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WEBCounter by GOWEB    


sky over Summer Breeze © Cora Gonser Abtsgmünd (D)
August 19th - August 21st 2004

Summer Breeze? Rain Fall - more like. With this year's WOA being so hot and the general good weather in Germany the two weeks before Summer Breeze I was still being too positive about the weather forecast. I expected some rain but not that much. So I was well equipped with sleeveless shirts, shorts and sandals - and just carried one longsleeve and one pair of jeans with me. Guess what I was wearing most of the time along with the rainjacket (the essential third piece of festval wear)? ;) But all the not exactly great weather aside (although it could really spoil the fun from time to time) - this year's billing once again was really, really good - with a couple of all-time favourite bands playing too :) Unfortunately this year Katalin could not attend the festival but we brought a friend of us (Sonja) instead and I could even make her contribute two reviews too! (Cora)


Lords Of Decadence © Silkie Gerold The LORDS OF DECADENCE had the questionable honour to open Summer Breeze 2004. Of course it's a great thing and opportunity for a band to play at a festival like this but on the other hand it's really an ungrateful job playing to the first handful of visitors who are just starting to get into the festival mood. I had never heard of this band from Vienna before and honestly didn't expect too much either - but to my surprise I found them not bad at all. When the band came running on stage their white clothes soon turned out to be not the only parallel to In Flames ;) Soilwork is another name that came to mind while listening to their melodic death/thrash metal which is somewhat simpler and catchier though. I guess having two vocalists does the trick here (bassist Andy and guitarist Norbert more or less share the vocals). Songs they played included "When Rain Is Pain" (if it wasn't here at this festival I don't know where else ;)) and "1st Division Triplehorns". (Cora)

Fragements Of Unbecoming © Silkie Gerold Next up were FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING and I wanted to see them for a while, so I was curious about their show. After the intro "Up From The Blackest Of Soil" of their debut album "Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension" the band started the show with the first real track of said album, namely "The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway". They obviously had a new vocalist or at least one stepping in for this show: Sam from Legacy. I would not really have known by seeing the band but I immediately recognized it must be another vocalist than on the album as he sounded a lot more extreme. That he's not the "real" frontman perhaps also explains why bassist Wolle constantly did all the announcements for the songs. He was also very passionately performing backing vocals. What I missed was a bit more of a stageacting. I was almost amazed that guitarist Sascha managed to walk away after the show and was not glued to the spot (as I had suspected ;)) where he had been standing during the whole gig. From a musical perspective I have no complaints though. As last song they played a cover version of the At The Gates classic "Blinded By Fear" and some fans even formed a moshpit and went really wild /mp/\.jpgm/ (Cora)

SB visitors seeking shelter at the local gas station (rain again) setlist Fragments Of Unbecoming:
Up From The Blackest Of Soil
The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway
Fragments Of Unbecoming
Fear My Hatred
Bloodred Tales
Entangled Whispers In The Depth
Blinded By Fear

When RAWHEAD REXX started playing it also started to rain and since we were not interested in seeing them we went back to our tents to sit down in a dry place and have a late lunch. When we came back to the festival area the crazy UK based band GOREROTTED played the final notes of their set - not enough to say something about their performance but enough time for me to take a picture of crowd and stage for Katalin who had bugged me to watch them so I could tell her about the show. Sorry, girl! (Cora)

Mörk Gryning © Silkie Gerold We were back for MÖRK GRYNING and I think they got a few new people in the band. I hardly recognized the faces! I knew that Kimera had left the band some time ago but there must have been some more line-up changes or my memory is even worse than I thought. Too bad their website isn't very helpful either; all info I got from there is that they have a new bass player. Yeah, you can already guess that I'm not that well-informed concerning Mörk Gryning and so the third track they played, "Perpetual Dissolution" was the first song I recognized. But I like that song a lot! After "Journey" they introduced us to a new song entitled "The Aurora" (if I caught that one right). The most fun I had watching their vocalist. Not only did he almost fell over the monitor box into the photopit even before the show had really started, we were also giggling away to his pants that were obviously a little too wide so that he constantly had to pull them back up ;). He obviously has had a few drinks before the show too. (Cora)

