perzonal War... their new album “Faces” (release on May, 17th 2004 on AFM) scored already first-class resonances, a.o. 9,5 of 10 points in Metal Heart, position #7 in Metal Hammer sound check, 10x dynamite Rock Hard!! The band from Siegburg recorded their first video clip for the song “My Secret” which will be included on the limited edition CD “Faces”. Go check them out!
submitted 22.05.2004
There are good news for all Annihilator fans: Jeff Waters and his crew will support the reunion tour of Judas Priest in June! The following tour dates are already confirmed:
06.06.04 FRAUENFELD (CH) – T.B.A.
14.06.04 PRAGUE (CZ) - T-MOBILE
The set list will include songs of the new album “All For You” as well as some Annihilator classics. “All For You” (the album with the new vocalist Dave Padden) will be released on May 24th. The EP “The One” is already available since April 26th. It includes, a.o., one non-album-bonus-track, wallpapers & screen savers as well as 3 live video clips of the Earthshaker Festival 2003
submitted 21.05.2004
Even Vast: "We have just signed a deal with Cruz Del Sur Music, so next August Even Vast will enter the studio to record the new album at H-Soundstudio (Aosta - Italy). The album will be mastered at Mastersound (Germany) and will be released in early 2005 (Jan/Feb). -
submitted 21.05.2004
Reunited San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Heathen have made their entire "Breaking the Silence" (1987) and "Victims of Deception" (1989) albums available for free download in the media section via their official web site
Heathen's new CD, "Recovered" release April 13. "Recovered" features covers of songs from Queen, Thin Lizzy, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Sweet Savage, as well as an original track, "In Memory of…", written and dedicated to former band member Randy Laird and lead vocalist David White's brother Jeffrey, whose untimely losses occurred in 1991.
submitted 21.05.2004
A message from Adrian Butler: "After the successful tour with While Heaven Wept and the fantastic live gig at this year’s "Doom Shall Rise" festival, the Irish Doom-Death band Mourning Beloveth signed to Grau Records, a subsidiary of Prophecy Productions. The deal is for four albums the first of which is to be recorded in October in the famous Studio E in Germany. This is a very exciting step for both band and label and it underlines the fact that doom metal is on the rise." -
submitted 21.05.2004
Requiem Aeternam are in the studio to record "Philosopher". Joe Pedulla and Arun Venkatesh will be in charge of the recording and mixing. Both have much experience, having worked with bands like Overkill and All Out War among others. Spina Studio is already working on the cover art. The idea is to reflect the philosophical content of the lyrics. The first photography session with the new line-up will be done by Urszula Ciura in the following days. During the recording session, we will be uploading pictures taken in the studio... Keep checking Requiem Aeternam's official website at:
submitted 21.05.2004
Katagory V has been very busy writing the next album the last few months, and it is already near completion! The new album is looking to be a ten track release, and the band is shooting for a 2005 release date. Some of the current song titles are "Fading In.", "Will You Remember", "Enemy" and "Hostile Takeover". Katagory V is planning to go into pre-production at the end of May and is scheduled to start recording the album in August/September. A few words from Dustin: "It appears we are nearly done with writing the new album already! We are very excited with the new material and I think many will be blown away at the diversity of these new songs and the direction we are taking them in. So far it's sounding yet again like the next step for Katagory V, and will be heavier for the most part, but be a much more melodic album as a whole compared to our last two efforts. The addition of Marc contributing to the writing process has boosted the creativity in the band several notches, and the product is coming along better than we have anticipated; things are moving very quickly. It's interesting that "A New Breed of Rebellion" has only been out a few months, and we are already moving on to the next recording. but hey, why not! We love to keep busy and the new stuff is sounding killer!" Check for updates.
submitted 21.05.2004
On July 9th you can go see bands like Deep Purple, Status Quo, Cheap Trick, Thunder, Rose Tattoo, Anthrax, Wishbone Ash, Adler’s Appetite and Gotthard at Holland's cosiest festival: Bospop! The program of the 10th is a bit less heavy: Zucchero, Patti Smith, Bløf, Solomon Burke, Di-Rect, Todd Rundgren, Beef, Intwine, Little Feat, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Walter Trout & The Radicals, Imperial Crowns and The Sheer. There is also a camping, for more info go to!
submitted 21.05.2004
This news is about a month old, but we didn't post it yet (sorry)...:
"After several auditions that were held last couple of weeks Dutch theater proggers Cirrha Niva found themselves two great talented and very enthusiastic musicians. On guitars the band is joined by Carlo Heefer, a very talented musician from the Dutch music city Tilburg. Two weeks ago Cirrha Niva ended their search for new members after bassplayer Daniël Huijben came to audition! There was no discussion needed, everybody directly agreed Daniël was the man for the job. Besides his overwhelming play he is also very motivated and fits the band perfectly. For the gear freaks among you; Carlo plays a Ibanez S7420 7-string, a Ibanez RG7CST J-custom 7-string (with two Dimarzio custom seven string pickups and the patented Ibanez Double Edge Piezo Tremolo system) and a costume made 6-string Steinberger replica guitar, which he only uses for strange experiments. Daniël plays a 4-5-and 6 string bassguitar. His 6 string bassguitar is a Yamaha RBX John Myung signature bass. Carlo and Daniël directly joined the process of new songwriting and study hard to get a grip on all former songmaterial. You can get a glimpse of both Carlo and Daniël on the totally new website
submitted 21.05.2004
Here's an update from Jim Matheos:
"Time for a long overdue update... Ray, Mark, and I will meet this weekend in Connecticut to start recording our tenth studio release, tentatively titled FWX. After the drums are recorded we'll start tracking guitars, bass, keys and vocals at my studio. Final mixing is scheduled for late June. If we stick to that schedule Metal Blade tells me that we'll make an October release.

Fates Warning Here's the track listing, see if you can guess which ones are still just working titles:
Left Here
Song 6
River Wide Ocean Deep
Another Perfect Day
Dmin pt1 and pt2
Song 10
Song 8
Stranger (with a familiar face)

Finally, yes it's true Mark will be leaving the band after this recording. Mark has been a big part of our sound for the last fifteen years and his contributions will be missed. But, I think it's fair to say, both sides feel it's time for a change. No decision on a replacement yet.
I'll try to give another update as the recording progresses."
submitted 15.05.2004

On June 14th, the new Cattle Decapitation album "Humanure" will see the light of day in Europe! Be prepared for another nine songs (+ intro and outro) of brutal death metal with grindcore influences. The biggest improvement is the addition of some eerie and epic melodies that will haunt you to the death. The new album "Humanure" starts off where "To Serve Man" left off, dealing with the rape of the earth, its natural resources, and the unjust treatment of animals.

Recorded with producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, WASP, Six Feet Under), "Humanure" will feature the latest addition to the band, drummer Michael Laughlin. The band parted ways with drummer David Astor in May of 2003 due to his inability to live up to the obligations of touring and regular necessities of the band.

Once again, the cover artwork is causing some trouble. Metal Blade's German distributor SPV refuses to put this album into the stores, therefore in Germany "Humanure" will be available via mailorder only!

Humanure The tracklisting of "Humanure" is as follows:
1. Scatology Domine (intro)
2. Humanure
3. Reduced To Paste
4. Bukkake Tsunami
5. Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik
6. Chummified
7. Applied Human Defragmentation
8. The Earthling
9. Polyps
10. Lips & Assholes
11. Men Before Swine (outro)

submitted 15.05.2004

Johan Hegg Johan Hegg does the talking: "Finally, after long consideration, we have decided the title of the new album. The title will be "Fate Of Norns", referring to the three Norns - or "godesses of fate" - Urd, Skuld and Verdandi who in Scandinavian mythology sit at the root of Yggdrasil - the world tree - weaving the fate of every man."
Some of the song titles are: "An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm", "The Fate Of Norns", "Arson", "Sealed In Blood" and "The Valkyries Ride". Amon Amarth will enter Berno Studios in Malmö/Sweden on Monday, 17th of May to record "Fate Of Norns" which is going to be released on September 6th through Metal Blade.
submitted 13.05.2004

Metal Blade Records has signed the best European metalcore band Cataract from Switzerland! Cataract is THE top-act in European metalcore and destined to be huge. Their upcoming album "With Triumph Comes Loss" is a furious asskick and supposed to be the perfect link between Slayer and Hatebreed.

Cataract The band seems happy as well: "YES, the rumors are true - as of this month we inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records! We can tell you we’re so excited about it! This is more than a dream come true for all of us! After corporations with Ferret Music and Lifeforce Records, this will take us much further than we’ve ever expected to go as a band. It gives us an even bigger artistic platform and opens up a whole new audience to express what we are all about. From what they have done for us already by now, we can say that we can't wait for the future to begin...Metal Blade is home to some of our personal faves like Cannibal Corpse, Unearth, Amon Amarth, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder and has been home for Slayer when they started off. So you can tell that we are very proud to be part of the Metal Blade family!"

Read more about them at
submitted 11.05.2004

Isengard is happy to announce that Peo Lövholm is back in Isengard. Peo Lövholm did his first job as choir-conductor for the recording of Crownless Majesty. He also did some live gigs as keyboard master. "I'm very happy to be back and do this restart of Isengard", says Peo.

Isengard is currently also desperatly looking for a singer! If you want the job or know someone who want the job, please contact them at
Please also note there's now a Polish fansite for Isengard at
submitted 11.05.2004

Metal Blade Records is very proud to announce the signing of Irish Metal Gods Primordial! "One of the best and most original bands in the whole metal scene. On stage as well as on their albums, Primordial deliver the goods. Check out their previous records, go and see them live – this band is magic!" – says a spokesperson of Metal Blade Europe.

Primordial This is what A.A. Nemtheanga – singer in Primordial – has to say:
"We are proud to announce we have signed a world wide deal with Metal Blade Records. After thirteen years in existence this will be our fourth record label and hopefully our last. Some may find Primordial and Metal Blade a strange combination as we have musically relatively little in common with many of the bands on the roster but that's what makes it such an interesting and challenging combination on so many levels. We had other offers and interest from various labels and it was clear to us we had to step things up with a bigger label . When we looked at things in the cold light the Metal Blade offer was by the far the best and it became clear to us that we were dealing with a genuine label run by Metal fans for Metal fans with a vast Metal legacy over three decades and not with one eye always on the profit margin. We hope to record our next (fifth) album during the summer/autumn with famed engineer/producer Billy Anderson here in Ireland for an early Winter release. We have a few European shows here and there before then so until then...vae victis."
submitted 11.05.2004

The artwork for Borknagar's upcoming new album "Epic" has been revealed. Once again it was done by drummer Asgeir Mickelson who this time also recorded bass for the album. "Epic" will be released in Europe on June 29th.

Epic Here's the tracklist again:
1. Future Reminiscence
2. Traveller
3. Origin
4. Sealed Chambers of Electricity
5. The Weight of Wind
6. Resonance
7. Relate (Dialogue)
8. Cyclus
9. Circled
10. Inner Ocean Hypothesis
11. Quintessence
12. The Wonder
submitted 06.05.2004

The Monstrosity tour is cancelled. Yesterday was the last show, the bands are already on their ways back home.
Turnouts have been too bad, losing money day by day is no fun for the bands nor for the tour agency.
submitted 05.05.2004

Vader, Slipknot & Metallica
On the 31st of May Vader will play a show with Slipknot and Metallica at Silesian Stadium in Chorzów/Poland!

Vader Over 600 people in Kiev and Minsk!
The tour is going great and the last gigs in Kiev and Minsk were extremely successful, over six hundred people, amazing response and devastating gigs of Vader in the Eastern countries. Now the panzer division is moving on to celebrate the last gig on the "Battles In The East Tour". The whole tour has been extremely good and the band wants to come back there as soon as possible! Right after the tour Vader are going to start rehearsals for the upcoming album "The Beast". To be released the 20th of September in Europe!

Video from Tartu!
Vaderfans from Tartu/Estonia have made a movie of Vader's show! Go to the following link to see a preview:
submitted 05.05.2004

As previously reported, Harry "Tyrant" Conklin has left the ranks of Arizona metallers Ballistic due to his inability to tour at this time. "Musically, we were all getting along great, in fact, couldn't be better," said mainman Tom Gattis in a statement. "But unfortunately non-musical circumstances have made it impossible for Harry to travel with us outside the country." Harry's replacement is East Coast screamer Tony Taylor (Twisted Tower Dire, Isen Torr, October 31). Taylor has no intentions of leaving Twisted Tower Dire, but is very excited to be joining Ballistic. "Ballistic really gives me a chance to explore new directions vocally and to push myself to new limits," Tony said. "The band is amazing and is like a 'fist to the face' with chainsaw guitars and an unbelievable rhythm section. Hold on to your fucking hats!"
Ballistic is completed by Rikard Stjernquist (Jag Panzer) on drums, Tim O'Conner (Deuce) on bass and the Bulgarian shredder Peter Petev on guitar. The band will be playing at The Mason Jar in Phoenix Arizona on June 6 (with Grave Digger), a Bang Your Head warm-up show in Balingen, Germany on June 24, and at the Bang Your Head festival on June 26. For more information, check out
submitted 05.05.2004

Guitarist Jack Owen has quit Cannibal Corpse. "We are currently working with a replacement," the group writes. "All scheduled concerts will still take place."

This is what Jack Owen himself has to say about leaving the band:
"After 15 years with Cannibal Corpse, I've decided to leave the group. My heart just wasn't in it anymore, and it was reflected in my appearance on stage. Times change, and I just don't enjoy the music as much as I used to, and the only thing keeping me in the band was steady work, and the pay. These things makes it unfair to myself, my band members, and especially the fans. I'd like to thank all the members of Cannibal Corpse, past and present, for sharing in the conquest of an entire genre of music. I wish the band continued success..."
submitted 05.05.2004

Tom Gattis from Ballistic sent in the following message:

"We are announcing that Harry Conklin cannot travel with us to Germany. Musically everything was great, in fact couldn't be better. But certain non-musical issues came up that made it absolutely impossible for Harry to travel with us to Europe!! We are sorry if many of you were were hoping to see Harry, but there is nothing that can be done by us to remedy the situation.

All of us in Ballistic consider NOTHING more important than the fans, and those who travel to see us. We can assure you that we will be in Balingen as scheduled! We are very eager to see and perform (and drink beer with) the great metal heads of Germany!

Tom Gattis"
submitted 30.04.2004

Friday, 30th April is the date when Swedish death/thrashers Impious start recording their 4th album "Hellucinate", and everybody is invited to join the party! The band will have a very cool diary online at with all kind of info, photos and videoclips. The site will be updated every day during the time the band is in the studio, so don't miss it!
submitted 27.04.2004

Amorphis had to cancel ProgPower Europe because singer Pasi Koskinen will become a father and he and his wife expect their child in the same weekend as the festival will take place. A replacement for Amorphis will be announced soon. For more info check
submitted 27.04.2004

German label Metal Heaven (sublabel of AOR Heaven) are happy to announce the signing of American metal band Millenium who will release their new album "Jericho" on July 19th. Original singer Todd Plant (ex-Eyewitness, Cryptic Vision) returns after Jorn Lande left to concentrate on Masterplan. "Jericho" is supposed to be heavier than the previous releases.

