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But in this article I show you that there are two different types of loans: alternatives can be credit intermediaries and online platforms. What is important in finding a cheap loan. You can tell if the credits are bad or good. The operators of this idea calculated that the new joint institution should only make it easier for commercial banks to get good credit.

Good vs. uncollectible – loans as an investment lever

Good vs. uncollectible - loans as an investment lever

For most people, debt is a bad thing or a sign that there is not enough coal in the house. The best way to get rid of demands is to get rid of them. A debt-free living is one of many goals. But in this post I introduce to you that there are two different types of credit: good and bad debt or good and bad debt.

And what are wrong loans? And what are good loans? Bad loans or loans that are bad for you as a borrower, take the money from your pocket. They spend a lot on these loans and lose more interest. This loan, that is, any loan that costs you something, is a bad credit.

The so-called good credits are the exact opposite: they bring you cash. The interest payable is tax deductible and the monthly installment of the loan is funded from the rental income. Once the loan has been disbursed, you have a monthly passive income and a property whose value is best over the years.

It’s a good praise for me. What advantages does a good credits bring me? With the skilful handling of investment loans, you are investing funds that are not yet available to you at this time. The increase in value means that the loan, when it is paid, costs much more than if the property is actually purchased.

This saves you time and costs. In addition, you can increase your debt with a smart investment loan. For example, you only have 20,000 to invest in a property to choose from, but you can spend on this loan 100,000 USD.

Cheap cash for the property: where customers can get good credit.

Cheap cash for the property: where customers can get good credit.

Today, real estate loans are no longer given solely by the bank. Credit brokers and online platforms can be an alternative. What is important when looking for a cheap loan. But where and how do I get the cheapest credit? “Many consumers certainly do not trust an internet portal for several 100,000 USD.

“The easiest way to your own bank is for many consumers because they already know the guidebook. Especially with complex financing issues or if the real estate value is difficult to determine, the bank advisor can help on the spot.

But this also applies to the regional mediators. Possible disadvantages: The bank adviser first submits the bid that its custodian bank sells best. A lender often treats an independent borrower with suspicion. As a self-employed person can therefore expect to get in touch with his private bank, as long as he has been there for years.

“A bank has a good view of my account management and can therefore assess my creditworthiness,” he says. Especially the independent negotiation with the own bank advises you the managing director of the FMH financial advice : “Self-employed should in any case have first an offer of the house banks, because they prove that they are so good that at least their own House bank says yes.

Consumers tend to have their own bank

Consumers tend to have their own bank

The credit broker has the advantage over a house bank or savings bank that he can submit offers from several lenders. “Often they can negotiate cheaper with a provider than the individual borrower could negotiate with the bank itself,” he says. A serious mediator recognizes the client that he makes more than one bid, he explains.

Although consumers tend to have their own bank, another referral makes sense: “Interest rate negotiations with banks are easier if alternative offers can be made”. This is a good opportunity for him to get a quick idea of ​​the current conditions of the credit institutions. But borrowers need to be well prepared: “If they have accurately determined all of their metrics – loan rates, maturities, special repayment requests, loan amount, etc. – online platforms can help.

Loan conditions can also be comparable to many

Loan conditions can also be comparable to many

With a solid portal offer also discussions with the housing bank could be facilitated. “Maybe it’s good to do a serious business first and then go to checkout.” Does this bid make sense? The loan conditions can also be comparable to many. Disadvantage: The consumer has to check the offers themselves.

However, there is no uniform standard of the providers in the determination of the offers, Herbst complains: “There are many Internet portals, in which one has to enter only his information, but you do not get a list of providers, but supposedly later the cheapest offer.” If all this is included in the interest and the list of providers is displayed, the bid is meant seriously.

Another potential disadvantage: “The consumer must disclose his money in detail, while the advisor of his bank already has a look at it,” he emphasizes.