Vomitory © Silkie Gerold VOMITORY were heavy. Really heavy. Wow. Too heavy for me I'm afraid ;) I felt tiny and fragile compared to their sound and everybody who knows me can tell you that I'm neither tiny nor fragile, hehe. I only watched a part of their set and felt really relieved when I got away from all the noise. Now it sounds as if Vomitory was awful which was not the case at all, it's just not my thing (despite the guys being Swedish ;)). Anyway, the Swedes drew quite a headbanging and moshing crowd and those who came to see Vomitory could certainly count themselves as well entertained. (Cora)

Sonata Arctica © Silkie Gerold While I'm writing this review I can hardly remember the SONATA ARCTICA gig at this year's Summer Breeze. Cora wanted me to write the review at the last moment ;) and so I'll do my best...
I was looking forward to see a cool show of Sonata Arctica, and the Finns really brought their gig off by a tidy performance. They played quite superior songs like "8th Commandment", "Kingdom For A Heart" and of course "My Land", followed by "Black Sheep" or "The Cage" from the last album "Winterheart's Guild" (I'm not that familiar with all Sonata songs, so don't be angry with me when I don't list up all of the songtitles) and not to forget their new single "Don't Say A Word" from the forthcoming album "Reckoning Night". Sonata Arctica finished their show at Summer Breeze with a quite funny song named "We Need Some Vodka" (well, I suppose that's the name of the song). This let me almost think the guys didn't get anything to drink at all, hehe. (Sonja)

FLESHCRAWL is one of the bands that couldn't convince me, yet... For some reason their way of playing old school death metal isn't really my pint of beer, so I decided to drop most of the show and just check the last few songs. Despite my disinterest, I must say they pulled a very good show, well at least from what I have seen. And they had a respectable audience, something that not every band had due to all the rain... (Silkie)

Crematory © Silkie Gerold Well, I must admit I've never been a CREMATORY-freak before but the last reunion-album "Revolution" is almost on heavy rotation in my cd-player! I had never seen them live before (disregarding the fact the band had played their last "farewell"-gigs in 2001 after 10 successful years), so I didn't really know what to expect.
They started the show with "Fly" and "Greed" –both songs from the new album- and performed "I Never Die". After that the crowd chanted for "Tears Of Time", and it didn't take long for the band to start this song all the fans asked for - the crowd went crazy! But without a doubt, my favourite song of the show was the titletrack of the band's latest album, "Revolution". I really like this song with the cool backing vocals... Afterwards we heard "The Fallen" , "Ist Es wahr", "Open Your Eyes", the only song with German lyrics on the last album, "Tick Tack" and the well-known Sisters Of Mercy-cover "Temple Of Love". Though it rained almost the whole gig, Crematory played a cool show and left an enthusiastic crowd. (Sonja)

Saltatio Mortis © Silkie Gerold I had never heard anything from SALTATIO MORTIS but the name of the band alone let me think of a medieval inspired rock/metal band. In that aspect I was right. I can't say that I got positively surprised though. I am aware that a lot of the bands in that genre are either compared to Subway To Sally or In Extremo which often certainly doesn't do justice to the band's efforts in being an individual band. But when I get to hear three songs in a row that without exception resemble something related to Subway To Sally (be it in lyrics "Hör die Trommeln", the fact that a song is addressed to Bush or a beat reminding totally of the modern one used for STS's "Kleid Aus Rosen"), that's a bit weak. That way they could not hold my interest and so I went away. (Cora)

