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WEBCounter by GOWEB    


Gorerotted Mr Gore and Wilson
December 2003

The misty land of Albion has bred a new tribe, the Gorerotted family, covering Gorerotted and their fans and I assume the population of this family is growing constantly. Extreme music is not new to the UK, so what is so special about this bunch of sick f*****s? They have a sense of humour! No doubt, they are absurd but I bet "always look on the bright side of life" is their philosophy as well. "Only fools and horses"... ooops... sorry, "Only Tools And Corpses" is their latest release and on this occasion I had got the chance to badger them with quite a few questions. If you want to know what can be funny about gore music, read the answers below, given by Mr Gore (vocals) and Wilson (bass).

Hello Gorerotted! How are you? What are the latest happenings around the band?

Wilson: How you doin' Hungarian people? Things are goin' good in you probably know, we're promoting our newly released album "Only Tools And Corpses", and enjoying every second of it. Were just back from a tour of Europe with Pungent Stench, and having a well deserved winter break to let the wounds heal..

Everybody can read your biography on your site, but still would you please give us a short insight into the band's history in a few sentences?

Wilson: Sure, I'll some it up in one. 2 guys met in a pub in East London in 1997 and decided to start a death metal band, and they're still there. Since then, there's been some line up changes, 2 albums, 1 EP, 1 Split CD, a shit load of compilations, and even more gigs.

Mr Gore: well I don't think that there is very much I can add apart from that we came we got pissed and fell over and the rest is history.

As I wrote in my review, Gorerotted is a very, very friendly name for a band ;) Please tell us how you came up with this name?

Mr. Gore: well it's a medieval word, discovering the ancient art of beer drinking, I learnt that on the Discovery channel, do you get that in Hungary?? Anways, only kidding "garrotted" means to be strangled by a wire, we just spell it wrongly, hence Gorerotted.

Maybe this question is strange but I wonder what your family members', your friends' reactions were when they first heard your music or saw you at a gig?

Wilson: Well, my parents who are both in respectable careers (not mentioning what) come to see my music shows whenever they can, and they love it. And they got a Gorerotted CD for Christmas this year...lucky fucks!

Mr Gore: My family are quite happy for me to take this path, my dad is a mortician, my mum a full time undertaker and my brother and sister have just finished backing vocals on the next Darkness Christmas single.

Your first album came out at Dead Again Records in 2001. This year you've got a 3 way split cd out at Deepsend Records but your second full-length had been released by Metal Blade Records. Please clear your present label-connections for us, and how did you get signed to Metal Blade?

Gorerotted Wilson: Yeah, the first album was on Dead Again, and I think it did really well. When we did the Split for Deepsend we weren't with any label, so that seemed like a good filler while we searched for a new home. After a painful 6 months or so, and a few decent offers, Metal Blade came in and offered us 6 cans of lager more, each! So why wouldn't we sign with them?

Mr Gore: I'm not to sure how we got on Metal Blade because we don't have any hair and we only have three good tattoos between us. But we are remarkably well dressed and our musical talents are fields ahead of the average death metal requirements. I guess Metal Blade just know a good thing when they see one.

Do you know anything about the sale numbers of your releases?

Wilson: Sorry, I take nothing to do with that shit...all I know is the album hasn't been out 2 months yet, and I have more gold than Mr.T from the A Team.

Mr Gore: Nope, we won't know our sales till the middle of the year but I will only accept a gold disc, nothing less.

Something else Metal Blade related, do you know/like Cattle Decapitation?

Wilson: Sounds like a racket band to me, what about Shining Fury or were talking...waaahhhhhhh!

Mr Gore: I'm a big fan of Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse. I'm a bit of an old school fan when it comes to death metal.

Unfortunately I know only your second effort, "Only Tools And Corpses". How would you compare it to the first album "Mutilated In Minutes"?

Wilson: Well, the biggest and best difference is that I joined the band. Seriously, the biggest change to me is the solid line-up. Gorerotted have always been class shit, I used to be a fan before I joined, but now it seems more fluid. We've learnt to write together, the live shows are becoming tighter, and we can spend 2 weeks on a bus without killing each other..just a few changes, but some thing never change eh boys?

Mr Gore: I think the huge progression of the music between the two albums is there for all to see. We have all become better musicians and songwriters in the two or three years between the albums and we now have a line-up where we actually talk to each other which helps. Anyway they are both classics.

How have been the reactions to "Only Tools And Corpses" so far?

Wilson: I'm being honest when I say I haven't heard a bad review! And so many people are saying "I didn't think I'd like that kind of music but I do". It's great, the old fans seem to be pleased about us selling out, and were increasing our audience in the process.

Mr Gore: It's great, women talk to me again!!!

Two years passed between your two albums but I guess you didn't need that much time to write the songs of the second album. Only Tools And CorpsesActually how much time did it take to complete the songs of "Only Tools And Corpses"?

