Complaints Alle Illegal Fundraising by Nevada GOP Senators

Another salvo was fired in an ongoing internal Republican Party scuffle via complaints filed this week with the Secretary of State’s office alleging illegal fundraising by one of the rival party’s two factions in County of Clark.

Rival groups, recognized as the official county GOP organization by state and nationwide Republicans, have fought openly since a contested reorganization meeting in July, sparking lawsuits and ongoing litigation.

Complaints filed Tuesday by a Henderson resident affiliated with the state-sanctioned county GOP group allege rival faction leader State Senator Carrie Buck R-Henderson promoted and organized fundraisers for his county party wing in violation of a state law that prohibits fundraising by lawmakers or political caucuses within 15 days before or after a special legislative session.

The legislature met in extraordinary session from November 12 to 16 to approve the new boundaries of the state’s legislative districts and Congress. On November 13, during the redistribution session, Buck’s GOP group held a meeting where Buck and fellow Republican Senator from Henderson, Keith Pickard, briefed leaders about the session via video conference from Carson City. Tickets for the event were $ 40.

The state complaint calls the event a fundraiser for which Buck “not only accepted contributions for (the party organization), but actively solicited them.” Pickard was individually named in a separate complaint for participating in the event.

Buck on Friday called the event an informative breakfast

“Let’s be clear: this was not a fundraising event. It was bacon and eggs, and it’s just another frivolous attack, ”she said. “It will be known as Bacon-and-Eggs-gate.”

Pickard called the complaints “obviously someone just trying to stir up trouble” and “another attempt to create discord within the party”.

The complaint was filed by Natalie Thomas of Henderson. A woman answering the phone number listed for Thomas on complaints to the state hung up on a reporter on Friday.

The lawsuit against Buck also states that she solicited donations for a Christmas party in early December for the group on social media. According to state law, the blackout period for fundraising for the session would have ended on December 1. The party was scheduled for December 3, but the complaint accuses Buck of falsely promoting the event on November 19, three days after the session ended. .

The State Party is aligned against the Buck faction. In a lawsuit filed last month, he is claiming legal fees from the rival group resulting from a dispute over the contested leadership election.

State GOP Chairman Michael McDonald said on Friday that the state party was not the source of the complaints, but noted that it had raised the issue publicly in a recent radio interview. He said the fundraising ban law was “clear and simple.”

“They were raising money for the bogus faction of the Clark County Republican Party,” McDonald said of the two lawmakers named in the lawsuit. “They can try to run it however they like, but they raised money during the session.”

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