Hypocrisy © Silkie Gerold I had high expectations if HYPOCRISY could top the show they had done in Wacken. I must say even if they had a smaller audience this time, this one ruled! During the intro and the first few songs I joined the photo pit, so I'm not sure if I kept it in mind correctly that they started with "Adjusting The Sun". Cora was so kind and wrote some song titles down for me while I was focusing on getting useable photo shots. I would say that the setlist was similar and just in different order to most gigs they played this summer. "Parasites", "Turn The Page", "Fire In The Sky", "Inferior Devoties", "Eraser" from the new album, "Fusion Programmed Minds", "Final Chapter", "God Is A Lie" and "Deathrow (No Regrets)". They left the stage early and the audience of course shouted for more, so the band returned and played 2 more songs, "Fractured Millenium" and "Roswell 47" which got dedicated to Summer Breeze. Despite the sound, the show was nearly as good as the one in Wacken, maybe because Peter wasn't as sober as at WOA ... ? Well, no need to tell the crowd that they have to drink water, we had enough falling from the sky during the festival. He seemed to be short on comment anyway, something I don't mind because I'm not into those that talk too much if you know what I mean. ;) (Silkie)

Lake Of Tears © Silkie Gerold First time for me to see LAKE OF TEARS live. The band had some technical problems and things didn't work out well here and there. Vocalist David Brennare joined the stage with a funny fungus hat which was quite amusing. I think they started off with "Boggie Bubble" followed by "Cosmic Weed" and "Raven Land". "The Greyman" from their new album "Black Brick Road" as well as "The Organ" and "Crazyman" turned up later in their setlist. Of course they played some more of their older hits and as an encore "The Headstone". Surprisingly, they bored me after a few songs...somehow I was missing something here. (Silkie)

Sentenced © Silkie Gerold Woah, how great it was to see SENTENCED back! Actually I was asked if Sentenced had a new guitarist after I got out of the photo pit. I was very surprised at the first moment but then understood the question a little bit: Miika Tenkula had gained some weight, but what the f*** it's still him or am I blind? Anyway, opening with "The Suicider", "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself" and then "Neverlasting", "Sun Won't Shine", "Broken"... The band was playing their classics throughout, put on a killer show and were the well-deserved headliners of thursday night. Ville Laihiala's charisma is surely unique, but all members add their special touch to it, so it's good to see them back. After the song "No One There" of the album "Cold White Light" the band had a little technical problem or better said: someone missed the start... ;) I missed the encore because I was very tired and wet and decided to visit my tent. (Silkie)

Goddess Of Desire during signing session © Silkie Gerold Well oh well, while GODDESS OF DESIRE played I was already in my tent to get some sleep. Surely their theatrical rockin' shock show was very interesting to watch. I had seen them walking around in their stage outfit over the afternoon and evening, so people not knowing them could already imagine what to expect. Known for S/M, horror, splatter and biker sex elements in their show, they played cover songs from the 80's as well as own songs. But as I already said, I missed their show. (Silkie)


Mental Aputation © Silkie Gerold MENTAL AMPUTATION - what a band name! I was hoping the local heroes' music wasn't as brainless as the name suggested! ;) I didn't make it to the festival area in time and so I missed the first two songs or so. Of the other two or three songs (they only had 25 min to play) I thought I had caught some songtitles but as I cannot confirm a single one by looking at the tracklist of their demo "Mass Crisis" I better don't mention what I understood ;D I really believe they aren't bad at what they do: extreme death metal with some grind influences - it's just that it's not really what I like listening to. (Cora)

Alev © Silkie Gerold For the first time I saw ALEV, a melodic rock band from Munich named after the female singer Alev Lenz. The colourful cloths on the micro stand remind you of Aerosmith somehow. Anyway, even if I'm not that much into their style, I must say that Alev did a good show, especially rock lady Alev herself. I wouldn't say her vocals are outstanding but still they are better than most females I have heard lately. On some parts, they reminded me a little bit of Guano Apes. (Silkie)

We didn't watch BESEECH! First of all it started to rain quite heavily and we didn't feel like standing out there getting soaking wet for a band that we have heard at 2000 Decibel already and couldn't convice us at all. And secondly, it was lunch time. The rain made it easy to decide to have it while Beseech was playing. From what we heard of the band in the backstage area, they still couldn't convice us. (Silkie)

