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WEBCounter by GOWEB    


Shawn Drover © Eidolon Shawn Drover
June 2002

First of all congratulations on Coma Nation, it's awesome! Very strong production too, was that again your brother (and Eidolon guitarist) Glen's work? I believe Andy Larocque mastered it, did he add much to the sound?

Thank you!!! Yes, Glen produced the record, which seems to get much better with every record we do!!! Andy Larocque did master the record as well, which of course added more clarity and punch to the over-all sound of the record!! Listen to what he has done with bands like EVERGREY - the sound he gets is killer, so we were very happy to have him lend his talents to the record!!!!

Exactly why I love Andy Larocque - his work with Evergrey is awesome IMO!! But I'm not so familiar with what exactly happens with mastering? And yes - Glen's become REAL good!

Mastering a record basically adds certain sounds or frequencies where it is needed, or can take certain sounds out as well. It may be a bit hard to understand or explain really (aaaahhhhaaaaa) but it is necessary for the over-all sound of a record. Without a good recording to begin with though - which Glen has done, there is only so much you can do with mastering, if a record sounds like crap. Lucky for us, Glen is a killer producer and engineer!!!!

He sure is, be proud, be very proud! So it is a kind of finishing touch? Is it important to have someone else than the producer do that, for a fresh point of view maybe?

Exactly!!! I think that having somebody like Andy having a different view of the music and sound that he wants to inject can be a big help - and I think this record is a result of this.

How do you guys record? As in a live situation, or track by track?

Well, since I live in America and the rest of the band lives in Toronto - Canada, recording an Eidolon record has to be done in segments. I will record the entire record on drums, while the rest of the band will record their parts at a later time. We have plenty of time to do our records, as Glen owns the recording studio where we record all of our records (Eclipse Recording).

I just got the promo yesterday, but I can safely say there is no dull moment on the disc, all killer stuff! A step up on all accounts, songwriting, production, vocals. Coma Nation is crushing and the last song Within The Gates is absolutely amazing, all 18+ minutes! I think this record is going to crush Europe!

Thank you!!! I agree that this record is a step forward for us on all levels. To be honest, I really don’t know why (aaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa), I just do the same thing I always do, which is put a bunch of guitar riffs on tape and swap mine with Glen's riff tape - make songs out of them!!! I think that maybe because of us parting with our previous singer, we no longer have any limitations to what we want to do, musically. We really hope that this record takes Eidolon to the next level in Europe, as all of the right elements of the band are now in place.

I guess it's an over-all maturing process, right? And the artwork is again superb, Jan Meininghaus is my favorite cover-artist. He also did a great job on the new logo, but why did you change it? I so loved the old one!

Eidolon © Eidolon Jan Meininghaus does killer artwork for us!!!! I give him the basic idea of what we want for the cover artwork, and let him go with it. He really outdid himself this time!!! As for the new logo, we kept hearing shit about people having a hard time reading the logo, and we really wanted to update the logo a little bit - which to me, the new logo is much better than the old one. Having said all that, it doesn’t really matter, it’s the music that matters most!!!

Hehe sure! But I really love good artwork to go with it, I've always been interested in it, so I do pay a lot of attention to it. Of course it's the music that counts, but it's certainly often the artwork that sells - or at least draws people's attention. It's the first impression when they see a CD in a store or an advertisement.

Right. Of course we care to a certain point about the entire packaging of the record - we make sure everything is the way we want it to be before anything is released. This is why we felt the need to have a new logo for the record.

As you already mentioned, you parted with your previous singer. After the Bang Your Head festival last year, Brian was asked to leave the band, because you wanted a more powerful singer, right? Are you still in touch with him and do you know what he's been up to?

The situation with Brian is something we have been discussing for the last couple of years. He didn’t seem to be progressing as a singer, which was something that is necessary, as the music progresses with each record. After the Bang Your Head festival in Germany last summer, the writing was on the wall, and we knew it had to be done, which totally sucked to actually tell him, because we invested five years of our lives with this dude. We have nothing against him on a personal level, and he knows that. We do keep in touch with him from time to time, and remain friendly. You can't let your personal feelings get in the way of business, and in this band, NOBODY will get in the way of what we want to accomplish!!

That's very firm, but I can understand that you sometimes have to make such difficult decisions. I was just wondering whether he joined another band?

From what I hear, he now is living with his girlfriend, and are awaiting the birth of their first child. I have no idea if he is doing anything musically - all we can say is, best of luck.

Same here! But on to newer and bigger things: you have found a great new singer, Pat Mulock. Can you tell me more about him, as a person, as a singer, previous bands, where he's from, etc.?

Pat found out that we were looking for a new singer, and submitted some of his music that he had to us. We liked what we heard, and seemed to be the right dude for the job. Pat is from Toronto as well, so it certainly makes it easier for all of us to get together for a tour or to record. Pat is very eager and has a possitive attitude, which was something we were really looking for. Pat has played in some other local bands and such, but I don't know much about that, really. Eidolon is his main focus now.

When you were looking for a replacement I was afraid you'd go for the Priest-ish style that I know you love, but I'm glad to hear the vocals (or vocal lines) are still very Eidolon! Pat's just way better than Brian was.

We will always sound like Eidolon, as I write all of the melodies for each record, so really, it can't change all that much. We didn't want to change the way we sound, we just wanted a much better vocalist who can handle the melodies and project himself in different ways. We now have that, so it is a good time for us.