Wilson: That's a hard one to answer, but I'll try my best. Fluffy and Junkie Jon wrote all of "Mutilated", and they never stop writing. But with the line-up changes etc, I guess they never saw many of their ideas come to fruition. When I joined the band 2 years ago, 2 of the songs were 100%, and from then there were other contributions with writing and arranging. But it didn't take the whole 2-3 years to write, it took us almost a year of that time to finalise the deal with Metal Blade and get the fucker released.

Mr Gore: We had a lot of members leave, including a guitarist who thought his days were better spent clearing the central reservation of motorways and a bass player who decided that a career in paper folding was a better option. Having to replace them two wasted some time.

What is the usual song writing proccess in Gorerotted? How much does each member participate in it?

Wilson: We all participate. Me, Fluff, Robin Pants and Junkie Jon write the music and arrange it together, and then Goreskin and Mr.Gore come up with lyrics as we write, and we arrange them last. We've got ideas bouncing around all the time, so the writing process is quite exciting, rather than a chore.

Mr Gore: Well, we all write equal amounts now, both in the music and lyrical side, although only Robin Pants and Junky Jon participate in the drug taking and only I drink tea.

Three of you are doing vocals. I think it's a pretty good idea and I really like it (for me it gives sort of a theater-play feeling to it) but how and why did you start to use more than one vocalist?

Wilson: You've got it in one! Look at "To Catch A Killer" on "Only Tools..". You have this guy shouting at someone, or even at himself, and you feel this interaction in the lyrics because of the 3 voices. I can only speak for myself, but when I joined, I was just doing back up screams to make the live sound thicker, and it went on from there and I started doing vocals on CD.

Mr Gore: I think we complement each other giving three more dimensions to already aggressive music. Not only that it means we can pass the buck and blame each other for fuck ups.

When you are writing the lyrics, how and who decides which vocal parts are gonna be done by whom?

Wilson: Well, now, I think I do a lot of arranging, but historically it's been Mr Gore and Goreskin, innit son. Again, the writing process has changed, so were trying new things.

Mr Gore: its just like a children's jigsaw puzzle, you just know when you have got the right piece in the right slot.

Based just on the songtitles (since I haven't got the lyrics with the promo) I wonder where your lyrical inspiration comes from?

Mr Gore: All the inspiration comes from films, serial killers and the fucked up society that we live in.

And where do your inspirations come from to play in a band like Gorerotted?

Wilson: That's a cool question, it's usually "what are your personal influences". I've always been into death metal since about 1990, and I guess that was my strongest influence then, so that's the bands I started playing in. I always wanted to be in Iron Maiden really.

Mr Gore: I think it's all our dreams to play and write music, sing and play the guitar. Its a dream and if you don't have a dream, how are you ever gonna have a dream come true??

Gorerotted What do you enjoy the most about playing in Gorerotted?

Wilson: It's fun being in this band. I've been in bands before where I've loved the music but not the experience. Shit, I look forward to a 4 hour round trip to go to rehearsals with Gorerotted. And our tours are classic!

Mr Gore: Playing live is the biggest buzz.

Are you planning to open a "second hand" store in London? ;) (It was time to waste some words on the album title's relation to the comedy series "Only Fools And Horses").

Wilson: Well, me and Goreskin are opening a pub called "The Tattooed Arms" if that counts.

Mr Gore: I would love to open a second hand store selling films and memorabilia and stuff.

Is there a Derek or Rodney in the band? ;)

Wilson; That's the best question I've ever heard, give yourself a touch on the willie..ok, Fluffy is Del Boy, cause he's the dodgy salesman, and I'll be Rodney cause I'm the plonker. What do you think Mr Gore?

Mr Gore: Yeah, Derek, Rodney, Trigger, grandad we have the whole cast, everybody has there own little bit of each character.

Please tell me, where is the connection between a comedy series and gore-death music? :)

Wilson: You just made it you plonker..why shouldn't death metal be fun and perhaps humorous..that's where a lot of bands go wrong these days. Personally, I can't be arsed with another racket band singing about the devil and folding their arms.

Mr Gore: Well, we are all big fans and avid collectors of the classic comedy and that is the only connection I can think of.

Who of you owns a gore-jacket? ("Then slip into your gore jacket and prepare to sing along..." - from the opening song of the album)

Mr Gore: I haven't got a clue what a gore jacket is, perhaps Wilson can shed some light on the subject.

Wilson: If you had smelled my bag after that tour you would know..I'd say my bomber jacket is a gore jacket, with the amount of times my head has exploded all over it. There's enough blood on it to keep a vampire going for a month.

Back to your new release... how much time did you spend in the studio? The result is pretty good. The sound of the album is clear, thick and strong and it makes it even more brutal sounding.

Wilson: I hope I'm being accurate, because it was all done in different stages. We were in recording initially for about 2 weeks, and then there was 3 mixing and mastering sessions. I'm glad you like the sound, as a lot of people say death metal should be rawer..they just mean shittier..I'm pleased with the sound! Mr Gore: Yeah we were in the studio for several weeks, sleeping rough in a shed, to produce the product which you have your hands on now and I think that the finished product was well worth the time spent on it because I really like the sound too!!