Back in time for CRIMINAL, originally from Santiago de Chile, but moved to London/UK in 2002. Mainheads Anton Reisenegger and Rodrigo Contreras celebrated songs with deep going lyrics in their agressive way. First band that cought my attention, even if they played this early and only had 30 minutes for the set, the band seemed to enjoy the gig as much as I really enjoyed this extreme metal band . (Silkie)

Dark Fortress © Silkie Gerold I have to admit that I didn't see all that much of DARK FORTRESS' show because shortly after the beginning of their set I already went towards the other stage to secure a place in front for Evergrey who were to play next. Anyway, I expected the worst when I saw a corpsepainted band entering the stage but it wasn't just noise they created ;) Actually their black metal is more of the atmospheric and melodic kind and their show involved a lot of headbanging. I sometimes felt a little reminded of Satyricon. (Cora)

Evergrey © Silkie Gerold I'm pretty much used to or spoiled with headliner shows of EVERGREY, so I definitely missed quite a lot of songs in their way too short set. But this was actually the first time I saw them live in support of their latest album "The Inner Circle" which still made it something special for me. And yeah, "More Than Ever" from that new album kicked butt live! As I said, I was a bit disappointed by the short set which lacked a few major hits by the Swedes (such as "Solitude Within" or "Nosferatu" from "Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy") and I was surprised they performed "She Speaks To The Dead" from the same album instead (still a hit but not as popular I think). The sound could have been better although I have no idea what it was like a little further away from the stage. The guys let their hair fly, Micke on bass especially looks awesome banging his head while playing and keyboardist Rikard sometimes bent down so deep for some headbanging action that he was hardly seen behind his keyboard anymore ;) "The Masterplan" was an excellent choice as the final track and I think it was the first time I saw Micke singing along to the chorus ;) (Cora)

setist Evergrey:
End Of All Days
More Than Ever
She Speaks To The Dead
Recreation Day
A Touch Of Blessing
The Masterplan

Green Carnation © Silkie Gerold I was looking forward to see GREEN CARNATION again as I think that these guys just play beautiful music - and know how to play live too! The Norwegians did an awesome gig, probably my second favourite of all performances I have seen at Summer Breeze this year. They were as convincing on this big festival stage as they had been in the club on their tour at the end of last year. In the beginning I was standing a little in the back on one side of the stage but it didn't take long and I just had to go more up front. It's pure joy to see them perform their songs on stage, and I believe they enjoy playing for us just as much. At least that's the feeling I got. It's as if they were celebrating all the emotion in their songs. Luckily the sound was really good which always is a plus and on top of that the sun was shining. If you haven't seen them - it's your loss. Apart from some highlights of their latest disc "A Blessing In Disguise" Green Carnation also introduced us to a brand new song of which singer Kjetil couldn't even remember the title. And yes, the band is about to record a new album! They are actually already recording while I'm writing this. As usual, they also played the first part of the really long track "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness" which also marked the end of the set. Great! Thinking of the gig still makes me happy. (Cora)

3 generations © Cora Gonser setlist Green Carnation:
Into Deep
Myron & Cole
Writings On The Wall
Crushed To Dust
yet untitled new song
Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (first half)

LEAVES EYES is the new band of Liv Kristine, known from her solo project and as ex-singer of Theatre Of Tragedy. Leaves Eyes introduced their debut album "Lovelorn". Surrounded by musicians of Atrocity including her husband Alexander Krull, Liv Kristine did a very professional show. I have to give a compliment on her vocals, it seems she's getting better and better, like a good wine. Even if the band mixes rock and pop with filigran arrangements and two vocal parts, Liv and the pop elements dominated here. Talking of domination, Liv Kristine was wearing her typical outfit... somehow I think it does not fit here, but oh well, I guess if Liv Kristine joined the stage with "normal" clothes, everyone would think there is something very wrong going on. (Silkie)