Jericho The tracklist of "Jericho" is as follows:
1. My Saving Grace
2. Heaven Awaits
3. My War
4. Heresy
5. Morning Star
6. Above This World
7. Enemy Of The Sun
8. Wheel Of Fortune
9. Let There Be Light
10. Burning Again

Millenium currently is:
vocals: Todd Plant (ex-Eyewitness, Cryptic Vision)
guitars: Ralph Santolla (Iced Earth, ex-Death)
guitars: Shane French (Circle II Circle)
bass: Steve McKenna (Ten)
bass: Tere Bertke (Blackhawk)
drums: Mike Prator (Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards)
submitted 24.04.2004

Milwaukee's Cause For Revelation (ex-Jungle Rot, ex-Forever Is Forgotten) have posted mp3s from their debut EP "Surviving Destruction". The disc is planned to be relased sometime soon via First Strike Records.
Check them out here:
submitted 22.04.2004

Metal Blade are offering new mp3s of upcoming releases from bands such as Rival (song: "Tyrants"), Vision Divine (song: "La Vita Fugge") and Beyond The Embrace (song: "Fleshengine").
submitted 22.04.2004

Isengard is happy to announce Ted Lundin as new bass player for the band. 17 year old Ted Lundin is replacing Janne "Goat" Tillman who left Isengard for family reasons in January.
"When I was contacted by Uffe and asked if I was interested in joining Isengard, I thought it was a fucking joke. He had listened to another band that I was in. Obviously he liked at least me! At first I thought that the age difference would be an issue, but we just match perfectly. I really like Ronnie and Uffe. It's really smooth working with them. Always when we meet we have a good time. The songs are great and it's really funny to play with them. Right now I'm youst waiting to get out and play like hell. See you soon...", says Ted.
"We are very happy to have Ted in Isengard and that our search for replacement for "Goat" is over", says guitar player Ronnie Andréson. "At last we can start rehearsal for real." For more information please contact Isengard HQ at
submitted 20.04.2004

"A Symphony Of Horror performed by The Vision Bleak and the Shadow Philharmonics feat. Letzte Instanz" - this is the title of an exclusive performance The Vision Bleak are going to stage on July 4th, 2004. On this occasion, the Captains of the Death-ship will be accompanied by the Shadow Philharmonics -a string ensemble and classical singers, among them Thomas Helm (Empyrium)- as well as by members of the band Letzte Instanz.
This performance will be part of this year's With Full Force Open Air festival. The Vision Bleak will play the festival's last gig after highlights such as Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, Monster Magnet, and Tiamat.
Sven Borges, promoter of the With Full Force festival, is very impressed by The Vision Bleak: "Damn, they are genius. So individual and different, yet hard and gloomy-something new for sure! At With Full Force, their Symphony of Horror will definitely be at the right place!"
submitted 20.04.2004

Subway To Sally With Subway To Sally, Nuclear Blast has signed one of the most successful and tour-liking German bands these days. Especially for label president Markus Staiger, fan and friend of the band for years, this signing is like a dream come true.
Coming from the German town of Potsdam, the band is especially known for explosive live shows and a felicitous mix of modern rock and metal including medieval instruments. In 2003, Subway To Sally caused furore with their last album "Engelskrieger". Currently the septet works on promising new songs again.
submitted 17.04.2004

Alex Hernández (Immolation) joined Requiem Aeternam in order to perform the drums. The new album "Philosopher" will start being recorded on May 9th at Big Blue Meenie studios in New Jersey/USA. Between two and three weeks are going to be used for recording and mixing.
The sound engineer responsible to produce the new material as well as the studios for mastering, the designer to do the artwork and many more details will be announced soon. Keep checking Requiem Aeternam's official website at:
submitted 17.04.2004

The Metal-Queen Doro has signed a deal with AFM Records and is already working on the first album for AFM. On this release, hymns of the last 20 years of Doro & Warlock will be presented in a new robe. There are three new songs which are composed especially for this project and arranged with the "Metal Classic Night Orchestra". Also some special guests will perform on this album – watch out for further news! The release is planned for the second half of this year. As foretaste for all those who can't wait longer, an EP will be released for the price of a single on August 9th.
submitted 17.04.2004

The first French heavy metal DVD of Dyslesia is out since 8th March 2004 in France (Brennus Records). The title of the DVD is "Story And Live".
The band is working on the 4th album now and is seaching for new deals of distribution for the rest of the world. For more information visit the band's website.
submitted 10.04.2004

Reunited San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Heathen have made their entire "Breaking the Silence" (1987) and "Victims of Deception" (1989) albums available for free download in the media section via their official website

Heathen have encountered unforeseen problems in the manufacturing of their new CD, "Recovered", and have been forced to delay its release until April 10. "Recovered" features covers of songs from Queen, Thin Lizzy, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Sweet Savage, as well as an original track, "In Memory of...", written and dedicated to former band member Randy Laird and lead vocalist David White's brother Jeffrey, whose untimely losses occurred in 1991.
submitted 09.04.2004

French Breakpoint have just inked a deal Anvil Corp Records for the release of their new album. The new album is called "Strange Fruit" and was recorded at P'n'F Studios with Fred Rochette (Fifty One's, Malédiction). "Strange Fruit" will be more melodic and catchy than the first album "None To Sell".
submitted 09.04.2004

Borknagar have revealed the tracklist of their upcoming new album "Epic":
1. Future Reminiscence
2. Traveller
3. Origin
Borknagar 4. Sealed Chambers of Electricity
5. The Weight of Wind
6. Resonance
7. Relate (Dialogue)
8. Cyclus
9. Circled
10. Inner Ocean Hypothesis
11. Quintessence
12. The Wonder

Drummer Asgeir Mickelson is currently putting down the finishing touches to the artwork. No release date has been set so far.
submitted 06.04.2004

Impious The upcoming album by Swedish death/thrashers Impious will be called "Hellucinations". The recordings will kick off in Studio Mega on the 30th of April. Some titles are: "Inject", "Hellucinations", "Infernique", "Death_Wish_Scar", "Toxic Paranoia", "Show Me Your God!", "Suicide Park" and "Bloodspill Revelation".

Release date is set to 4th of October and Thomas Ewerhard is hired for the artwork.
Furthermore, the band will tour Europe in October as support for label mates Amon Amarth.
submitted 06.04.2004

Fission, a melodic thrash band formed by Andreas Hedlund aka mr V and his live session drummer Benny Hägglund have just finished the recordings of their debut album.
mr V: "We've finished the mixing of the Fission album called "Crater" and what a nice piece of energy it became! Some really aggressive still melodic songs are on their way to the masses. We're really pleased ourselves with the whole thing. And proud that we recorded and mixed the album ourself!!"
A sample can be expected on the Vintersorg website soon. "Crater" is due to be released through Napalm Records later this year.
submitted 04.04.2004

The Gathering (Netherlands) have been confirmed as second headliner for this year's ProgPower Europe. The billing is now complete and as follows:
Adagio (France), Alchemist (Australia), All Too Human (USA), Amaran (Sweden), Amorphis (Finland), Katatonia (Sweden), Morgana-X (Netherlands), Platidude (Sweden), Symphorce (Germany), The Dust Connection (Netherlands) and Tomorrow's Eve (Germany). As always, check out ProgPower Europe's website for more info about the festival!
submitted 04.04.2004

After in december 2003 their former drummer Oliver Rieger surprisingly announced his plan to leave the band within the next few months, the band has now found a replacement. The new drummer is Rainer Pflanz. He was the band's favourite for the job and will have his live debut with Undertow on the 23rd of April (@ B-Hof, Würzburg/Germany). In June/July Undertow will support some shows of the upcoming Crowbar/Kataklysm-tour and there are also some festival apperances scheduled. In early 2005 the band will enter the studio to record their next album for Silverdust Records.
submitted 04.04.2004

For various reasons the release of Darkwell's new full-length-album "Metatron" will be put off to middle of autumn 2004.
As a guerdon and to shorten the waiting time, Darkwell's newest creation "Strange" will be released as a teaser-single - exclusive for the tour. So the Darkwell-maniacs and all others will get an preview of the following dark-rock album.
submitted 04.04.2004

Amaran and Katatonia (both from Sweden) are confirmed for ProgPower Europe to be held on October 2nd and 3rd later this year. For more info check out ProgPower Europe's website.
submitted 02.04.2004

Psiah A band fronted by a female vocalist that calls herself Psiah has risen from nowhere. They seem to be a theme based horror-band that tell the story of a female necrophiliac named Casket Casey. The music is very mellow and the lyrics are twisted and bizarre. Visit their website and download a song at

The voice of the vocalist and the picture of her have a striking resemblence to that of Cia Hedmark. However, this is yet to be confirmed.
submitted 30.03.2004

Beyond The Embrace have finished recordings for their second album "Insect Song", to be released the 17th of May, 2004 via Metal Blade Records Europe.

"Recording this album was very different from recording our first album", says guitar player Oscar Gouveia. "The whole process was something totally new in that with "Against the Elements" we had been playing the songs for years so when we went into the studio we didn't really need a producer to help us figure out where the songs needed to go. With this one we sat down with Ken (guitarist from Unearth) and played all of the songs live. Ken took notes on each song and was able to give us suggestions as an outside listener. The pre-production process was all new to us as well and Ken really helped us trim down our songs, find the best tones and nail the breakdowns. All in all we are really happy with the finished result. Ken said he would get us the guitar sounds that we wanted and he really came through."

Incapacity Here's the tracklisting for "Insect Song":
1. Fleshengine Breakdown
2. Plague
3. My Fall
4. ....Of Every Strain
5. Redeemer
6. Insect Song
7. Ashes
8. Weak And The Wounded
9. Absent
10. Within
submitted 25.03.2004

Here's a small update from the Cirrha Niva camp:
"After several auditions we found ourselves a new guitarist in the person of Carlo Heefer, a very friendly and talented musician from the Dutch city Tilburg. Carlo directly joined the process of songwriting and studies hard to get a grip on all former song material. He will introduce himself to you briefly within a couple of days. Until then you can already have a glimpse behind the mask on the Wisdom Tree!
We are still in search for a bassplayer, so get in contact if you would like to join us!"
For more info about the band and how to get in touch please visit
submitted 25.03.2004

Incapacity Swedish death metal maniacs Incapacity have finished the recordings for their second album "9th Order Extinct" to be released the 1st of June, 2004 via Metal Blade Records. The new album was produced at Soundlab Studios (Nasum, The Project Hate, Disfear, Rotten Sound, ect..) in Örebro/Sweden together with producer Mieszko (of Nasum and Genocide Superstars fame!), who did an awesome job!
"9th Order Extinct" is an album consisting of ten fast, brutal and aggressive songs, where the style is a mixture of old-school death metal and new-school thrash metal - topped with a touch of those outstanding Swedish melodies.
Incapacity formed in 2002 and released their critically acclaimed debut "Chaos Complete" in 2003 via Cold Records. Compared to the debut, "9th Order Extinct" is said to be a bit more brutal and offers a much better production!
The band members are no greenhorns and that can be heard in their music, which is arranged and produced in a super professional way with razor blade sharp riffs and hooklines you won't soon forget!
Here's the line-up:
Andreas "Drette" Axelsson – vocals (ex-Marduk, Edge Of Sanity, Infestdead)
Robert "Skoog" Ivarsson – guitars (Pan-Thy-Monium, Ashes)
Christian Älvestam – guitars (Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Torchbearer)
Anders Edlund – bass (Solar Dawn)
Henrik Schönström – drums (Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Torchbearer)
submitted 25.03.2004

Trevor from Unearth gave the following update on the latest happenings:
"We are finally almost done with the recording for the new album. We will be mixing with Adam real soon, and then mastering in early April. We can't wait to go out for the Headbanger's Ball tour. It's nice having time off to record and relax, but we really love touring. We did the previous Headbanger's Ball tour, but it seems like this one is going to be so much bigger. We've never done a tour of this size and this is actually the longest tour we've ever done. It will be great preparation for Ozzfest this summer. We recently finished up a video for "Black Hearts Now Reign" (new track off "The Oncoming Storm"). It's going to be some edited live footage. Hopefully, you will see it on Headbanger's Ball real soon. It would be totally great. I grew up watching Headbanger's Ball, so it would be a real honor.

The title of our new album will be "The Oncoming Storm". The title represents the downward cycle of man and what we do to each other and this planet. "The Oncoming Storm" is the imminent consequence of our careless actions and natures natural destruction and recycling of life. i.e.- war, destruction of our planet, draining of our natural resources, outbreak of disease, natural disasters, etc..."

The album is set for release on August 23rd through Metal Blade Europe.
submitted 25.03.2004

Dutch band Morgana-X, the German/Swiss connection Symphorce and Adagio from France are confirmed for ProgPower Europe 2004.
Other bands confirmed so far are Alchemist (Australia), All Too Human (USA), Amorphis (Finland), Platitude (Sweden), The Dust Connection (Netherlands) and Tomorrow's Eve (Germany). The last three bands will be announced within the next two weeks.
For detailed info please visit the ProgPower Europe website!
submitted 20.03.2004

The dark progressive metal band Sinphonia have officially reunited. The Danish band with female vocals are in the process of writing material for a summer recording of a demo to present the material to new labels. Expect a style darker and less progressive than the previous two albums (out on Lucretia Records International), but still very much in the Sinphonia vein. The website isn't available yet but expect it to be filled with more info soon.
submitted 20.03.2004

Dutch deadly Thrashers Callenish Circle started writing material for their upcoming, yet untitled, 5th full-length album (third for Metal Blade Records).
According to the band's spokesman Pat, the new material will contain the usual Callenish Circle-ingredients but being a bit more groovy and besides enriched with wacky soundscapes, delivered by Gail of God-mastermind and soundwizard Gail Liebling. The band is planning to enter the studio early next year for a worldwide release on Metal Blade Records in spring 2005.

Furthermore Callenish Circle finally recruited a session drummer in the person of Stormrider-skinbasher Spike, also formerly active in Form and good old Speedica. He will be taking over Gav's duties for the rest of the year at the live-front. First rehearsals with Spike are scheduled early April. Gav will be back in 2005 to rejoin the Callenish-forces!
submitted 16.03.2004

Amon Amarth Swedish Viking metallers Amon Amarth are currently busy putting together their yet untitled new album which will be released on September 15th through Metal Blade. Detailed news can be expected soon.

Prior to that, Amon Amarth will play two full headlining release shows in Germany. There will be shitloads of extra things and specials around these two shows to make it a real happening for the fans. The dates are as follows:
04.09. Bochum, Matrix
05.09. Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
Support for these two shows will be Fragments Of Unbecoming.

The following European tour is already scheduled to start on October 8th in Hamburg/Germany. Support will be labelmates Impious plus another act that is yet to be announced. For tourdates and regular news from the bandmembers themselves visit
submitted 13.03.2004

After 12 years in the Swedish power metal band Isengard, Goat leaves for family reasons. Goat was one of the founders of Isengard and will be missed as a great musician and a great band member.
"After all these years of playing together with Goat it's a great loss for me as the guitar player to find someone else that almost played what I wanted before I had even told him, and as a highly skilled composer I sure will miss him but there is a time when you have to let the personal life take the first place in life. Good luck to your future plans and you know that you always will be a part of Isengard", says Ronnie Andréson.
Isengard is currently trying out replacements for Goat.
The website at is being re-designed as we speak.
submitted 13.03.2004

After having finished the recordings for their new record "Metatron" the four dark-metal heads and their firefairy start to spread out a wave of flames and dark-metallic romanticism across the world. Of course Darkwell will use their headliner-tour to present some of their new songs to the audience. Support act will be Vanitas.
16.04. Merseburg, Gasometer
17.04. Gießen, Jokus
18.04. Münster-Breitefeld, Live Arena (Nightfall Festival)
19.04. Hamburg, Marx
20.04. Berlin, K17
21.04. Aalen, Rock It
22.04. München, Garage
30.04. Winterthur, Endstation
06.05. Graz, Explosiv
07.05. Nitzing/Tulln, CultureXClub
08.05. Innsbruck, Hafen

submitted 13.03.2004

Double Heart Project have just released an instrumental album entitled "Human Nature's Fight". The album features Chris Poland (Megadeth, OHM) and Cyril Achard (Taboo Voodoo) as guest musicians. The album is said to be very metal orientated with a mixing of classical music, jazz, etc. with a big place for guitars. For more info check out their website.
submitted 13.03.2004

Shadowlord Herman, gitarist/bandleader of South-African metalband Shadowlord will be in Germany in June (21.-25.6.) and would like to meet with people (labels/promotors) who might be interested in supporting the band.

Musically I think you can best describe Shadowlord as classic metal with partially high pitched vocals (reminding me of Jacobs Dream sometimes).
My (Marlies) favorite tune from their page (8 low quality MP3s) is "Dark Messiah". For more soundfiles and info check out their website at

If you can help please contact Herman, and/or send possible interested parties his way!
submitted 09.03.2004

We've just receive this message from the organisation:
"The band-lineup of this year's installment of Bang Your Head!!! is complete: Iced Earth are confirmed as second headlining act of the event taking place in Germany at the Messegelände of Balingen on the 25th and 26th of June.
The Florida-based band has created quite some buzz in recent metal world's headlines. After vocalist Matthew Barlow quit his job to start a "civil career' away from music business, the band's guitarist, founder and mastermind Jon Schaffer managed to hire an name being a frequent guest in the scene's mostspread news-sections himself: former Judas Priest-singer Tim 'Ripper' Owens. Along with the new lineup, Iced Earth recorded their new opus "The Glorious Burden", a breath-taking epic, that made it into the hearts of the fans right after its release - not to mention impressing sale-charts entries all throughout Europe. Unfortunately, the band had to cancel their European shows due to a severe back problem of Schaffer he's been suffering for some years now. There's no need to worry though, as he's recovering well and will be accompanied on tour by a physiotherapist in the future. Therefore all Iced Earth-fans will finally be able to see the band back in Europe again: at their headlining gig at Bang Your Head!!!, which will be a German nationwide exclusive show for that summer. In cooperation with the organisators, Iced Earth will set up a huge and bombastic show with a full load of special FX.

