Interview with Nausheen Ali Sardar on past relationships and refusal to kiss on screen, in bikini and have sex – Exclusive!

Nausheen Ali Sardar has always been as honest as possible in his interviews. This time is no exception. The title of this interview gives you a good idea of ​​what Ekta Kapoor’s Kkusum wants to tell you, but you would surely like to know why.

Did you know that a filmmaker did a shady morph to show her kiss onscreen when she hadn’t? Did you know she turned down OTT shows that portray the show in the name of reality? And I bet you didn’t know why Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kkusum’ didn’t lose faith in the institution of marriage? The next thing you should do is click on the video below to understand the reason for these prospects.

You’ve done a few movies, but when I go through the list I see that somehow they didn’t sign up. Why? Have they all released?
Vikram Bhatt’s film released. It was eventually titled “Three Loves, Lies, Betrayal”. It didn’t do well at the box office. They wanted to release it on the 3rd because there was a word “Three” so they released it on Wednesday. It was the best job of my life.

I don’t dispute your potential as an actress. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been to ‘Kkusum’ …

There was a clash between “3 Idiots” and Vikram Bhatt’s film. Our film was originally titled “Three”. So there was a title conflict, then “Love, Lies, Betrayal” was added. Hopefully 2022 is a lucky year in my life and the rest of my films see the light of day. I also did ‘Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein’ (2010) with Rajesh Khanna, Anu Kapoor, Rohit Nayyar. But I didn’t do any dubbing for the film. And, that’s another story. It took too long to finish. “Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein” was actually my first film. I was asked to do a kiss scene and told them I wouldn’t. I was just asked to approach the hero (Rohit). But I saw on the screen that I had kissed! A bit of morphing had been done and I was very angry with the director. And wait until you hear that, they didn’t even save the scene in the final draft!

Weren’t they sure what they were doing? I mean, what did they want to keep and what did they want to cut?
There were a lot of editing problems. It has been reissued several times.

Okay, but where do you leave your refusal to kiss? Kissing on screen has become common in movies and even in OTT …

Isliye toh! Main time phas jaati hoon! I’m not saying that others who do bold things are wrong. My education is what I am. My father told me before I entered the industry not to shame the family. I was chosen in the “Miss India” contest but I did not participate because at the time, we were not allowed to wear a sarong around the swimsuit. I can’t change myself. As an actor, yes, you have to let go of inhibitions and be ready to do anything. But I am ready to do theater and nothing else.

Did any filmmakers / web show producers or their teams come to see you and before the narration even spoke of the daring sequences of their projects? Many actors have told us that this happens to them …

No not right now. I learn it in storytelling. I was chosen by Dharmesh Darshan for a movie. It required me to put on a bikini, smooch, and have sex onscreen. He said it was a dream role but I chose to do just a classy dance number in it. I think he went ahead with Sangeeta Ghosh and Eijaz Khan. They finished the movie but I don’t know why it didn’t come out.

So how’s your day going?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown my life in the air. At first, I was a bit shocked. I didn’t go out and sanitized my house too much. I gained a lot of weight. I have hired a trainer and a nutritionist and am very careful with my training and diet. I’m trying to start a business but it’s too early to talk about it. And yes, I signed an OTT project in which I play the main role.

I see alphabets on the wall behind you. It reminds me of children. The next obvious question is: are you planning to get married soon?

I want to get married now. I am a romantic at heart. I have wanted to get married for three years. Yeh lockdown ne romance ki dhajjiyan uda di hai. So I meet people but I haven’t found a Mr Right yet. I have had a lot of opportunities in the past. But every time I saw a red flag, I would step back. I don’t think we can change anyone. There are so many people who ignore the red flags and feel shaadi ke baad sab theek ho jayega. We human beings are selfish. We love someone not because we love someone, we love someone because of how they make us feel. This is exactly why my wedding has not taken place to this day. As soon as I find no more red flags, I will get married.

What kind of red flags have you encountered?

One, over-possession. I am an actress. I will dress well. People will watch me. But if anyone has a problem in this regard, it won’t work for me.

Has anyone else had a problem with what you should wear?

Yes, one of them did; he was a little psychotic. Tumhara strap dikh raha hai. transparent tumhara dress hai, your briefs are visible. I have seen too much insecurity in men.

Has anyone checked your phone?

Yes, that too has happened; it happened in my first relationship (smiles).