XANDRIA had a very hard position, being in the vein of Leaves Eyes one had high expectations. What a shock it was when Lisa started to sing. I found her vocals very weak and the band altogether seemed to have a bad day. So I decided to spend my time elsewhere instead of watching them. (Silkie)

Vintersorg © Silkie Gerold After last year's cancellation of VINTERSORG at Summer Breeze this time the band found its way all the way from the North of Sweden to the South of Germany. Much to my relief, I may add ;) Although I went to the Pain Stage very early (45 min before the start of the show) I found the first few rows to be occupied with fans already. Luckily thanks to Silkie who had been there even a few minutes earlier I managed to get a spot up front. The mood in the waiting crowd seemed to be good because when Vintersorg did a brief soundcheck hands were raised and people already started cheering for the band. Andreas aka mr V seemed to be in a pretty good mood too as he simply started "Vintersorg" shouts himself when he came on stage for the actual gig, hehe ;) So, yeah it was time for the show and as on recent gigs the set was started with "Curtains". The sound was more than acceptable in front of the stage (which often it simply isn't), so I guess it sounded even better a few meters back. After the second song "A Diaglogue With The Stars" I was so touched and happy I almost had tears in my eyes. During "För Kung Och Fosterland" the audience finally went nuts and the first crowdsurfers showed up. After the second half of the set some people already started demanding "Till Fjälls" - unavoidable I guess. Needless to say that everybody went totally berserk when that classic got played - I actually lost my watch which then got buried in the mud and we all looked a little bit exhausted (and dirty) afterwards too. Awesome show! Unfortunately encores are not possible at festivals due to the tight time schedule for the different stages -Cora and the muddy watch © Silkie Gerold but the fans would have definitely deserved one. Even when the crew started to carry gear away to prepare the stage for the next band, "Vintersorg"-shouts didn't fade. (Cora)

setlist Vintersorg:
A Dialogue With The Stars
För Kung Och Fosterland
Vem Styr Symmetrin?
Ödemarkens Son
A Sphere In A Sphere
Universums Dunkla Alfabet
Till Fjälls

Sirenia © Silkie Gerold I was really looking forward to this gig. SIRENIA don't really have any outstanding songs but still there is that certain something I like about them. When I arrived at the Pain stage, they already started to play the song "Sister Nightfall" from their first album. First time I saw this band live was at the Inferno Festival 2003. Henriette was the latest addition to the band back then and not very stage-experienced at times. Here at Summer Breeze she was doing much better but still I was something missing with her. Something else I kept missing was a bass player. Dunno, but I just don't get used to it that Sirenia don't have one and I dislike it when such an important part is just a programmed thingy. Well, even without a real bass they played Norwegian goth at its best and I enjoyed the show very much even if I couldn't stay until the last song. The press tent was calling again and we were busy there until about 3am so we missed Six Feet Under as well as Katatonia. (Silkie)


A look on the running order for this day announced BUSTA HOOTA as the opening band and although I had never heard anything of them their name didn't sound promising at all. So we took our time this morning for an extended breakfast, involving a constant opening and closing of the tent because of the changing weathers (did I mention rain?). Then at 11am we could hear Busta Hoota playing and even though what I could hear was not enough to review them I at least must confess that it sounded as bad as the name suggested. (Cora)

Paragon © Silkie Gerold. PARAGON was the first band we watched. They were already on stage and from their stageacting you could already see where their roots are from. In one way, I give them my greatest respect for sticking with what they believe in, on the other side I realized how much I've grown out of this kind of metal. There are only a handful bands I can still enjoy. Paragon did a very professional show - well, something that should be expected when a band is in business since 1990 - but it seemed to be a studied program, the right posing at the right time. Something I'm not such a fan of, it would have been good if the band had been more spontaneous. Playing this early, I was surprised about the amount of people showing up. They had surely a bigger crowd than other bands before, that played at this time. (Silkie)