The list of artists set to perform at the Bang Your Head!!!-festival 2003 at Balingen, Germany, 25th/26th of June:
Iced Earth, Alice Cooper, White Lion, Queensryche, Magnum, Children Of Bodom, Testament, U.F.O., Gotthard, Anthrax, Primal Fear, Lillian Axe, Death Angel, Blaze, Omen, Kingdom Come, Angel, Shok Paris, Ballistic, Ruffians, Cage, Majesty

All further details about the Bang Your Head!!! may be found at the BYH!!!-homepage at

Tickets are availaible at ticket-hotline (+49-74 57-9 13 93) and via homepage . Prices are 55, - Euro (plus shipping) at presales. Tickets are limited to a number of 22000. By this it the organisators want to ensure that the special and relaxed atmosphere of the event won't suffer. "
submitted 09.03.2004

The Crown R.I.P © Snowy Shaw The official statement from the band:

"We give up.

Today, the 7th of March 2004, we, the dudes of The Crown, have decided to call it quits. I'm sure every member in the band can still come up with 10 reasons for continuing and 10 reasons for giving up, but after some heavy consideration we have decided to finally find out what life is like without playing in The Crown.

It's been a blast writing/performing together all these years, taking this band to levels that we never even knew of. Also getting to know other people in other bands on the road has been amazing. Seeing new places and getting to see and hear new, great bands has totally blown us away - we sure had our share of fun!

Too many tours gone bad due to not at all professional tour arrangements is maybe the main reason for giving up. (We do indeed have stories about tourmanagers/agencies and the business in general, the best ones would surely make a bestselling book...) Coming home from tours with empty pockets, equipment falling apart and having a pile of bills on the doorstep is simply "horns down". Paying the bills with tour memories and floorscores is just not possible. We do love standing on stage but we don't know much about the business part, and that's a bad combination. Trust me on that one.

The timing for giving up now is both good and bad:
Bad because "Possessed 13" is an incredible album that deserves some decent touring, but I guess all professional booking agencies have their hands full as it is.
Good because we decided to not sign a new deal with Metal Blade, and now that we finally have "Crowned in Terror" ("Crowned Unholy"!!!) sounding like it was supposed to, the timing is superb.

We made 6 killer albums, we did stuff our way, and we sure as hell paid our dues. Or as we say to conclude usual setbacks: "We came, we saw and we fucked up!"

So we want to thank our fans for the support: you people made it last for 14 years! Thanks to Metal Blade, thanks to all bands that we've shared the stage with. Our apologies to the festivals that had us booked for the summer of 2004. And last but not least: thanks to our girlfriends for putting up with us through the rehearsals, gigs, studio sessions and tours!

Janne and The Crown"

We, the Morrigan's Pit team, would also like to offer our sincere condolences to their promotor Andreas (Metal Blade) who was one of their biggest fans. I think we all can imagine how it feels if one of your favorite bands calls it quits. Or at least I believe all us crazy, loyal and driven metalfans can ;) /mp/\.jpgm/
submitted 09.03.2004

Recovered Long awaited third recording from the Bay Area’s heavy metal band Heathen scheduled for release on March 31, 2004. Titled Recovered, the band began this project in 1992, but tracks remained archived and unfinished until 2003 when, with the help of engineer and co-producer Rob Beaton, the salvaged early recordings were completed for the new 9 song disc.

Covers of "Death On Two Legs" by Queen, "Holy War" by Thin Lizzy, "Hellbound" by Tigers Of Pan Tang, "Eye Of The Storm" by Sweet Savage are clear indicators why this band was one of ­ if not the ­ best bands to come out of the 80’s thrash metal days. The newest original track, "In Memory Of…" written and dedicated to former band member Randy Laird and his girlfriend, as well as lead vocal David White’s brother Jeffrey whose untimely losses occurred in 1991 has deep personal meaning to the band members. The remaining songs that make up this full-length album are tracks from Heathen’s "Opiate Of The Masses" demo, the pre-production to their 1991 release "Victims of Deception". These include "Hypnotized", "Opiate Of The Masses", "Timeless Cell Of Prophecy" and "Mercy is No Virtue".

The bands first release "Breaking The Silence" debuted in 1987 to great reviews and garnered heavy airplay followed by a US tour. The video for single "Set Me Free" debuted on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, giving the band greater exposure and is found now in rotation on VH-1’s Metal Mania. Followed up by 1991’s critically acclaimed second release "Victims Of Deception" the bands sound was noticeably heavier and more intelligent. After reforming in 2001 for benefit concert Thrash of the Titans in San Francisco, the band was invited to attend Wacken 2002 open air concert in Germany. Re-energized after their return, the band went back into the studio to pick up where they left off resulting in the upcoming release of "Recovered".

“This is the chance to get a glimpse of Heathen of yesterday, today and tomorrow,” said lead singer Dave White about "Heathen Uncovered", an extended play DVD to closely follow the CD release. It features a new music video, behind the scenes rehearsal footage, in-depth interviews, photo gallery and lots of Heathen uncovered. Pre-orders are available from mid-March.

Limited Edition signed Digipacks available on Heathen’s website
submitted 09.03.2004

Into Eternity regretfully announces the departure of long time bass-player Scott Krall. The band hopes to begin holding auditions soon. The remaining four members vow to continue on with already pre-planned tours and shows.
submitted 07.03.2004

Øystein G. Brun Borknagar mainman Øystein G. Brun announced the departure of bassist Tyr:
"Due to the fact that Tyr, for personal reasons, sadly has not been fit to record his part of the album, we mutually agreed to part ways. This happened in a friendly manner and for the best for Tyr and the band. We wish him the best for the future! Because of this, the bass on the new album is done by our drummer Asgeir Mickelson."

Mr. Brun had to say the following about the upcoming album:
"After numerous delays and bucketloads of unforeseen challenges, we are now finally about to complete the recording of our sixth album. It has taken its time, but we firmly believe that it has been worth the wait. The mixing starts this very weekend, and we are confident that the result will please you. The title of the new album is "Epic" and we are aiming for an early June release, although no date has yet been set by our label. "Epic" contains 12 new songs of which one is an instrumental piece. Musically the album will take off and expand from where "Empiricism" ended, and for those of you who liked our previous material: the new album will rock you by the root!
submitted 07.03.2004

Evergrey revealed the cover artwork for their new album "The Inner Circle" (tentativeley due for release on April 27th) on their website. The artwork duties were once again handled by Swedish artist Mattias Norén.
The Inner Circle The tracklisting of "The Inner Circle" is as follows:
1. A Touch Of Blessing
2. Ambassador
3. In The Wake Of The Weary
4. Harmless Wishes
5. Waking Up Blind
6. More Than Ever
7. The Essence Of Conviction
8. Where All Good Sleep
9. Faith Restored
10. When The Walls Go Down
submitted 03.03.2004

Milwaukee, WI metalcore outfit has been formed. Eyes To The Sky features ex-members of Rain Of Ruin and current members of Cause For Revelation. Formed only months ago, Eyes To The Sky has inked a deal with First Strike Records. Eyes To The Sky's sound is comparable to Bleeding Through, Sworn Enemy, Bury Your Dead, and Endthisday. Before releasing its First Strike debut Eyes To The Sky will release a 2-song MCD. Meanwhile the band is currently busily writing material for its upcoming releases. Look to catch them on tour this summer, stay tuned to for updates and more info.
submitted 03.03.2004

Amorphis has been booked as ProgPower's first headliner next October.
"We don't think this band from Finland needs any further introduction. But those of you who do not know the band, check out the official website We hope you like our choice, maybe a surprise for some of you, we are sure the band will give an awesome show, performing songs from their entire catalogue."
Other bands confirmed so far are: Platitude (S), The Dust Connection (NL) and Tomorrow's Eve (D) -
submitted 01.03.2004

Ashes to Ashes first album and the cult classic, "Shapes of Spirits" (2000) has currently been re-issued by Casey Reich and The re-issue comes with improved artwork.
"A diverse offering of divine doom metal, with touches of classical, gothic, and even progressive woven throughout the 8 monumental tracks. If emotionally draining and heartfelt music are what you desire, "Shapes of Spirits" is your answer."
You can order it for $10 (US/Canada) or $12 (World) at (
submitted 01.03.2004

Chity Somapala © Firewind just returned from a tour in Japan with their new singer Chity Somapala (Avalon/Faro).

Gus G.: "Chity brings to the band the perfect combination of melody, passion and power. We feel that with Chity's close proximity and his ability to give Firewind his full time attention will bring Firewind to the next level."

The band hopes to do a few selected tour dates in Europe and begin writing and recording our new release later in 2004. Keep posted at!
submitted 01.03.2004

The billing of this year's ProgPower USA has been kept secret for a long time but now the complete billing is official! The following bands will play:
Savatage, Kamelot, Tad Morose, Dreamscape, Into Eternity, Edguy, Pain Of Salvation, Brainstorm, Wutherings Heights and Adagio. The festival will take place on September 17-18th in Atlanta. For more details about the festival visit
submitted 01.03.2004

Ancient have finally completed the recordings and mixing session for the upcoming album which will be entitled "Night Visit". The album was recorded in Italy and mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom at the notorious Studio Fredman in Sweden. Mastering should take place within the next week and will be handled by Chris Athens at Sterling Sound (New York City). The artwork and layout is currently being completed.
The music of the new album shows a much deeper maturity in the songwriting process of the band and it focuses more on dynamics and variety of atmospheres and feelings. As far as the band is concerned, it is definitely the best production yet.
A video for the titletrack "Night Visit" has also been shot and will appear in an uncensored version on the upcoming album.
"Night Visit" will be released the 1st of June 2004 by Metal Blade Records.
submitted 01.03.2004

Dryados, the band from Barnaul/Siberia/Russia signed with Musica Production, Moscow/Russia. Dryados is a sympho black-metal band and their first demos had good responses in international magazines. "L'amour N'enleve Pas Vraiment La Depression..." will be released in the near future.
The tracklist of the album is as follows:
1. Following The Bliss
2. The Most Beautiful Day They Ever Seen
3. Who's Your God Now?
4. Murdered By Fear And Weakness
5. A Day Of Mine
6. Tragedy Of Ignorance
7. Phantasm
8. Of Flesh In Bloom
9. L'amour N'enleve Pas Vraiment La Depression...
submitted 01.03.2004

On the 5th of April, Metal Blade Records will re-issue the furious, groundbreaking classic album of Voivod - “War And Pain” - in an ultimate deluxe edition! “War And Pain” was originally released in 1984 - this is the official “20th Anniversary Edition”! The packaging will be the same as for the Omen box set, meaning this will be a 3-CD-release in a stunning package with shitloads of bonus stuff, all lyrics and lots of cool photos included as well! Here you have the complete tracklisting:

Voivod © Disc ONE:

“War And Pain” (Remastered)
1. VoiVod
2. Warriors Of Ice
3. Suck Your Bone
4. Iron Gang
5. War and Pain
6. Blower
7. Live For Violence
8. Black City
9. Nuclear War
Anachronism (1st show June 1983)
10. Condemned To The Gallows
11. Blower
12. VoiVod
To The Death (metal massacre 5 sessions)
13. Condemned To The Gallows
14. VoiVod
15. Iron Gang

Disc TWO:

Morgoth Invasion (live demo December 1984)
1. Build Your Weapons
2. War And Pain
3. Condemned To The Gallows
4. Warriors Of Ice
5. Helldriver
6. Horror
7. Black City
8. Nuclear War
9. Blower
10. Live For Violence
11. Ripping Headaches
12. Iron Gang
13. Korgull The Exterminator
14. Suck Your Bone
15. Witching Hour (Venom)
16. Chemical Warfare (Slayer)


Enhanced Part
- Biography 1985
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submitted 26.02.2004

Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo recorded a solo album, "Cassius King", with some help of several friends. They recorded it in only 4 days (!!) and you can check out a soundfile (and order the CD) at
submitted 26.02.2004

At Metal Blade you can now download new songs of Disillusion (song: "Back To Times Of Splendor” - edit), Nasty Savage (song: “Psycho Psycho”) and Torchbearer (song: “Sown Are The Seeds Of Death”)!
submitted 26.02.2004

March 20th, 8 great European bands will play at the Building A Force Festival in Widdern, Germany. For only 15 euro you can see Saint's Bleed, Her Enchantment, Pump, Eternal Reign, Dreamscape, Lanfear, Balance Of Power and Edenbridge! Massacre Records is going to record a live DVD, so be there!
submitted 26.02.2004

Psychopunch Psychopunch is entering Sunlight Studio/Stockholm on March, 6, together with producer Tomas Skogsberg (Hellacopters, Entombed, Backyard Babies.) to record the new album "Smashed On Arrival" to be released in June 2004 via Silverdust Records/Germany. After four albums on White Jazz Records, Psychopunch decided to change their record label and are now looking forward to the worldwide cooperation with Silverdust records. The album will feature coverartwork by Timo Wuerz and photos by Sight Of Sound-Team from Hamburg. -
submitted 25.02.2004

Fon Janssen © Nico Wobben Project Fear, the progressive band around Mennen-drummer Fon Janssen, are currently writing songs for their first album. They plan to record in October, expected release early next year. Since October last year the band has a singer, Eduard Papen (they started out instrumental). You can now follow the band on

submitted 25.02.2004

Sentinel Records recently got a distribution deal with MMD Management Germany for all their releases. These include: Abaddon Incarnate - "Nadir", Mourning Beloveth - "Dust", Scavenger - "Madness To Our Method". Coming soon: Antimatter - "Lights Out" (vinyl edition), Bastardsun - debut album from Stuart Anstis (ex-Cradle of Filth) and David Wayne (ex-Metal Church).
submitted 25.02.2004

Nightfall has been voted the Best Greek Metal act for the year 2003 by the readers of the Greek Metal Hammer! The band members comment: "Yes, we've just been informed about it and we can only say that it is a compliment to us and the band. Even though we are against competitions, contests, etc in music as art is too multidimensional to limit it in any voter turnout, we truly thank all those ones who believe in us and support Nightfall all these years. You all rule! Thank you very much indeed!".
submitted 25.02.2004

Chris Caffery has begun preproduction rehearsals for the recording of his debut CD (Black Lotus Records). The Trans-Siberian Orchestra recently finished its 5th Anniversary tour in the United States. The band had sold over 400,000 tickets in 2003 making it one of Poll Star's top 15 grossing tours of the year in America! After a short rest, Chris got right back to work on the preparation for "Faces." Jeff Plate (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) will be taking on the duties as drummer. Dave Z (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) will be playing the bass. February 9th the recording begins officially, leaving Chris and the boys locked up in the Astoria New York based studio until the end of April. Chris will be documenting the events in a daily studio report at his official web-site
submitted 25.02.2004

Darzamat Darzamat will be one of the headliners of the metal-gothic festival in Moscow, which will take place on the 6th of March at the Estakada venue. Beside Darzamat other bands to take part in the festival are: Entwine from Finland, Macbeth from Italy and Shabash from Estonia. The agency responsible for the concert is a well-known Russian company – Roxx Music, which, among others, has organized gigs for such great names as Glenn Hughes, Amorphis, The 69 Eyes or Moonspell. Darzamat will appear live with a brand new line-up. Daamr (musician, who worked with Darzamat during the recording of the second album “In The Opium Of Black Veil”) re-joined vocalist Flauros and guitarist Chris. Both of guitarists are now responsible for composing. They prepare also bass sections as well. Following new musicians to strengthen the band are Golem (drummer known from band Dragon) and Spectre, who takes care of keyboards. And finally Nera from Midnightdate is now a new female vocalist. - Thanks to new musicians current band’s visions are more mature. Songs combine gloomy atmosphere with truly aggressive guitars. To tell the truth the new stuff doesn’t remind anything Darzamat has recorded so far – says Flauros, band’s vocalist.
The same line-up will enter the studio in May to record band’s fourth album. Avantgarde Records will release the album at the end of the year. A few of the titles from new album are already known: “Era Aggression”, “From Beyond” and “Time Of Obscure Emotions”. - During the gig we’ll play mainly the material, which is prepared for the new album. The stuff is harder than all of the previous Darzamat’s albums. But the music is still fulfilled with those dark emotions, which brought Darzamat to live – ensures Chris, band’s guitarist.
submitted 25.02.2004

Deicide have confirmed they are playing "Sun & Steel", the first annual Florida Metalfest, set for March 6th and 7th at the Pinellas Expo Center in Pinellas Park, Florida. With both Deicide and Hate Eternal playing, "Sun & Steel" will be an unholy clash of the Florida Death Metal titans!!! Check or the new re-designed website at for more news, tourdates and samples of the new opus "Scars Of The Crucifix".
submitted 25.02.2004

This is the offical pressrelease:
"After 11 years, 4 albums and 2 mini-albums we've decided to split up Einherjer. We feel that we've made the album we wanted with "Blot" and therefore a journey of 11 years has come to an end. We would like to thank everybody who has supported us through the years.
For us, it is time to move on. We are definitively not retiring as musicians, so you haven't heard the last from us yet...
Frode, Aksel & Gerhard"
submitted 18.02.2004

Daray Three days into the recording sessions for the new Vader album entitled "The Beast", Doc suffered an unfortunate accident at the studio, seriously injuring his hand and leg. The band was forced to cancel the session and postpone the recordings until May. Unfortunately, Doc's injuries require a longer time of convalescence, therefore he won't be playing the drums on the new album!
Vader is going to record the album at PR Studio in Gdansk with Daray (see photo) from Polish black metal band Vesania joining the band as a session musician, taking over the drums on the new record. He will also play with Vader on the band's forthcoming gigs and tours. The new album is going to be released in September. Keep your fingers crossed for both drummers, more details will follow soon.
submitted 17.02.2004

Heir Apparent guitarist Terry Gorle wants to draw everybody's attention to a couple of videos that are available for download on the band's website.

