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WEBCounter by GOWEB    


The Claymore © Cora Gonser Live-Station/Big Island - Dortmund (D)
October 18th-19th 2003


It was THE CLAYMORE's duty to open the night. I remembered them as rather boring from a small open air festival where I had seen them last year. I don't really remember too much from their performance back then but I still felt they became better. Some other people also said this, so I guess it's not only my vivid imagination ;) Unfortunately songtitles were either not announced or I couldn't understand them, apart from "Revolution" and "Element Of Hate". To me, The Claymore are pretty much a copy of Iron Maiden but it's been presented with a lot of power even though the band had next to no possibilites to move on the small stage that was packed with equipment. I should also add that most of the people really seemed to enjoy the gig or why did they bang their heads and raised their fists? :)

Mercury Tide © Silkie Gerold Next up were MERCURY TIDE, the new band around Dirk Thurisch. I was curious to see them live even though I'm not a huge fan of their material. What can I say? I've seen tighter bands. The problem with Mercury Tide imo is that there's no ultimate line-up. The guitarist, bassist and drummer from the album recording didn't have the time to play live due to obligations with their own bands, so Dirk had to gather other musicians around him (guitarist and bassist from German band Mourning Caress for example). No idea how much time the guys had for rehearsal but the playing certainly wasn't flawless. BUT: this was Mercury Tide's first ever live show, so I'm very confident they will improve! No improvement needed for Dirk's vocal performance though, the man simply has a great voice! :) The setlist consisted of eight out of the eleven songs from the debut "Why?" plus a special track for quite a few old Angel Dust fans I've met there (you know who you are!): "Bleed" was very much welcome and was a Mercury Tide © Cora Gonsergood ending to the show.

Setlist Mercury Tide:
Another One
Set Me Free
Lost And Torn
This Never Ending Dreaming
Save This World
Souls Of The Ocean
Back To Reality
Bleed (Angel Dust cover)

Accu§er © Silkie Gerold Next up were ACCU§ER who have reunited a while back. As far as I know a new album is also in the plans. I must say that I'm not familar with them at all and that they didn't exactly impress me either. I'm not the greatest fan of thrash metal anyway. Among the songs they performed were opener "Rotting From Within" and "Fatal Vision" and judging from the amounts of hair that was flying everywhere and the rather active moshpit there were some people that knew Accu§er better than I did (which isn't all to difficult though, haha). I was wondering if the temperature on stage was different from the one in the rest of the venue as one of the guitarists and the bassist were wearing woollen caps during the whole show.

Rage © Cora Gonser I have yet to see a bad RAGE show. I've seen these guys very often in various line-ups and it always seems as if time is flying. This show was no exception. After an intro Rage started the set with the new track "War Of Worlds" and it didn't take much time before the crowd started to sing along. As always, Peavy welcomed the fans he likes to call "friends" on these occasions and then the guys continued with another new song ("Great Old Ones") which was followed by a short medley consisting of "Sent By The Devil" and "Firestorm" both of which unfortunately were only very short excerpts. Peavy more or less ignored remarks from a single person in the crowd screaming "you have no hair" or "you have a bold head". Hehe, I bet he already knew ;) After another medley ("Black In Mind"/"Solitary Man") it was time for Victor's guitar solo which was followed by "Soundchaser". Later in the show Peavy started to introduce Victor as well as Mike (who had a "niegelnagelneues rotes Spielmobil" - no idea how to translate that but it means Mike got a brandnew red drumkit) and Victor introduced Peavy in return, even though for neither of the three guys an introduction was really needed, right? Someone in the crowd even shouted at Peavy "I want to be your kid", haha. The next track "Unity" was yet again played to show a little of the band's playing abilites and of course it led to Mike's much acclaimed drum solo. When Rage left the stage instead of asking for an encore by screaming "Zugabe" the crowd simply began to sing "Higher Than The Sky". Needless to say the guys returned and gave us what we've all been patiently waiting for ;) I don't want to repeat myself, but Rage is a fantastic liveRage © Cora Gonser band!!

Setlist Rage:
War Of Worlds
Great Old Ones
Sent By The Devil/Firestorm
Paint The Devil On The Wall
Black In Mind/Solitary Man
solo Victor
Set This World On Fire
solo Mike
Don't Fear The Winter
Human Metal
From The Cradle To The Grave
Higher Than The Sky


Mourning Caress © Silkie Gerold The second day of the Westfalenfestival started off with MOURNING CARESS. Little did I know about them (having heard a few songs once was all of my knowledge) but they were cool! Not only was their mix of death metal/rock (references: In Flames and Sentenced) very much to my liking, the guys also seemed to take it all very easy and so simply rocked the stage. Among the songs they played were tracks like "Dead Rose Romance", "Falling", "The Chain", "A Lifeless Time" and "Creating A Hell". Vocalist Gerrit supplied us with a few laughs by constantly announcing wrong songtitles but in his opinion the beer he was having was not to blame (yeah right ;)). On another occasion he announced a song as new - "it's only 1 1/2 years old". I guess you can get the picture with what else he came up with, hehe (ok, here's one more example: in reply to his question "Does anybody have our album?" one single guy in the front row raised his hand and Gerrit said "oh, there's one, thank you!"). The other people also seemed to like Mourning Caress and screamed for more, so as an encore we got to hear Ozzy cover "Crazy Train". I really liked them a lot and if the guys should happen to play here in my area again I will make sure to be there.