Immortal Rites © Silkie Gerold IMMORTAL RITES were totally new to me and so I was surprised to learn that these guys have been around for a while and seem to be quite known already too. Their debut album "Art Of Devolution" came out this year and was produced by Atrocity's Alex Krull and it's from this album they took most of the songs for their set of corpse. I didn't watch the whole show (30 min after all) but among the songs I witnessed were "Fatal Exploited", "Digital God" and "United Scars Anthem". To be perfectly honest, they didn't leave much of an impression because even now when I'm writing this (only a week after the festival) I have a hard time to remember anything regarding their show. What I do remember though is that at some point there was some horrible guitar part - and that was about the time I left. (Cora)

Equilibrium © Silkie Gerold There were a lot of EQUILIBRIUM shirts to be seen among the visitors of Summer Breeze. I was curious what the fuzz was all about. A huge and very enthusiastic crowd with horns up as far as you could see gathered in front of the Pain Stage in time to hellcome the band. Very cool. Too bad that their music didn't really meet the expectations I had now. Frontman Helge's voice isn't exactly great and I found their creations not that highly exciting either. But that obviously was just me because from the beginning of the show with "Nach Dem Winter" the fans were really into it. The most remarkable thing is that Equilibrium are still unsigned and only have a demo CD simply called "Demo 2003" out. It's definitely amazing how popular they were among the people at Summer Breeze despite that fact. After "Unter Der Eiche" and with yet another start of rainfall I left. I wouldn't be surprised if after this gig with the overwhelming response Equilibrium signed a deal soon. (Cora)

Deadsoul Tribe © Silkie Gerold Summer Breeze is always good for surprises, DEADSOUL TRIBE is one of them. I mean it in a positive way. Psychedelic prog, filigrantly composed with poetric lyrics. Genius Devon Graves (a.k.a. Buddy Lackey, well known from his time with legendary band Psychotic Waltz) has a great charisma and fantastic emotional vocals. I just love to watch the way he performs, as usual he seemed to be a little eccentric. With a tight rhythm section, drummer Adel Moustafa and bassist Roland Ivenz and also rhythm guitarist Roland Kerchbaumer, Deadsoul Tribe did an excellent show, I wish there had been a bigger audience as they would have deserved this but of course I can understand that not everyone is pleased to stand out there in the pouring rain. (Silkie)

I returned to the festival area for the rest of MNEMIC's set. As I remembered them from their support slot on the Death Angel tour last year, their show was very energetic. I think the Danes have been playing quite a lot live since the release of their debut album and I guess it's already starting to pay off as they seem to be more known by now and grow more popular with each gig. I bet we are going to see them on the road again pretty soon as they are just about to release their second album at the end of September. One of the two songs I witnessed was the well-known "Ghost". (Cora)

Honigdieb © Silkie Gerold In my opinion HONIGDIEB is trying to convince more with the weird appearance of their frontman than with the music. Oh my. I couldn't believe my eyes when that guy entered the stage wearing pants with one leg long and the other short, a leopard-style coat, top-hat and googles. When he started to sing I couldn't believe my ears either. Now that's what I call horrible. I don't even have a clue what to call their kind of music. I can't even believe someone will like them just for their lyrics (in German) which - from the two songs I heard - weren't any better. I can't imagine they gained new fans here, but maybe I'm just blind/deaf for this kind of "artistry". The two songs I listened to were "Meine Tür" (I suppose) and "Auf Der Suche Nach Dem Glück". (Cora)

Disillusion © Silkie Gerold I definitely didn't want to miss DISILLUSION, not only because I liked their debut album "Back To Times Of Splendor" quite a bit but also because they got guest musicians from the band Dark Suns (also from Leipzig/Germany) for some of their festival shows, the one at Summer Breeze included. What can I say? I think especially the background singers were a great thing although the role of the acoustic guitar should not be underestimated. Unfortunately the sound wasn't all too great and for the kind of music they play a decent sound is somewhat essential. I also don't really think of them as a great live band (yet). I found it a little surprising that they played the entire album "Back To Times Of Splendor" in sequence but not "The Porter" from the single of the same title as I think that track is quite popular among their fans too. (Cora)