"Here are some video clips from Heir Apparent's set at the Seattle PowerProg Festival on January 24, 2004. These clips are 512Kbps Windows Media Video, they range from between 10 to 15 MEG each. The sound is the live room mix, recorded from the camera mics.
Young Forever
Hands Of Destiny
Just Imagine

Peter Orullian - vocals
Bobby Ferkovich - bass
Op Sakiya - keyboards
Terry Gorle - guitar
Clint Clark - drums (filling in until we find a permanent replacement)

I hope you enjoy the videos.
Best regards,
Terry Gorle"

submitted 15.02.2004

Dutch distribution and promotion company Rock Inc. will organize a festival taking place on March 21st in De Bosuil/Weert/NL. The following bands are already confirmed:
Mennen (NL)
Superfly 69 (D)
Manigance (F)
Perzonal War (D)
Pé Lemme (NL)
submitted 15.02.2004

Masterplan Due to many faithful fans, who buy original CDs instead of "copy" or "download" them illegally, Masterplan were nominated to the most successful German newcomer band of Europe. Therefore they were awarded with the new "European Border Breakers Award". The award took place in Cannes. The debut album of Masterplan, simply named "Masterplan" was the official highest sales debut album of a German band in Europe in 2003.
According to the motto "never change a winning team" the band is in Los Angeles at the moment to work on their new songs together with Roy Z (among others Halford, Bruce Dickinson). The new album will be released in the beginning of autumn, previously in summer will be published a new single to while away the time. The German-Norwegian formation is planning their first headliner tour in autumn.
In related news, the new solo album of Masterplan singer Jorn Lande, "Out To Every Nation" will be released worldwide on April 26th by AFM Records and shows once again the unbelievable powerful voice of the Norwegian singer.
Masterplan and their label AFM Records thank all fans who made this success and the top-placements in nearly all reader polls possible.
submitted 15.02.2004

Darkane are forced to postpone the recordings of their fourth album due to drummer Peter Wildoer having problems with his wrists. For those interested in further details, a message from Peter regarding this topic can be found in the news section of their website.
10 songs have already been written and are only waiting to be recorded; right now Darkane are aiming at a release around September/October - all depending on how soon Peter will recover. In the meantime, Peter and guitarist Christofer Malmström are using the time to work on a bombastic intro for the new album.
submitted 10.02.2004

Arnold Kloek from Cirrha Niva sent in the following message:

"After she has been part of the band for over eight years, bass player & vocalist Liselotte Hegt has decided to leave the band. Her reason for that is, that she couldn't combine her private life with the band's ambition. Although we deeply regret her decision, we wish her, her husband Kris and their future baby all the love and health in the world.
For the same reason we have also decided to part ways with guitarist Rommert van der Meer, who played with us for almost one year. We also wish Rommert and his wife Martine and their unborn all the best.

After having said this, we are definitely in search of musicians who'd like to combine their skill with that of Arnold, Tommy, Wilbert and Rob, in order to bring Cirrha Niva to a higher level.
If you are the one, send us a message at"

submitted 10.02.2004

US Deathheads Vehemence have finished recordings for their second longplayer "Helping The World To See". The album was produced by Will Solares and Vehemence and engineered and mixed by Will Solares - Recorded at Open Primary Productions/DBD Studios, Maricopa/Arizona. Right before the recordings the band parted ways with keyboardist Jason Keesecker. There are no plans for a replacement, although a session pianist was used for the recordings.
The tracklisting is as follows:
Vehemence 01. By Your Bedside
02. Kill For God
03. Trinity Broadcasting (Know Your Enemy)
04. To The Taste
05. You Don't Have To Be Afraid Anymore
06. Alone In Your Presence
07. Spirit Of The Soldier
08. Darkness Is Comfort
09. What Could Go Wrong?
10. We Are All Dying
11. Her Beautiful Eyes
Artwork will be delivered by Wes Benscoter.
submitted 10.02.2004

Metal Blade proudly announces the signing of Swedish Death/Thrashers Impious! Impious have released three albums so far, on Black Sun and Hammerheart Records. "We saw the band live when they toured with Necrophobic in early 2003 and they kicked MAJOR ASS! We see many shows each year, but this was one of the few moments we felt completely blown away", says a spokesperson of Metal Blade Europe. "We didn´t get into the albums they released before very much, but the pre-production with five brand new songs they sent us in late 2003 showed an explosion in songwriting and intensity. Much, no, MUCH better than all their previous stuff!"
Impious hail from Trollhättan/Sweden – the city that already brought the Deathrace Kings The Crown to the world of metal. The music of this quintet is an intense and sharp combination of death and thrash metal!

Impious "We are very excited about signing to Metal Blade. To be on the same roster as some of the finest bands in the extreme metal industry just feels fucking awesome. Very few record labels have such a good reputation, such an amazing history, and such a bright future. We're definitely looking forward to be a part of all that", says guitarist Valle Adzic about the new collaboration. Impious will continue writing new songs and plan to head into the studio in the summer – their Metal Blade debut should be released in October 2004. Stay tuned!
submitted 10.02.2004

Cult extreme metal band Ancient have completed the recording sessions to their upcoming album, the band's sixth, and are currently in Gothenburg/Sweden mixing the record at the notorious Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames...) with Fredrik Nordstrom. The release date has been set to the 1st of June, the album title is to be announced. A video to the title track "Night Visit" will be shot later this month.
submitted 10.02.2004

Tom Gattis Tom Gattis mailed us the following message:

"02/06/04: I will no longer be singing for Ballistic.

Harry Conklin, the singer for Jag Panzer, has officially joined Ballistic and will be at BYH 2004. People familiar with Harry know him as one of (if not the) best voice in metal, and I personally cannot think of a better singer I've seen. Like Rikard, Jag Panzer is still Harry's primary focus. But it will be great to have him on for the live shows and future albums.

I will focus solely on guitar, and strange enough thrashing around is fine as long as the pressure doesn't get too great.

As you may or may not know, I was stricken with paralyzing headaches during the recording of the CD. I had MRI's, MRA's, CT scans and about every other type of scan known to man performed. Without divulging the results of the test I'll simply say that I must stop singing. The pain is excruciating, and belting out an entire set is foolhardy. I'll be getting my PE (Professional Engineer) license this year with substantial projects in the works, and also I am looking forward to continuing the enjoyment of playing metal for a long time to come, as that is in my blood. I have too much to live for to keep up this risky behavior.

There is NOTHING more dear to me in this world than the fans, and if this news lets you down I'm truly sorry. I can clearly remember the departure of Paul Dianno from Maiden. He was not a "great" singer, but damn did he put the distinctive stamp on Maiden that made them stand out from the masses.

The vocals on the cd are something I will always be very proud of as its the first time I personally really liked my singing. The distinctiveness of something is always hard to leave behind and it is something I do with regret. It's been a pleasure singing/playing for you all down the years, and I sure enjoyed the appreciation that came with singing and playing guitar. It has long been a source of pride for me, and I will continue to hold those musicians who sing lead and play an instrument at the same time in the very highest of regard. That edge I had will be missed, but under the circumstances I have no choice.

See you at BYH, speed, adrenalin, and hatred! Pure heaven.

Thanks for your understanding! Metal for Life, no compromise.....ever!


Well Tom, health comes first so take good care of yourself! We will see you in Balingen and even though we will miss your voice, having the Tyrant on board is one helluva consolation! Metal on! /mp/\.jpgm/
submitted 07.02.2004

German reunited thrashers Assassin have recruted a third guitarist, none less than the former member Michael Hoffmann (ex-Sodom)! Since Dinko Vekic spends a lot of time in Croatia for business, the band decided to add an extra guitarist to keep the continuity in rehearsing and writing. Live they'll play with three guitarists!! Another change is that Assassin and drummer Atomif Steif have parted ways. New drummer is again an old acquaintance, Frank Nellen.

First priority at this moment is the songwriting, so a new album can hopefully be recorded within this year or in early 2005. Gigs have been planned as well for the summer and winter. Contact:,
submitted 07.02.2004

If you live in or around Berlin, make sure to visit the Stahlwerkparty on Friday the 13th (sic!) of February in the Lime-Club in Berlin! The party is organised and hosted by Jakob Kranz of the "Stahlwerk" show on Radio FRITZ – the biggest Metal show on German radio! The party kicks off at 23:00 CET and Jakob will play the entire new Cannibal Corpse album "The Wretched Spawn". This is your only chance to listen to the whole new Cannibal Corpse album over three weeks before it hits the stores! Metal Blade is also sponsoring some gifts and prices (shirts, posters, ect.) for the people who show up – better be there in time as the album starts to spin at 23:00 CET sharp. Afterwards there will be the already infamous metal-disco with the best metal songs – new and old! For more info and directions visit "The Wretched Spawn" will be released March 8th.
submitted 06.02.2004

The new Vomitory album "Primal Massacre" is ready for manufacturing! After a couple of listens Metal Blade dares to say that it is the most brutal and extreme album Vomitory have delivered so far. The speed on this fucker is said to be up to the limit – these guys take no prisoners with their brand of brutality! All hail to Sweden!!! "It's a killer album! As always nothing for the weak hearted", says guitar player Ulf Dalegren.
Primal Massacre Here's the tracklisting:
01. Primal Massacre
02. Gore Apocalypse
03. Stray Bullet Kill
04. Epidemic (Created To Kill)
05. Demons Divine
06. Autopsy Extravaganza
07. Retaliation
08. Condemned By Pride
09. Cursed Revelations
10.. Chainsaw Surgery
submitted 06.02.2004

US Metal merchants and underground kings Rival have finally finished recording their Metal Blade debut "State Of Mind"! The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Steinmetz. The Ohio quartet delivers the goods on this album and serves a nice dish of true American heavy metal in the vein of the classic US metal heroes of the Eighties (did I hear someone scream Omen?)!
Here´s the tracklisting for "State Of Mind":
01. State Of Mind
02. Extreme Agression
03. Reach
04. Insane
05. Tyrant
06. Brink
07. Remember You
08. Lord Of The Knight
09. Hell Train
submitted 06.02.2004

"Welcome doom, call forth the final demise. Welcome death, after doom thou shall rise". These words from Ancient Wisdom's fourth full-length album "Cometh Doom, Cometh Death" summons up the concept of this piece of massive, audible darkness. As those who are familiar with the bands previous releases know, Ancient Wisdom has never been about anything else than creating musical landscapes that send the listener on a journey through melancholy, death, haunting melodies and chilling atmospheres.Cometh Doom, Cometh Death "Cometh Doom, Cometh Death" shows a more primitive side of Ancient Wisdom, yet the traditional tradmarks are still there; excellent keyboard work, melodic guitars, first-class production and sophisticated musicianship.
The tracklist of the album is as follows:
01. Invocation Of The World Destroyers
02. Arphe De A Londoh De Ialpor Salbrox
03. Sulphurfields
04. Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
05. Procreation Denied
06. Retaliation Of The Rebellious
07. A Acroodzi De A Galvah
08. Universal Annihilation
"Cometh Doom, Cometh Death" will be released through Avantgarde Music. While waiting for the release you can download the track "Sulphurfields" from the band's website that is due to be relaunched on February 7th.
submitted 31.01.2004

Susperia bassist Memnock announced that there is most likely a a 10 day tour in Scandinavia going to happen, followed by a 60 day European tour in the period between September 12th to November 17th 2004. The dates are expected to be announced and confirmed shortly. Keep yourself updated at Susperia News or the band's website.
submitted 31.01.2004

Darkwell entered the studio to record the first album with new vocalist Stephanie. At the end of February the album will be mixed by no other than Alex Krull (Atrocity). The album is due to be released at the end of April. And if that wasn't enough Darkwell news, the band will also be touring again in April. For more info and pics visit
submitted 31.01.2004

Mix and mastering of the Disillusion debut album "Back To Times Of Splendor" are finally finished! The band is very satisfied with the complete work and surely convinced that it has been worth every minute of the past eight months. Back To Times Of SplendorEven after this long time the band is blown away by the intense density and flow the album offers - a CD in widescreen and cinemascope! The tracklisting for "Back To Times Of Splendor", that will be released via Metal Blade on 5th of April is as follows:
01. And The Mirror Cracked
02. Fall
03. Alone I Stand In Fire
04. Back To Times Of Splendor
05. A Day By The Lake
06. The Sleep Of Restless Hours
submitted 31.01.2004

Metal Blade will re-release all four Psychotic Waltz albums in two boxsets. The first boxset will include the albums "A Social Grace" and "Mosquito" and will be released the 22nd of March, 2004. The bonus material will be two videoclips and a live show from the "A Social Grace" release party in San Diego, 1991. This third bonus disc will be a CD-ROM.
The second boxset will include the albums "Into The Everflow" and "Bleeding" and will be released the 19th of April, 2004. The bonus material will be two demos. This third bonus disc will be an Audio-CD. The cover artwork on both boxsets looks different from the original artwork. Also parts of the booklet artwork looks different – expect fat booklets with lots of awesome graphics, nice details and all lyrics! Both boxsets include liner notes by Ula Gehret. For more details such as tracklisting and cover art check out the news section of Metal Blade.
submitted 31.01.2004

Norwegian Lunaris are about to release their second album entiled "Cyclic" on March 15th via Elitist Records. The album is said to span a wider spectrum than the debut "...The Infinite".
Cyclic The tracklist of the album is as follows:
01. Mendacities Of A Corporate Messiah
02. I.A.D.
03. Lessons In Futility
04. Cyclic
05. Slaves Of Opinion
06. When It Ends
07. Casualties Of Peace
08. Existence Unveiled
09. Altruismens Gravøl
10. In Nothing
11. Mot Natt
"Cyclic" also features guest appearances by Asgeir Mickelson (on "I.A.D.") and Steve DiGiorgio (on "When It Ends"). For more info, check out the band's newly designed website. Meanwhile, you can also download the track "Existence Unveiled" at this location.
submitted 18.01.2004

Usound asks bands from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to send in songs for a compilation. Closing date is June 1st 2004! The best contributions will be released. The song should not last longer than 5 minutes and should be sent in on CD. There will be no further costs for the bands, each band that will end up with their song on the compilation will get two of the discs for free and can order more at cost price. For more info contact
The address to send in the demo is as follows:
Usound / Ubooks, Karolinenstr. 12, D-86150 Augsburg
submitted 17.01.2004

Destruction Schmier, the singer of Destruction, recently talked about the band's new live DVD "Live Discharge - 20 Years Of Total Destruction": "This DVD features Destruction material from all eras including myself on vocals. We did try to catch that energy of a thrash show rather than just recording the most perfect, clean and flawless concert." Beside a large live section with concerts filmed at Wacken Open Air, With Full Force and the Metal Days at the Swiss club Z7 the DVD also contains a lot of bonus material in the form of backstage and extra footage, interviews, two video clips ("Desecrators Of The New Age" and "The Ravenous Beast") and a detailed band history among other things.
submitted 16.01.2004

A glorious victory for Mnemic! The Danish guys who were nominated for the "Danish Metal Award 2003" with their debut album "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" won the award for "Album of the Year"! Furthermore Mnemic's bass player Tomas "Obeast" Koefoed got the decoration "Best Bass Player".
submitted 16.01.2004

The Canadian Hyper Blasters Kataklysm kick off the new year 2004 by releasing the song "The Ambassador Of Pain" from their upcoming album "Serenity In Fire" (Release: March 22rd 2004) as mp3 for free downloading. You can get the track by following this link.
submitted 16.01.2004

German hard rockers Soul Doctor were seen busy in a studio in Berlin working on new songs for the follow-up album to their latest release "Systems Go Wild!".With them is former ex-Skew Siskin bassplayer Jogy Rautenberg who was presented in as a new bandmember on several liveshows last year. For further information check out their website at
submitted 16.01.2004

Metal Blade now offers brand new songs of upcoming releases of Cannibal Corpse, Criminal, Fleshcrawl and Monstrosity. To download the mp3s go to
submitted 15.01.2004