Shawn during videoshoot Coma Nation © Eidolon Yeah, you write all the music and lyrics, right? That sounds like you're one hell of a tyrant, haha! Just kidding.. I know you're not, but how does the rest of the band feel about that? Or do they also contribute to the songs (guess so since you just mentioned Glen's tapes with riffs)?

This record Glen has given me more ideas than the past few records, as he had a lot less time because of his involvement with King Diamond. He was with them for 2 1/2 years. now that he has left that band, he was able to have a bit more free time to record some ideas and submit them to me, as I do for him. I have always handled the lyric-melodies part of the band. The rest of the band have no problems with this situation, as they themselves offer ideas on their parts, which is great.

What are the lyrics about, is there a concept?

With COMA NATION, no. All of the songs have different subject matters and do not link to each other at all, really. I did do a concept record in the past, which was called SEVEN SPIRITS. Doing a concept record is a major undertaking for me, as it all has to make sense and flow properly. I may do it again in the future, but when, I don't know.

You're also a multi-instrumentalist, why did you end up behind the drums? Is it what you do best, or like best? I think you absolutely KILL on drums, btw, hehe.

Thank you!!! Both of my brothers and my father all play guitar, but I found the drums to be more interesting as a young kid, so I chose drums instead. Glen started playing guitar before I started on the drums - I think he was 9 at the time, but it wasn’t long before I had to do something musically as well - its in our blood to do what we do. I can never be as good as Glen is on guitar anyways, but I play guitar pretty much every day. It's great fun.

Oh geez, there is another Drover brother *g*?? Is he active in the bussiness? Were you guys self-taught or did you take lessons?
My older brother no longer plays professionaly. He first taught Glen to play guitar, but that was about it as far as lessons. I am totally self-taught. I learned from listening to records of my favorite drummers and bands.

Such as?

Oh god!!!!! Everything from Rush, Kiss, Judas Priest, Queen... all kinds of cool bands, really.

No particular hero or example among the drummers?

Neil Peart from Rush was and continues to be a major influence on me!!! Not only drumming, but also lyrically as well. His talent is truly sickening - the whole band is total top-notch stuff to me.

Hey, you should talk to Billy Queen, former drummer of Jacobs Dream, you'd be best buds instantly, hehe! Which CD's have you been listening to lately?

Shawn, Brian, Marlies & Glen at Bang Your Head 2001 © Marlies Lately, I have been listening to new Arch Enemy, Vader, Primal Fear - all of which I really like. I listen to music every single day, so it can be whatever I pick out the pile of CD's I have. The new Arch Enemy really is killer!!!!!!

Woah, I love that one too! That Angela is amazing - she blows many death vocalists away, and looks great in the process hehe.

I played it for my daughter, and once I told her it was a girl - and a good-looking girl at that - she couldn't believe it!!!! Angela is a killer death metal singer - boy or girl - it doesn’t matter, she does the job, simple as that!!!!!!

Haha, and, does your daughter now wants to become a death metal singer as well? *dad shivering at the thought of his little girl singing before a bunch of drooling metalheads*

Hmmmmm, I don't know about all of that - (aaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa)

Hehehe... What do you think of the Canadian metal scene? There are some amazing bands like Into Eternity, Annihilator, Hanker, Exciter, Devin Townsend, Voivod and of course Infernal Majesty.

Every year the metal scene in Canada gets a little better, but it still has a way to go to get to the level of the European metal scene!!! I do think the future is bright for Canadian metal, but we will have to wait and see.

I read in another interview you were in Infernal Majesty for awhile? Tell me more about that. I have both albums, but I'm not really aware of what happened in the 11 years in between.

I was in Infernal Majesty in 1988 for one year, then I moved to America, so obviously I had to leave the band. Looking back now, it was a great experience for me, as they are total originals at what they do. The None Shall Defy record is still one of my all-time favorite records - it's simply amazing. They just played in Canada last week, so I am curious as to how they are doing. We talked to Kenny Hallman (guitar player) about possibly playing together in Europe in the future - hopefully, this will happen sometime in the not so distant future.

Talking about touring - why haven't you supported any tours here in Europe yet? I assume it's, as usual, a money-issue? I can understand that Metal Blade wants to see good sales before they invest, but shouldn't a product also be promoted by a tour?

That is something you would have to ask Metal Blade Europe. We do want to tour in Europe, but obviously, it has to be the right package for it to be succesful. Nobody wants to lose money, so I think - or hope really - that we may play a few more festivals before a tour can be put together. Now that Pat is with us, I think if the record does well in Europe, a tour can not be too far away.

I agree, it's about time. A tour with Brainstorm would be a great combination IMO!

It's funny, because we talked to Andy (Brainstorm singer) about that as well, when we played with them at Bang Your Head last summer. We really like Brainstorm, and I think they like Eidolon as well, so it would be a cool package. Once the new record is released, I think we will know more about if there will be some sort of tour or perhaps play some festivals, but for now, we are not sure.

Anything I can do? Beg? Bribe? Feed the guys drunk? - if only I could afford to hehe..

That would be a good start!!!! (aaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaa)

Hahaha, but they're GERMANS! They can actually drink a lot - I'd be broke for the next 5 years haha! But I think I've actually run out of questions now.. thanks so much Shawn, for this interview! Anything you still want to tell, any famous last words for our readers?

Be prepared for COMA NATION!!!!!! This record will totally crush your head!!!!!!

submitted by Marlies 22.01.2003
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