So, metalcore fom Switzerland with CATARACT. Metalcore must be among the styles in metal that I can't really get into, so I'm not a good candidate to write about them I'm afraid. The whole hardcore side of bands like this remains a bit alien to me. So yeah, the band certainly was energetic and damn heavy too but I just don't like the monotony of hardcore in their (or any other band's) music. Also, I just arrived when they were about to play the last two songs, namely "Be Warned" and "Nothing's Left". (Cora)

Schandmaul © Silkie Gerold I had seen a very little bit of the SCHANDMAUL show in Wacken and thought that they weren't as bad as I remembered them from a song I had heard a few years ago. So as I had only seen so little at Wacken I took the chance to check them out here. The stage decoration was very spartan, in fact, there was no decoration at all. I wonder where they had their amps!? The only visual aspect were some projections on the plain black backdrop from time to time. But the band was very agile and well, it was party time! A lot of people came to see Schandmaul this afternoon, but the mood of the crowd in Wacken was a more enthusiastic I think. Not only because of the instrumentation (violin, shawm, bagpipes) and the multivocal chanting they reminded me of (older) Subway To Sally a lot. Yeah, I know it's easy to draw such comparisons but it has never been truer than here ;) Among the songs they performed were "Das Seemannsgrab", "Walpurgisnacht", "Herren Der Winde", "Der Letzte Tanz" and the encore "Gebt Acht" with a sing-a-long for the fans. Nice. (Cora)

When the Finnish band ENSIFERUM entered the Pain Stage they had Petri Lindroos of the band Norther as guest singer and guitarist, since the band didn't find a replacement for Jari Mäenpää yet. I can't help myself but IMO Petri looks more like an elf than a troll, hehe... Anyhow, he did a great job and I think it would be perfect if he would stay. I like the mix of melodic death metal with folk and humppa - especially at festivals and so did the audience. Forgotten was the bad weather for nearly 40 minutes. (Silkie)

Brainstorm © Silkie Gerold Time for my Swabian favourites BRAINSTORM. Frontman Andy said the band was tired as hell from their trip to Summer Breeze (they had been playing at Metal Camp Festival in Slovenia the day before and got here by bus) but you couldn't tell that from their performance. Andy ran up and down the stage, climbed down into the photopit more than once - business as usual with this guy. The recent setlist got a little extended due to the playing time of a full hour, so for example "Crush Depth" found its way back into the show. Another special treat was "Dying Outside" which according to Andy they played for the first/second time (in Germany) only. And especially here I noticed that the backup vocals of guitarist Todde and Milan have become much stronger. Crowdsurfers kept the security busy - and the security guy in front of me (Bernd the beast ;)) even seemed to enjoy the show himself when he had not to help someone out of the masses. As an encore we once again got to hear "Amarillo" - it seems the crowd's reaction at this year's WOA has been convincing enough. I immediately called Marlies and told her she was about to hear "Amarillo" live at Summer Breeze, and so I held up my mobile and hoped she could hear something :) (Later on she told me she was dancing around in the living-room, hehe) Then the show was over already and the band will head into the studio this autumn/winter to record a new album. I'm already looking forward to the following tour which they will FINALLY do as headliners! (Cora)

Cora & Sonja © Silkie Gerold setlist Brainstorm:
Shiva's Tears
Blind Suffering
Crush Depth
Doorway To Survive
Hollow Hideaway
Dying Outside
The Leading
Highs Without Lows
Under The Lights

Psychopunch © Silkie Gerold Here we go, I would describe PSYCHOPUNCH as the most outstanding band on Summer Breeze. Outstanding as there wasn't any other band that came up with such a mix of punk, dirty rock'n'roll and metal a la Motörhead. Of most other genres/styles we had seen, at least two or more in the same vein... Psychopunch were different and showed us that such a band shouldn't be missed on a metal festival like Summer Breeze. It might be incorrect, but for one who is not familiar with the band, I easily can match by the look of the members who has influrenced the band's style with what genre. Singer JM has truly the punk vibes, Joey on lead guitar looks more like the 80's guy, Mumbles on bass reminds not only of Motörhead but also a bit of Metallica and last but not least Peppe the rock'n'roller. Anyway, I think they put up a good ol' dirty rock'n'roll show. Thumbs up! (Silkie)