Milwaukee's annual 2-day hardcore/metal festival which is sponsored by Life Sentence Records, has begun booking and official dates have been set. Chaos Fest 2004 is set to be held on Friday and Saturday, April 23rd and 24th. Currently confirmed acts are as follows, with more to be announced: Bury Your Dead (Eulogy Recordings), Cause For Revelation (First Strike), Coma Eternal (The Nuance Formula), Forever is Forgotten (Thorp), Grimlock (Life Sentence), King Of Clubz (Thornz), Misery Signals (Ferret), Nehemiah (Uprising), Once For All, Rain Of Ruin, Spearing Jocasta (Life Sentence), Symphony In Peril (Facedown), The Arnolfini Marriage, The Breathing Process, Too Pure To Die (State Of The Art), Wings Of Scarlet (Life Sentence), With Dead Hands Rising (Life Sentence), With Honor (Stillborn).
submitted 13.01.2004

Soilwork have replaced drummer Richard Evensand with Dirk Verbeuren (formerly in Scarve). An European tour is coming up in February/March, support will be The Forsaken.
submitted 10.01.2004

Bolt Thrower are currently writing new material for their 8th (as yet untitled) studio album. They plan to go into the studio in May, and the album will be released around October/November on Metal Blade Records. The band plan to promote the release with a full European tour and hopefully their first US tour in 10 years!
submitted 10.01.2004

After months of delay the highly anticipated debut release "Forever Rising Into Flames" by Milwaukee-based metalcore band Rain Of Ruin has finally hit stores. The six-piece dual vocal ensemble has a sound remenescent of such bands as Prayer For Cleansing and the very obvious midwest metalcore sound of such bands as Nehemiah and Endthisday. mp3 available at
submitted 05.01.2004

The band brings Pete Ahonen, the talent vocalist and guitar-player of Burning Point, an artist from Limb Music. The Ghost Machinery music differs of the Burning Point music in some aspects, it's more melodic and symphonic, and the neo-classical elements are showed here clearly. They will be recording their debut album at Tonebox Studios until end of this year. The album will feature 12 or 13 songs, and more a cover song of Gary Moore.
submitted 05.01.2004

The following mesage reached us from Strommousseheld:
All in all, 2003 has been a pretty good year for Poland's Strommoussheld. The debut album "Behind The Curtain" received a lot of really great reviews, opinions and responses. The band played 23 shows for about 11.000 people in total. We hope the New Year 2004 will be more and more successful. We are currently working on the new album (under the working title "2econd Floor Temple") and we'll probably enter the studio in June. We're also going to play some shows. The upcoming Polish dates: 31/01/2004 - Warszawa "Progresja" and 14/02/2004 - Lodz "Zmierzch". Some of "Behind The Curtain" tracks will appear as a soundtrack to Michal Ratynski's "Trainspotting" performance (Silesian Theatre)! This stage version is of course based on the Irvine Welsh' novel. Here are the January dates: 10/01/2004 (premiere), 11/01/2004, 13/01/2004, 24/01/2004, 25/01/2004. Check the Strommoussheld Official Website at for info and the New Year's bonuses!
submitted 05.01.2004

Merry Xmas!

submitted 26.12.2003

Twice Second As previously reported, Symphorce will release their new album entitled "Twice Second" on January 12th 2004. A teaser in form of the song "Tears" can now be downloaded from Metal Blade's website here. The cover artwork for "Twice Second" was done by no other than Travis Smith. Expect a relaunch of Symphorce's website on 15th of December which will also give you the opportunity of a "pre-listening" of "Twice Second".
submitted 12.12.2003

Monstrosity Metal Blade Records has agreed on a license deal with Conquest Music Inc. to release the new Monstrosity album "Rise To Power" in Europe! "Monstrosity stands for classical American death metal. They are a band that always delivered quality and never disappointed their fans. We like that attitude!" says a spokesperson of Metal Blade Europe. "Their new album kicks serious ass – all fans of true death metal will love this shit!"
"Rise To Power" is the fourth studio album of Monstrosity, following their already classic albums "Imperial Doom", "Millennium" and "In Dark Purity". The album will unleashed upon Europe on 9th of February 2004.
submitted 12.12.2003

Armored Saint have finished their new DVD entitled "Armored Saint Magazine: Lessons Not Well Learned" and is scheduled for a late spring release. Directed by Joey Vera, the DVD will include a one-hour feature, which contains 12 live bootleg videos ranging from the "Symbol Of Salvation" tours (1991) through the "Nod To The Old School" tours (2002). Done in a fictional eMagazine style, the feature takes you through several chapters of music mixed with off and onstage silly antics. All brought to you by a host simply named "Gahnzo". No surprise who that is though ;)
Also completed and included is a music video for the song "Symbol Of Salvation" which includes several different live performances of the band from 1991-2002 as well as never seen before footage from the recording studio during the 1990-91 "Symbol" sessions.
The European version will include a free live-CD as a bonus! More details on that as well as on several other bonus features later on! Until then, here is the track listing:
1. Pay Dirt
2. Warzone
3. The Truth Always Hurts
4. After Me, The Flood
5. Take a Turn
6. Symbol of Salvation
7. Tainted Past
8. Creepy Feelings
9. Another Day
10. For the Sake
11. Tension
12. Tribal Dance

submitted 12.12.2003

After the recent departure of vocalist Martin Lacroix, former vocalist Lord Worm re-joined Cryptopsy. In a statement he says: ""Un mal pour un bien", I've heard it said, and those seven long years ago, unhappy though I was at leaving (for a private question of honour, not beer), it was none the less for the best. Now, we've come full circle, and again a private question of honour finds me back in the fold. "It is so. It cannot be otherwise." See you soon..."
submitted 07.12.2003

Sweden's In Flames have set "Soundtrack To Your Escape" as the title for their forthcoming album, due in Europe on March 29th, 2004.
The follow-up to 2002's "Reroute To Remain" was recorded at a rented house/converted studio in Denmark with producers Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Darkane etc.) and Örjan Örnkloo (ex-Misery Loves Co.) and was mixed at Galaxy Studios in Mol/Belgium (Rammstein, Manowar, Iron Maiden etc.). The mastering took place at Cutting Room in Stockholm/Sweden. The new tracks are said to be a natural development of the old tracks, again very modern but still with all classical In Flames roots.
The following is the tentative track listing for "Soundtrack To Your Escape" (in no particular order):
01. F(r)iend
02. The Quiet Place
03. Borders And Shading
04. Discover Me Like Emptiness
05. Touch Of Red
06. Bottled
07. Dead Alone
08. Superhero Of The Computer Rage
09. Like You Better Dead
10. Dial 595-Escape
11. Evil In A Closet
12. In Search For I
13. My Sweet Shadow
submitted 06.12.2003

The comeback album "Revolution" of Crematory, originally to be released on March 1st 2004, is delayed for an indefinite time, for Creamatory had to stop their recordings. In the middle of working on the comeback album "Revolution", Katrin gave birth to her and Markus' daughter Janina, two weeks before the actual due date. Because of this early birth, Crematory had to stop the recording sessions until further notice. But as more than half of the album is already finished, Crematory decided to release a single in advance on the originally scheduled album release date – a little consolation for the fans. The single will contain the single- and album-version of "Greed", a cover version of Metallica's "One" and a ballad named "Farewell Letter" as well as the video clip of "Greed" which was wrapped only a few days before Janina was born. Of course, Crematory will continue to work on "Revolution" which will definitely be in store during 2004!
submitted 06.12.2003

Nasty Savage Nasty Savage are back after a 14 year absence, miraculously with 100% of the line-up that made the daunting "Penetration Point" album and will release a new album entitled "Psyhco Psycho" in March 2004. The album will be released on Crook'd Records in the States. Metal Blade Records licenses the album for the European territory. "Nasty Savage is one the most favourite bands of all members of the Metal Blade staff in Europe", comments a spokesperson of Metal Blade Europe full of enthusiasm. "But apart from that, we wouldn't have licensed the album if it would suck like so many other reunions did over the years. "Psycho Psycho" smokes and is totally in the tradition of their classic albums "Nasty Savage" and "Indulgence". We are really psyched to work on such a great album!"
"Psycho Psycho" features 12 songs in total, including a new version of the demo classic "Savage Desire". And there’s a little nod to Nasty Ronnie's wrestling connection as well. "We got Chris Jericho to sing on three of the songs on the new album", reveals Ben. "On "Savage Desire" you'll notice there's a different voice there; that's the song he sung the most on. It's funny hearing Chris Jericho saying "Don't worry mommy, I'll be safe and sound". How the hell can you get the most bad-ass wrestler saying "Don't worry mommy"?!(laughs).
submitted 06.12.2003

Vomitory will enter Studio Kuling in Örebro/Sweden on December 8th together with producer Henrik Larsson to record the band's fifth assault, "Primal Massacre". For two weeks they will torture the studio equipment with their new, bloody and reeking pieces of rotten flesh! The mixing will take place in January in Helsingborg/Sweden with Henrik Larsson behind the mixing board. Juanjo Castellano will be making the artwork for "Primal Massacre".
submitted 03.12.2003

In April 2004 Vader will play the first regular tour through Belorus, the Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. The Flaming Art Agency is going to organize 14 shows in Eastern Europe. If you would like more info, feel free to contact THE FLAMING ARTS Rec., concert agency, distribution, management, Vadim Khomich, P.O. Box 40, Brest 224023 Belarus, Mobile number: + 375 (0) 297 213526, or go to
You can also now download a live video of Vader from recent Woodstock Festival. This is an amateur recording so its quality isn't very good, but if you want to see "Cold Demons" performed in front of 400 000 of people, check it out by clicking on "video" at Vader's website.
submitted 03.12.2003

Fleshcrawl just finished the recordings of their new album "Made of Flesh" at Studio Underground in Sweden. To cut a long story short: The album kicks off where "Soulskinner" ended, but with a lot more intensity, variety and deadliness, this time really showing you what you are made of..."Made Of Flesh" is scheduled for the 23rd of February, 2004. The tracklist is as follows:
1. Beneath A Dying Sun
2. Made Of Flesh
3. Scourge Of The Bleeding Haunted
4. Into The Depths Of No Return
5. Flesh Bloody Flesh
6. Forged In Blood
7. Damned in Fire
8. Demons Of The Dead
9. Carnal Devourment
10. When Life Surrenders

submitted 02.12.2003

The Focusing Blur Vintersorg recently finished recording the new album "The Focusing Blur" which is probably going to be released early next year in February. To give a little idea what the new album sounds like, the band offers a preview-mp3 for download at this location. "It contains everything a Vintersorg album should, harmony, harshness, eerie vibes and astral atmospheres", said mainman Andreas Hedlund. .
submitted 18.11.2003

Into Eternity from Regina/Canada will release their third album entitled "Buried In Oblivion" in Europe on February 23rd via Century Media Records. The band recorded ten fantastic songs in their hometown based Touchwood Studios with Scott Krall (bass), Grant Hall and Johnny Gasparic. The tracklisting is as follows:
Buried In Oblivion 01. Splintered Visions
02. Embraced By Desolation
03. Three Dimensional Aperture
04. Beginning Of The End
05. Point Of Uncertainty
06. Spiralling Into Depression
07. Isolation
08. Buried In Oblivion
09. Black Sea Of Agony
10. Morose Seclusion
The artwork was once again handled by Mattias Norén. For more info about the band and a sample of "Splintered Visions" visit Into Eternity's website.
submitted 15.11.2003

Fragments Of Unbecoming have finished recordings for their Metal Blade debut "Skywards – A Sylphe's Ascension". Germany's most talented death metal newcomer (as quoted by several major publications) serve on this album a highly energetic blend of Swedish influenced death metal. Catchy guitar melodies, intense rhythms and a highly technical approach make this album an energetic, unique longplayer. The tracklisting of "Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension", that is going to be released January 26th, is as follows:
Skywards - A Sylphe's.. 01. Up From The Blackest Of Soil
02. The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway
03. Shapes Of The Pursuers
04. Skywards – A Sylphe's Ascension
05. Mesmerized
06. Entangled Whispers In The Depth
07. Evensong
08. Scattered To The Four Winds
09. On A Scar's Edge Infinity
10. Lour Pulse
11. Fear My Hatred
12. Life's Last Embers

submitted 15.11.2003

A new Milwaukee hardcore/metal band has been formed combining death metal assault and straight up hardcore. The group features Chris Lopez (Ex-Forever Is Forgotten, Thorp Records) on vocals, Kevin Forsythe (guitar) and Jim Garcia (drums) both which are Ex-Jungle Rot, and Ryan Baxter (Rain Of Ruin) on bass. Cause For Revelation is currently writing and demo-ing various songs and on January 8th will enter Studio One to record with Chris Djurick who has recorded bands such as Origin, Gorgasm, Disinter many more. Their debut on First Strike Records is set to drop in February. Meanwhile check out their website at
submitted 15.11.2003

Italian metal stallions Shining Fury have finished recordings for their Metal Blade debut "Last Sunrise". The band recorded and mixed the album at the FP Recording Studios with producer Freddy Delirio. Metal Blade tell us to expect an album full of power metal hymns – European power metal with songs that are catchy as hell - and not cheesy at all! Hmmm, let's hope so!
Shining Fury Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Broken Hopes
3. 060501
4. Sleepin´ Coma
5. Snake´s Game
6. Last Sunrise
7. Memories
8. Speed Of Life
9. Declaration Of A Cheat
10. Net Love
11. Rosanna
submitted 29.10.2003

Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Massachusetts's Unearth to its roster. Making waves in the hardcore scene since the release of their first EP "Above The Fall of Man" in 1999, and solidifying their place as the band to watch with the 2001 Eulogy Recordings release "The Stings Of Conscience", Unearth has developed into an unstoppable force. Melding aggressive riffs, breakdowns and melody with unparalleled intensity and musicianship, Unearth will be one the few bands in the metal/hardcore community to make the leap into the mainstream while retaining their street cred. The band will embark on MTV's Headbangers Ball Tour starting in Montreal Canada on 10/28/03 with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, and Shadows Fall where the band will show all the fans what is sure to be one of the most extraordinary live shows they will ever see! Check our tourdates thread on our forum or
submitted 29.10.2003

As some of you might know in the meantime, the band among Luca Turilli singer Olaf Hayer will release the successor of their debut album on January 19, 2004. The band just finished the mixing and mastering process of the new output called "Anima Mundi". On top of that, Dionysus will go on tour in Europe together with Doro, Circle II Circle and Saxon - start of that special event is in the end of November. Check our tourdates thread on our forum or
submitted 29.10.2003

Axxis signs long-term and worldwide contract with AFM Records. On January 26, 2004 - AFM Records will release the new studio album of the German metal band among singer Bernhard Weiß and guitarist Harry Oellers. The CD is entitled "Time Machine" and has been mixed by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) in the House Of Audio studios in southern Germany who did a brilliant job. The powerful sound will be backed up by an impressive cover artwork created from no-one else than Derek Gores (a.o. Kamelot, Dionysus, ...)
Song setlist "Time Machine":
01. Mystery Of Time (Intro)
02. Angel Of Death
03. Time Machine
04. Wind In The Night (Shalom)
05. Lost In The Darkness
06. The Demons Are Calling...
07. Wings Of Freedom
08. Dance In The Starlight
09. Battle Of Power
10. Alive
11. Gimme Your Blood
submitted 29.10.2003

Modus Vivendi Even though it has been quite silent around Tad Morose the Swedes have not been lazy and recorded a new album entitled "Modus Vivendi". The album, that contains ten new songs, will be released via Century Media Records on November 17th. The artwork was again handled by Jan Meininghaus. A teaser in form of the track "Anubis" can be downloaded from the download-section on
submitted 23.10.2003

The forthcoming Cannibal Corpse album will be entitled "The Wretched Spawn" and is set for a February/March 2004 release. The track listing (in random order) is as followed:
Severed Head Stoning
Psychotic Precision
Decency Defied
Frantic Disembowelment
Rotted Body Landslide
Cyanide Assassin
Festering In The Crypt
Nothing Left To Mutilate
Blunt Force Castration
The Wretched Spawn
Bent Backwards And Broken
They Deserve To Die
submitted 23.10.2003

A Trip Thru The Red Times On the 17th of November Metal Blade Europe will release the highly anticipated re-release of the legendary "A Trip Thru Red Times" video on DVD including tons of bonus material! This new DVD version contains four more never before seen live videos, the "Reign of Fire" and "Last Train Home" videos, a new interview and slide show with the band taped in 2002, a slew of rare photos, the complete discography with track lists and animated menus! The bonus CD features extreme rare live audio-recordings from the very first Armored Saint show ever in 1984. This European version is different from the US-version and includes a lot more material. For complete tracklisting visit
submitted 23.10.2003

