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We interview Paul Sloan, who stars in Christian Semsa’s new action thriller Every Last One Of Them, which is now in theaters and on VOD platforms.

Paul Sloan had previously worked with director Christian Sesma on other films, but Each of them was a very different experience for everyone involved. Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast and crew of Each of them had the same challenge that all film sets are currently doing to realize their story with a pandemic in the background. As the hero of the film, Paul Sloan was certainly up to the challenge.

Sloan plays Jake Hunter, a man on a mission to save his missing daughter. As he realizes the full extent of the situation, he will have to pull all the tricks he has to survive a minor war against the dark villains behind it all.

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We spoke to Paul Sloan about the making Each of them, the obstacles featured in the film’s set during the pandemic, as well as a bit of another action comedy he has on his way with Michael Jai White.

Screen Rant: How did you get involved in Each of them?

Paul Sloan: I’ve worked with Christian and one of the producers, Mike Hatton, over the years. They had presented me with the original script about a year before we did, and I dug it out. It was very stripped down and I loved how raw it was, and I appreciated my buddies reaching out to me for that, and when they threw it up, they adjusted it based on the location.

What were some of the challenges of making this film during the pandemic?

Paul Sloan: People adapted pretty quickly, and it became part of making movies with masks on, washing your hands and getting tested. It just became another thing about making movies.

Aside from adapting to the pandemic, what really stood out in the making of Each of them?

Paul Sloan: I’m not a parent so it’s pretty easy to adjust to your role, but I was very concerned about playing a parent. It might sound strange, but I wanted to make sure I had that kind of relationship with the girl. When you’re on set you’re lucky to have a director including a parent, a producer including a parent, and we made it.

What was it like making this movie with the rest of the cast?

Paul Sloan: I’m a bit of a nerd, and you try to control that, but with Richard Dreyfuss, sometimes you sit down and you say, “I grew up watching you fight. Jaws and meet the spaceship in Close encounters “, and he appreciated it and was a great support.

Every Last Of Them EXCLUSIVE Trailer

How was it to do Each of them compared to other action movies you’ve made?

Paul Sloan: As ugly as the movie is, it was shot in a very friendly environment. It all went a little easier than most movies. It’s an independent movie, so it can be a fight, but it all went really well. As heavy as the themes of the film are, it was a very good experience.

While doing this during a time when you have to navigate a lot of safety protocols, have there been any accidents?

Paul Sloan: We got a little scared with a stuntman before the movie started, and we ended up doing most of the stunts ourselves. You walk away with scrapes and cuts and brag about yourself, “Oh, here’s a cut from my fight scene,” but there wasn’t much of a headache about it, thank goodness. We were very lucky.

What other projects do you have coming up after the release of Each of them?

Paul Sloan: I’m not sure when the release date is, but I have an action comedy called Johnny Black outlaw on my way. It was directed by Michael Jai White and it’s kind of a spin-off of Black dynamite.

What was it like working with Michael Jai White?

Paul Sloan: It was fantastic! We’re friends, and he’s a very serious martial artist but he’s hilarious. It was one of the funniest sets, and it just makes me crack. He has great comedic timing, and I think it’s going to be hilarious. It was hilarious on set, it’s the same feeling as Black dynamite, but in the Wild West, and we shot in all the western studios in California and in the same sets as Once upon a time in hollywood. He did a great job with the production, and from what I’ve seen, it’s hilarious.

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Each of them is now in theaters and on digital and VOD platforms.

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