U.D.O. had a very colourful lightshow, that's one of the main things I noticed. I acknowlege what a "metal personality" Udo Dirkschneider is - but I just can't really stand his voice. As I'm not exactly what you can call a fan, I neither saw the whole show nor did I recognize all the songs they played. In fact, I find it a little strange that they played so many Accept songs. I mean, is this a U.D.O. show or what? I can see that there has to be an Accept classic or two but if mr Dirkschneider is doing a show with U.D.O. the main focus should be on U.D.O. songs. But maybe the Accept classics are what the people want to hear and the songs I recognized were all Accept songs too : "Metal Heart", "Restless And Wild", "Princess Of The Dawn", "I'm A Rebel" and "Fast As A Shark" - they were all there....while the latter for whatever reason sounded awful. (Cora)

Primordial © Silkie Gerold PRIMORDIAL was one of the bands I was really looking forward to, esp. after they had to cancel last year's Summer Breeze. After the long intro, in my opinion a bit too long, Alan Averil Nemtheanga and the rest of the gang entered the stage. First thing I recognized was that Alan had joined the force of evil haircuts, infact he was bald... covered in "blood" and began with his dramatical performance right away. It was nice to hear that the band dedicated the song "The Journey's End" to Quorthon (Bathory) who had passed away in June, but it did save the show. Even if the audience seemed to celebrate them and some great songs in the set, I must say Primordial have had better days, esp. Alan. The show was just average and I was quite disappointed. (Silkie)

I never liked DANZIG on cd, so I had doubts they'd convince me live. I was right. How boring can it get? And for this time of day (it was 10.45 pm) there was a surprisingly little crowd on the festival area too. Perhaps the rain was another reason. I certainly didn't feel like watching the show at all for the before mentioned reasons and as I started to freeze and feel sick, I actually went sleeping. I had wanted to watch Finntroll later on but the urge to flee in my sleeping bag was simply stronger. Oh, and I should mention that Danzig prohibited any pics taken of the show. WTF!? (Cora)

Finntroll © Silkie Gerold Yeah, here we had it again, huuuummppaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ok thrash, death and black elements made it an evil Humppaa, but what the hell, it was perfect to have a band such as FINNTROLL as the last band for the night. We could party once more despite the rain. These Finns know how to get a crowd moving. To get an overview I stayed in the back and it was amazing to watch the audience as well as Finntroll. Over this excitement I totally forgot to write any songs down for my review, shame on me, but sometimes you just have to enjoy a show... Unfortunately the festival had a certain curfew and it was reached in the middle of the last song. Well, I have to say last song since the band couldn't continue but at least there was a chance to thank all fans and to say goodbye. Time for me to visit my tent as well.(Silkie)

Silkie & Cora © Sonja Göder Early the next morning we put down our tents and put all our stuff in our cars again. At this point I'd like to complain about the weather once again ;) Seriously though, the weather's been a huge let-down and sometimes really killed the mood. I also noticed a lot less people on the festival ground in general which I believe was not because there were less visitors but simply for the fact that everybody was trying to find a dry spot from time to time (which was not possible on the festival site). But still - wherever you went, it was at least damp and it became difficult to feel comfortable throughout. Of course this has nothing to do with the festival itself and so we can just hope that it's gonna be better again next year. The choice of bands once again was quite excellent in my opinion and although there are some more or less minor issues that could be improved organisation-wise, I think Summer Breeze can count me in for next year's edition already. (Cora)

submitted by Cora 07.10.2004


IN PAIN DIE (2003)



EVERGREY, Gothenburg


SUMMER BREEZE 2004, Abtsgmünd



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