Guitarist Klas Ideberg recently had to undergo surgery for a slipped disc in his back. He is currently recovering and will be back for the upcoming tour with Death Angel in November. Read his message on Following this tour, Darkane will start recording their new album.
submitted 17.10.2003

Opeth have spent the weekend supervising the pre-mix of the live tracks recorded on the 25th in London. "Deliverance" mixer and co-producer Andy Sneap will take care of the final mix. The as of yet untitled DVD will contain both the mellow and heavy set with a running time of approximately an hour each, as well as a unique 65 minute documentary about the band with in depth focus on the recording of "Deliverance" and "Damnation". It will also include exclusive interviews with the band and producer. Rumours say a 2-CD live album will be issued as well in the coming months.
submitted 15.10.2003

A few days ago, Symphorce have finished their recordings for the upcoming new album "Twice Second"! As guitarist Cedric "Cede" Dupont says: "I don't know why and I don't know how we made it, but we created our strongest and most powerful work ever. Forget about everything you've ever heard before … these new songs are so fuckin' heavy! It's a blast and every single note and line comes straight from our young and modern metal hearts!" A studioreport with pictures and video clips can be found on Symphorce's website.
"Twice Second" will be released on January 12th 2004 on Metal Blade Records – there will be a limited edition (digipack) containing a special bonustrack.
Here's the final tracklisting:
Symphorce 1. Fallen
2. Tears
3. Whatever Hate Provides
4. Cause Of Laughter
5. In The Cold
6. Take What's Mine
7. Face Of Pain
8. Searching
9. Two Seconds To Live
10. Cry On My Shoulder
11. Under The Curse (bonus track)
Watch out for Symphorce live when the guys will be on the road as special guests of Grave Digger in January in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!
submitted 15.10.2003

Stygma IV have finished work on their upcoming album "Hell Within". The album is due to be released in France on October 27th and in the rest of Europe in early 2004. "Hell Within" will contain over 60 minutes of music, including a cover version of a rock classic (title yet to be revealed). An audio trailer can be downloaded from the band's website.
submitted 11.10.2003

Vomitory is due to record their fifth full-length album in December. The recording will take place at Studio Kuling, Örebro/Sweden together with producer Henrik Larsson. The yet untitled album will be released through Metal Blade Records in March 2004. More info on this soon.
Vomitory bassplayer/growler, Erik Rundqvist, announced his departure from the vocal duties in the band, continuing to play bass only. So therefore Vomitory is now looking for a new growler. Erik will still do the vocals on the new Vomitory album and he will continue in the band as the stable bassplayer he is! If you feel you are the one for the job visit for details of how to get in touch.
submitted 09.10.2003

J.D. Kimball, the former lead singer of Omen, passed away on October, 3rd after a three-year battle with cancer. Omen guitarist Kenny Powell had these words to say about his former bandmate:
"I am extremely proud of the work that J.D. and I did together, he was one of the true innovators of the early power metal style. His contributions on the early Omen records left a lasting impression on the metal music world and still influence fans and musicians alike 20 years later. It is with deep regret that I learned of his passing, he will be missed. Sincerely, Kenny Powell."
For those of you that would like to send condolences to his family you can do so at this address:
submitted 07.10.2003

Wanna be in the movies? Stampin' Ground, who release their much anticipated new album, "A New Darkness Upon Us" in Europe on October 27th are to appear in a film and so can you! "Lovesick" is the new film by cult director Wolfgang Buld. Billed as "A tale of passion, betrayal and deceit", some scenes are to be filmed in London and will feature our very own Stampin' Ground playing themselves as the male lead's metal band. They're currently looking for extras to appear in the film who are available on Tuesday 7th October from 4pm 'til late. For more information about times and the venue, please check They need people over the age of 18 to act as customers in the pub while shooting takes place. For those who come down, there are some pretty cool gifts courtesy of Century Media Records, plus the chance to hang out and appear on film with Stampin' Ground. If you are interested in appearing in the film, please send an email to with your name, address, age and contact number. Stampin' Ground will also record a session for the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Mary-Anne Hobbs soon that will be broadcast later this year. Check for more details plus tour news.
submitted 03.10.2003

Zoltán "BZ" Bátky, so far known as the singer for Hungarian band Stonehenge, decided to leave Stonehenge to form a new band. More details can be found at
submitted 20.09.2003

A change in the billing of PP Europe: Everon will replace At Vance who had to cancel their appearance for reasons that are yet unkown. At Vance will publish their statement about the issue soon.
submitted 20.09.2003

The release of the first Subway To Sally DVD has been postponed to October 27th. The DVD will contain a full concert filmed in Berlin, various reports (about the band being on tour, how a song is written, making of the last album and the DVD, about the festivals 2003), a history and all videoclips so far.
submitted 17.09.2003

On the 3rd of November, Metal Blade Records Europe will release the second album from Gorerotted, entitled "Only Tools And Corpses". To support the album, Gorerotted will tour in Europe together with Pungent Stench in November.
submitted 17.09.2003

November 17th has been set as a possible release date for the upcoming album "Cold Light On Monday" by Wolverine. A new song called "New Best Friends" can be downloaded here at their label's website. Wolverine also shot a video for this track which according to singer Stefan Zell is one of the band's favourite tracks off the new album.
More detailed news at
submitted 14.09.2003

Nuclear Blast Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Ektomorf. The Hungarian four piece is playing a modern crossover between hardcore and thrash metal and has released four records so far. With their last album "I Scream Up To The Sky" Ektomorf played a lot of shows and festivals in Germany, including an impressing headliner show at the Summer Breeze festival 2002 in front of 10.000 crazy maniacs. The band includes musical roots of their Roman origin and creates an unique style that blows away everybody, whether on stage or on their records!
submitted 11.09.2003

Cannibal Corpse will be heading back to the studio on 15th September 2003 to start the recording process for the follow up to their highly praised release "Gore Obsessed". The band will once again record at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX with Neil Kernon. More information including the album title will be announced shortly.
submitted 11.09.2003

Eidolon, who are to release their new album "Apostles Of Defiance" on 6th October have now a new song "Demoralized" available through their website at this location.
submitted 10.09.2003

Criminal are all set to enter Springvale Studios in Suffolk, UK, on 3rd October to record the follow up to 2001's "Cancer". The album will be produced by the band and engineered by Mark Harwood, whose previous credits include Extreme Noise Terror and Cradle Of Filth.
"Last weekend I went over to the UK and we got to finish the songwriting," says frontman Anton Reisenegger. "I think people are in for a real surprise when they hear the new material. We've incorporated loads of blast beats, huge harmonies and some really interesting ideas. In this respect it has been really great to work with (new drummer) Zac (O’Neil). He can play anything he wants and has taken the band to a whole new dimension. I know most bands say their newest album is always their fastest, heaviest, etc., but this is for real! As for the keyboards, I know a lot of people are having a hard time trying to imagine Criminal with keys, but we're just using them to make things sound bigger and heavier. The trademark Criminal sound is still there in full force!"
The working title "Supersonic Death" has been scrapped in favor of a new concept, which the band will announce shortly. The cover design will be handled by Claudio Bergamin, who was responsible for the artwork on the European version of the band's previous album "Cancer".
Criminal's new album will be released in South America in late November through a major label that will be revealed once all paperwork has been signed. A European release will follow through Metal Blade Records in early 2004.
submitted 10.09.2003

Moonsorrow continue on Spikefarm Records. The band has just inked a new two-album deal. First of these will be a long-awaited re-release of the debut album "Suden Uni". It will be released with certain bonus material consisting of one bonus song called "Tulkaapa Äijät" (originally Kom Nu Gubbar by Nordman) plus bonus dvd disc with two promo videos and Tuska 2003 live performance. This outcome with totally new artwork by Niklas Sundin. The album sees the moonlight on the 8th December. Moonsorrow will start working for the successor of "Kivenkantaja" after a little break in 2004. Meanwhile you can check out other coming soon albums with Moonsorrow members. Amoral (debut – early 2004), Chaosbreed – "Brutal" (debut - early 2004), Finntroll (4th album – spring 2004), The Wicked (2nd album – summer 2004).
submitted 07.09.2003

name The release of the new Einherjer album "Blot" has been postponed one week, and the releasedate is set to 15th September now. The tracklisting reads as follows:
1. Einherjermarsjen
2. Ironbound
3. Dead Knight's Rite
4. Wolf-Age
5. The Eternally Damned
6. Ware Her Venom
7. Hammar Haus
8. Starkad
9. Ride the Gallows
10. Ingen Grid
11. Berserkergang
12. Venomtongue
To promote the release of the new album "Blot", Einherjer will headline the upcoming Scream Magazine Metal Tour 2003. The tour kicks off in Oslo 8th October. Other bands to appear on the bill are Lumsk, Griffin and Scariot.
submitted 03.09.2003

Lunaris are currently recording the follow-up to their last year's debut album "...the infinite". The Norwegian band's new album will be called "Cyclic". So far no replacement as been announced for guitarist Azarak, who parted ways with the band earlier this year. All guitars on "Cyclic" will be handled by founding member M. "Cyclic" will include tracks with songtiles such as "Casualties Of Peace", "Existence Unveiled", "Lessons In Futility", "In Nothing", "Mendacities Of A Corporate Messiah", "When It Ends", "Cyclic", "Mot Natt", "Intricate Astral Deception", "Altruismens Gravøl" and "Slaves Of Opinion". Also some still secret guest appearances can be expected. Lunaris aims for a release of "Cyclic" early next year.
submitted 30.08.2003

Symphorce are confirmed as the very special guest on the forthcoming Grave Digger "Rheingold-Tour" tour through Germany, Switzerland and Austria in January 2004! Around the same time the band (feat. Brainstorm singer Andy B. Franck and Freedom Call guitarist Cede Dupont) will release its brand new studio effort "Twice Second" (see previous news).
submitted 25.08.2003

As previously reported, Tim Owens recorded vocals for the new Iced Earth album "The Glorious Burden" but had not been confirmed as the permanent singer so far. Until now. Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer now posted a statement on the band's website saying that Tim will be Iced Earth's new frontman.
submitted 25.08.2003

Vintersorg mastermind Andreas Hedlund, aka mr V, does have a new melodic thrash project called Fission and has just signed a deal with Napalm Records. The other half of that studio project is Vintersorg's live session drummer Benny Hägglund and they are currently writing material for their debut album which is planned to be recorded this year. "It's heavy and hard, still harmonious and melodic. I'm very impressed with the songs we've done so far" said mr V.
submitted 17.08.2003

The recording of "Buried In Oblivion" is now officially finished. The band officially finished up the first week of August. Grant Hall and staff at Touchwood Studios, who worked with Into Eternity on the "Dead Or Dreaming" album, now have the undaunting task of mixing the new album alongside the band. 4-6 weeks of mixing is expected to commence shortly.
The official tracklisting for "Buried In Oblivion":
1. Splintered Visions
2. Embraced By Desolation
3. Three Dimensional Apeture
4. Beginning Of The End
5. Point Of Uncertainty
6. Spiralling Into Depression
7. Isolation
8. Buried In Oblivion
9. Black Sea Of Agony
10. Morose Seclusion
More news and details at
submitted 14.08.2003

The lineup of this year's second Bang Your Head-Revisited indoor festival is all set up. Besides Krokus and Goddess Of Desire, Shakra, Rawhead Rexx and former Savatage-vocalist's Zak Stevens new band Circle II Circle will play up Albstadt-Tailfingen on 13th September.
Furthermore, preparations for next year's installment of the "big one", the Bang Your Head 2004, have begun and the first bands are confirmed - among them are bands like Lillian Axe, Primal Fear, Blaze, Omen and Majesty. Visit further details.
submitted 14.08.2003

Various news from German metallers Rage: the band will play a co-headlining tour together with Helloween (starting on 20th October) which will be followed by a headlining tour in December. In related news, guitarist Victor is currently looking for a guitar technician for at least 1/2 year (better 1 year) who will join him at the coming Rage concerts worldwide as well as concert tours around the world. More details about that on Rage's Website. As there are inventories at some sales companys exactly on 29th of September Rage's record company SPV/Steamhammer has shifted the release date of the upcoming album "Soundchaser" to the 6th of October 2003.
submitted 13.08.2003

Meshuggah had to cancel their appearance at Summer Breeze and will be replaced by Pungent Stench.
submitted 13.08.2003

We just received this message from Al Hodge from New Orleans based Tungsten: "In the wake of congress and the RIAA about to take away the right to download music for free, we've decided to buck the system and let fans and friends of the band grab all of our tunes from all 4 albums, including our latest release entitled "The Abuse" for free here at"
submitted 10.08.2003

name No rest for the wicked. Andy B. Franck is still not ready to relax after the huge success of the last Brainstorm album "Soul Temptation"! Together with Cede, Markus, Dennis and Sascha, Andy will enter the House Of Music studios in Winterbach/Germany in September to record the brand new Symphorce album "Twice Second"! "No more mistakes", quotes Franck, "we've worked very hard for this new album, and it will surprise many out there! Everything you've missed on "phorcefulAhead" … everything you love on old school and modern metal stuff - it'll be on "Twice Second"!"
Together with Achim Köhler (Brainstorm, Primal Fear), the band will record such tracks like "Fallen", "Ignored By The System", "Two Seconds" and "Turn Away". "Twice Second" will be released in January 2004!
submitted 07.08.2003

Psychopunch is the last band that was added to the billing of this year's Summer Breeze Festival in Abtsgmünd/Germany. For full details go here.
submitted 07.08.2003

German Rockers Red Aim have finished recordings for their long-awaited new album "Niagara" in the world-famous Woodhouse Studios. The release date for "Niagara" got moved for two weeks and is now fix for October 20th. "The album will be quite a surprise for some of you out there, as it's different", quotes guitar player B.B. Foxworth. "Less comedy - more rock is the parole this time! Or should we say, no comedy - 120% of rock? And it really rocks. Besides introducing new organ player Ray Volva some of the songs feature a grand children choir, big melodies and the hell of a lot of classical bloodrock tunes. I'm sure this is by far the best performace we've delivered ever - so watch out!"
submitted 07.08.2003

British power-metal titans Intense will finally unleash their flaming debut album "Second Sight" later this year. Although a release date for the album has yet to be secured, the band recently finished recording the effort; their first full-length release since 1998's critically-acclaimed mini-album "Dark Season". As well as being their freshest, most potent offering to date, "Second Sight" represents a number of firsts for the band.
Threshold's Karl Groom handles production duties on the album, lending the record a crunch that has evaded previous releases from the band. The album was recorded at Karl's Thin Ice Studios, an experience that the band found extremely enlightening. Another first for the band was bringing in highly acclaimed artist JP Fournier to create the artwork for "Second Sight". The finalised cover will be revealed on the new version of the band's website, currently in development and set to go live soon. In the meantime, you can still check the website for more info on the album as well as live activities.
submitted 06.08.2003

The Crown have finished the recordings for their brandnew album "Possessed 13" at Studio Fredman! Here's the update straight from the mouth of guitarist Marko Tervonen: "First of all, a total remake of the website has been made – so check out straight! Non-black??? Have they gone totally disco?? Relax...Wait 'til you see the P13 artwork from where I have ripped the main layout pics from, and you will fucking explode! This is fucking beautiful serious horror art made by the amazing Locust Constructions team. Let me start by saying that the album is all done. ALL done. It's out of our hands now. Why does it take so long time??? Well boyz and girls - Lemme tell you a cool thing!!!! We did two separate versions of "Possessed 13". You're saying "what?". The thing is this: "Possessed 13" will be released as a limited edition thing first. As a double CD digipack. And with different (but related) artwork. We call this limited edition CD the Deluxe Version. And at this point all I can promise you is that this one will be released in Europe. I hope for the rest of the world as well, but so far I've only got confirmation for Europe. And what will this Deluxe Version include??? First, the "Possessed 13" album. Here's the final tracklist:
1. No Tomorrow
2. Face Of Destruction/Deep Hit Of Death
3. Deliverance
4. Cold Is The Grave
5. Dream Bloody Hell (instrumental)
6. Morningstar Rising
7. Are You Morbid?
8. Bow To None
9. Kill 'Em All
10. Natashead Overdrive
11. Zombiefied
12. Dawn Of Emptiness
13. In Memoriam (instrumental)
13 fucking hits of death!!! And for the bonus CD: "Last Rite" (our very first "pro" recording ´92), plus the whole "Forever Heaven Gone" demo from 1993 and the whole "Forget The Light" demo from 1994. All demosongs remastered of course! Cool? Very cool indeed! 13 bonus tracks!!!! Bonus 13!!! Releasedate: October 20th 2003
Hmm...What more....Yeah, we just did the Wacken festival and it was FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Thank you all for screaming along and making us feel so fucking good!!! You rule!!! We'll do one more festival show, the Summer Breeze. Make sure to be there! It's a cool festival and we really liked the last show we did there..."
submitted 05.08.2003

name Canada's Eidolon have completed their latest slab of molten metal - "Apostles Of Defiance". Drummer Shawn Drover gives the latest info: "This is our ultimate heavy metal statement we have made as a band, period!!!! We have really busted out balls to make sure this record is the best we could possibly make it to be - we are very pleased with the outcome! The people who dig our music know that our music cannot be digested in just 1 listen, and with A.O.D it is even more diverse and twisted than ever before!!! Once again, we have everything from full-blown 100% speed metal, to slow crushing tunes, more progressive/weird/atmospheric stuff and two 10 minute epic tunes – in other words, a very twisted record! To me, it is extremely boring and predictable to make the same record over and over - of course there is nothing wrong in doing that – it is just not something that interests us at all .We really strive to always make sure that we improve with each record, in terms of musical performance, production, everything - believe me, "Apostles Of Defiance" will melt your face – I personally guarantee this!"
Here's the complete tracklisting of the album:
1. Scream From Within
2. Volcanic Earth
3. Twisted Morality
4. Demoralized
5. The Test
6. The Will To Remain
7. Apostles Of Defiance
8. Pull The Trigger
9. Apathy For A Dying World
The limited first edition will contain the following bonus stuff: the complete "Zero Hour" album (with a few Zero Hour-era band pictures). This album is out of print for a long time! Also a video clip for "Coma Nation". "Apostles Of Defiance" is to be released on 6th October through Metal Blade Europe.
submitted 05.08.2003