Obscenity © Silkie Gerold OBSCENITY play the kind of death metal I never really got into: raw, brutal, old-school. It was still easy to see and hear that these guys know their job, and especially frontman Oliver knows how to growl. Impressing. He also managed to put on a very weird look at times. I didn't get the whole setlist but most of the titles they played: "Disgrace Over You", "Human Barbeque", "The Arrival", "Alien Hand Syndrome", "Sleepwalker" and "Cold Blood Murder". During one song, I don't remember which one it was, they only had red spotlights and the whole stage was covered with fog. Believe me, it was a little as if you were having a look into hell, hehe. Thumbs up for a band that certainly is good in their field but whose music I simply don't like too much.

Dew-Scented © Silkie Gerold The same goes for DEW-SCENTED. I've never been a huge thrash metal fan and I will probably never be one (even though you never know!!). I've seen these guys twice before this year (two festival appearances) and even though they are very active on stage and all that, I still haven't managed to get into them. Most of their songs sound all the same to me unfortunately. Anyway, already after the second song "Unconditional" the crowd hailed the band by shouting "hey, hey". The band played in support of their old bassist Patrick who was replacing the current bassist on short notice (I don't know about the reasons for him not playing). Also included in the setlist were tracks such as "Cities Of The Dead", "Inwards", "Acts Of Rage", "Life Ending Path", "Locked In Motion" and "This Grace". The song "Embraced By Sin" was announced as something melodic in between all the heavy thrash tracks and it was also dedicated to all the other bands that were playing that night. For the last song "Soul Poison" vocalist Leif asked the crowd for aggression: "5 minutes of aggression is not too much for one day". Again the people wanted to hear more and so Dew-Scented returned just to play a cover of Slayer's "War Ensemble".

Naglfar © Cora Gonser Then it was time for the only non-German band that night, NAGLFAR from my beloved Sweden ;) Naglfar isn't a band of much words, these guys simply put on their show and they do it well, even though I personally am much more fond of a band with at least one member chatting a little in between the songs from time to time (and I don't mean something like Jens' "come on motherfuckers", hehe). Then again, I do respect the way they chose to perform their songs and maybe some nice talking in between would destroy a lot of the overall appearance of Naglfar, which of course is evil (Jens constantly throwing horns at us) and wicked (ever seen Kristoffer's or Markus' mad look?). In a few seconds of silence after the song "Blades" some funny guy in the crowd screamed "louder" and on they went with "As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Light". The guys seem to vary their setlists a lot; this was the third time I saw them this year and each time they had a different order of the songs they played while the setlists always contain a good mix of both older and newer tracks. One of the latter was introduced by Jens with the words "We are Naglfar, I am vengeance" - I liked that. "Black God Aftermath" marked the end of the regular set and as soon as the guys had left the stage the crowd started to shout "Naglfar" which made them return soon after for "When Autumn Storms Come". I'll finish this review with Jens' final words: "See you in hell!" ;)

Naglfar © Silkie Gerold Setlist Naglfar:
Horncrowned Majesty
As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Light
Wrath Of The Fallen
Emerging From Her Weepings
Devoured By Naglfar
Into The Cold Voids Of Eternity
I am Vengeance
12th Rising
Black God Aftermath
When Autumn Storms Come

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter © Silkie Gerold The intro for DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER had not started playing yet but the crowd already started with their "Reiter, Reiter" shouts. I immediately realized that there was no question whom most of the people have been waiting for that night. The intro started to play and the band kicked off with "Vier Reiter Stehen Bereit". Frontman Eumel was again running around like crazy on stage and I guess it must be a real pain for photographers to get a decent shot of him since he is literally jumping around all the time. Their poor keyboardist had to wear a rubber mask and carried a whip - I think he was better off with the suit he was wearing the last time I saw them ;) And while I thought that this guy still does not move a tiny little bit he started to run around on stage waving the whip during "Regret", haha. Note: you can never be sure about anything with this band. I believe even the sometimes ugly sounding keyboard (during "Iron Fist" for example) is probably wanted. Other tracks they played were "Reitermania", "Right On, Be Strong" and "We Will Never Die". The whole gig was a huge party and it only started when Eumel asked who had to work the next day and told the crowd "We talked to your bosses, you all got a day off tomorrow". Unfortunately I had to leave during the following track "Du Kleiner Wicht" but I am sure the party went on.

submitted by Cora 21.10.2003









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