Are you going to make a video to any of the songs on "Only Tools And Corpses" and what would it be like?

Wilson: Funny you should say that, were going to see a dude in January about doing the first video, but I'm afraid there's no decision been made about songs, concepts etc. Sorry.

If my information is right, you are living in different corners of the UK. How did you find each other? Isn't it a problem when it comes to rehearsal and album recording?

Wilson: Well it's not that bad. Fluffy and Mr Gore live in East London, and me and Goreskin live in South West London. I'm originally from Glasgow, and my old band Regorge was the link for me to join Gorerotted. Robin Pants is 200 km and Junkie Jon is 450 km from London, but it's easy enough to do it, if you're motivated to do it.

Mr Gore: No problem, we all get together once or twice a month to rehearse for a few days, then we go out drinking and then have a day recovering and feeling guilty!!!

What's your first though when you hear these bands' names: Carcass, Napalm Death, Ghoul?

Wilson: Carcass cool band, made some intelligent changes, and it worked. Napalm loved them as a kid, but it never lasted for me. Ghoul Racket.

Mr Gore: Carcass - well British sick heroes, Napalm Death - Shane, where's the five quid you owe me, Ghoul - I've never heard the band, I've only got the film it stars Peter Cushing and is a great movie, a seventies Hammer Horror classic!!

What bands are the main influences for Gorerotted's music?

Wilson: That's the best bit. We all have big differences in our influences, so it makes our ideas come together. I like Power Metal and all things steel. It makes it a bit different than 3 Deicide fans wanting to be in a Deicide band, know what I mean?

Mr Gore: The fact that we are all into different things and all have different musical out looks means we are really individual.

I assume you like horror 5 all time favourites?

Wilson: (points to Mr.Gore)

Mr Gore: My top five at the moment is...
in at number one "Absurd" - great classic 1980 horror
racing in at number two is "Ichie The Killer" - one of the Tokyo nasties
at three is "Zombie Creeping Flesh" - another classic
four is "Evil Dead"
and to round it off at number five is "The Last House On The Left" - Wes Cravens classic
I have just got my hands on a rare copy of "Hitch Hike", so things are subject to change

Have you ever had to deal with censorship? Have you ever got into trouble because of your lyrics, cover...etc?

Wilson: "Only Tools.." was put back because of censorship at the pressing plant as they refused to print the lyrics. Now the USA version has to be released out without the samples too which is gonna be weird. So, get your Euro version quick guys, before it becomes KVLT!

I saw some live pics on your homepage. Do you use fake or real blood?

Mr Gore: Not anymore, we decided that it had served its purpose and was time for it to go!!!

Wilson: Yeap, I got a strange blood infection after one of our shows, and ran about all night drinking beer and swearing in wasn't a pretty sight my friend.

Gorerotted The new album is just out, so maybe the question is too early... but what do you think does the future hold for Gorerotted?

Wilson: I think we've got a lot still to do, and if anyone is gonna see it through, it's us. The canvas is blank just now, so it's tour, drink, tour, drink drink for now. We've got about halfway through the next album in rehearsals too, so were on track.

Are there touring plans for 2004? Is there any chance to see Gorerotted live outside of the UK?

Wilson: Like I said, we'll be touring. We hardly ever play the UK, have you ever seen the haircuts over here? Were doing Party San and Summer Breeze in Germany in the summer, so we'll make that a tour, but not sure what yet, theres talk of a few more festivals in France, Austria and Portugal, so keep checkin the site.

Mr Gore: I don't think anything is more certain.

Btw, do you like playing live?

Wilson: We love to play live..every night on that last tour was a blast, and that's the way we intend to keep it. Every night we give it 110%, and then get pissed up with the crowd it!

I guess being gore-musician is just one part of your life, what else are you doing for killing time? Other interests of yours?

Wilson: Not much, music takes up so much time, but that's the way we like it. If I'm not playing music and getting drunk, and usually listening to music and getting drunk!

This week is X-mass time. How is Gorerotted preparing for this nice holiday? ;) And any mass party planned for the New Year's Eve? ;)

Wilson: What with these crap cocks? I'm going home to Glasgow to see my family, and spending New Year with my girl. We're having our Gorerotted New Year party in January when we are back in the studio..speaking of which, it's your round Mr Gore!

Mr Gore: GOREROTTED? CHRISTMAS? DRINK? Again nothing is more certain!!!!

Thanks for your time, any comment to this bloody interview? Something like..."This time next year, we'll be MILLIONAIRES!"

Wilson: Thanks for listening to my ramblings..I hope my Star Trek English translator has been working ok..see you Hungarian cocks soon!

Mr Gore: Something is bound to happen or go wrong. Anyways got to dash see you in Hungary sometime!!!

submitted by Katalin 14.01.2004









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