Falconer have finished the recordings for their third album "The Sceptre Of Deception"! Here´s the news we just got from mainman Stefan Weinerhall: "This album is a concept album about greed, falseness and megalomania in the 13 hundreds in Sweden. It is based upon a true story. Actually, a concept album to me is always a bit hard to listen to and sort of strange with all those short "who cares songs" between the real ones. This one is not like that, but is a normal Falconer album with some more variations and unexpected turns. Well, the fact that we've changed the singer makes it not 100% a "normal" Falconer album. I can promise a lot of guest appearances and that alone makes the album more varied. We are so very satisfied with the album since the last year has brought so many new things to the band like more members, livegigs and the feeling of "a real band". Now we can't wait to get the album out and get out there and promote it live!"
The tracklist for "The Sceptre Of Deception":
1 The Coronation
2 Trail Of Flames
3 Under The Sword
4 Night Of Infamy
5 Hooves Over Northland
6 Pledge For Freedom
7 Ravenhair
8 The Sceptre Of Deception
9 Hear Me Pray
10 Child Of Innocence
This third Falconer album will be released on 6th October via Metal Blade Records.
submitted 05.08.2003

French power metal heroes Nightmare reveal final tracklisting for their fourth studio album entitled "Silent Room" which is to be released worldwide through Napalm Records/SPV on 13th October. "Silent Room" is a concept-album featuring 12 songs in 5 chapters plus bonus for limited editions featuring a cover of Vicious Rumors "Ship Of Fools", a video clip and more. "Silent Room" has been recorded at Soundsuite Studio (France) in March/April 2003, produced by Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Sirenia) and mastered at Finnvox in Helsinki/Finland by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Stratovarius).
submitted 05.08.2003

Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer published the following statement: "Well the album is done, and it's not just done, it rules!! I have never been more pleased in all my years of recording. It came out the way it was supposed to be! And now for the big news, it's Tim Owens on vocals and he did an amazing job! I know there were a lot of people hoping that this would be the case, and it is. I've asked Neil to put a sample of 3 of the songs for you guys to check out. SPV agreed to letting me do this as long as I did not put the whole song up. I hope you enjoy them, I know I do. I'll be in touch soon with more news and details of the release dates for the single which will be called "The Reckoning" and the full length CD "The Glorious Burden". I can honestly tell you I've never felt better and am truly looking to the future with more optimism than ever before."
submitted 05.08.2003

name The new Vader Mini-CD "Blood" will now already be released on the 22nd September! Here's the complete tracklisting:
1. Shape-Shifting
2. We Wait
3. Son Of Fire
4. As The Fallen Rise
5. Traveller
6. When Darkness Calls
7. Angel Of Death (Thin Lizzy cover)

submitted 30.07.2003

"Highs Without Lows", the first video clip off Brainstorm's new chartstormer "Soul Temptation", has entered the so called "clip pool" of the German music television channel VIVA Plus. This means you can now vote for the video online, the most voted clips are being aired on Sunday (3rd August) starting at 9 PM CET! The clip will stay in the pool for the next 4-6 weeks so you can vote for it every week. To vote, either go here or call 0049-1378-4002-64 (0,49 EUR/min.)
submitted 29.07.2003

name Six Feet Under have unveiled the tracklisting of their forthcoming album "Bringer Of Blood":
1. Sick In The Head
2. Amerika The Brutal
3. My Hatred
4. Murdered In The Basement
5. When Skind Turns Blue
6. Bringer Of Blood
7. Ugly
8. Braindead
9. Blind And Gagged
10. Claustrophobic
11. Escape From The Grave

There will be a limited edition of the album available in a special digibook packaging, which will include a free DVD as an added bonus. The DVD will include a 45-minute behind the scenes look at the making of the album including interviews with all the members, footage of the band's rehearsals, and of the band recording. There will also be a 20-minute documentary called "Six Feet Underground" filmed by Darren Grams. "Bringer Of Blood" is due out on 22nd September 2003!
submitted 29.07.2003

Not Chris Broderick (who will be busy with his own band Jag Panzer), but Steve Smyth (Testament, Dragonlord) will be joining Nevermore as their 2nd guitarist for the upcoming European tour with Arch Enemy. Jim Sheppard: "We just have to thank Testament and Dragonlord for loaning him to us, because they are both very busy and he's taking the time out to do this." Chris Broderick will be filling the spot again on the American tour after that, supporting Dimmu Borgir with Hypocrisy and Children of Bodom. Check the Nevermore site for the tourdates:
submitted 26.07.2003

Evenfall had to cancel due to their vocalist Roberta being pregnant and not feeling well enough to play the gig. They will be replaced by Koroded. Also Darkane have cancelled their appearance. It is said they could not take the days off work to play the show. A replacement for them is yet to be found. Details as always on
submitted 25.07.2003

At Vance were the last band that were confirmed to play ProgPower Europe this year. For your complete guide to this great festival check out
submitted 25.07.2003

The long-awaited DVD from Dark Tranquillity, entitled "Live Damage", will be released in Europe on 29th September. Release dates for the rest of the world are still uncertain at this point. The DVD will feature more than three hours of live footage in Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound, promo video clips, interviews, discography, biography and more.
In related news the band will have a IRC chat session at Seismic Radio
on 26th July at 19:00 CET (2 PM EST for you Americans). You can join the channel either via their homepage or by using an IRC client (server:, channel: #seismic)
submitted 22.07.2003

The following update reached us from Domain: "After seven months of hard work, "The Sixth Dimension" is ready for you to enter! We've finished recordings, photo-shooting and artwork of Domain's 6th full length studio album "The Sixth Dimension". Eleven all-new Domain tracks plus one bonus tracks and one bonus video clip.
You can find the final playlist, another new band pic, as well as three exclusive new soundfiles on our website.
As a special thank you to our truest fans, we offer an exclusive pre-order of "The Sixth Dimension" limited edition DigiPak (autographed!!!). Simply write to
The album will officially be available in stores September 15th!
submitted 22.07.2003

So now it's offical: Immortal definitely broke up. Nuclear Blast: "Well, sad news.. Although stated differently earlier as it seemed as if the band only wanted to take a long break, here’s the 100% official news, directly from the band and management:
After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with Immortal due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making Immortal superb through all this time. Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh"
submitted 22.07.2003

Gamma Ray - Skeletons In The Closet Gamma Ray's epic new live album "Skeletons In The Closet" will be released through Metal-Is Records/Sanctuary on 25th August. All songs for the double album were recorded live on the "Skeletons In The Closet" Tour 2002 in Barcelona and Strasbourg. Mixed and mastered by Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlächter at Hansen Studios, Hamburg, the album was produced by the band. The album will be available in various formats. More info about this and also the tracklisting of the disc are available on the band's website There you will also find a statement from Kai Hansen himself about "Skeletons In The Closet".
submitted 21.07.2003

In reaction to the band's announcement they would split up, Immortal's label Nuclear Blast now published the following statement about the issue: "The rumours about the split of Immortal aren’t 100% correct. In fact, Immortal will simply take a long break, as the musicians need to rest a while after 12 months of excessive touring. In the meantime, both Abbath and Horgh will concentrate on their own projects. To start with, the debut album of Grimfist will probably be released in September on Candlelight records, with Horgh on drums. So folks, don’t worry, you know what "Immortal" means ;)"
If this is what the band meant or not - we'll let you know as soon as we know more.
submitted 21.07.2003

Yep, you read right. The festival season isn't over yet but the date for next year's Bang Your Head has already been set: it will take place on 25th and 26th June 2004. The first bands will be announced soon.
submitted 21.07.2003

Norwegian black metallers Immortal split up. This is the only offical statement so far: "After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with Immortal due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making Immortal superb through all this time. Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh"
submitted 18.07.2003

American/Norwegian metal act Kamelot has signed a new worldwide deal with SPV/Steamhammer Records. The band is coming off their very successful headliner tour of Europe and Japan in support of their latest release "Epica". Kamelot guitarist Thomas Youngblood had the following to say regarding the signing: "We are very pleased to join SPV, they are committed to metal and to Kamelot. I look forward to great things happening with the union between Kamelot and SPV. We are already working on new songs and very excited about returning to the studio soon."
submitted 18.07.2003

Rage - Soundchaser Rage have just revealed the cover artwork by Joachim Luetke for their upcoming album "Soundchaser", due to be released on 29th September. The release of the album will be accompanied by a few acoustic shows of which are no details available yet. Guitarist Victor Smolski about the new album: ""Soundchaser" will present some surprises: after a very unusual intro you will face a raising up from song to song, a "heavy kick in the ass"!! At "Flesh And Blood" there is an exotic sitarsolo with high gain (one of my favourite songs), at "Secrets In A Weird World" there are bombastic keyboard arrangements for the progressive fans and at the end you can hear the voice of guest singer Andi Deris (Helloween)."
submitted 16.07.2003

Alexander "Aku" Kuoppala has left Children Of Bodom right after the gig at the Tuska festival in Helsinki, Finland. The band will play all other confirmed festival dates though; a new guitarist will be introduced soon.
submitted 16.07.2003

Gorerotted "They first draw our attention when we saw them two years ago at the Fuck The Commerce festival", says a spokesperson of the label. "They were the fuckin´ best band on the whole festival! Gorerotted's first album "Mutilated In Minutes" is a perfect lesson in brutal Gore/Grind/Death music! These guys not only have a cool image, their music is absolutely phenomenal! We are very pleased to have them on the label now."
The band seems to be happy as well. Guitarist Fluffy comments: "We are really excited to be working with the same label that is behind the very bands that we grew up listening to. Fucking nice one!" Bassist Wilson elaborates: "Yeah man, we’re really looking forward to the coming years of blood, booze and boobs!"
Their long awaited second album "Only Tools And Corpses" is in the final stages of decomposition and will be unleashed upon the world in November 2003. The album promises a nine song roller-coaster ride of intense brutality and a complete assault on the senses. You have been warned.
submitted 16.07.2003

The Italian power metal band Sigma have just signed with the Shark records label for their second album "Win Or Lose". The release is scheduled for the end of August.
submitted 16.07.2003

On 19th and 20th September there is going to take place a new festival in Salzgitter, Germany called Let'sz bang together. It will feature bands like Dew-Scented, Bonehouse, Night In Gales, Fleshcrawl, Headshot and many others. More info here
submitted 16.07.2003

Rob Halford reunited with Judas Priest. The band is currently planning a world tour that is going to take place next year. Details available at
submitted 11.07.2003

Evergrey are confirmed to headline the second night of ProgPower Europe this year. Also recently added to the bill were Elegy. More info at
submitted 11.07.2003

Katatonia won't play Summer Breeze and various other summer festivals. The band was rumoured to disband but Katatonia put the following statement on their website: "It is with great regret we must announce that the coming Summer festivals Katatonia had every intention of playing, have been confirmed cancelled by the organisers. These festival opportunities have been pulled from beneath the band by a third party and Katatonia had nothing to do with these decisions. This third party (that are NO longer working nor representing the band in any way) has given out false information such as "internal band problems" etc, that apparently should have been reasons for Katatonia not participating in any of the festivals. That is simply NOT true. The band members themselves were all recovering and enjoying their private holidays when they were informed about the situation yesterday and sincerely apologize to everyone who planned on coming to see them this summer, and hope to see you at another time in the short future. Thank you for your understanding."
Replacement for Summer Breeze will be Amorphis.
submitted 08.07.2003

Polish Deathgods Vader are going to release a new Mini-CD entitled "Blood" through Metal Blade Records on the 20th of October (European release date)!
It´s a nice tradition - like on the previously released Mini-CDs "Sothis", "Kingdom" and "Reign Forever World" - that Vader will release some bonus tracks from their latest studio session. This new MCD will include a few cuts from the "Revelations" recordings: "As The Fallen Rise" (taken from Japanese version of "Revelations"), "Angel Of Death" (Japanese version of the album and EP - released in Poland exclusively), "When Darkness Calls" (Polish EP version), "Son Of Fire" (European Digipack version) and "Traveler" (Polish Digipack version). The Mini-CD will also contain the two new songs "We wait" and "Shape-shifting" - Vader are going to record these songs mid-July at Red Studio with Piotr Lukaszewski as engineer ("Reign Forever World", "Revelations").
submitted 03.07.2003

This is what Øystein G. Brun has to say about the cancellation of the Borknagar shows at Summer Breeze and Metalfest Vienna:
"We are sorry to announce that we have to cancel our appearances at the Summer Breeze and Metalfest Vienna this year.
The last couple of months we have been totally occupied with the recording of our new album, a process which has been postponed and extended in time. Therefore, we have not managed to incorporate with a session guitarist yet. As for live shows we need a replacement for Jens F. Ryland, whom left the band earlier this year. Time is running and we regard it as unrealistic for us to get the line-up sorted till the end of August, to do these shows. Therefore we have decided to cancel the shows now and not the week before.
There might be an overall impression that we have cancelled allot of shows lately. In our defence I would draw attention to the fact that this is the very first time we cancel because of internal band related matters. To this point all cancellations has been due to external factors, out of our control.
Our new album is being released early next year. In relation to that we’ll for sure see you out there, somewhere...
Again, we are sorry! Regards, Øystein G. Brun on behalf of Borknagar"
submitted 02.07.2003

As many of you already know through other sources, Hades drummer Ron Lipnicki is battling testicular cancer these days. Here´s a little update from his bandmate Dan Lorenzo:
"Ron had this huge operation 2 weeks ago to remove the cancerous tumour. They were concerned they might have to remove one of his kidneys. It was supposed to be a 4 hour operation - it took 10 hours. They saved his kidney. He was in hospital 4 days. They just took staples out of his chest 3 days ago. Bad news, the MRI showed more cancerous cells where tumour was and now he needs more chemo. So sad, but he still sounds positive. He's bummed he has to go to chemo again because his hair was starting to grow back. He's only 32.... I'm taking him to see Twisted Sister reunion Thursday. Me, him and Jimmy were jamming Kiss songs, Ron was playing as great as ever. We had hoped that after this operation that would be it, they told him 2 months before he could play drums I don't know. He's such a great kid, so much fun to jam with. He knows so many songs, all different kinds of music."
It´s Ron's personal wish to spread the news around. If you want to write and support Ron, feel free to contact him at Let´s wish him all the best that he will be back in best shape soon!
submitted 02.07.2003

After their latest gig in Israel Vader parted ways with Simon (bass) due to some personal differences. Novy (well known for his participation in bands like Behemoth and Devilyn) has joined the band as his replacement. Vader will play their first show with the new line up on 19th of July in the Czech Republic.
submitted 02.07.2003

A lot of festival news recently, this time for Summer Breeze again. A couple of bands have been added to the billing: Bloodflowerz, Heaven Shall Burn and Naglfar, the latter being replacement for Borknagar who had to cancel the show due to not having a guitarist to fill in for departed Jens F. Ryland. More info as always at
submitted 01.07.2003

Lord Belial just got a new drummer who unfortunately won't be able to prepare the songs in time for a proper performance. Lord Belial are really sorry about this development as guitarist and vocalist Thomas stated: "We were really looking forward to play but without a good drummer we can´t show what Lord Belial is all about".
Instead of Lord Belial, dutch metallers God Dethroned were added to the billing. For more info about the Party San Open Air follow this link
submitted 30.06.2003

Iced Earth had to cancel their appearance at WOA due to not having found a replacement for recently departed singer Matt Barlow yet. Instead, Twisted Sister have been confirmed. More info as always at
submitted 29.06.2003

Five bands have been added to this year's edition of PP Europe: Vanden Plas, Green Carnation, Andromeda, Symmetry and Xystus. Unfortunately Manigance who had been previously confirmed had to cancel their appearance. For further details (e.g. other bands, tickets etc.) check the Prog Power website at
submitted 29.06.2003

There are still bands being added to the billing of Summer Breeze Festival. This time German veterans Rage have been confirmed. For further details check the Summer Breeze website at
submitted 28.06.2003

As stated on Satyricon seek talented musicians who can handle keyboards and samplers live. In addition to talent you will have to have a serious attitude and show true dedication. The band had a lot of problems with their e-mail account, so if you've tried before without luck, try again. Waste no time, Satyricon will hit the road again late August. Apply via email to
submitted 27.06.2003

The Projct Hate announced the 25th August as release date for their new album entitled "Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate". More info (e.g. songtitles, cover and a mp3 track) on the band's website
submitted 27.06.2003

Blind Guardian are replacing their friends Iced Earth at the Gates Of Metal Festival in Hultsfeld/Sweden. More info on the festival here
submitted 27.06.2003

Austrian band Belphelgor just finished the recording of their new album entitled "Lucifer Incestus" which is set to be released on 3rd October.
submitted 27.06.2003

Narnia is working on a live DVD release, filmed earlier this year in Owen/Germany. The band will support Dio on July 4 in Västerås/Sweden, with temporary bassist Andreas Lindahl (also in Platitude) filling in for Andreas Olsson. The band is now looking for a booking agent to assist in lining up tour dates for North and South America. In related news, guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark and drummer Andreas Johansson have a project called System Breakdown that will record and release its debut album soon. The band will play July 11 at Jesus-Rock in Kramfors, Sweden. More info about the band's activities at
submitted 27.06.2003

Lion Music will release a tribute to Uli John Roth on 24th July. The album will consist of songs originally played by the Scorpions or Uli himself, performed e.g. by members of Europe, Empire, Balance Of Power, Arabesque, Condition Red and Takara. More info at the label's website
submitted 27.06.2003

Savatage mainman Jon Oliva will pay tribute to his brother, guitarist Criss Oliva with a special show in Largo, Florida on 17th October which is the tenth anniversary of Oliva’s death in a road accident. Oliva expects "a number of special guests" to be involved with this show.
submitted 27.06.2003

Legendary Christian rock band Stryper announces its first-ever reunion tour this fall as all original members celebrate the quartet’s 20th anniversary.
Deep South Entertainment announces the 2003 Stryper Reunion Tour, the band’s first nationwide performance junket in more than 12 years, which is to kick-off in the Northeast in early October. The tour will run across the United States, playing approximately 30 shows. While venues are still being finalized, tour dates will be announced in early July via the Internet on both and
submitted 27.06.2003

The Crown have been added to the billing. For further details check the Summer Breeze website at
submitted 21.06.2003

Two new bands are confirmed for this year's Wacken Open Air: Rotting Christ and Onkel Tom. This and more info concerning the festival can be found at
submitted 20.06.2003

The following message reached us from Ray:
"Upon the recording of the follow-up to our debut album "...the infinite", we have to announce that long-time member Azarak is no longer a part of Lunaris. During the process of song-writing for "Cyclic", which is to be recorded this summer, it became clear to all parties involved that the last couple of years have seen the band and Azarak evolve into separate musical directions. As a result, it has been decided that the best thing for all was to go our separate ways. Azarak left on friendly terms, and will of course continue his duties as member of Spiral Architect and session-guitarist in Satyricon.
While we at the moment are auditioning new members, it is most likely that M will handle all the guitars on "Cyclic" himself. The material for this album is completed, and we have more than enough songs to choose from. This new material will see Lunaris evolve into even further extremes, making the songs both harder, softer, longer, shorter, more technical & simpler than on "...the infinite". "More of everything" would be a suitable title to describe our progressions, as we strive to reach out musical goals.
No release date has been set yet, but the recording should be wrapped up by the end of this summer. As we promised after "...the infinite", extensive touring is planned in support of this album, so look out for Lunaris entering your town in the near future. Until then, stay metal!
Ray, on behalf of Lunaris"
submitted 17.06.2003

Mercury Tide is the new band around Dirk Thurisch (Angel Dust). While Angel Dust is having a rest and considering to work again by the end of this year, singer Dirk formed his own band Mercury Tide, feat. keyboardist Dennis Riehle, bassist Anders Iwers (Tiamat) and drummer Stefan Gemballa (Flowing Tears, Red Aim). Dirk himself handles the guitars as well. According to Dirk, the album entitled "Why?" is said to be a mix of "Rock, Metal, Grunge, Gothic and even Pop" and will be released Europe-wide via Century Media on 25th August. The tracklist has already been revealed and is as follows:
1. "Why?"
2. "This Never Ending Dreaming"
3. "Lost And Torn"
4. "Souls Of The Ocean"
5. "Back To Reality"
6. "Russians" (Sting Cover Version)
7. "Save This World"
8. "Set Me Free"
9. "Confusion"
10. "Another One"
11. "My Dear Enemies"
12. "Alone"
The offical website will be launched on 25th August, to coincide the release of "Why?".
submitted 11.06.2003

Only about a week after drummer Henry Ranta has left Soilwork, the band already announced his replacement. Richard Evensand (e.g. Ebony Tears) is the new man behind the drums.
submitted 11.06.2003

Though bassist Mike Poplees has left Within Another, the new album will be released soon and will still feature his work because he had finished the recordings before he left the band. Currently the record is being mixed by Dean Sternberg (g, vox) and Chuck Naccarato (d) and two mp3 files are said to be available for download by the end of next week from the band's website.
In the meantime, the band has found a temporary replacement for upcoming shows but they are still looking for a long term bassist.
submitted 11.06.2003

Marriage between Cirrha Niva & Pain of Salvation
Finally all rumours since the last three years can be confirmed! :) On May 19th Cirrha Niva's lovely basswitchy Liselotte Hegt got married to bassbeast Kristoffer Gildenlow. Many of you will know Kristoffer from Swedish prog metalband Pain Of Salvation. After almost four years of flying up and down between Sweden and Holland our musical lovebirds started a life together. The wedding was just like a fairytale with Liselotte wearing a beautiful weddingdress designed by costume designer Inge Steenhorst. We wish them all the best! Soon some of the weddingphoto's of this beautiful couple will be updated at Congratulations can be send to

Cirrha Niva again goes on Halloween tour!!!
After a big success in 2002 Cirrha Niva again goes on Halloween tour during fall 2003. During October and November Cirrha Niva will tour again with the special Halloween Rock Opera. They will start up a real spooky Halloween party in each venue on this tour, performing the "Liaison De La Morte" rock opera with an extra Halloween twist and afterwards we play a special concert with rock versions from Horrorsoundtracks combined with world famous spooky metalsongs from the big rockers on earth and hell ;-) Again Cirrha Niva invite everybody to come as gothic, spooky or Halloween as you dare and join their Halloween party!!! Once you're in....there's no way back!!!! Do you dare?
Venues & theatres interested in booking this awesome Halloween show can get in contact with Cirrha Niva Music Productions:

July 11th Cirrha Niva will perform the first "Liaison..." Rock Opera show in the Netherlands for 2003 at the Jamrock festival (!
submitted 11.06.2003

Mainmen Vintersorg and Mattias Marklund entered the studio at the beginning of this week to start recording the new album "The Focusing Blur". The current recordings include vocals, guitars and keyboards. The recording of drums and bass (again handled by Asgeir Mickelson and Steve DiGiorgio) will follow later this summer as Asgeir is currently putting the finishing touches to recording drums for the next Borknagar release. Since mr V is also about to perform his vocal duties for the upcoming Borknagar album and both Vintersorg and Borknagar will have a few festival appearances this summer (Summerbreeze in Abtsgmünd/Germany and Metal Fest in Vienna/Austria) the mixing of "The Focusing Blur" won't take place before september. The band aims for a late 2003 release though.
submitted 06.06.2003

Here's a message from the band's mailinglist:" Hey all, unfortunatly we have parted ways with our bass player/Second Vocalist. Here is a statement in his own words: "It is with great regret that I announce my resignation from The Berzerker as a full-time touring member. I made this decision during the Napalm Death/Nile tour and was fortunate to complete both that and the following European headline tour. I joined The Berzerker around 1998 just as he returned from Europe with the contract offer from Earache records and am still astounded that I was taken on board as a band member. I recorded on both the debut album and "Dissimulate", and have played on all the tours so far, doing guitar/vocals originally before moving onto bass/vocals. I was The Berzerker with the horns. I can no longer afford the cost of touring both financially and physically. In particular, I do not have the energy anymore to come back from exhausting tours and immediately have to start searching for work and a place to live. Furthermore, The Berzerker needs someone with greater commitment than myself to continue the progress we have made at the rate we have established. With the permission of The Berzerker I will continue to assist with songwriting and recording albeit to a lesser degree, as well as the upcoming DVD which will blow your minds. I am proud of everything achieved so far, and excited by what the future of The Berzerker holds. The Berzerker is an idea that is greater than any one individual. I'd like to thank The Berzerker and Earache for the past five years. My regards to all bandmembers past, present and future. Thanks to the fans for their crazed - and I mean crazed - support. Special thanks to all our detractors. If people such as yourselves don't "get it", it only confirms that what we are doing is worthwhile. Every guestbook entry you make is confirmation that we annoy the right people. This is only the beginning. bass/vox/horns

The band is currently focusing on the upcoming DVD but the search for a replacement will begin shortly. I would like to thank our departed friend for all his years of dedication and hard work, through the good times and bad you were always there, but mostly for putting up with me when no one else could. You will be missed. The Berzerker. Anyone intersting in filling this new found vacancy should contact the band at for more information. ONLY SERIOUS APPLICATIONS PLEASE!
submitted 04.06.2003

Iced Earth singer Matt Barlow has left the band. The production/recording of the new album will be postponed until a new singer is found. Read full statements from Matt himself and Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer on the band's website
submitted 02.06.2003

Tad Morose guitarist Krunt sent in the following news in regard of their upcoming appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival: "Charles "Chulle" Rytkönen (Lefay) will do a guest live appearance on stage with us at the Sweden Rock Festival, friday June 6th, to sing the parts of the song "Matters of the Dark" that he did on the album." On a related note, bassist Anders said that they are likely to present one or two news songs during their set at SRF. The yet untitled new album will be mixed from upcoming monday on. No release date has been set so far but you'll get the news first here.
submitted 25.05.2003

After a successful European tour with Gamma Ray in 2001 keyboardist Danny Olding had left Vanishing Point in May 2002 but he's now back with the band again. Vanishing Point is currently recording their new album which will be called "A Life Less". Keyboards have already been recorded by Leonard from Manic Opera who helped the guys out while Danny wasn't in the band. This is what guitarist Chris Porcianko has to say about the new material: "Words escape me as I try to describe so far what has been recorded, the songs have that typical Vanishing Point character to them, yet they have a bit more balls this time. The slower songs sound really cool and we have indications what the songs titled "Ebraced" and "Somebody Save Me" will sound like because Leonard has recorded the keyboards for those tracks and they sound huge. I think that most of you will enjoy it and hopefully we will be able to have the album out as soon as things get done."
submitted 24.05.2003

The following message reached us from Andevil Booking: church and city government have forbidden the performance of Ancient Ceremony at Summerbreeze Open Air (one of Europe's biggest Metal festivals) because of the band's Satanic and blasphemous attitude! Promoters were even set under pressure by getting told the whole event was cancelled if the band was allowed to play so that the organizers had no other chance than taking them from the billing. This scandal is a fist into the face of the entire metal scene and neither band nor management are willing to accept this cancellation without fighting against it. Of course Ancient Ceremony will continue following their Satanic ethics consequently and are almost "proud" that they are the only controversial act that was chosen as "enemy" by these radical catholics - but there is no legal base for the behaviour from church and authorities so that Ancient Ceremony hope for massive support from fans and media in fighting against this censorship! Next week there will be a homepage which will feed you all with further details.
submitted 24.05.2003

Tim Roth: "We are very sorry to announce that our upcoming tour with Lacuna Coil suddenly has to be cancelled due to visa problems at the US border. It's completely out of our hands and we are extremely sorry for this and for the inconvience this causes our fans that were coming to see us. I hope we can make up for it soon." They were supposed to support Lacuna Coil from May 25th up until June 3rd on Canadian and US dates, having to cross the border four times.
submitted 21.05.2003

We're finally online!! Woohoo! For now we decided to put an non-database version online. Due to reasons beyond our control it's taking longer than expected to make a CMS, so we felt we had to think of a temporary solution until we get the CMS and will be able to re-build the page using a database. In the next few days we'll be uploading more articles, esp. live-reviews and the festival-info. We hope you'll enjoy reading our articles anyway, after all, the message is more important than the means - METAL!! /mp/\.jpgm/
submitted 20.05.2003

From the The Berzerker mailinglist:
"The Berzerker are currently having a well-deserved break after 6 months of extensive touring. From October 2002 to March 2003 the band toured throughout Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland, playing close to 90 shows!! As most of you are probably aware of, our drummer broke his foot in February while on tour, he was flown home (to Australia) to recover, and a replacement drummer was used for our UK and European tour in March this year. The current situation is our drummer is still having major problems with his foot. Is was only suppose to be in a cast for 6 weeks, but after the cast was removed his foot rapidly became worse, he is seeing a specialist early this week and we will hopefully know more then. This has put any touring plans on hold (including our homecoming shows) until he can get back behind a drum kit.
In turn we are starting to focus on putting together our first DVD! We want to give more of a behind the scenes look at the band. Instead of just having a live show. The DVD will included such thing as rare shows, footage of myself (singer) having to play the drums and sing on our USA tour (with Nile and Napalm Death), rehearsing with the replacement drummer, touring madness, the recording process, film clips, backstage and plenty of live footage etc… Now for the fun part. As you have joining our mailing list we want to offer you something special. This DVD will be seen mainly by yourselves (the fans) we would like to hear from you about what kind of things you’d like to see on our upcoming DVD. We are also looking to put a section on the DVD dedicated to yourselves the fans, what we are looking for is for you to film yourself commenting about the band or doing something you think ourselves or others maybe interesting in seeing. It’s up to you. Be creative and you may be immortalized on DVD “Forever”. Also if you have any footage, photos or anything else you think you can offer please contact us. For more information about the DVD please feel free to e-mail your ideas to us directly at Thanks for all your support. We had a fantastic time on the road performing our music and meeting all the fans!"
So go to, join the mailinglist and dust off your videocameras!
submitted 20.05.2003

Lefay let us know that unfortunately they are not going to play at the Headbangers Open Air 2003. We'll let you know when we find out more information.
submitted 19.05.2003

Bassist Matthias Mailänder: "Some news about The Armada : LMP will release our album "Rage of the Armada" at June 23th in Europe, July 22nd in the USA and later in Japan with Bonus - "El Matador"! Further we will play this year's Summer Breeze -festival!!! For exclusive pre-listening please click on, listen to "Endless Crusade"!!"
submitted 18.05.2003

cover Buried In Oblivion Into Eternity are currently recording their 3rd CD "Buried In Oblivion" in the Touchwood Studios and guitarist/vocalist Tim Roth states it's gonna crush "Dead Or Dreaming" as far as production and heaviness is concerned. The band have parted ways with Jeff Storry and Pericardium-guitarist/vocalist Rob Doherty is filling his place on stage. "He'll also be making a few cameo appearances on the new album", bassplayer Scott Krall says. "But Tim for the most part will be recording the guitars. Tim and I had jammed with Rob when Pericardium was located in Regina. He's an amazing guitarist and has some good touring experience. The other guys have already started working on some new tunes with him on the side. Can't wait to hear them. He has some heavy influences, as you know." You can check them out in a few days, when they're gonna support Lacuna Coil in Canada and the U.S. (with Tapping The Vein and Daylight Dies)!
submitted 18.05.2003

Canada's Eidolon have finalized the track listing for their next Metal Blade release - "Apostles Of Defiance", which promises to be their heaviest and most diverse record yet. Guitarist Glen Drover reveals more. "It is no secret that we have evolved with each record, and this will certainly continue with "A.O.D." - This is the most excited we have ever been about making a new record, and once the metal masses hears the new record, they will understand our excitement!!!! We will be mixing the record in early July, then send it to Andy Larocque in Sweden to master the record and hand it over to Metal Blade for an October 2003 release." The tracklisting is as follows:
submitted 01.05.2003







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